EvolvedFights.com: Charlotte Sartre vs. Lance Hart (2018)

by - August 16, 2019

Starring: Charlotte Sartre // Lance Hart
Directed by: Ariel X
Runtime: 43 mins.

Scene Rating: 9


Scene Breakdown //
We open our bout with the 2 participants introducing themselves.  First we have Lance "The Chokefucker" Hart, who is 5'8" 160 lbs.  He says that he has been wrestling on and off, for about 6 years now, and most of it has been sexual wrestling like we will see today.  Lance follow up saying that a couple of times, he has wrestled females, but nothing official like today.  But he does love holding them down and having his way with them.  Lance says that after he wins, he plans to hold Charlotte down, and fuck her brains out!

Charlotte introduces herself as "The Urinal", and says that she is 5'3" 110 lbs.  A wrestler with a little over a year of experience, Charlotte says that she has wrestled mostly women, because she's "really gay".  Charlotte says that she has only wrestled men with her sphincter muscles before, because men think with their dicks, and are primal an animalistic, but that she herself thinks with her muscles and her brains.  She says that should she beat Lance today that she is going to fuck his ass elbow deep, prior to jerking him off, all over her own face and making him eat it.

- Three 6 Minute Rounds
- Three Judges Score the Fight
**No Striking or Standing
- 10 Point System

ROUND 1: The Referee, Ariel X introduces us to the fight as well as the fighters, prior to the fight getting underway.  Lance Hart quickly gets the upper hand on Charlotte, as he shoots in to take Charlotte onto her back as he pins her down.  He attempts to have her at his mercy from here, but Charlotte cleverly, and instinctly, grabs his balls.  There are several changes of positioning, one which includes 69.  Charlotte briefly secures a pin on Lance, as she again goes after his balls, reaching into his trunks.  However, Lance soon gets the upper hand, pinning Charlotte down, removing, her top.  From here, he fondles Charlotte's tits, as the two kiss.  Lance soon continues to dominate, soon straddling her, as he goes on to straddle and hump her face, prior to pulling his cock out, and dick-slapping Charlotte's tongue.  Several guard changes leads to Lance again straddling Charlotte to teabag her mouth with his bear nuts.  Dominating still, Lance finds himself onto, as he taunts her with his signature move, as he chokefucks her without the penetration.  This, as Round 1 comes to a close.

Lance Hart wins with a judge's score of 10 to 9

ROUND 2:  The competitors are fully nude start this round.  This, as Lance takes Charlotte down on her back.  He's then on top, as he goes on to straddle Charlotte's face.  He then flops his dick around in her face to tease her.  Charlotte puts up a fight, but Charlotte, again on her back, sees her pussy eaten and fingered by Lance.  This resulting in Charlotte nearly orgasming.  Lance also attempts to smother Charlotte with his ass in the process.  The two then roll around, before Lance again takes charge with Charlotte on her stomach.  Lance from here, attempts to choke her out, but is unsuccessful.  Lance would again try to choke Charlotte out with her own tattooed arm, before a fired up Charlotte pins Lance down.  In is however, brief, as Lance reverses.  Charlotte attempts to escape, however, Lance soon reverses things as he is one top, and the round ends in 69.

Lance Hart wins with a judge's score of 10 to 9

ROUND 3: **In this round, orgasms are an instant victory - The round begins again with Lance getting the upper hand on Charlotte, as he pins her down, and again teases her with a cock to the face.  However, soon Charlotte gets some revenge as she eats Lance's ass, ass he is occupied with her pussy.  The two go at it, as positions change, and it's during this tussle that Lance makes Charlotte's right nipple piercing come out.  This is enough to distract her, as Lance then has her on her stomach, as Lance attempts a choke.  Charlotte after this, would soon literally get some leverage, as she pulls on Lance's cock.  Charlotte eventually finds herself on top distracting Lance with kisses, as she tug on his cock, however it's soon that the round ends.

Lance Hart wins with a judge's score of 10 to 9

PRIZE ROUND:  Lance Hart wins with a judge's score of 30 to 27

With Lance the victor. it is time for him to get his prize of fucking Charlotte just as he pleases.  He says that is the "Chokefucker", as he begins by choking Charlotte.  This continuing, as he takes Charlotte to the ground, choking her from behind.  He talks some trash saying that he is a superior wrestler, a superior human with superior seed, and that it is his seed that he wants to fill Charlotte's pussy with.  He then positions Charlotte on her back, before she's then on her stomach.  From here, Lance buries his face into Charlotte's ass, prior to slipping his cock into her pussy to fuck it.  From here, Lance fully straddle's Charlotte's back as he rams his cock in.  This as the camera has a closeup of the penetration.  Doggy is next with Charlotte face down and ass up, as Lance maintains a quick pace.  For a time, Lance allows Charlotte to bounce back on his dick, before then shoving her face down, and eventually half-straddling her from behind, pinning her down with his foot.  Charlotte is on her back next, as Lance pins her down with a choke and fucks her deep.  This would continue with Lance pinning Charlotte's legs held high and back and then with she  again flat on her back, and spread.  From the latter, Lance maintains his steady pace of fucking before finally, climaxing, cumming deep into Charlotte for a creampie finish.

After the prize round Charlotte and Lance are interviewed.

Charlotte is first interviewed,  She says that she finds men harder to wrestle than women, but then again, they are at a disadvantage, as they have "more to grab on to".  She says that she did better than she thought she would, and when asked, Charlotte says that she would love to come back.  When Ariel asks if there is anyone she would like to challenge - with some thought, Charlotte calls out male performer Will Havoc. 

The winner, Lance Hart is next, as Ariel says that there seemed to be times during the match that Lance could have submitted his opponent.  Lance agrees, but says that he wanted to play.  That we wanted to keep touching and rubbing her.  He says that this was his first official competitive wrestling match, but he had fun.  He said that he would also come back.  When asked to call someone out, Lance says that Cheyenne Jewell may be fun.  In fact, she just might win.  When asked for some parting words for Charlotte - Lance tells Charlotte to remember that, that pussy, and everything in it is his.

The Review //
This time around my review is a little bit different, that is because for this review I take a look at a competitive mixed wrestling match from EVOLVED FIGHTS, the website presented by performer and legit grappler, Ariel X.

Yes it is here that we hit the mat with tow sexual wrestles, who have come to compete in a three, 6 minute round bout. Those wrestlers being Charlotte "The Urinal" Sartre, and Lance "Chokefucker" Hart. Recently, just out of curiosity I took a look at another match from EVOLVED FIGHTS. It was a most recently released fight, featuring another Charlotte, Charlotte Cross, as she went head-to-head with Jake Adams. Going into that scene, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from, nor did I know if I would enjoy it at all. However, in the weeks prior I had been following along on Twitter with the banter exchanged between Cross and Adams so when I found out that the match was an actual thing, I just had to check it out, you know? Well I did, and as it turned out the whole concept behind Ariel X's EVOLVED FIGHTS, is actually pretty fun. After enjoying myself with that first experience, I decided to reach out to Ariel, and here we are.

I chose this match up, because I actually know both Charlotte and Lance, who just so happen to be married in real life, and they are both wonderful people. So with that said, I knew that this match up would be a lot of fun to take in, and then later offer my thoughts on it.

First things first, in saying that they are married, let it be known that when it came to the competitive nature of this match up, this fact did not factor into the outcome at all.  In fact these two were indeed competitors, as they went all in here, seeming to not wanting to let one outdo the other. It was indeed a real challenge. It all began with a bit of humor as the two competitors have their own opening introduction segment, in which they hype up the fight, why they are here, and what they plan to do to each other during the fight, and after they win. It is actually quite hilarious as both Charlotte and Lance clearly know what they are up to.  They are here to have some fun, obviously.

During the match, which is overseen by referee Ariel X. Lance dominates most of this three round fight, but I must admit however that Charlotte put up much more of a fight that I expected going into it. She's a tough, one and something tells me that she very well may have had some experience growing up with play wrestling. Here, Lance was not easy with her at all, in fact were times here that he was a bit rough with her. But where other girls would crack under pressure, Charlotte instead let it fuel her drive to get the better of her opponent. There were times that Charlotte found herself on top of Lance pinning him down to the mat. And then there were my personal favorite moments during the bout, the moments that Charlotte was ruthless, as she grabbed a hold of Lance's dick with the intention of not letting go. Yes she brought forth one hell of an effort. Unfortunately though for Charlotte, Lance's craftiness on the mat was just too much for her in the end, as the "Chokefucker" in the end, came out on top, winning the highly spirited match by a total of three points with the final score being 30 to 27.

With the victory of course, Lance was awarded with a prize round, as he would have his way with Charlotte doing exactly as he pleased, and it is from the very beginning of the sex scene that he knows exactly what he wants to do. It is during a bit of trash talking that Lance declares himself superior to Charlotte in every way. It is in the end that he says that in addition to that, the seed, which she produces is superior as well, and it is that very seed that he intends to fill her with, as he wants she to carry his baby. It is a sexual victory lap that is short but sweet.  Personally, I loved the fact that the scene itself began with a little bit of dominating foreplay.  I found it to be really hot, to be honest.  These two people are gorgeous, after all. All of that of course led to the sex. It is sex that I felt to be really passionate between the two. I mean, it was obviously going to be, right? The sex itself is nicely captured, with some very good camerawork, that is sure to give us the right shots when we need them most. This including very nice close-up work detailing the penetration at hand. When speaking of this, Lance follows through, going balls deep into Charlotte while staying consistent - and it is this consistency, which leads him to do exactly what he had foretold, when in the end, he comes to unload deep into Charlotte's pussy. Effectively ending the prize round with a creampie finish.

I really had fun with this, as it is exactly what I wanted when I reached out to Ariel in an effort to review her product. I wanted to have fun seeing and reviewing the competitive match ups, and that is exactly what it was.  Watching Charlotte and Lance go at it, not as husband and wife, but rather in a competitive nature, was a whole lot of fun. The match up was not how I expected it to be. To be honest, in the previous match that I had watched, the female counterpart was not much of a match up for the male counterpart. However, when it comes to this one, it was much to my surprise, that Charlotte Sartre was actually in it to give things a fighting chance.  "The Urinal" wasn't just going to lie down for the "Chokefucker".  Not at all. It was this effort from Charlotte that for me, made this match up extremely enjoyable I loved it, and I do look forward to seeing more wrestlers battle it out for sexual bragging rights very soon.

Make sure to go see what EVOLVED FIGHTS is all about, by visiting evolvedfights.com

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