HardX.com: 18 & Super Stacked (2019)

by - August 22, 2019

Starring: Gabbie Carter // Danny Mountain
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Rating: 8.5


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with the director, Mason zooming in on what she calls the "8th and 9th wonders of the world" - the wonders that are 18 year old Gabbie Carter's amazing tits. Mason is quite amazed by the  fact that Gabbie has been so naturally blessed, as she quizzes her for a little back story.  Gabbie says that she developed around her Freshman year of High School, around the time that she found herself shipped off to a Mormon Boarding school.  She ended up gaining some weight during said time.  Weight that she eventually shed, though luckily, her boobs stayed.  Now, a size 34D, she says that they were once much bigger.  A size F.  Mason goes on to ask Gabbie of the challenges of having such big tits - do they get in the way?  Gabbie says that they can indeed be a challenge.  In fact, for Gabbie, they often get in the way as she enjoys a game of golf.  A sport that she just so happens to be pretty good at.  She says that she has played golf all of her life, and even nearly gained a full scholarship.  Also talked about before we head into the scene, is the most daring place Gabbie has had sex.  Her answer?  The train tracks?

We then go into the sex scene as Gabbie is joined by Danny Mountain.  First the two of them kiss passionately. Danny however cannot resist to go in and suck on Gabbie's big nipples. This then leads to Gabbie  going on to suck Danny's cock next. It's here that we see Gabbie take Danny's hard cock deep down her throat as she slurp and suck.  This as Danny does some face fucking, and in between, he fucks her tits, prior to a return to fucking.  Next is doggy, as Danny fucks the pussy at a fast pace with Gabbie face down, and ass up, and as she spreads her ass.  However, next, the action sees Gabby sit on the cock, as she rides it in reverse cowgirl.Is from this position that we see gagging bounce on the cock steadily. In addition to this we often and Danny hammer his cock in deep, and hard while maintaining a consistent pace. We also see Gabbie plant her feet in order to better endure the heavy pounding. Following this, Gabbie briefly goes back to sucking Danny's cock, just prior to he positioning Gabbie on her back as he again fucks her big tits. Following this that we see the two performers return to reverse cowgirl this time the positioning better suited as Danny maintains a quick pace of in and out. However this is brief as the position then reverses to standard cowgirl next. It's from here that Danny further increases the pace going even faster and harder as he fucks Gabbie's pussy. This as Mason's camera nicely zooms in on Gabbie's tits as they bounce, as she sit upright. The action from here continues as Gabbie then lean back.  Danny continues to keep it up as he plows into her. This continues a moment more, until we see that the once again suck Danny's cock.  Danny also again fucks the tits. This, just prior to he taking things into doggy next. It is here that he maintains his steady pace as he pound the pussy from behind, as Gabbie's tits again hang and bounce as she is fucked. This is followed up by a return to cowgirl, as things progress.  We then see the action go to missionary, with Gabbie on her back as she lie on the couch. This as Danny plunges his cock in nice and deep. There is in a brief return to reverse cowgirl before we were once again in missionary/side fuck. However, it is here that Danny maintains his pace until he builds up to his immediate climax. This as he pulls out to shoot his load onto Gabbie's tits for the finish. The scene of course comes to a close with Gabby licking up the remains, as she also suck on her nipples.

The Review //
For this review I dig into the scenes of HARD X, and its acclaimed director Mason, as I find a scene which features the stunning, and super-stacked newcomer, fellow Texas native, Gabbie Carter.  As usual with a Mason feature, the scene of course, begins with a little conversation between the director and her star.  And again, it's as usual, that this segment is quite informative, as we do learn a few things about this starlet - not only talking about her impressive breasts, but also her unique talent in golf. And if that wasn't enough, we also learn about the most adventurous place that she has ever had sex. This piece then of course is the lead in to our sex scene. A scene which sees Gabbie paired with the veteran cocksman from Langley, Danny Mountain.

The sex between these two begins with passionate kissing, however with tits like Gabbie's it does not take Danny long to go after them.  Thus it isn't long before he has them in his mouth, and quite frankly who can blame him? From there what follows, is raw and inhibited sex. There is an obvious attraction between the two performers, as we witness them go at it from there. The passion remaining throughout, as the action is fast and hard. Danny here puts in some very nice work, as he remains consistent, hammering his cock into Gabbie's, tight, but willing pussy. And if this wasn't enough of a spectacle already, we also have Gabbie's glorious tits, which bounce about vigorously, as the action takes place. This is a visual that Mason ensures that we do not miss, and it is absolutely fantastic. A very nice thing about the action here is that, as I said, it is quite raw. As often with Mason's scenes, she here, seems to just allow Gabbie and Danny to go at it, as the action end up as it may. This is a very beneficial element for the scene.  Personally, I enjoyed it's make. However, it's in the same breath, that others just might deem it slightly repetitive, as there are several returns to positions as the scene unfolds. However, with that said, what we have here is a scene in my opinion, flows quite well, as we go from one position to the next, with the mentioned hard and fast action never truly letting up.  This, up until the very end, when Danny is lucky enough to glaze Gabbie's big tits with his jizz.

This is a scene that is straight to the point, raw sex through and through. This was a very good showing for both of these performers. I have been admiring Gabbie Carter from afar for a while now.  However, this is my very first time to ever see her perform, and I have to say that I am really impressed.  Not only does this girl have a truly amazing body, which includes a pair of natural, mouthwatering tits, the gorgeous, blonde teen also seems to have a great personality to match. As for Danny Mountain, I was very happy to see him as the male performer chosen for this scene. It has been quite a while since I had a chance to review him, but it is indeed always a pleasure. In this scene, Danny shows us just why that he is a well-regarded male performer that he is. You can definitely tell that he had fun with this one. And again who can blame him?  I am actually quite envious myself. All in all, this is a scene that I really enjoyed, and it is the one that I would definitely recommend that you see for yourself.

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