A MILFs Sticky Business (2019)

by - August 25, 2019

Starring: Honey Blossom // Jake Adams
Directed by:
Runtime: 30 mins.

Scene Rating: 8


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment involving Honey Blossom. She is wearing a white bra, along with a black skirt, decorated with white polka-dots. It is during this tease that Honey flashes her pussy, by hiking up said skirt, and also bending over. In addition to this, during this tease, we also get a  peek at her big tits.  Honey eventually ends up on the couch with her legs spread, as she lifts up her skirt to touch, and finger her pussy deep.  This is brief, because soon, she's joined by Jake Adams.

Jake wastes no time in going down on her.  In between Honey's legs, he proceeds to suck on her pussy lips, and tongue at her clit.  He also deep fingers her, as Honey increasingly moans.  Follow this, Honey then returns the favor, as she retrieves Jake's hard cock from his boxer briefs.  Honey slowly sucks Jake's cock, before taking him balls deep into her throat.  It's then that Jake follows up by fucking her face, prior to briefly fucking her tits.  Next, Jake turns her around, and bends her over, as he eats her pussy from behind.  The action soon moves to doggy as Jake maintains a steady pace as he pumps Honey's pussy with long strokes for a time.  Honey next sucks Jake's cock as he his on his back, before straddling to ride him in cowgirl.  From here it's a combination of Honey bouncing, as well as being slammed down on the cock, during which, Jake's big balls can be seen slapping against Honey's round ass.  Next up, Honey spins on the cock, as the position reverses to reverse cowgirl.  It's here that Honey first sits upright with her legs spread wide, as Jake plows her.  As things continues, she also leans back to bounce, however soon takes charge for a time, as she leans forward to bounce her nice ass, steadily on the dick, as Jake relaxes.  After more deep cock sucking from Honey, the action then sees Honey on her back as things go to missionary for an extended time.  It's here that Jake continues at a pace of increasing speed, a speed that quickens as he chokes Honey.  This lasts until Jake must cum.  This as he pulls out to unload onto Honey's stomach for the finish.  The scene then coming to a close with Honey rubbing the jizz all over her tits.

The Review //
For this review, I finally take a scene from the website, and their series, "Got Mylf". As one can gather from the name of the site, MYLF, specializes in all that is MILF.  Ahh yes, the older, more refined lady. Me reviewing from the site has been a long time coming, so I was really looking forward to this scene.  A scene which features the performer known as Honey Blossom, as she is paired with one of my favorite male performers in Jake Adams.  This scene from MYLF, is a stylish one that is straight to the point. Beginning with a tease segment involving Honey as she is looking damn exquisite in a fancy bra and a black polka-dotted skirt.  It is during this segment that she fills the screen with sex appeal, as she teases us with her ass, pussy and her otherwise toned, and tanned body.  This, prior to she going on and masturbating herself briefly on the couch. This tease segment on it's own is hot, and this is prior to the sex scene yet to come  Then enters Jake Adams. Fortunately, it is here that things continue on this same vibe for the remainder of the scene. What follows between Honey and Jake is a scene that I found to be in particular visually appealing. Things truly begin, as Miss Honey, goes on to demonstrate fabulous deep throating skill, as she hides Jake's full cock in her throat. Jake has a long cock, and it's one that Honey is so able to devour with ease, much to the viewer's delight(or at least mine!). This carries over next to doggy, as Jake bends Honey over.  He takes her from behind. It's from this position that Honey's eager love hole, simply swallows that cock. In this position, what I found to be really sexy, is that Jake gives her the long strokes, as he plunges in and out. This, as skin smacks against skin and Honey's ass jiggles. And speaking of jiggling, we see more of just that during a round of reverse cowgirl which follows the standard variation. It is during reverse cowgirl, that Honey has her way with Jake's hard dick, as she ride it with no interference of his own. It's a hands-free experience as Honey eventually ride fast, and is penetrated deeply. Remember when I said that this scene was very visual? Well here you go. This is one moment during the scene that is a prime example of this.  Honey's round ass just looks simply amazing, as she bounce
and grind, as the cock penetrates her. Elsewhere, the action in this scene flows very nicely, and the chemistry between Honey and Jake is obviously apparent. The action finally does come to a close with Jake remaining consistent, as he fucks Honey deep and hard just prior to finishing up.  I felt that it was a nice finish.  One showing Adams putting in the good work.

As I said, this was my first experience reviewing for MLYF, and I do have to say that I really enjoyed this scene. One that I chose simply because I was attracted to its features performer, Honey Blossom(who really is sexy!). I felt that the scene was one that was really passionate, between two very passionate performers. As stated there is no storyline here, just purely passionate sex. It is a sex scene during which these two delivered, in my opinion. So yes, it is with that said that I do not hesitate to fully recommend this scene to you.  Honey Blossom can really ride a cock, and even her energetic moaning is a turn on.  Honey Blossom is definitely someone to see!

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