Pimp.XXX: Say Goodbye To Your Sis First! (2019)

by - September 17, 2019

Starring: Paisley Porter // Small Hands
Directed by:
Runtime: 28 mins.

Scene Rating: 7.75


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Small Hands is a budding rock star, who is preparing to go out on the road for a month long tour. He is getting his gear cases ready, as he is approached by his attractive blonde stepsister, Paisley Porter, who comes downstairs. The two of them sit on the couch together, as they both discuss Small Hands' tour. Paisley is a bit bummed.  She does not want her stepbrother to leave.  She would much rather have her brother play local clubs, than be far away, and out on the road.  But Smalls explains that his goal is to achieve stardom. Have a tour bus. and have groupies. Conversation between the stepsiblings becomes rather revealing, when Paisley questions Smalls about the whole groupie thing. She asks him if any groupie will be more important than she. This is when Small hands does confirm that  his stepsister, does have the best pussy. This is when Paisley proposes that the two of them have one last fling before her brother hits the road. This, as they go right into a sexual encounter.

Tings begin with the two of them kissing passionately. Paisley also goes on to get her big tits out, as Small hands sucks on them.  Smalls unbuttons Paisley's White denim shorts. This, as she stands to peel them down past her ass.  Smalls is then quick to bury his face in.  This some leads to doggy, as Small Hands maintains a steady pace for a time, before the action seamlessly goes to standing side fuck, as Smalls continues to drive his cock in deep from the position.  Paisley lies back on the couch, and spreads her pink pussy, just prior to things going to missionary.  Here, Smalls employs a quick and steady pace, before going on to apply a choke and going deep.  Smalls then takes things to spoon next, as the action carries over.  It's here that Smalls maintains his quick and steady pacing, while again applying a choke.  After this, Smalls remains in charge, as he flips Paisley onto her back, bending her legs back to first eat her pussy, and then fuck it.  This before hovering over her to fuck her face,  Next up, Paisley half-straddles the cock to bounce, however, it's Smalls once again taking over, as he shoves her face down, fucking her deep and hard.  After this, Paisley sucks the cock prior to sitting on it for a time in reverse cowgirl, prior to Smalls Lifting her up for the standing variation.  This is followed by again doggy, side fuck, and then missionary. It's then spoon for a time, before a return to doggy is made, as Small Hands sits along the back of the couch to thrust it in.  This is the followed by missionary, as Paisley repositions herself on the couch.  Small Hands goes on to fuck steady, until briefly lifting Paisley up for a round of standing cowgirl.  This is again followed by side fuck, and then spoon as Smalls fucks deep until pulling out to cum  The scene ends with Smalls hovering over Paisley has he jerk his cock, until shooting a nice load onto Paisley's face.

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene taken from the PIMP.XXX network site, FAMILY.XXX.  A site that obviously deals with taboo family relations.  This scene in particular, tells the story of a rock star stepbrother with big aspirations, as he sets off on his latest tour.  28 shows in 30 days.  The kicker of this story is that he has a stepsister.  A hot one at that.  And as it turns out, these two aren't your average stepsiblings.  So when Paisley gets the idea that the two of them should fuck one last time before Small Hands hits the road, to them, it isn't all that foreign.

This is what sets the stage for us, and I have to say that it was a pretty fun, and high spirited lead-in to things.  When it comes to the actual sex between Paisley Porter and Small Hands, I have to say that it was a lot more fast paced, and harder than I expected it to be.  Throughout the scene, Small Hands is essentially in charge here, as he dictates the pace, as well as the majority of the positions see.  I liked the fact that he roughly fucked Paisley's pussy hard, and to add fuel to the sexual flame, if you will, Paisley on the other hand brings some very nice dirty talk.  With this in mind, Paisley proves herself here to be a great talker.  Here, throughout the scene, Paisley aptly encourages Smalls, by telling him things such as "stick/shove his big cock in", to "pound her pussy", for he to bury his face in it, and more.  It was really hot, and one of the things that helps to keep things interesting.  But yes, the continuous flow of energy between both performers, is truly what keeps things going at such an interesting chemistry.  I mean not to mention that the sex also includes both standing cowgirl, and reverse standing cowgirl, as well as a piledriver position that sees Small Hands both eat pussy and fuck it.  I enjoyed it.  It's a scene that sort of surprised me in a good way.

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