Bunny Colby

by - September 17, 2019

Starring: Bunny Colby // Prince Yahshua
Directed by: Gia Paloma
Runtime: 22 mins.

Scene Rating: 8


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Prince Yahshua is a big football star with a stalker.  Bunny Colby is that stalker, and she is one who has tried to get at him on 10 separate occasions now.  It's so frequent that Prince has had to get a restraining order on the obsessed fan.  However, as we would see, to Bunny, it does not mean a thing.  The scene finds Bunny once again sneaking into Prince's house.  As he is in the shower, she sneaks in, stripping out of her dress.  She then goes on to sniff his clothes prior to slipping into his bed.  Bunny then hides under the covers as Prince finishes up his shower and comes into the bed room.  It's then that Bunny startles him, as she comes up from behind.  Prince is quick to resist, and remind Bunny of the issued restraining order.  However, Bunny is determined.  This, as she grabs Prince's dick.  Of course, This is something that Prince can't soon resist.

Bunny goes down on Prince, working his cock with her mouth and hand, soon taking it deep with no hands.  Doggy soon follows after.  Here, Prince grips Bunny's ass, initially digging in deep, prior to increasing his pacing as he fucks.  Prince maintains the pace as the action next moves to spoon.  In this position Prince has a steady pace, prior to going faster and harder.  Next up is cowgirl as Bunny climbs on.  We see Bunny bounce on the cock for a time, before Prince takes over to pound her hard,  It's then back and forth, as Bunny fucks Prince back, and then he again, before she momentarily grinds.  Next, however, Bunny is on her back as Prince takes things into missionary/side fuck.  It's here that Prince goes on to hit the pussy at a steady pace, as he goes deep.  The next position sees Prince lie back as Bunny sits on the cock side saddle, where Prince here hammers it in hard for a time, this as things transition next to reverse cowgirl.  It's in the position that Prince continue to go hard until he must cum.  The scene then coming to an end, with Prince jerking his cock, to sprinkle his load onto Bunny's tits.

The Review //
Bunny Colby is crazy! 

At least she is in this scene from DOG FART, directed by Gia Paloma. Yes, in this reality-based scene, we begin with a storyline, which sees Bunny Colby as an obsessed fan of Prince Yahshua, who is a big time football player. She is so fanatical that she happens to be a repeat offender when it comes to sneaking into Prince's house.  In the scene, despite a having a restraining order, she does it yet again.  However this time, she finds herself quite surprised when she ends up getting exactly what she wants from her favorite star.  Yes, she seduces him, and happens to be successful.

With the sexual content coming in about 18 minutes in length, I did initially expect a scene which would be rather quick, moving from position to position. However, fortunately I was quite surprised here when I received a scene that was instead, rather solid to be honest. The two performers; Bunny Colby and Prince Yahshua did go quickly into the sex, however we had Prince, who basically controlled the pace, and that is a good thing. It's basically throughout the entire scene that we see Prince maintain a consistent pace, which ranges from steady, to fast and hard. I have to say that I really enjoyed when Prince just went for it, hammering his cock in deep at a quick pace, it's really good stuff. In fact, it is always good to see Prince in his "Silverback zone", so to speak. Also good to see is Prince's counterpart, Bunny's reaction to it all. The looks on her face, which we are a witness to throughout, are just priceless, to say the least. They are sure validation that she enjoyed herself here. It's the type of chemistry that makes a good scene. So therefore, although it is a rather quick outing for the both of them, it's still an enjoyable scene. At least, I thought so anyway.  Nice hard fucking.  I particularly enjoyed the side saddle position!

In my opinion this was a very nice pairing, coupled with a fun opening storyline. and a high energy sex scene overall, this scene is indeed a "Touchdown".  This is my second review of a scene that happens to have been directed by Gia Paloma, and I have to full-on admit that I love the new direction that DOGFART, in terms of content, seem to be taking.  More storyline-driven, rich content.  This is a scene that I would definitely recommend.  Not only is it a fun one, Bunny Colby is just gorgeous, with one of the most amazing bodies now currently on display in porn.  She's a must see performer, and when speaking of Prince, he really needs no introduction.  Great stuff from them both.

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