Secret Roommate (2019)

by - October 10, 2019

Starring: Mackenzie Moss // Michael Vegas
Directed by:
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Mackenzie Moss and her friend have both turned 21, and they have just got their own place together.  They love it, as is finally their taste of several freedoms.  One of them being that they now can invite boys over whenever they want.  Mackenzie herself is quick to act on this, as she intends to phone a guy named Brian.  However, just at that moment, Mackenzie and her roommate find themselves startled by strange noises coming from the other side of the wall. We the viewer see that is is a mysterious man, who is conveniently spying on the two, via a peephole in the wall. We then fast forward to two weeks later, and still there are noticeable noises emitting from the interior wall.  Only this time, it's much louder, as the man masturbates.  Oblivious as to what the noise is, the girls plan to call up the landlord.  This is when the noise stops, only to pick up again, when the friend leaves, and as Mackenzie attempts to masturbate, while she believes that she is all alone.  The racket causes Mackenzie to investigate.  That is when she makes the bizarre discovery, located behind the wall.  It's there that she discovers that the mysterious man, has somehow made himself a makeshift living space inside of she and her friend's new residence.  Of course Mackenzie is initially shocked and surprised.  But then again, the man, is nude,  A sight rather enticing to the horny Mackenzie.  It is then that she is quick to decide to have a little fun with him.  She ridicules him for watching, and jerking off to she and her friend, this before seducing him.  She pushes him back onto an old dirty mattress, as she remove her tank top, as she caress her body, shorty before removing her panties.  He's in awe.  Yet even more so as Mackenzie then masturbates herself to squirting orgasm, showering him with her girl juice.

Things begin with Mackenzie going to work on Michael's cock.  She slurp, and throat it, until approaching things with a double handed stroke.  Cowgirl then follows, as Mackenzie goes on to ride the cock.  She leaning forward, and the being in an upright position.  After following up by sucking Michael clean, the action then goes to reverse cowgirl.  From here, it's Michael taking charge fucking steadily as Mackenzie bounces on his cock.  This goes to Michael slamming her down hard.  During this, we see Mackenzie squirt a couple of times, with another coming at the hands(or hand) of Michael, as he rubs her clit.  Next, its doggy as Mackenzie is bent over against the wall and fucked hard.  Things continue in standing reverse sidefuck as Mackenzie props her right leg against the wall.  It's at this time, that the roommate returns home.  However, the roommate again finds herself frightened by what she hears.  She calls her mom and soon leaves to go to her house instead.  This leaves Mackenzie and Michael to again go at it.  This, as Michael goes hard, fucking Mackenzie, as she begs him to pound her pussy.  Eventually this seeing them return to the original doggy position.  Next, Michael lifts Mackenzie and carries her over to a round chair.  Here, Mackenzie is on her back for side fuck, where Michael continues to fuck hard, as Mackenzie continues to squirt,  Michael for a moment, spins her around to fuck her face, and finger her, before it's back to side fuck.  It's here that Michael fucks deep, and hard until he must cum.  Mackenzie is then on her knees as Michael jerks his cock to spray her mouth with jizz.  After which, she swallows, signifying an end to the action.

The Review //
With this review, I take a look at a scene from BRAZZERS, titled "Secret Roommate". And seeing as it is the Halloween season, it's appropriate that I would find that this particular scene has obviously been inspired by a little-known gem, of a horror film from 1974. This scene, which stars Mackenzie Moss as a 21-year-old who has just got the first place to live on her own along with a roommate, Only to be disturbed by noises coming from inside the walls, has obviously been inspired by a little-known horror film titled BAD RONALD. The film, which stars Scott Jacoby, is about an awkward loner who lives a lonely existence with his mother. when one fateful accident, changes his life as he knew it.  This being when he accidentally is responsible for the death of a young child in the neighborhood. It is after the act, that his mother who safeguards him, devises a plan to build a compartment within the walls of the house in which Ronald can live, in order to avoid capture.  It is a plan that works.  However, unfortunately for Ronald, his dear old mother soon passes away, leaving Ronald behind, still living within the confines of the house. Long story short - someone eventually moves into the house, and they get more than they are bargained for, when they discover that Ronald had been living there all along, listening to their daily comings and goings.

Here in our scene, we basically have the same scenario, with Mackenzie and her roommate. moving in to find that things not only go bump in the night st their new place, but also during the day as well. When Mackenzie is left alone after the roommate leaves, she again hears noises, when in hopes to solve the problem, she chooses to have a better look at things. It is then that she does come across the culprit, in one Michael Vegas, who portrays a man who has seemingly been living in the confines of their new residence for some time, and has also been masturbating to the sight of them via a conveniently placed peephole. Mackenzie's obvious reaction is to be shocked at what she finds.  However, she seizes the opportunity. as she answers the question, "what would you do if you found a naked man masturbating?". It is next that a sexual encounter between the two of course get underway.

When it comes to this storyline, I really enjoyed it. Of course as a former horror film critic of 12 years, I found myself with a huge grin on my face once I realized that the storyline had obviously been lifted from BAD RONALD. Michael's character even has an easel set up up for painting.  Something that Ronald did in the film. BAD RONALD is A film that I love. Although it was made-for-TV back in the 70s, it is one that packs lots of genuine dread.  It's one that you should definitely put on your list to view this Halloween.  Anyway, when it comes to the acting in this scene, I felt that both the performers, Mackenzie Moss and Michael Vegas here did a good job in presenting their characters. This is again especially true for Michael Vegas, who has it in mind to remain a character, even during the sex. He makes remarks about how he "never imagined it being this way", and things like that. Thus hinting to the idea that the character appears to have been living in the wall for some time doing similar, with nothing actually ever materializing until now.  Michael further emphasizes things with his facial expressions throughout. Lots of the looks of surprise and amazement decorate his face on occasion. And on the other hand, Mackenzie of course has the job of portraying a horny character.  Yes, she's freaked out - but she's horny.  Many times, she mentions how "crazy" Michael is....but boy is the dick good.

As for the sexual content of the scene, the majority of the action is fast paced and raw, just as it should be. Here Mackenzie and Michael work together well to create a scene that is full of energy throughout. I was really into it from start to finish. A start that happens to begin with Mackenzie squirt all over Michael. It is so hot, I must admit. In fact it is here that we see Mackenzie squirt a number of times throughout the course of this 30 minute scene. As he often is, Michael Vegas is consistent in the work that he brings to the scene, and opposite him, Mackenzie is enthusiastic as she rides, and otherwise takes dick. When it comes to Mackenzie Moss, I still find myself really impressed with her. I mean, I was impressed with her from the very first scene that I ever saw her in, and I continue to be even more so. In my opinion, she has to be one of the sexiest performers in the business.  She is definitely one that leaves it all on the table is when she fucks. Her boy/girl scenes are especially breathtaking. I just loved seeing her squirt as much as she did here. And here screams as it happens??! The beginning of the scene was great. She looks so good in a pair of panties.  But then she seductively slips out of them, and then she squirts all over Michael.  I'm so envious!

This is a fun scene all around. We have a horror-tinged storyline that is well-inspired, and nicely executed, all of which leading into a sex scene that is that much more accomplished. Here, the featured performers give it their all within this unique scenario, as they remain true to the storyline as well.  It is definitely something fun for the viewer to see. and is especially more meaningful if you happen to catch the reference to the source material from which it was inspired.

With that said, it is a storyline that is unique to find, even among the stories told by BRAZZERS.  It is one that they made work nicely in their own way, all while managing to deliver to us a round of great action.  It is one that I do recommend seeing if you have a chance.

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