Shiofficial Enjoys Passionate Debut (2019)

by - October 08, 2019

Starring: ShiOfficial // Sam Bourne
Directed by:
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We open this scene, as ShiOfficial, who is in her bedroom, snapping selfies of the nude variety, when the there is a knock at her door.  It's her father, who tells Shi that he is preparing to leave off on his trip to Paris, and that he is leaving the place in the hands of she, and her Stepbrother Sam Bourne, during his absence.  It's an idea which Shi readily accepts, as we sense that she would be up to no good.  When dad finally leaves, Shi is quick to race downstairs.  It is then the equivalent of dancing alone as Shi begins to pose, as we cut to glamour footage of the model, which in turn, inter-cuts with the present footage of she posing in the house.  This act ends with Shi, up on a table with her legs spread, as she touch herself.  It's something that her sneaky stepbrother Sam, happens to spy on from upstairs.  Of course, it's from there that lucky Sam wastes no time in joining his Stepsister.  It's then that it doesn't take long for things to get underway between them. 

Slow passionate kisses, see Sam making is way down.  He sucks on Shi's big tits, which hang over her yellow one piece, which has been pulled down.  Sam then goes even further, as Shi goes on to unsnap the bottom of her suit, to reveal her young, shaven pussy, which Sam quickly goes down on with his mouth and tongue.  After Sam's work on the pussy, Si goes to work on his cock next.  She is on her knees on the couch initially, as she handles the cock with no hands.  The blowjob would next continue, however, with Sam having a seat on the couch.  This as Shi takes Sam's cock and balls into her mouth, as she gaze into the camera.  Next up, Shi goes on to ride the cock in reverse cowgirl.  First bouncing on the cock, before leaning back to allow Sam to fuck fast and hard.  This pace continuing next in doggy, as he half-straddles from behind to pound.  During this, the camera takes a semi-overhead view, as well as a wide shot, while also gauging Shi's facial reaction to things.  The next position taken on the couch is spoon.  Here, Sam continues to hammer his cock in at an increasing pace, which comes and goes.  Slowing down, only to see him go faster, and harder.  Cowgirl is next, as Shi is on the dick once gain.  She leans forward as she bounces.  Sam however, takes hold of things, prior to she briefly being upright to once again bounce.  The position then, and again sees Sam plugging away, before the two move on to the final position.  It's next that we have missionary, as Shi is on her back.  Like before, Sam goes on to fuck at an increasing pace, fucking even faster, as Shi declares that she wants him to cum inside of her.  This, as he plugs away until the point of climax.  However, he happens to not cum inside her as she asked.  Instead, pulling out to shoot his load onto Shi's pussy for the finish to the action.  The scene then comes to a close, with the step siblings spooning to kiss.

The Review //
For this review, I have a review for the internationally known porno studio, PRIVATE, as they present to us a scene, which sees young starlet ShiOfficial making her debut for the company.  This, a taboo themed scene, is one which sees Shi left home alone with her Stepbrother, Sam Bourne, as their father goes away to Paris.  It is quite the opportunity, and it's an opportunity, that they do not fail to take full advantage of.  This, as they soon find themselves engaged in a passionate sexual encounter, while daddy's away.

When it comes to reviewing for PRIVATE, for me it has been some time, having only done so once previously.  However, I have always kept them in mind, as an avenue to discover unseen talent.  After all, it is how I discovered France's Luna Rival.  Luna just so happens to be a performer that I am still enjoying to this day.  Well, when it comes to this scene, it is another occasion, where I happen to become acquainted with another young performer.  This time in the UK's, ShiOfficial. Although this is my first time to see her perform it is not my introduction to her. I was actually first introduced to Shi via Twitter, when I happened to like what I saw.  She's a very cute girl, with full pouty lips, and a beautiful gazing stare.  Upon finding her, I was under the assumption that she was a solely a clip artist or cam girl.  I did not know that she ventured into full blown porn productions.  So when I discovered this scene, released by PRIVATE, I was actually quite delighted, for sure.  Just like our characters in the scene, I didn't hesitate to take advantage of the opportunity to see her in action.

Here, Shi is paired with another talent, that I had not scene, nor heard of.  Male talent, Sam Bourne.  Going into the sex of the scene, I wasn't quite sure what to expect from them.  But as it turns out, I had nothing to really worry about, as the resulting scene would be one of nice, sporadic energy.  When it comes to Shi, she looks as good as I assumed she would.  She looks great in front of the camera.  With her doe-eyed stare, she makes great eye contact with the camera at key points in the scene.  I also enjoyed her initial, no-handed approach to the blowjob  And of course, her big bouncing natural tits, also look fantastic when they were out.  On the opposite side of the coin, the male talent, Sam Bourne, approaches the scene with a good amount of sexual energy, as he pound away at Shi's tight wet pussy.  I really liked his pacing.  One, that would have moments of slow passion, only to result in, deep, and hard banging the next moment.  Shi ends the scene calling for a creampie.  A creampie, that sadly, doesn't materialize.  Had it though, it would have only been that much more enjoyable than it already was, and is.

With that said, yes I did really enjoy this scene.  I felt that this was a pretty fun scene.  One having very nice energy, featuring a very alluring young star.  Technically speaking, the scene is nicely presented, though European porn slightly differs from it's American counterpart.  In this case, the editing in particular is a bit different, having a dissolve effect at every position change  The only dislike I really have to speak of when it comes to the scene would be the simple fact that, over the course of the scene, we see Shi's tits uncovered, covered, and back again.  I know that had this been an American production, Shi's tits would have been living free the entire time.  I would have liked that, simply because they look nice, of course!

In closing, I would recommend this scene for viewing, surely.  Coming away from it, I do hope to review more of both PRIVATE, and ShiOfficial very soon.

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