Teen Lessons (2019)

by - October 14, 2019

Starring: Arietta Adams // Quinton James
Directed by: Eddie Powell // Paul Woodcrest
Runtime: 42 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Arietta Adams coming into the living area as she confronts her Stepbrother, Quinton.  Arietta was going through her former bedroom, which now belongs to Quinton, when she came across some mysterious bondage gear.  Some restraints, and some rope.  Young 19 year old, Arietta has no idea what she has found, and so she confronts brother.  Quinton tells Arietta exactly what it is. He says that they are instruments used in sex, and especially in relationship involving people who are committed and trusting in one another. Quinton stresses to Arietta that she is too young to understand  However, nevertheless her discovery piques her interest. This, as the Arietta cautiously asks her brother to teach her in the ways to use them. It is then that Arietta assures Quinton that she indeed trusts her stepbrother.  We next move to a different location - at the bottom side of the stairs.  Here, we see Quinton bound his sister's wrists with the black rope.  This, as Quinton asks Arietta if having her hands bound is making her wet.  Quinton feels her up from over her panties. Passionate kissing leads to Quinton sucking on Arietta's tits, before he remove her wet panties.  This is soon followed up by him, as he goes down on her to tongue at her clit.  After making her cum with this and making note of how good she tastes, Arietta says that she now wants to taste Quinton.  They then go upstairs to finish the rest.  Arietta is quick to strip down and get to work on Quinton's cock, and it's a dirty affair.  Spit piles on the shaft, as Arietta slurp on the cock, before taking him deep into her throat.  Quinton then returns the favor, as Arietta has her legs spread.  It's then that the action goes to side fuck.  Quinton from the position fucks steady, eventually picking up the pace.  Things continue with Quinton hammering it in hard as Arietta hold her legs back.  Following this, it's briefly back to side fuck, before Arietta again sucks cock to taste herself. Next up, thing go to cowgirl, as Arietta climbs on top to ride.  It is here, that we see her steadily bounce on the cock, prior to picking up the pace as she pops her ass. It is in between this that Quinton also fucks her back nice and steady, before Arietta again takes over riding hard. We next see the action switch to reverse cowgirl.  Here, Arietta straddles the cock to bounce with her feet planted.  However, Quinton soon takes over to fuck at a quick pace, as Arietta rubs her clit.  Following this, Arietta cleans the dick, by once again deep throating it.  After this, things take up in doggy.  From here, we see Arietta bounce her fat ass on the cock, as she bounce back and skillfully twerk on it.  We see her then sprawled on the bed, as Quinton goes on to fuck her deep and hard.  They then return to the standard formation.  It's then that Quinton goes on to fuck deep and hard, as skin smacks skin.  This leading him soon to climax.  The scene comes to an end with Quinton straddling Arietta's chest as he jerk his cock and shoots a load aimed at her mouth as she swallows.

The Review //
For this review, I take the scene from the DVD, "My Sexy Little Sister  6", from  NEW SENSATIONS, and directors; Eddie Powell and Paul Woodcrest.  In this scene titled, "Teen Lessons, Arietta Adams is a curious young stepsister, who happens to come across some of her stepbrother Quinton James' kinky sex toys, after he move into her old room. Contrary to what the norm may be, Arietta is not at all grossed or creeped out by her findings.  Instead, she is however intrigued and curious.  Quinton of course, does his best to convince little sis that, restraints and rope just aren't for a 19 year old.  But she is determined, and this is what sets the stage for a sexual encounter between the step siblings.

When it comes to the setup of this scene, I thought that it was a very nicely handled lead-in to the  sexual material. It is during which Quinton James' brother character introduces young, impressionable Arietta to the power that bondage can have when it comes to sex. However. it is a set up which is brief, because soon, the two go upstairs to a bedroom, which is where, of course the remainder of the scene takes place.  It is an encounter that slowly builds, beginning with a nicely performed blowjob on Quinton by Arietta. Honestly, while I have been familiar with Arietta from social media, this is actually my first time ever truly seeing her perform in a scene. And I must say that I am quite impressed with her fellatio skills. This girl really puts it down when she is sucking a dick.  Wow!  Quinton's dick was fully covered in her spit.  As Quinton says - it is "slimy".  It's the blow job which is the prelude to a sex scene, which is equally as energetic, with passionate participation from both performers. Here we have Quinton who fucks consistently and hard, as he goes deep inside of Arietta with vigor. This as, while on the other hand, as Arietta is passionate in her own right, showing much energy in the way that she rides him. Also adding to things with some very hot dirty talk.  This, as she asks Quinton if s\he wants her "teenage pussy", then telling him to give her that cock with authority. Not only this, much to my surprise we also see her gloriously twerk on the dick as well, in a moment that comes during the doggy position. It's just great stuff, seeing that nice big ass of her's shiver down, as it goes back on the hard cock! So needless to say, I really enjoyed the energetic nature of the scene as a whole I even quite enjoyed the way that the scene came to an end. An end seeing Quinton straddling Arietta's chest shortly before blowing his load into her mouth. I felt that it was a very fitting conclusion to such a high-spirited sex romp.

This is a scene where both the performers have fantastic showings. This being both collectively, and individually. In speaking of Arietta Adams, she is one of the new young starlets who just absolutely impresses me all around. She is just extremely sexy. She's striking with her red hair with a beautiful face to match. Not to mention, that she has a body that is highlighted by a nice, big booty. I really like her, if you cannot tell. Here, Arietta is of course, here paired with Quinton James, whom I feel  is an excellent male performer.  He is a performer, who usually gives it his all, and this scene is no exception.  Nice, passionate energy throughout.

I do recommend this scene.  Although I am bit confused as to why the bondage collar and restraints were introduced in the scene setup, but were not used(we only see the rope used).  Regardless, it was not needed however, as the sex scene was well worth it anyway.

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