Natalia Queen Gets Her Tight Pussy Slammed By Dick! (2019)

by - November 03, 2019

Starring: Natalia Queen // Jay
Directed by: Jay
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Jay finding Natalia Queen chilling on an afternoon.  He says that he loves the occasion when he has a true 18 year old on set.  Natalia confirms this saying that she has just recently turned 18.  Natalia says that, despite being a fan of porn, she never imagined herself in said industry.  However, it is basically a perfect fit for her, as she was a "closeted" freak in High School.  She says that the sluttiest thing that she's done sexually, is give an ex boyfriend, a blow job in the stairwell at her High School.  We then learn details of Natalia losing her virginity at a nearby creek, which leads her to explain details of the wild sex had with a recent fuck buddy.  Which she says that she probably shouldn't say on camera.  The sex was aggressive, as Natalia reveals that she is a lover of pain.  Something that has only escalated for her since joining the porno ranks.  Jay then has Natalia walk over and sit down on a wooden stool.  It's here that she lowers the front of her dress to reveal her perky tits.  This, as Natalia says that it has been a few days since she last fucked.  When asked, Natalia reveals that she likes to have sex at least every other day, and that she does of course masturbate in the meantime, at least once a day.  Natalia then goes on to reveal that she's wearing a pair of white panties.  Panties, which are soon moved aside, and otherwise pulled down to show off her shaved pussy.  It's a short time later however, that Jay asks Natalia if she's ready to get fucked.  Of course, she is.  This as they then head indoors, and up to Jay's place for sex.

Natalia is on the bed, as we then see her again strip out of her little red dress.  This time she's without panties however, as she goes straight into spreading her legs, and her pussy.  It isn't long though before Jay stands on the bed, getting his cock out for Natalia to suck.  She goes on to work, taking him deep into her throat,  This as the blowjob becomes sloppy.  She works Jay's cock with a single, and then both hands, before he fucks her face  Following this, Jay has Natalia bend over the bed, as he surveys her holes, as we get a nice look at Natalia's tight ass, which is decorated by amazing tanlines.  Jay soon follows up by inserting his cock, where he initially eases into Natalia's tight hole.  However, eventually, he picks up the pace to pound her hard, before a break sees Natalia bounce back and shake on the dick.  Jay then makes a return to the pounding soon after.  The camera then switches from POV and a side view next, as the action goes to missionary.  Again, Jay begins slow and steady, prior to improving his speed.  This occurs for an extended period, as we have multiple camera angles.  The next position is spoon, as Jay keeps up the steady pounding.  It's something that carries over next, as the action transitions to spoon.  It's here, that Jay fucks quick and deeply until finally reaching climax.  The action comes to a close with Jay jerking his cock to unload, showering Natalia with his cum.  After this, Natalia says her goodbyes as she and Jay go off to shower.

The Review //
Here, I take a look at a scene from the BANG! original series, "Real Teens",  A series which showcases, the true teens of the adult industry.  In this installment, the man behind the camera, Jay, catches up with platinum haired, petite stunner, Natalia Queen.  It's after which, we get to know a little more about her, especially when it comes to her sexual experiences, as well as her kinks.  However, it doesn't take long for a little teasing, and public flashing to get both she and Jay in the mood.

The scene then of course changes gears as we head back to Jay's pad for a little bit of sex.  It's an encounter that ends up having surprisingly great results.  Natalia is looking great here, as you can really sense her eagerness for cock.  When she finally gets it, she's instantly attached. First, putting in great work with her dick sucking, before Jay of course, does some work on his own.  This begins in a very nice way, that I must say that I quite enjoyed.  I liked how Jay first has Natalia bend over the bed, as he, and we. get a nice look at her holes.  It's here that Natalia's beautiful, beautiful ass is on display.  It's tight and round, but what is truly the icing on the "cake", if you will are the sexy tanlines which grace her pale skin.  Boy they look hot!  In addition to this particular spectacle, is that we then hear Natalia beg for the cock, before Jay finally gives it to her.  Thus adding to Natalia's anticipation, and ours.  It's from there that we do see some great stuff, as we get it from both performers.  Jay is consistent in his fucking of Natalia's teen pussy, while there are also moments of he pounding it hard.  Also aiding this along is some dialogue from Natalia, as she essentially surrenders her pussy to him, as a testament to just how much she is enjoying what she's receiving.  And, as if this wasn't already enough, this nice round of energy comes to an end with Jay completely blasting Natalia, with a nice big load.  After the fact, Natalia mentions how Jay just "showered" her in his cum.  This was also my exact thought as well.  Completely bathed her in it!

Overall, I have to say that this scene did surprise me.  Going into it, I have to admit that I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did.  But in my opinion, this scene, which is in part centered around POV, is fucking great!  This scene is nicely handled and shot, while at the same time being successful in capturing the raw, passionate action in a very natural setting.  I loved it, and I think you will too.  I highly recommend!

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