Teenfidelity.com: Soul For the Sisters (2019)

by - November 27, 2019

Starring: Emma Starletto // Chad White
Directed by: Fumigalli
Runtime: 47 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
This scene opens up with Emma Starletto, alone in the bathroom. It is following her participation in an unprotected gangbang, as she takes a pregnancy test, while calling up her best friend Stacey, to give her the surprising results, as well as the details that occurred at a party. She says that multiple men had their way with her, and that she had "gobs of cum" dripping down her leg.  Emma tells Stacey just how surprised that she is that she did not get pregnant, seeing as she is currently ovulating. This, obviously meant to be a private conversation between two friends isn't that, as listening on is Emma's professor, Chad White, who soon makes his presence known. He barges into the bathroom where he is quick to scold Emma about her wrong doings, and their consequences, saying that her school, St. Rita's has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to these things. It is at that point that Chad says that he must notify the Principal, as well as her parents. This is of course, when Emma asks Chad if there is anything that he can do to help her get out of trouble as well as avoid the sins of birth control. It is then without hesitation that Chad comes over, and pulls down Emma's top to get a feel of her perky breasts, as he says that the "sisters" will deal with her soul. This is then followed up by Emma going on to unzip Chad's pants, and proceed to suck his cock.

Emma gets down to sucking, as her big, beautiful eyes make contact with Chad as she does the work.  This continuing on, once she next get on her knees.  Next we see the action go to reverse standing side fuck.  Here as Chad fucks with a steady pace, picking up over time.  Following this, Emma again sucks cock, prior to things picking up in a front facing side fuck position.  Things then finish up here, as we pick back up next in Chad's hotel room.  Emma again sucks Chad's cock while lying sprawled on the bed.  This as Chad also plants fingers deep inside Emma's pussy.  It continuing until she is next on her back, as Chad soon inserts his cock as things go to missionary, as Chad resumes his steady pacing.  He next goes even harder as the action next transitions to front facing spoon.  Chad from here, slams his cock in deep, as Emma's legs are split.  Following this position, Emma again sucks cock prior to Chad wanting her to ride his cock in cowgirl.  This as she leans forward as Chad fucks her quick and hard.  There's a pause in between as Chad spreads apart Emma's pussy, prior to the cowgirl resuming.  Following a round of 69, the action sees Emma then fucked in reverse cowgirl.  After this, we go to spoon, which eventually goes to a reverse side fuck position, as Emma's ass faces the camera.  Things continue on with then side fuck and doggy, as Chad takes Emma from behind, deep and hard.  He next maintains this pace as they make a return to reverse cowgirl.  It's from here that Chad continues to hit the pussy hard.  This lasting until he must cum.  During this Emma makes it known that she wants Chad to cum inside of her, and he does just that, as the scene comes to an end with a creampie finish.

The Review //
In this scene titled, "Soul For the Sisters", Emma Starletto has been a bad little school girl, and her professor, Chad White looks to relieve her of her sins, by fucking them right out of her.  It's a scene whose stage is set, once Chad gets wind of Emma's involvement in a multiple person gangbang.  One which she has somehow narrowly escaped without getting pregnant, much to her surprise.

Here, we have the typical set up in which someone has done something bad and is subsequently caught, and as a result will do anything to get out of punishment.  Yes, even if it means fucking the person with authority over them. That is exactly what we have here, as Chad threatens to get Emma in serious trouble with the school, as well as her parents. A sexual encounter between the two of them gets underway when Emma fears the worst, and thus, pours on her youthful charm, in order to basically seduce her professor. After a great beginning, it is a pairing that gets off to a very nice start, right there in the bathroom, where the scene, began, before further continuing in Chad's hotel room.

Going into the sexual material taking place in the hotel room, little did I know what I was in for, but what I would receive would be a sex scene between these two that was, and is truly well rounded from start to finish. The location change, of course begins with Emma once again sucking cock, but then, we go into a little foreplay prior to we progressing to more. I have now reviewed a few scenes from the director here, Fumigalli, and I have to tell you that he is without a doubt one of the best when it comes to capturing this type of foreplay between two performers. And this is me of course, speaking on all of of the work that I've seen over the years that I have been reviewing adult content, and all of the directors that I have covered. He actually makes the act of foreplay something that is interesting to watch. Something that is erotic, 100%. What I'm talking about, is that after we see Emma once again suck Chad off, he then takes time to plant fingers deep into her pink pussy, as she is sprawled out on her side on the bed. It is indeed a simple act, but it is so nicely captured. And later the same brand of foreplay also sees Emma stroke Chad's cock, while he again finger her. It is through all this, that I also came to realize, that much of the scene's focus was on the pleasure of Emma rather than Chad.  It's just great stuff.  It's very visual. In speaking of visual, that is how Fumigalli, pretty much keeps things for the remainder of the scene. Basically, every position captured here is picture perfect.  Each position having the perfect form, visually speaking. I really enjoyed the fact that most of these positions have to do with putting emphasis upon Emma's ample backside, as well as her feet.  Also getting very much time devoted to them, are Emma's aforementioned pretty pink holes.  There was a great moment here, following cowgirl, during which Chad pulls out, only to pry apart Emma's gaping pussy.  I quite enjoyed this view, as well as for the fact that he can also be seen slipping his finger into her tight butthole, later. He just cannot seem to resist. I don't blame him because I would not be able to either. But with all of this in mind it is definitely a treat for the eyes, this scene from Fumigalli. It is nice to look at, the action itself is passionate and fairly intense, with two performers who are on the same level, and giving it their all.  I really enjoyed the sexual journey that this scene took me on.  A nicely edited scene, which technically speaking flows very well.

This scene from the director Fumigalli and TEENFIDELITY, is an excellent one overall.  The production values are high, and technically this is a scene that was well put together.  Not only do we have a great story, in terms of the scene's setup, the performer's Emma Starletto, and Chad White, present it well. (Emma looks absolutely amazing here. I really liked her look).  Once the players did their part in setting it all up, they, as well as Fumigalli came together to create something fantastic. I was into it from the start, seeing as I really liked what I saw, as I said much was done in showing Emma's great booty especially. I just couldn't get over how beautiful a number of these positions looked on camera. If only everyone put this much thought into their shots. But then again, we would not have standout scenes such as this one if they did. This scene is one that definitely gets my recommendation. I highly recommend!

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