EvilAngel.com: A For Anal - Adriana: Gaping Anal, Squirting Orgasm (2019)

by - December 03, 2019

Starring: Adriana Chechik // Markus Dupree
Directed by: Jonni Darkko
Runtime: 32 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
We begin with the scene's star, Adriana Chechik teasing in front of an all red backdrop.  It's here that she pose, spread, and look seductively as the camera look on.  During this segment, Adriana wears black lingerie, which is accented by gold metal fasteners.  This as we are treated by various looks, poses, and closeups, and additionally, occasional stylized split screens.

We then transition to Adriana being on a white couch, with her legs held high and back, as she proceeds to plug her asshole with a black double ended dildo.  She does so nice and deep as she tells us just how ready she is to have only her butthole used today.  She continues to make her asshole hug around the toy.  This until she opts for something bigger.  Next, she reaches for a more girthy and huge black toy that is also ridged.  For this toy, she assumes a position on all fours as she goes on to fuck her ass with it.  Here, her ass gapes wide. swallowing the toy, as she steadily, and continuously pull it in and out.  This lasting, until she is approached by Markus Dupree, who comes up from behind.  He first uses the toy to plug Adriana, however soon, he replaces it with his warm, hard throbbing cock.  He fucks Adriana's ass with a steady pace.  After this, Markus goes on to eat her ass, as she encourages him to munch on it, and "make out" with her butthole.  Following fucking the whole with the double ended dildo, Markus fingers it deep, in between fucking it.  Adriana, is then bent up in a piledriver position as Markus fucks the ass from a reverse position, and then as things transition to side fuck.  After, Markus stops to finger her deeply causing her to squirt, before things resume in missionary, before another pause and squirt.  This repeats several times before Markus goes on to fuck her face and ass with the big black butt toy.  Soon though, his cock goes back into the ass, as he simultaneously fucks her face with said toy.  Adriana is then bent over the arm of the couch in piledriver, as Markus resumes fucking an eating ass.  Adriana is eventually off the back of the couch for cowgirl, as Markus thrusts upward.  It is during this that Adriana squirts.  Next up, more anal in missionary follows including a moment of ass to mouth as Markus' dick goes straight from Adriana's ass into her awaiting mouth.  It's from here, that Markus fucks until reaching climax. Markus then jerks off to blast Adriana's face with a nice load.  The scene finally comes to an end however, when Markus then makes Adriana squirt one final time.

The Review //
"A" is of course, the first letter of the alphabet.  It's also the first letter of the word "Anal", and it is that very sexual act which is showcased in a series of 4 new scenes, presented in the release, "A for Anal" from EVIL ANGEL, and director, Jonni Darkko.  For my review, I have here chosen to focus on the release's first offering.  A scene featuring the industry's queen of nasty, Miss Adriana Chechik as she is paired with Markus Dupree for a butt gaping anal session.

We just sexual material however is preceded by two segments featuring Chechik before hand.  The first, a more traditional tease that is nicely presented and stylized, and then a solo toy masturbation.  Personally, I enjoyed the brief tease, which shows this queen in all of her beauty.  I loved the isolated colored background as well as the visual effect/split screens used.  Adriana is truly beautiful here, which is authentically representative of her.  When speaking of the masturbatory session that follows, man what a warm up.  It begins with Adriana letting us know exactly why she is here.  She's here to be used.  And in a specific way.  It's right from the beginning that she tells us that her asshole will be fucked exclusively here.  This being as she preps it with both a double ended dildo, as well as a huge butt toy.  And you better believe that, that butthole swallows them with ease.  It's like magic.  Adriana loves it.

The second act is of course interrupted by Markus, who is rightfully eager to slip his cock in.  From there, the scene is pretty fast paced as the chemistry is on point from the start.  Adriana, early on is encouraging, when having her butthole plowed, telling Markus to go even harder.  It's an energy filled fuck session containing multiple instances of ass to mouth, including both toy, an finally dick.  Adriana even makes note of it as we near the end, when Markus, fucks her ass, and then puts it in her mouth for she to suck.  Yes, the two went nearly the entire scene without Markus' dick being in Adriana's mouth.  That's truly remarkable when you think about it.  There is of course also the Chechik trademark featured prominently.  The act of squirting.  Yes, we see Adriana gush, and gush some more.  Most of these instances coming by way of Markus' deep and hard fingering.  However there are also a few times that his dick is enough to do the job.  I liked the instance that saw Markus finger her to squirt so hard that she erupted all over his face.  He even had to wring squirt out of his ears! How great!  Also great is the distinct face that Adriana makes as she is just about to cum.  A look of one eye opened and the other closed.  It's a complete mood.  It's the type of face that your parents warn you about when they say that, if you're not careful, then your face will freeze that way.

Overall, I enjoyed this scene.  As with just about every scene involving Adriana Chechik, this scene is a slippery one.  It's also gaping-ly dirty, as she becomes fairly acquainted with the taste of both her own ass juice and squirt(as does Markus for good measure).  Near the end of things, Adriana tells Markus that she wants him to gape open her ass and cum in it.  She asks for an anal creampie.  Unfortunately, that doesn't happen.  It would have been a lot cooler if it did.  Anyway, with that said, anal creampie not included, I still recommend this scene.

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