Lick It Like A Lollipop (2019)

by - January 22, 2020

Starring: McKenzie Lee // Wrex Oliver
Directed by: Wrex Oliver
Runtime: 45 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

"A Little Condom, A Little Handy"
This story begins with Wrex Oliver coming home from school, as his mom McKenzie is there waiting for him as he walks through the door. This, as she says that she has something that she needs to talk to him about.  Wrex, confused as to what it could possibly be says that he did do his homework and take out the trash. However McKenzie says that these things are not the reason. McKenzie says that she just so happen to be cleaning his room, which she made a startling discover. This as she says that she found an extra small condom in his room. It is then that the two go back and forth as Wrex does his best to dispel the idea that he wears an extra small condom. This as McKenzie says that she is unsure as last time as she saw his penis, it was in fact, extra small. This sort of upsets Wrex, who says that, that was a few years ago and he has of course grown in that department. Wrex says that he simply has the condom because of a joke. Wrex is more than determined to prove himself to his mom. This as he goes on to whip out his semi-hard cock, much to the surprise of his startled mom McKenzie. As McKenzie cannot help but stare at what is in front of her, Wrex assures her that it can get even harder. It is then that McKenzie dares to touch the cock, even wetting her hand to stroke it. It's after sometime that Wrex brings up the fact that his dad will be returning home soon. This as McKenzie picks up the pace in her stroking. However just as things are picking up between mother and son, the two of them find themselves disturbed by a knock at the door. This of course ending things abruptly.

"Breakfast And Blowjobs"
In this story it is morning time, as mom McKenzie stands at the stove as she prepares to make some breakfast. It's at this moment that Wrex walks in and greets her, as she offers her son some food. This, as Wrex is quick to stop her in her tracks, as he says that he is on a diet and he is watching his carbs. This being something that McKenzie cannot believe. Wrex says that the diet in question is a due to the fact that all of the girls make fun of him at school. He says that they fat shame him. McKenzie goes on to say that she does not understand why they would do this, as she sees Wrex as being slim and slender. Wrex goes on to say that he is 5'10"and 300 pounds. However still McKenzie just does not believe that the girls at school do their best to avoid him, as she says that Wrex is both funny and charming. She then calls Wrex over to her at the table, saying that she wants to get a better look at him to possibly see what could be wrong with him. It is upon further inspection that she cannot find any faults, especially when it comes to the bulge in his pants. This as she goes on to get out his dick, saying that it is what girls really care about. She goes on to say that they just want to touch it, as she wets her hand with spit to touch, she says that they also want to taste it as well, as she proceeds to put her mouth on it,  This, as Wrex is hesitant, as he says that his father is in the next room putting on his suit. But still, it continues.  It is here that McKenzie steadily works over Wrex's cock with her mouth and hands.  This being as she continuously assures Wrex that he truly has nothing to worry about, saying that he has all the things that girls really want.  The act of blowjob continuing here as Wrex is nearly brought to climax. Unfortunately though, they however find himself once again disturbed by dear old dad before Wrex can cum.

Call For Momma And Momma Cums
This story begins when mom rushes to Wrex's room as she hears he calling for her.  However, this is the beginning of a situation that begins awkwardly, as it turns out that Wrex was actually having a masturbatory wet dream as he think about the big busted McKenzie. Wrex does his best to hide this situation as he quickly cover himself as his mom enter the room. However McKenzie knows that something is afoul, as Wrex continues to struggle to hide his cock under his sheets. It's at this moment that Wrex is quick to take notice of what his mother happens to be wearing. A really sexy piece of black lingerie.  McKenzie says that she was simply trying to sleep when she heard him call her name. But when Wrex asks McKenzie if it was her intention to impress his dad, she assures him that those days between them are over as she puts it. She says that Wrex's father is actually out cold, after coming home from the bar. This as Wrex is relieved, saying that the reason that he is nude under his sheets is due to the fact that it has been so hot in the house. This, as McKenzie pulls back the covers quickly to get a peek of what is underneath. It is there that Wrex lie prone with a bare, and again semi-erect penis.  It is a sight that gets the two talking about the days prior which included a handjob and blowjob administered by mom on son. It is then that McKenzie says that since Wrex is already ready, that she might as well take care of him.  After all, according to she, sex makes her sleep better. This, as she is quick to go down on him and again suck, and stroke his dick as she make eye contact with him.

This then leads to McKenzie climbing on to mount Wrex. This including she grinding and bouncing on the dick for a time, before reversing herself as she do the same next to reverse cowgirl. However next up, Wrex takes matters into his own hands is the action goes to doggy, seeing Wrex fuck McKenzie from behind. It's here that he maintains a steady pace which becomes increasingly harder and faster over time. Following this McKenzie is then on her back as the action then go to missionary. From missionary, Wrex maintains the same pace as before, until he must cum. It's then that he pulls out to jerk his cock to blast McKenzie's big tits with a nice load for the finish.

The Review //
For today's review I take a look at this trilogy of short stories from the website PERVMOM. Here, we are presented with a total of three stories, which feature industry vet, McKenzie Lee and performer/director Wrex Oliver as a mother and son tandem, whom, as we come to find, are more than a little close. The stories in question which all featured different stages of sexual material all begins innocently enough. This, as the first story sees Wrex coming home from a boring day at school, only to be questioned by his mom when she finds something a little peculiar in his bedroom while cleaning. The item in question?  An extra small condom. This as McKenzie seems more than prepare to embarrass her son with her finding. And as such, and in turn prompting Wrex to be brave improve himself to not be a teeny weenie. This as the beginning story concludes with McKenzie, taking into her hand, Wrex's hardening cock to tug on it. However, Wrex does not get the happy ending he desired, as he is unable to cum, when they are soon interrupted by dad coming home. This is followed up with another story, as fun with mom continues as the topic of Wrex diet, and the fact that the girls at school apparently make fun of him because of his weight comes into play. This causes McKenzie's motherly instincts to show, as she comes to comfort him in the form of a blowjob, right there in her kitchen. But yet again, they find themselves canceled by an approaching dad/husband, who emerges from the other room. The trio of stories finally comes to end, as things progress in a way which sees the two finally get what they want from each other. This happening during a late-night encounter between the two during which Wrex just so happens to have been masturbating while thinking of his mom, while at the same time calling out her name! Thus causing McKenzie to be concerned, and subsequently showing up in his bedroom, where she catches him in a compromising position underneath the sheets. With dad now out of the picture the two in the end figure that then is a good enough time as any to get the job done, and that they do as part of a thoroughly explorative romp.

As stated above, this 45 minute scene presents itself as a series of three separate stories involving a mother and son. But not just any mother and son. A mother and son, who just so happen to have a kinky side to them. This as, things begin with what some would call innocent curiosity between them, which before it's all said and done, results in full-blown sexual activity. When it comes to the stories, I actually really like the fact that the overall scene was very much storyline-oriented, as McKenzie and Wrex as characters did a very good job with sticking with the storylines at hand. Here we have the two as they explore each other in the first two set of stories. Stories that find themselves more than a little bummed out when they end up being interrupted during the act on both occasions. However, for the overall collective here, the development of the first two stories created a very nice buildup for the third and final story, which finally sees the mother and son go all the, this acting upon their impulses. The storyline narrative featuring McKenzie and Wrex plays out in a progressive manner, that we very much anticipate what is to come by the time that we reach the finale of the overall storyline. Yes, by the time that I reached the third outing for these two, I was looking forward to what I would see from them in terms of a sexual encounter. And with that said, I have to say that I was not disappointed honestly speaking. The sex scene between Mckenzie and Wrex begins with McKenzie reprising her blowjob duties. The good thing about this is that staying in character, Wrex remains the naive son as asks his mom if she may teach him some things, so that he may tell the girls how to suck him off right. I loved the interaction between the two, as the older and wiser mom, teaches her son the ways of proper sex. The interaction between the two is just so sexy during this, and the two sticking to the idea of the girls at Wrex's school being inexperienced and otherwise treating him badly just further added to the solid foundation of this collection of stories. We also during this segment witnessed McKenzie teaching him more things as she goes on to ride Wrex's cock. This is also followed up by another brilliant touch and storytelling which sees Wrex go on to turn the tables, , So to speak, as he says that he wants to show his mom what he can do. This as he goes on to take her from behind, and fuck her good in doggy. I call this moment brilliant, because I think that it indeed is. In fact, it actually made me crack a smile. Because it is yet again Wrex staying true to character. Not only this, the manner in which he pounds McKenzie is also great. It's here in this position that we see him fuck her deep and hard.  Wrex then pretty much keeps at the same brand of fucking.  This, while slamming the pussy until the moment that he must cum, after which she pulls out to shoot a big load onto McKenzie's big, bouncing tits. In my opinion this was a very solid finish to a very pleasing outcome.

As mentioned these are three short stories presenting one as a whole which in itself is progressive in nature. One that sees our mother and son going a step further in terms of sex, with each progressing tale of exploration. As a collective, everything here is well performed by both McKenzie Lee and Wrex Oliver. For me, I was into what I was seeing, from the early teases(especially when it comes to McKenzie's cleavage in the second story), and definitely when it comes to the concluding segment. I felt that it was a well performed sex scene.  One having very nice energy as well as chemistry. It is with all of this said, that I would definitely have to say that I do recommend this scene, as I feel that though there is at times some shaky cam here, technically, the end result is one that is well worthwhile.

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