Scene Review: Evil Angel: Karla Kush: Anal Fuck, Pussy Squirt! (2020)

by - January 23, 2020

Starring: Karla Kush // Stirling Cooper 
Directed by: Aiden Riley
Runtime: 42 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene featuring Karla Kush, and Stirling Cooper begins with some light choking and pussy play,  This with Karla burying her fingers deep, which also includes double penetration.  This until Stirling lends a hand.  Following this Karla goes on to suck cock, and have her face fucked. This, as she fingers herself from behind. Stirling then follows this up by going on to insert his cock, fucking Karla in doggy, before it's back to cocksucking for Karla. During this Karla rubs herself, and it's after that there is a return to doggy.  In this position, Stirling applies pressure by pulling back on Karla's neck.  It's after that reverse cowgirl is scene, which beforehand, Stirling implants fingers deep.  A break of cocksucking id seen, before reverse cowgirl resumes. After, we see Karla finger herself to squirt once again, as it's again ass to mouth as she sucks cock.  The anal continues in cowgirl, as Stirling fucks steadily, as Karla sit upright.  Next, however, Karla is on her back in a piledriver position.  This, as Stirling has a time with both holes.  Following this, the two return to both cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl, the former, which sees Karla again squirt.  This time hitting Stirling in the face.  The two then get up from the couch and head over to the window for standing doggy.  Karla first having her leg propped open.  However, it end with Stirling pulling back on Karla's neck and pounding deep until he must cum.  This, as the scene ends with Stirling jerking his cock, to shoot a load into Karla's mouth.

The Review //
Today's review takes a scene from EVIL ANGEL, and Aiden Riley's "Choked & Soaked 4", the series which has a distinct focus on both the acts of choking, and soaking - the latter which is of course fulfilled via female ejaculation. Here I take a look at the third scene in the collection, which is a scene involving Karla Kush, as she has been paired with cocksman, Stirling Cooper.

Forgoing any type of setup, the scene instead of opts to go straight into the sex, as we find the two performers on a white couch, with a wall of wood paneling seen in the background.  This as the two begin straight away with choke play.  This is we see Karla play with her fat pussy lips, and finger her hole deeply. However soon, Stirling takes charge as he run the labia in between her fingers, prior to fingering her butthole, it's here that Aiden Riley's camera does great work as it zoom in revealing great detail of the finger penetration. In fact, one of the best things about the scene in general, is indeed this close-up work. I liked how the camera got right in there. When it comes to Karla squirting, it doesn't take her too long to do so.  From she rubbing and fingering herself as she sucks cock, and has her throat banged by it, to Stirling pumping her ass full of dick, the act of squirting comes easy to her. I say that one of my favorite moments in this, comes when Karla straddles Stirling for the first time in reverse cowgirl. Not only from here do we initially get a good look at Karla's meaty pussy, as she is first side saddle on the cock, once Stirling hits his stride as he pumps the ass, Karla just squirts like a geyser. It's a very nice visual for sure, as she emits a little squirt with each thrust.  During the course of this scene, we see Stirling concentrate on the ass via a series of position changes, until finally showing some attention to Karla's pussy as well. It is then that things to me, got a little bit more interesting. This, as Stirling on occasion proceeded to switch back and forth between Karla's asshole and pussy.  The most visual moment being as Karla is seen on her back with her legs pinned, as Stirling fucks her in a piledriver position. It is during this that Karla looks absolutely beautiful, as she indeed is. Overall, if I am being fair, and honest, this scene which is straight hardcore sex is one that took a little while to get settled into.  In fact, I felt that for the most part, it was one that felt a little bit repetitive. In saying this, eventually the action of the scene takes it's most interesting turn as the two leave the couch and go over to a big window in the room which happens to overlook a pool. It's here that they go ahead and fuck against the window, and its white window seal.  This, as Stirling takes Karla from behind. This, as she initially has her legs open, for the camera to have a view from underneath, but soon it is straight away doggy, as Stirling can be seen pulling back on Karla's neck to ensure the deepest penetration. It is here beside the window that the scene finally finishes up, as the scene ends with Stirling popping into Karla's mouth as Karla's big beautiful eyes look up at him.

When it comes to the "Choked & Soaked" series, I believe that this is my first review since the second installment was released. All I can remember is that back then each of the scenes were preceded by a squirt themed setup. Such as Rico Strong drinking AJ Applegate's "sweet tea" like lemonade. Honestly, I loved that stuff. However here. we have simply a stripped-down version including just the sexual material. This is of course, it's all well and fine, but like I said, when it came to this material in this particular case, I felt that the action was just a little too repetitive for my liking. This. as the scene features several returns to both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl during anal.  I'm not saying that there could have been, but I wish that there could have been a little bit more variety than what we see here. With the to going over to the window was a good start. Unfortunately however this comes at the very end of our scene, after it is already said and done.

When it comes to the two performers Karla Kush and Stirling Cooper don't get me wrong, it really has nothing to do with them, but rather in the material itself. This was my first time ever seen Stirling Cooper perform, as he does show potential, as he seems to know what he is doing with that fat cock of his. And when it comes to Karla, she is without a doubt one of my favorite people. I love her, and I am always quick to say as much out loud.  Overall, this was a decent enough scene, but it is one that gets a little bit of a critical reception from me. Honestly speaking, I always have more difficulty writing the reviews that find me being critical, as opposed to the reviews which bring praise. I sometimes find it difficult to find the words to explain just what it is about a scene that did not click with me. But with that said, as mentioned, I would have just like a little bit more variety in the proceedings. A lot of it was just too similar. So in my opinion it is not a bad scene, but it is what it is. There are multiple instances of squirt, as well as ass to mouth, but far less unexpected moments.

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