Dating My Younger Step Sister (2019)

by - January 30, 2020

Starring: Kate Bloom // Nathan Bronson
Directed by:
Runtime: 23 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with stepsiblings Kate Bloom and Nathan Bronson sharing a friendly date at the arcade. The segment, which is accompanied by music which overlays the video footage, which itself, is shot in POV, goes to show Kate having a good time as she cycles through playing various arcade games, as well as riding a carousel. During this there are several provocative shots by the camera, including ass shots, and an upskirt, seeing as Kate is wearing a short denim skirt, which barely conceals her cheeks.

Following the trip to the arcade, Kate goes on to further tease for the camera as she shows off her small, perky tits and also her ass, as she goes on to peel down her shorts. She goes on to pose on an inflatable pool float, shaped like an upside down melted ice cream cone, while going on to spread her legs as well as her pussy for the camera. However it is around this time that Nathan Bronson comes into frame.  The first thing that we see is the shape of a boner, hiding beneath his shorts. It is a boner that Kate soon retrieves, much to her delight and surprise.

Kate is then quick to get down to sucking Nathan's hard cock, showing nice skill as she suck on the head, and swallow the shaft.  The action then takes to side fuck, as Nathan goes on to plug away steadily. This. before the action transitions to missionary, as the camera goes from overhead POV and back.  Nathan here, fucks hard, going balls deep in the pussy, before switching things up. This is the action next go to reverse piledriver, as Kate is then seen bent over backwards, as Nathan straddles her with his back facing the camera, and he pounding deep for a time. For the next position Nathan is then on his back, as Kate goes on to squat down on the dick in front of the camera as it gives us a nice view for reverse cowgirl. From this position Kate is both upright, and then leaned back, as Nathan resumes. Following reverse cowgirl is the standard variation of the position, as we have a full view of Kate's ass as it bounces. Here we see Kate plant her feet initially, prior to being spread as Nathan continues to pound. The final position is then doggy as Kate is on all fours and Nathan takes her from behind at an increasing pace. This lasting until he feels himself up to cum. The scene ends with Nathan going on to drop a big load onto Kate's ass, just as she asks him to.

The Review //
Today I review a scene from the website PETITE HD PORN, a series and site from the NUBILES PORN NETWORK. The idea behind this scene which is titled "Dating My Younger Step Sister", in which stars the petite Kate Bloom and Nathan Bronson, is a simple one. Here, our siblings go on a friendly little date to the local arcade, and a venture that is here part of a two-part opening segment for we the view, as we come to know the blue-eyed Kate. And in speaking of the two-part opening segment, the first part involving the arcade, is simply footage of Kate having fun at the arcade. While the other is a more routine tease segment, as the two return home. Both of these segments are brief, with the latter of them being even more so, as we soon go straight into the sexual encounter between Kate and Nathan.

It's a sexual encounter that quickly gets underway, as right from the jump, Nathan comes into frame pitching a huge tent that just begs to be sucked on, and it is Kate who does just that. Once she uncovers it, as well as gets over her immediate bewilderment, she soon goes to work. It's here that we see Kate work over the cock nice and good, with much concentration. I personally liked the way that she gave specific attention to the head of the cock, as she essentially massaged it with her mouth. However, following this, it is then Nathan's turn to go to work. This, as Kate is next on her back as the action begins first, in side fuck, and then in missionary. Both of these positions seeing Nathan fuck the pussy at a steady pace that becomes faster and harder as things progress. The last position, the missionary also sees the camera employee an overhead POV view. It's during this view that we see Nathan plug Kate deep, with full thrusts, making sure that the pussy swallowed every inch of his cock. It's after missionary that comes the biggest surprise of the scene. At least for me that is. That's because the scene then progresses to a position of reverse piledriver. Now, it is not every day that we see this position. And in this case it is great stuff. Here we see Kate bent over backwards and in reverse, as Nathan straddles her, and proceeds to bury his cock in nice and deep. Following this we have the positions such as both variations of cowgirl both standard and reverse, during which the camera has a nice POV, as Kate goes on to squat on the dick. Those positions are then followed up by doggy as Nathan continues his consistent fucking of Kate's pink hole. It is during this position that things are enough to make Nathan cum. This has he soon pulls out to shower Kate's ass with a hot load.

At just 23 minutes in length this is a scene, which moves rather quickly overall from introduction to sex. Luckily though, aside from this during the sex scene male talent Nathan Bronson goes in and fucks at an energy-filled pace to match. Yes this is another one of those scenes in which the male talent is the true MVP. As stated above following a very nice blowjob from Kate Bloom, Nathan follows up by going on to fuck her hard. Nearly all of the positions, seeing Nathan fuck the pussy at a fast and hard pace, without really letting up. It is as Kate is getting drilled here by Nathan's big cock, that we truly come to notice the size difference between Nathan and the petite Kate. I enjoyed here that the action was rough and that Kate was able, and very willing to endure it.  The end result is a breezy yet enjoyable scene.

As stated above, though this may be a relatively short scene as far as runtime goes, it is what we are given in that time, that makes the scene a worthwhile one.  This was my very first time seeing Kate perform, but I have to say that she is a real cutie. Her eyes are especially beautiful.  And speaking of her eyes, the only complaint about the scene that I do have is that, there were times here that Katie made unnecessary eye contact with the camera when she shouldn't have. Yes, most of the scene is shot in POV style, and it is during those moments that eye contact with the camera is necessary.  However, there were those moments where see Kate make contact with the camera, such as when a position is being changed. It's during these times that she just so happened to be paying too much attention to the camera.  However, it's no big deal, as this scene was very simple and quick.  It's truly not a scene to judge a performance on.  But with that said, we do have some nice action here between the two performers, and it is because of this that I recommend this scene. Again, Nathan Bronson especially does some very nice work here in front of the camera.

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