Ashley Lane Fantastic Sex Desire (2019)

by - January 30, 2020

Starring: Ashley Lane // Mitt 
Directed by: Mark White
Runtime: 28 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
This scene opens up with Ashley Lane teasing and posing in front of an all white background. This, as she gazes at the camera, during which we take notice of her steel blue eyes. Ashley caresses her body, as she wear a black corduroy one piece, as the camera follows her hands on the way down. The focus is then her backside, I soon enough we then see her on the bed, as she rolls around ending up on her back. Further teasing, we see Ashley then go on to caress her perky bare breasts, and it is during this, that the camera zooms in closw showing vivid and tremendous detail. This occurs the same as we then go on to see Ashley's pussy up close and personally as well. The TV segment in question comes to an end with Ashley blowing a departing kiss at the camera as we go into our sexual encounter.

We then join a Ashley who is with Mitt. The two of them wasting no time as they go on to exchange passionate kisses between them.  The kissing leads to Ashley being on her back as she spread her legs and unsnap the bottom of her one-piece. This, as Mitt makes his way in between her legs, as he goes on to eat at her pussy, much to Ashley's excitement. Following this, Ashley quickly goes on to return the favor by sucking om Mitt's cock. The next position being missionary. It is here that Mitt goes on to fuck increasingly, as he eventually applies a chokehold to Ashley. This is then followed up by doggy has meant thanks Ashley from behind, continuing with his pace, as he soon goes on to hammer his cock in. After Ashley goes on to once again suck Mitt off. Sucking the cock as well as his balls, the action next takes to reverse cowgirl. From here Ashley is first in an upright position, before she goes on to pin her legs back. It is here that meant once again fucks hard and fast. Next up we see spoon which eventually carries over seeing Ashley have our legs sprawled out as she is on her stomach. This position sees Mitt drill Ashley's prior to cumming. The scene comes to an end with Mitt going on to jerk his cock before he shoots a big load onto Ashley's face giving her a nice facial to end things.

The Review //
This scene from REAL SENSUAL, titled, "Ashley Lane Fantastic Sex Desire", begins with the typical tease segment. One in which, we the viewer become acquainted with Ashley on her appearance alone, as she goes on to tease us with her body in a very suggestive manner. However, I will say that this opening segment is not your average tease. This is because, behind the camera as Mark White.  A guy that I believe is one of the best photographers in the business. He is one who shoots with impeccable style, all the while capturing the elegant beauty of his subjects. This segment involving Ashley Lane, a seductive redhead is no different. I just loved the way that this introduction was captured. It's both intimate, and personal, as Ashley poses and caresses herself. The segment features some great closeup action. I like the way in which Mark, at times really gets in there, giving us, the viewer, the utmost of detail. And then there is technically speaking. This segment is edited really well.  And is actually quite impressive. The segment is scored with accompanying music, with many of the cuts, which are perfectly timed with the beat. It's truly excellent stuff.

Following tease segment involving Ashley, we go into the sex scene. This, as Ashley is joined by Mitt, and the two literally go right into it. As they quickly are engaged in passionate kisses. I really like the way that Mitt, during this time, lifted Ashley up, as she wrapped her legs around him as things continued. Mitt continues to take charge, as Ashley is then on her back, and he goes right into eating her pussy as well.  It is during this that we first take notice just how vocal a performer that Ashley is. This is my very first time seeing Ashley perform, though I have been waiting for some time to do so. She is indeed very vocal, and very loud during sex, and it is such a turn on.  This is as she basically loses herself. She loses control, literally screaming out in pure pleasure. The chemistry between she and Mitt here, is heated and fast paced for the entirety. Very sensual indeed. If you have read my history in reviewing, then you happen to know that I am a fan of hard, and passionate sex scenes. Well, when it comes to describing the scene in question, "hard and passionate", would be an accurate assessment of what we see here. During the thick of the action that we see on screen, Mitt for the most part fucks at an increasing pace, as he comes to drill Ashley's bald, but pierced pussy. This is as Ashley can be heard telling her scene partner that she loves the way that he fucks her. It's such words which only encourage Mitt to fuck even harder throughout. Here, we see positions such as missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl, spoon, and lastly, side fuck, which sees Ashley's legs sprawled out. And in speaking of this final position, we happen to see a very nice transition between spoon, and in this particular position. It's a seamless change. Here as Mitt goes on to fuck Ashley deep and hard, until he finally builds himself up to this own climax. One that produces a great-looking load in its own right, as we end the scene with Ashley looking like a well decorated pastry treat. A very nice visual to leave off with.

With that said, this scene is one that is straight passionate sex, following a sexy introduction. With this in mind, I have to say that I really enjoyed the sexual material found here. In fact, it all works great as a whole. The tease segment is artistic in its own merit. However, the sex itself is straightforward and raw. I really enjoyed how passionate the action see here was. I loved how Ashley Lane, really lost herself in the heat of passion, and I also liked how she just screamed out in pure ecstasy. You can just feel it yourself. As for Mitt, he really brings the wood, and also a feeling of control. The performance which he brings forth here is solid. Based on all of this, it is a scene that I do recommend.

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