Lily Glee (2020)

by - February 18, 2020

Starring: Lily Glee // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: JJay
Runtime: 47 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
 We begin things with Lily Glee showing up for what she believes is today's booked anal scene, with director/performer JJay.  JJay welcomes Lily into the room as she wears a little black dress, and a smile. Lily sits down as JJay is quick to confess that he is always wanted to fuck her, and that now is the time.  JJay confirms that he has booked Lily for anal. Something that Lily says that she has been doing since she was 18 years old.  In fact, she says that she did the act for the very first time, with the same guy who she lost her virginity to. Lily does say that when it comes to anal sex, she does enjoy anal orgasms, and sometimes uses buttplugs to achieve them. However, she does say that she indeed needs some clitoral stimulation as well, in order to get off.  It is then that JJay seems a little bit anxious, as he mentions the back patio, saying that he has had his eye on it all day. This leading to Lily agreeing to suck his cock from there.  It is here, that Lily kneels down on a pillow, as she gets to work on Jay's cock. This, as she shows much skill in her fellatio abilities. After a time of sucking dick however, she is all worked up and she believes that JJay is as well. However, little does Lily know of the big black surprise that would be waiting for her, over in the other room, as she comes through the sliding glass door. That's because Lily, soon finds herself "ambushed" as part of an already planned interracial anal scene, involving none other than Isiah Maxwell, who has been waiting patiently in the wings the entire time. It is a scene that Lily had no previous knowledge of, as she of course thought that she had booked an anal scene with JJay's average sized cock. However with that said, the startling new developments do nothing to deter an insatiable Lily, as she has simply come to get fucked. In fact, she says that she has been wanting Isiah. This, as she dives right in, getting to work on sucking his stiff black cock, which is standing at attention for her.

 Things begin, with Lily going down on Isiah's cock without hesitation. This, as she goes on to throat him deep, making things sloppy, just as Isiah requested. This, would also include Isiah fucking Lily's throat. Isiah also puts her head in a scissor-lock as he push Lily's head down on to this cock to plunge deeper. This continues with a moment of 69, as Lily is on top. This, as Isiah gets busy eating at her pussy and ass, as she continues to suck dick. The action next goes to missionary as Lily's legs are held high and back. During this position, Isiah initially fucks the pussy at a steady pace, before half-straddling to pound deep and hard. Following this, Lily then climbs on top to ride the cock, nice and hard from cowgirl for a time. This, before Isiah takes things into his own hands, as he lift Lily up for a moment of standing cowgirl, before spinning around, and taking her into the reverse variation of the position. This, as he puts his cock deep inside of her.  Doggy is next from the bed, before it's back to standing reverse cowgirl briefly.  However, next up Lily sees herself bent back over the side of the bed as the action goes to piledriver. This is a position that Lily says that she has never experienced before, and Isiah wants to make sure that she gets the full experience. This as he first fuck her ass and then her pussy. The positioning sees him reverse himself as things continue.  The action then transitions to spoon afterward. It is here, that Isiah maintains a steady pace up of fucking, as he continues to bury his bone deep into Lily's asshole, before deciding that it is time for him to cum. This being, as he goes on to jerk his cock over her and as a result, spray Lily's face with a nice big load. This is the action ends effectively with a facial finish.

The Review //
Today, I take a look at a scene from the website, BLACK AMBUSH.  Yes, as the name suggests, the website deals in scenes that are designed to surprise unsuspecting talent, whom are booked for one thing, yet find themselves utterly surprised with a big black cock instead. The best thing about it, being that it is all real.

In the case of this scene, Houston native, Lily Glee arrives for a scene which she believes that she has booked with the director JJay, an anal scene to be specific. Things begin with Lily arriving, and then talking over the scene, including lily's overall experience with the act of anal sex, and so on. This then leading to the two of them beginning things - or so Lily believes, with a blow job on the back patio. However after Lily sucks JJay off, the two go around the back, through the sliding glass door and into the next room - a bedroom. Lily believes that this is where the scene which she has booked, is going to take place. However, much to her surprise, she finds Isiah on the bed waiting for her, with cock ready. I really enjoyed the format here, as we got to see Isiah waiting patiently, as he could hear Lily sucking Jay's cock.  This, as he become extra antsy as he wait for his turn. And then it happens. As Lily walks through the sliding glass door of the room, she does not recognize Isiah immediately. No, Not until she turns around spotting him on the bed. She is so shocked and amazed. She literally had no idea that Isiah would be there. But the best thing about Lily Glee is that she is usually down for whatever. And in this case she is more than down to take on Isiah's big black cock. I just love the amount of enthusiasm with which Lily just went for it. I was actually proud of her, and the way in which, she basically said, "Well, I've always wanted it!", And she took it. In fact, as it turns out they have both always wanted each other, because Isiah goes on to admit the same. It is at that moment, that I knew that I would be in for a great scene involving this pairing. And indeed it is, and was.

Yes, though Lily was booked for an anal scene, and that's what this is, Isiah still goes on to give her pussy a warm up, driving it in deep. However, it isn't long before Isiah lubes up his big long cock to invade Lily's tight space. The first order of action is from the missionary position. It is here, that Isiah firstly eases his cock in about half way, and even still it sends Lily screaming in pleasure. Personally, I have now seen my friend Lily in a few scenes, but I must admit, that I have never heard her scream out the way that Isiah makes her here. They are screams of pure joy without a doubt. Completely authentic to say the least. This type of reaction from Lily, would continue throughout the scene, in a number of positions, such as Isiah following up to half straddle and pound her deep, from the same position, standard cowgirl, two bouts of the standing reverse variation of cowgirl, and spoon. In mentioning those positions, I didn't even mention the biggest surprise of the whole entire scene. The moment in the scene which sees Lily bent over backwards over the side of the bed, as she is drilled in the piledriver position, with her legs spread wide. In this position not only do we see Isiah have his way with both of Lily's holes, as he trade off on fucking both the ass, and the pussy, we also see Isiah reverse himself, to fuck them in reverse, as we are also treated to the very nice split screen effects. Another round of doggy as well as after mentioned spoon finish things out as Isiah eventually come to let loose a nice big load upon Lily's face.

The action altogether here, involving Lily and Isiah is rough and heavy from the beginning, it's almost as if the beginning surprise and overall spontaneity of the situation, lit a fire under both performers, as the action is raw and passionate through out. Though it was a surprise to Lily, it is obvious that it is something that she really wanted in the end. And at the same time Isiah had nothing on his mind but to please his lady. He even says as much a couple of times throughout the scene, that he was there for Lily. This leads to a passion and chemistry being secured. Though this scene is fairly rough, as Lily is literally getting her asshole stretched wide(I even spotted a little faint sign of red. - blood?", As Isiah entered Lily's ass in doggy near the end) the action itself is still passionate and beautiful. This is indeed one of the most beautiful scenes that I have seen Lily Glee involved in, thus far her young career. Though I do not know if she would agree with me on this, that is definitely how I feel about this scene in particular. That's because nothing here seems to be put on, in terms of performance. These two are truly into each other, and wanted to go at it, once the jig was up on the surprise.. In the end, this is a really powerful scene, and I have to say that I am floored by what I saw here. I was truly immersed into the action, pretty much from the moment that it began. Lily is a young performer, who is truly wise beyond her performing years. And Isiah on the other hand - what a consummate professional, a gentleman, and absolute master cocksman. This is a scene where both of the performers definitely gave it their all, and it is because of this that I do not hesitate at all to say that this is a scene that you definitely need to take the time out to view. I highly recommend it!

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