Huge Ass Harley Jade Is Back (2020)

by - February 17, 2020

Starring: Harley Jade // Tyler D
Directed by: Tyler D
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens with Tyler D welcoming Harley Jade, who he says is back in action.  Harley here, returning to the business after a three year hiatus. Tyler says that the two of them had met some four years ago, prior to she stepping away from porn for a bit. However, she now is back, as the two of them say that this is her very first scene since returning to the fold. Tyler then asks Harley, just what has changed about her, since she left the business? To answer the question, Harley goes on to playfully say that both, her ass and titties have gotten bigger since. And as a fun fact, Harley says that she was actually married for two years during that time. Tyler goes on to ask Harley if she has gained any maturity since leaving the business to which she agrees. Tyler also goes on to jokingly mention cock sucking experience as something else that she may have gained in her absence. It is to that, that Harley says that she has not slowed down since leaving. Tyler then asks her how many men she has been with in those three years.  This, as Harley says only 10 to 15. A disappointing number in her eyes, as she cites that she was married for two of those years. Following this, Tyler then gets down to business by asking Harley what she would like to show off first. It is then that she chooses to show off her ass. Because, after all that is what she is known for, as she says. It is then that we see Harley turn around with her back facing the camera. This, as she go on to jiggle her extra-plump backside for Tyler's camera. Harley then goes on to continue to show off her all natural curves, as she then next show off her big tits.  Here, Harley goes on to jiggle and bounce them. This, as Tyler cannot seem to get enough of Harley. He is quick to take notice of her nipple piercings as Harley goes on to tell him that they are new as well.  Tyler then goes on to ask Harley if she is into anything new that she was not into the first time around. Harley says that currently she is in like an "exploration phase". She says that when she was in the business she had no experiences that called for multiple guys. She says that that is something that she she would be interested in. It is then that Tyler admits to perving on Harley a bit, as he asks if he could touch her.  Harley of course says yes. However, as it turns out Tyler, just can't not stop there, as he invites Harley over to the bed, as things get underway between them.  Here, Tyler is quick to complement Harley on how hot she looks, as he asks her if she wants to use her little mouth.  This, as she proceeds to suck Tyler's cock.

Here, we see Harley take it into her hand, as she goes on to lick down the shaft, and come up, as she then runs her tongue along the head of the cock. This work also including Harley jerking the cock as well, before Tyler goes on to fuck Harley from behind. From this position, Tyler lies back having Harley slam back on the cock. The action from here goes on to include Tyler fucking the pussy quick and hard, before a pause comes, as Tyler almost reaches climax. However, soon things pick up once again, before we eventually go to missionary, as Harley is seen on her back. From here, Tyler continues to fuck at a steady pace, as the motion makes Harley's big tits bounce, as we have an overhead view from POV. It is after this that Tyler asks Harley if she may turn around again.  This as the two of them make a return to doggy next. Tyler is here on his knees, as he has Harley first fuck him back, prior to he taking over. The position ending with Harley eventually again bouncing and shaking her ass on the cock. Following this, Tyler has Harley suck his cock from off of the side of the bed.  This, leading to she also slipping his cock in between her tits, just prior to sucking causing him to erupt with cum. The scene comes to an end, with Harley once again putting the dick between her tits one last time.

The Review //

At the end of this scene, after Tyler has already blown his load in between Harley Jade's big, natural tits, he says with enthusiasm, that he is glad that she is back. Well, after seeing this scene, I can tell you that just about everyone will be coming to share the same sentiment. Yes, with this scene from MR. LUCKY POV, Tyler D, welcomes back one Harley Jade, a fan favorite, who makes a return to the porn industry after three years of being away. It is here that Tyler welcomes her back with open arms, as Harley, who looks rejuvenated, refreshed and ready to go. Once again ready to explore the porno landscape. She even drops a hint of what she may be looking forward to in the future in the opening interview introduction. However here, her first order of action since returning back is a scene with Tyler D himself. Mr. Lucky indeed.

The scene, which begins with the playful and fun introduction, soon quickly leads to a sexual encounter between Harley and Tyler. One that soon sees Harley go down on Tyler's cock, and then he hit the pussy from behind. It is action that moves at a fast pace, as the two of them seem to be eager to go at it. First, we see that Harley has not missed a step when it comes to sucking cock. This, as she demonstrates great skill, as she handles Tyler's cock with care. Running her tongue down the shaft, and toying the head of his cock with her tongue. During this, we also see Harley go on to jerk the cock hard, which Tyler goes on to encourage.  He loves it. Following this, things then transition to Harley getting it from behind. It's a combination of Harley rocking back on the cock, as well as Tyler reciprocating, fucking at a quick, and hard pace. The action here is hot and heavy from this position. So much so that one point, Tyler can barely contain himself and has to stop for a moment, for fear that he may cum early. This was so hot to see because, obviously I sympathize with him. Because let's face it, Harley Jade is really hot, and would make anyone prematurely ejaculate. But, much to Tyler's credit he is able to compose himself and continue. This, as we see Harley then on her back, as she is slammed in missionary, before Tyler just can't help but be spoiled, as the two of them make a return to doggy, as Tyler is this time, up on his knees to fuck harder. The true sign that this was a fun scene for the both of them, is the fact that Harley can be heard giggling while Tyler fucks her in the missionary position. The second bout of fucking Harley from behind, leads to she and Tyler both trying to agree how the scene will come to an end. When Harley says that a lot of guys cum on her ass, Tyler agrees to switch it up, when Harley says that she wants him to cum in her mouth. But like the scene for the most part, even that is spontaneous.  This as things do not go exactly as they planned. Personally, I feel that it ended much better than that, as we have an ending that features Harley's tits. More and particularly, a round of nice titty fucking to close the deal.

Overall, I felt that this was a very good scene, and is a nice, and high-spirited way to welcome back Harley Jade into the adult industry spotlight, after being away for so long. Harley Jade need not worry however, because no one forgot her, rest assured. Who could forget someone like Harley? I for one, am happy to see her make a return. For one, she has a face that is just lovely, and could light up any room. Couple this with a great personality. In fact, I will say that the most attractive thing about Harley Jade, is not in fact her voluptuous assets, for which she is known. But instead, it is the fact that she is so confident in herself. I really find that attractive about her. But ok, then lets talk about what porn fans know her for.  That ass, and titties.  And boy, does she have both! As she explains in the interview segment to begin the scene, both of them have grown since her first go around in porn. But let me tell you, she carries them well!  Harley looks amazing here.  Her ass is so jiggly, while her tits, so bouncy and squishy!  Oh my God.  She looks fantastic. And just in case you're wondering - the new nipple piercings make those tits look even more desirable. So hot!

So with that said, I again say that this is a nice reintroduction for Harley Jade. As this scene only runs for a little over 24 minutes in length, in the end I was actually left wanting more. I can only hope that this return means that we will see more of Harley in the future. I have my fingers crossed for that. Harley Jade is just a lovely person, and here Tyler D gives her the respectable return that she so deserves. Be sure to check it out!

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