Spencer Bradley Mows The Lawn And Gets Cock As A Reward (2019)

by - March 15, 2020

Starring: Spencer Bradley // Sean Lawless
Directed by:
Runtime: 38 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Sean Lawless coming up on Spencer Bradley as she is mowing the lawn.  Sean is surprised that despite her being only about 5 foot tall, Spencer handles the big, heavy lawnmower quite well. After watching her for some time, Sean finally approaches Spencer. as he lets her know that he has arrived for their scene.  However, that is when she insists that she finish mowing.  Spencer though, then agrees to make things more interesting. This, as she goes on to remove her gold bikini top, while initially leaving on her short denim shorts, as she resume mowing. It is during this, that we are treated to a great POV vantage point, as Spencer wondrously bounces her boobs. It is after this, that later, Spencer goes ahead and removes her shorts as well.  As a result, she is then fully nude.  Just like before, during this time, the camera trail behind her, capturing every jiggle of her ass, as she walk.  Spencer is then finally done for the day. It's at that point, that Sean believes that the two of them are to head inside for the scene.  However, Spencer diverts Sean's attention to a picnic area that she has already set up.  They take to said area, as the nude Spencer has a seat Sean then proceeds to get Spencer acquainted with the audience by asking her some questions.  He asks Spencer, who says that she is 19, if she always mows her lawn in the nude.  She says that she does when it is hot out.  But Spencer isn't used to the heat, as she's from the windy city of Chicago.  After getting a look at Spencer's tight body, including having her spread her ass. Sean takes notice of just how athletic Spencer is. When Sean believes that it is a product of a sport, Spencer goes on to admit that her fit body comes by way of pole dancing.  Shortly after this, things soon get underway, as Spencer takes to her knees to suck cock. Following this, they go into reverse cowgirl, with Spencer's back to the camera as she bounce on the cock for a time. Eventually they go back to reverse cowgirl, while the camera shifts to shooting from the front. However, before that we see Sean lift up the light and petite Spencer, as he briefly go on to rub her clit. Spencer goes on to sit on the hard dick to bounce.  However, soon Sean takes over, first with long strokes, prior to picking up his pace, and going balls deep. After reverse cowgirl the two then go on to enjoy a round of spoon as they take to the ground. It is here that Sean again maintains the pacing, as he again eventually fuck hard. It's after this that Sean has Spencer stand up in a chair. At first they contemplate doing doggy from this position.  However, they soon settle for the standing side fuck variety. This, as Sean supports Spencer's balance while he fucks her pussy deep. This soon causes Sean to reach his climax, as the scene comes to an end, as Sean jerks his cock. The end result being that he splash Spencer in the face with a hot load for the finish.

The Review //
For this review, I take a peek at a scene from the BANG! original site, YNGR.COM, and at a performer that I had the privilege of seeing for the first time not too long ago. That performer being, Spencer Bradley. She is a 5 foot, petite package of dynamite, that I just so happened to be thoroughly impressed by the first go around. And I have to say that this scene was no different, as far as impressions go. However, more on that later.

As for the scene, it begins in a very interesting way, I thought. The set up to the scene is very loose and goes along with the idea of the scene not being scripted at all, but instead, very natural. It begins with Spencer's scene partner, Sean Lawless approaching her as she, of all things, is mowing the lawn. Who would've thought that mowing one's lawn could be a turn on?  Not me. But somehow, Spencer Bradley makes it so. For some reason, it is just sexy the way that she eventually stripped down to go ahead and finish the yard work, as the camera follow her. I must give some credit to the camera work during this, as it pretty much captures every angle that the viewer would desire to see. The setup to the scene concludes with Sean asking Spencer the common questions, such as her age, and how long she's been in porn.  The topic of where she is from also comes about. The interview segment if you could call it that, is short and sweet. However, it gets to the point. However, beyond that it seemed as though these two performers were really eager to go at it. And that they do.

In talking about the sex, it all begins with Spencer getting on her knees to suck cock. As soon as Sean's dick is in front of her, Spencer attacks it with vigor, going on to display tremendous dick sucking ability. Things begin with an overhead POV view, and while this is occurring, Spencer does a great job of keeping eye contact with the camera. I just love the way that she toyed with the head of the cock with her mouth and tongue, before again going on to slurp it down deep. Eventually, the camera viewpoint moves to the side as Spencer continues her work on the cock. It was great to see that as this continued, Spencer not only gave attention to Sean's balls, she also maintained the valuable eye contact with the camera. After Spencer makes Sean's cock all nice and slobbery, it was then time to put it inside of her, as the action then go to reverse cowgirl, with our view being from behind. This was also very nice, as things initially go slow. I really liked how Spencer's pussy went onto swallow every inch of Sean's dick, as it plunge deep inside of her. It is this, that soon graduates however to deep and hard fucking, as Sean proceeds to take charge.  It is following this it came one of my favorite moments in the scene. It came time to switch positions after the reverse cowgirl. However there is a brief moment in between, as we see Sean manhandle and lift the petite Spencer to his eye level. It's here, that Spencer's legs are spread, while she is being held in the air. Sean doesn't overlook the opportunity to rub her pussy, as well as finger it, while simultaneously licking her erect right nipple. This is then followed up by a return to reverse cowgirl, only this time we get a view from the front. It's from this position that Spencer has her legs spread wide, as her feet are planted. She is partially leaned back, as she slowly sits down on every inch of Sean. But again, just like before Sean goes on to do great work, as he pick up the pace and slam her pussy balls deep from the position. Next, the action going to spoon we have a nice open view, as Sean promises to bury his cock deep into Spencer's pussy, and that he does, as the camera does nice work of not only zooming in, but also zooming out, to capture the full frame when it is appropriate. We then go to doggy as Spencer assumes the position on her knees. From here Sean takes her from behind.  During this we have an overhead POV view. It's  a very nice view in my opinion, as it is a view that gives us a lot of detail, as Sean's girthy cock move, in and out of Spencer's love hole. Sean, sticking with the formula fucking it at an increasing rate, as skin smacks against skin. There is even a humorous moment at this point as Spencer mentions that she loved hearing the sound of the smacking, as Sean fucks her pussy. This earning a response from Sean as he says to Spencer, "oh, you like that song?". The two do not miss a beat.  The scene eventually finishes up with one final position being standing side fuck as Spencer stand up in the chair. It's a position that sees Sean support Spencer's right leg, as he pound his cock into her pussy. It's a position that readies him to cum. It leaves the scene to finish with Sean jerking his cock to unload onto Spencer's happy face.

Overall, I must admit to really enjoying the scene as a whole. The two performers; Spencer Bradley and Sean Lawless, show very nice chemistry together. From the beginning of the scene. we have a very fun atmosphere. It of course, begins with Spencer cutting the grass in the nude. It's this spirit that fully carries over to the scene which follows after. I just love the overall energy on display. Not only do we find a very eager Spencer, on the opposite end of things we have a male talent in Sean Lawless, who basically matches Spencer's energy. In other words, this was a high-spirited outdoor fuck session. Not only do we have Sean pounding his cock in deep and hard for the majority of the scene. I also really liked seeing all of the instances of long stroking. Sean would slowly pull out, while Spencer's tight young vagina, would have no other choice but to swallow each and every inch, once it goes back in. These visuals during this were so damn hot. They are definitely a highlight of this outing. So arousing!(ok, I'll calm down!)

And to talk about Spencer Bradley for a second. This girl is just absolutely incredible. Above I referenced that Spencer is like a package of dynamite. This could not be anymore closest to the truth, Spencer is an electric performer. When the sex begins, it is like a switch has been thrown, and she turns on. The level of energy which she brings to her scene is enough to make any porn fan smile. I know that I smile a lot when I see her perform. That's because this type of performing, reminds me just how much I do enjoy doing the work that I do. I truly am privileged to discover and to witness special performers, such as Miss Bradley. And yes the word again is "impressed", and that, I indeed am. While this applies to Spencer herself, I could actually say the very same thing about her costar, Sean Lawless, who he himself truly brings a great performance here. As I said, he really does match the level of energy possessed by Spencer.

So with this said it is true that I do not hesitate to recommend this scene to you.  For it is actually one that is quite fantastic. It's a scene that definitely deserves your time and your attention. Check it out!  I do believe that you will end up being a fan of Spencer Bradley just as I am.

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