One Last Chance (2019)

by - March 17, 2020

Starring: Scarlit Scandal // Damon Dice
Directed by: Jacky St. James
Runtime: 29 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene Scarlit Scandal and Damon Dice, are two individuals, who  are unfortunately going through a nasty breakup. We begin the scene as Damon is going through and collecting his belongings in a box, before he is to leave for the final time. However, just as Damon is putting the last few items into his box, he comes to realize that he is missing but one last thing. His dress shirt. A shirt that Scarlit just so happens to be wearing at that very moment. When Damon confronts Scarlit about said shirt, a minor argument ensues. The type of argument that seems to have become pretty commonplace in the relationship. Damon wants his shirt back, saying that he had simply let her borrow it. But of course Scarlit counters him, saying that he gave it to her. After the back-and-forth, instead of giving into the argument, Scarlit instead, gives Damon exactly what he wants as she removes the shirt rather quickly, and then throwing it at him.  After, Damon turns to leave, but is cut off by Scarlit, who is now topless. A look of confusion comes upon Damon's face just as at that momment, when she goes on to give him one last opportunity. One last chance to "fuck her brains out", as she says. After some time to react Damon then moves in for the kiss. However, Scarlit reiterates, that she wants him to fuck her brains out, not to kiss her. This as Scarlit goes on to shove a surprised Damon's face between her legs, as a passionately heated sexual encounter gets underway between the two. 

Scarlit shoves Damon in between her legs.  This as he goes on to tongue and suck on her pussy.  This lasting briefly until Damon goes on to take charge, and to manhandle Scarlit as he flips her onto her stomach. From here, he goes on to finger her pussy deep, before they go into doggy.  Here, Damon fucks deep and hard, as he pulls Scarlit in close for the pounding. This is something that continues, as Damon goes on to pin Scarlit down on her stomach as he goes deep. Next up spoon, is followed by Scarlit climbing on to ride the cock in cowgirl, and then in reverse. This is followed up by Scarlit being on her back, with her legs held high, as Damon once again goes down on her. We then see side fuck go into missionary shortly. Scarlit is then shoved down on her stomach, as Damon once again goes on to bury his face into her ass, and rub her clit. A return to spoon is made, next before it's back to cowgirl and reverse cowgirl respectively.  Lastly it is back to missionary as Damon continues to fuck hard before reaching climax. The scene eventually comes to an end with Damon pulling out to jerk his cock until he fire a big load onto Scarlit stomach for the finish.

The Review //
Like me, I'm sure you've always heard that hate, or revenge sex, is the best sex. Well, when it comes to this particular scene from BELLESA FILMS and director, Jacky St. James, it is one that happens to subscribe to that very notion. In this story-driven scene we have Scarlit Scandal who plays opposite Damon Dice, and together they are a couple who are on the rocks. Yes, unfortunately for them the relationship has met it's end. Tension is definitely in the air, as Damon looks to collect his belongings before heading out. However, it is via a spontaneous predicament, that the two end up in a sexual encounter that each swear will be their last hurrah. Yes, hate fucking is real here.

As I said in my opener, this is a scene that is a very story-driven. And the reason why I highlight this fact is because, it is a scene in particular that sticks with it's idea for it's entirety. Yes, during the sexual encounter, both Scarlet Scandal and Damon dice perform as if they are their characters.  They are characters who have basically had enough of one another. The relationship is finished. In other words, as they often say during the sex scene, they hate each other. As a result of this - As a result of the two remaining in character, the end result is a scene that is ultra passionate and rough, all in one. In fact, though it has been a while since I last reviewed a scene from Jacky St. James, I in my time, have reviewed my share of them, and I have to say that this is one of the roughest scenes that I have seen from her. It is a definite change of pace.  I like it.

This is a 29 minute scene which moves rather quickly, as we go from position to position, in a quick concession.  The anger from both of the characters translates over, as we see things such as Damon manhandle the much smaller Scarlit. One of my favorite moments in the scene comes early on. Shortly after going down on Scarlit, we see Damon quickly flip Scarlit over from her back to her stomach, and then going on to bury his face in her pussy and ass. In my opinion, this moment alone was just so hot. However, with this, it was only the  beginning of the scene meaning that we had much more to go.  And more is what we got. Not only do we see Damon drill Scarlit's pussy in positions, such as doggy and spoon, we also see Scarlit ride the dick hard with abandon. And speaking of Scarlit riding, I also enjoyed how there were times in particular, were Damon just laid there and let her use him. I must admit that this scene possesses some great authority play, as the two performers are essentially back and forth the whole way through. This being as the two of them have a running dialogue for the remainder, as they say that they hate each other and so on. It is this very hate that just fuels the fire if you will. I mean we see Scarlet go as far as covering Damon's face, as not to have him look at her, while he is fucking her. And likewise Damon covering Scarlit's mouth on occasion. All in all, it just caused the two performers to get lost in their characters, as they fuck each other harder. Both good news for the scene and for us.

Not Only does this scene end up being one of my favorite individual scenes from St. James, it just might be one of the best scenes that I see this year. This, as I add it to a list that is already growing. As I mentioned above, for Jacky St. James, the rough nature of this particular scene is certainly different. I love the fact that this is a scene that is centered around a feeling. A feeling of disdain. The way in which the two performers feed into this idea is simply of great benefit when creating a scene of such passion and energy. We have Scarlit covering Damon's face as she ride his cock, and he whispering spiteful promises in her ear, as he simultaneously nibble at it. All while being balls deep inside of her. It is just off of the charts sexy.

I must give credit to both of these performers who truly bring it in this scene. Both of them giving their all to the scene 50/50.  When it comes to Scarlit Scandal, this just so happens to be the very first scene, which I am reviewing her, and I have to say that I am really impressed.  Not only is she a beautiful girl, the amount of sexual energy that she brings to this scene was more than a little intriguing.  I definitely cannot wait to review her even more. As for Damon Dice, what can I say?  He is a consummate professional, who has been around for a little bit now, and each and every time I see him, the work that he brings is consistent and proven. With that said, I feel that this was a great scene, and I do not hesitate to recommend it to you for your very own viewing pleasure.

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