Impaled By BrickZilla (2020)

by - May 06, 2020

Starring:  Leah Lee // BrickZilla
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime: 44 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Johnny Robins, catching up again with Leah Lee.  Johnny says that he's the one that who is actually responsible for shooting Leah's very first porn scene, some 7 or 8 months ago. They both agree that things are going quite well for her. Johnny says that at the time of her very first shoot, Leah was quite nervous. She agrees but says that, since then, she has gotten a lot better with things, such as taking better pictures, and so on. Johnny then goes on to ask her if her experience in porn, has now made her better at sex - particularly with blowjobs. Leah's answer is that she hopes so. The two of them then go on to talk about where Leah is living these days. Leah says that she lives in Daytona Beach Florida.  Johnny goes on to call Daytona Beach, "Redneck-y" saying that they are known for drinking beer, and loving NASCAR. Leah comes to disagree saying that it's more about the beach, and the surfers. They then go on to discuss the topic of boyfriends. When asked, Leah says that she does not have one and does not plan to have one, saying that being single is "awesome". Johnny then goes on to say that he hopes that Leah does not fall in love with her scene partner Brickzilla today. Leah says that she would not want to date him, due to his big dick size, and having to take it on a regular basis. They then go on to discuss Leah's "perfect dick" size, and if she has met the "perfect dick" or not.  She says that she has met a lot of them.  Before Johnny has Leah stand up to show off her outfit, he asks her about her favorite thing about sex. Leah says that she just likes getting fucked, with her favorite positions being missionary in doggy. After this, Leah stands up from the bed to show off her outfit - a cute little sailor's outfit. This including; a short see-through top, complete with a red bow, along with a matching short skirt. She also happens to be wearing a pair of red panties underneath. Johnny then goes on to have Leah show her tits for the camera. Leah has a perky set of boobs. Boobs, which she says are a 34B in size. Leah says that since she started porn, they have somewhat shrunk. However, Johnny would disagree. Prior to they welcoming BrickZilla to the scene, Leah says that she enjoys being bitten during sex, and when asked about her nipples, she says that they are not off-limits to this.  Leah dresses down, leaving on only her red panties, when BrickZilla comes into frame, to apply a healthy dose of oil to Leah's ass. It is an ass that Johnny had earlier complemented Leah on, as it seems that all of that dick riding has made it bigger.  After being oiled down well, Johnny then has Leah go on to jiggle her ass. Leah does not believe that she is good at it, but both of the guys strongly disagree.  This, as BrickZilla gets a nice feel. Something else that Leah does not agree that she is good at is twerking, which they have her do next, to very nice effect. Following this, Leah is then introduced to BrickZilla's cock, as she goes on to pull down his workout pants to unleash it.

Leah is amazed by its size. This, as she takes it into her hand, and then into her mouth to suck.  It is soon followed up however, with BrickZilla going on to fuck her face.  The action is then carried over to the bed, before Johnny has Leah administer a footjob with her stocking clad feet. Following this, BrickZilla then returns the favor, by going down on Leah, to eat her pussy for a time. However, this soon leads things to missionary, and then to a spooning position, as he drives his cock in deep. The action then takes to cowgirl next, with Leah climbing on. From here, it is a combination of Leah slowly riding the dick, and then bouncing at a much quicker rate. During this, BrickZilla for a moment, also fucks quickly. The position then switches to reverse cowgirl.  Here, Leah continues her steady bouncing, in addition to grinding. Lastly the action takes to doggy next, with Leah's ass out for the taking. From this position, BrickZilla maintains a steady pace. That is, until Leah says that she wants it harder. That is exactly how he gives it to her after, as he nails the pussy. This lasting until BrickZilla narrowly escapes cumming before the set up of the cumshot. The scene then comes to an end with Leah underneath him, as he jerks his cock to finally unload. Post scene, we find the performers as they clean off in the shower together, as director Johnny Robins questions the two about the scene that has just unfolded. The impression is that both seemed pleaed with the outcome. Especially Leah.

The Review //
The folks at HUSSIE PASS, have a monster in their midst by the name of BrickZilla, a 13 inch male talent, with whom they can't wait to pair with eager talent, who are sure to be tested. One of the latest to be tested is young starlet, Leah Lee. One who admits to being nervous, but is seemingly game. The scene begins with the typical interview segment for the type, as the Hussie crew, catches up with, and is updated by Leah, who at that point, had now been in business for 7 or 8 months. In my opinion, this interview segment does not shed much light on Leah as a performer, as it is fairly basic.  But one thing that I did like about the segment, was fact that they had Leah dressed in cosplay. I have to say that I thought that this look was on point and perfect for Leah. I loved the sailor girl outfit, and especially the makeup, which was excellent on its own. It is definitely a memorable look for sure. The interview questions are then followed up by Leah showing off her body, and more prominently her ever-so growing ass, as part of an oil down moment.  This moment in question, was also great.  The way which the clear oil slowly ran down Leah's cheeks, as well as the jiggling was really hot.  However, it would pale in comparison to what would come after.

Speaking of the sex, it of course begins with the big dick reveal. As it happens, though Leah is initially a bit startled, she actually wastes no time in going to work on BrickZilla's big shaft. What I liked about this was that as things progressed, we saw Brick eventually go on to fuck Leah's face. It is during this that he goes on to utilize two very nice effect, the pigtails, that Leah is wearing. It just looks great, as he uses them for leverage, while he slam the back of her throat. Not to mention, that we have an even better view, as the camera goes to overhead POV, and Leah cuts her eyes up at the camera, as she make eye contact. I have to say that her makeup for the evening, really brought out her eyes. It is an effect that the makeup would have for virtually the entire scene, as Leah give eyes to the camera. The blowjob that ends up with Brick lying back on the bed, is soon however, followed by stocking clad footjob. And honestly speaking, it is something that looks great in itself. After this, Leah is posed with another question. And that question is if she likes to have her pussy eaten. Her answer is that she does enjoy it, if it is done right.  BrickZilla then finds himself put to the test, as he goes in between Leah's legs to try. It's from here that he goes on to suck and tongue at Leah's clit with confidence, and it isn't long, that he is met with Leah's obvious approval, as her eyes roll back in her head with pleasure. After a job well done by Brick, it is then time for Leah to take the cock. The first order of business is missionary, as BrickZilla eases it in. He understandably begins with a slow pace. However, soon enough that builds to a much quicker one, as Leah moans and satisfaction. In fact, she tells him to "give her all the cock", surprising everyone.  Even me. The missionary would see Brick go on to transition into a more spooning position. It is here that he continues to go at a quicker pace, as Leah's pussy swallows the majority of his big dick.  Following the missionary and spoon, Leah says that she is then ready to ride the cock. Brick assumes the position on his back, as Leah goes on to sit on the cock. I have to say that the view from here is absolutely great. Leah is very enthusiastic as we from here, see her quickly pop her ass on the dick.  She is fearless, and further proves herself to be such, as Brick goes on to fuck her back, going deep, at a fast pace. During this position, we also see Leah slowly go up and down on the cock, easing every inch in. From his reaction, we can tell that it is something that BrickZilla enjoyed very much. Next up, we see Leah match the enthusiasm, as Johnny has her reverse her position in order to face him. From the reverse cowgirl position, it is here that we see Brick's dick take the plunge into Leah's pussy, as she steadily go up and down on it, and even for a moment, grinding on it as well. The final position of the scene happens to be one of the positions that Leah had mentioned as being one of her favorites. The position is the doggy position, as Johnny wants Leah to be face down, and ass up, as Brick takes her from behind. It's here that BrickZilla settles into a steady pace of fucking, as Leah encourages. During this, we have an extra special moment.  This, as Johnny brings his camera around to gage Leah's reaction. It is then that Johnny asks Leah if she wants Brick to go harder. And again, surprisingly, she does. It's from here, as Leah prepares herself for the heavy pounding that is to come, that she utters the words, "there goes my pussy!" Things then continue. This, as BrickZilla soon goes from a steady pace, to an even harder one, as Leah further urges him to go "as hard as he can".  He eventually does just that. In fact, he goes so hard that he he almost cums prematurely. However, Brick is clutch, and is able to hang on, as the scene ends with Leah  hurrying to get under him, to take as much of the shot as she can. The ending sequence of the scene, like a lot of things here, is just excellent. First of all, I really enjoyed Leah's overall enthusiasm near the end of the scene when it came to her wanting  the dick.  And secondly, the manner in which BrickZilla delivers it.  My God.  It truly is a great finish.

With all of this said, what a scene! I have to say that I really enjoyed it. For me it hit all of the feels, blew all the whistles, rang all the bells. Whatever analogy you wish to use here, all of them work. Not only does the scene get off to a great start with Leah Lee looking magnificent in a wardrobe choice that was truly perfect for her in my opinion. The action that would follow after, is the type of stuff that fans simply strive to find. The first ingredient here is actually not Leah herself, but instead, BrickZilla. This dude has a very big dick, and what's best is that, he definitely knows how to use it. Completing the equation in this case, is a female talent who is more than up for the challenge of enduring him, and what he brings to the table. At the beginning of the scene Leah, was obviously nervous for what was in store for her. However, it is when she came face-to-face with the "monster cock", that her fears seemed to be eliminated. This especially true after that initial round of missionary. One could tell that it was then that, Leah knew that she could take it well. It is with this confidence that she went on to finish the scene in a very mind-blowing manner. Brick went on to pound that pussy hard, but it proved to be resilient to the treatment. It was, and is just amazing. After the fact, when it was all said and done, you could sense that Leah was truly proud of herself.  Hell, I as a viewer, I'm proud of her. Because what a showing! It is a feat that is truly memorable. At the end of this year, I do intend to compile a list of my 10 favorite scenes for the year, and I would say that at this point, this scene has earned a rightful place on that list, as I loved it.

This is a scene that I definitely, and without question, do recommend that you find the time to check out. Every aspect of this scene is just great, in my honest opinion. What an amazing scene, and an amazing performance by BrickZilla, and Miss Leah Lee!

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