Big Baby (2020)

by - May 04, 2020

Starring: Kendra Sunderland // Charles Dera
Directed by:
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Kendra Sunderland is a 24-year-old who says that she is tired of being single. It just seems as though, guys just don't stick around. Or this she says during a phone conversation with a friend. It is said phone conversation that Karl Toughlove, happens to overhear when walking by her complex. Amazed by what he sees, this including Kendra's pair of big beautiful titties, it is then that he decides to listen in closer. As the conversation on the phone continue, she goes on to say that at this point, she just wants a baby. Something to take care of. Someone who will love her. And most of all, someone who will not leave her. Ever the opportunist, Karl takes it upon himself to capitalize on this unique situation.  Karl does the unthinkable. The unthinkable being, he fashioning himself as a baby, this including wearing an adult sized bib, and bonnet.  Complete with an adult sized diaper, and "binky". Sometime later, as Kendra comes down the spiral staircase of the complex, she is approached by the man-baby that is Karl, and she cannot believe her eyes. But at the same time, she is concerned, as Karl cries out for his Mama, while biting on his binky. It is Kendra's maternal instinct which leads her to take the "baby" back to her place in an effort to track down his Mama. She calls up the police, in attempt to file a missing persons report. However, just as she is in the process, she finds herself interrupted. Interrupted, because Carl has taken it upon himself to suck on Kendra's right breast.  Kendra finds herself understandably startled. However, at the same time, she also finds herself turned on by it. This, as she ends the call abruptly. Things then continue with Karl continuing on, as he give the left breast equal attention.  After this, Kendra makes a very hard discovery in Karl's diaper, in the form of a big hard cock. It is a cock that she soon get to slurping on, before Karl, eventually applies maximum pressure, as he forces her head down with a scissor-lock. Following this, things go into passionate kissing, as Karl goes on to feel his way into Kendra's panties. This, has he rubs her clit. He would soon go on to, further concentrate on the clit, making his way down on her with his mouth and tongue. Things however soon pick up his Karl goes on to slip his cock in for missionary, and next spoon. It's from here that he keeps a steady pace of fucking, and it's a position that soon would bring Kendra to orgasm. The next position is in doggy from the couch, as Kendra is up on all fours. But soon, the position carries on on the floor, as Karl continues to hammer it in, as the two stand in an upright position. It's a position that soon, however reverts to a more standard doggy formation. After this, the action then returns to the couch, with Karl first stepping over to straddle Kendra's face to throat-fuck it. This, prior to seeing the action go to reverse piledriver, followed by standard piledriver. It is again after this we would have two variations of another position performed, as next action goes to first cowgirl, and then reverse cowgirl. It is after the latter position, that Karl is ready to cum. This, as the scene comes to an end, with Karl standing over Kendra's big tits to soon spray them with a nice load for the finish.

The Review //
If there is an opportunity to be seized, then you best believe that "Karl Toughlove" will find a way to capitalize on it. That is exactly what he does in this scene titled "Big Baby" from TOUGHLOVE X. A scene that sees the character portrayed by Charles Dera, don the guise of.... You guessed it, an adult sized baby. It all beginning when Karl just so happens to overhear a phone conversation, during which Kendra expresses her desire and want for a baby. Needless to say, Karl makes her wish come true, when he shows up before her, dressed as a big, hairy version of her wish. Though, yes she does find it a little strange, it is of course, not long before Karl, just as he always does, has the pussy right where he wants it.

Once you have seen one scene from them, you basically know what you're getting when you go into a scene from TOUGHLOVE X. A sex scene, infused with a healthy dose of comedy, as only the "Karl Toughlove" character can bring you. It is all the same with this scene, co-starring once "Library Girl" Kendra Sunderland. When it comes to the set up, I have to say that it is really funny. It is a storyline that I must admit, had me laughing out loud. From Karl first overhearing Kendra's phone conversation(his reaction was really animated), from his transformation to the adult baby.  It's just pure fun. I have no idea how either Charles or Kendra were able to keep a straight face during this portrayal. I just know that there were multiple takes during filming. There has to have been!  So, yeah the sex gets underway, once Kendra finds the baby, and is very concerned for it, as her maternal instincts come into play. She goes to phone in a missing persons report. However, it is a phone call that is not completed, as Kendra finds herself unexpectedly interrupted by Karl, who takes it upon himself to make Kendra's big tits his new "binky". It is during this that baby Karl's diaper becomes suspiciously full. Motherly Kendra, initially thinks that he is made "boom boom" in his adult brief - but it is just Karl's big cock. Kendra finds herself startled once again, only this time, she just cannot help herself. This as she is compelled to go in to suck on the big discovery.  Things get off to a good start with Kendra, first spitting, and slurping on the cock, prior to they taking a tough turn, with Karl scissor-locking Kendra's neck with his legs in order to cram it deep down her throat. Karl, then however, goes on to return the favor as he is soon between Kendra's legs. Here, we see some great work from Karl, as he takes things nice and slow, concentrating his efforts on Kendra's clit, as he slowly tongue and suck. Things are next in a progressive manner, as the action goes to missionary. It is during this missionary that we see Kendra with her legs pinned back deep, as they are held close together. Here, Karl does another nice job. This time, as he pounds his cock in deep. This formation continues with Karl going on to reposition himself on the couch, only to slam it in much harder after.  At one point even gagging Kendra with her own panties.  Things are quick with the action then seamlessly transitioning to spoon next. It is a position that sees Karl maintain his work at a steady pace. His efforts, soon rewarded with he bringing Kendra to climax. Now, I really enjoyed the fact that as Kendra comes to reach orgasm, Karl happens to pull her close, and hold her with a choke. Not only does it look sexy, it feels rather intimate too. Bonus points I say! That would then lead to doggy. And this is a position during the scene which Karl, has somewhat of a quicker pace. It is this type of hard pounding, that would so continue next, as the two leave the couch and end up in a upright standing position, as Karl fuck Kendra from behind. It's positioning that soon, sees the action take to a more standard doggy formation. However regardless, Karl maintains the hard banging. In addition to, it's action that the camera captures very nicely. Here I quite enjoyed the obvious focus on Kendra's beautiful bouncing tits. They are much a spectacle. An arousing one! But with that, the magic was not done and over with This as Charles.... Or Karl, if you will, still had a trick up his sleeve. That trick being that, after a return to the couch with he straddling Kendra's face to fuck it, he goes on to take the action next to piledriver. However, not just any piledriver. Reverse piledriver! Yes, it's something that we don't see often. The action from here begins with the camera close in for a close up view.  However, soon greatly panning out to display things in their full glory.  What a nice take it is! Karl keeps things up, maintaining his quick pace, while the action first go to cowgirl next. He pounding quick and hard, before action reversing to the reverse variation of the position. It is during the latter, that we again are treated to a very nice view of Kendra's bouncing mammaries. This lasting until Karl is ready for the cumshot. It is one that is very nicely played. Kendra keeping with the storyline, saying that she wants Karl to "spray his milk", all over her "milk makers". That he does, soon decorating her tits with a hot, thick and creamy load.

As a whole, I found this scene to be enjoyable for what it is. It is a scene that runs nearly 25 minutes in length. With that, it presents us with a storyline that comes and goes rather quickly. However, with this in mind, with the Karl Toughlove brand of comedy, it's a fun little story.  One that is good enough to get a laugh in a short amount of time. Not only this, I felt that the storyline segued very nicely from story to sex.  The way which Charles begins things, by sucking on Kendra's tits for her "milk" was such a turn on. Kendra Sunderland without a doubt, has a pair of the most beautiful, best looking titties in all of porn.  In the case of this particular scene, they are presented on screen for the first time in a most proper way. This even goes for the sex, as the majority of the positions, seem to have been planned in a way that would capture them perfectly. Yes, there is lots of bouncing. Elsewhere, as I said, I have no clue how anybody was able to keep quiet during the portrayal of the adult baby, who enthusiastically declares himself to be "480 months old"(there is also a funny line that Karl spouts as he pound Kendra in spoon, when he says that people have said that he fucks like he is twice his age).

When it comes to the sex presented during the scene, it is a sexual encounter that does not find itself hindered by its short runtime. In fact, things ran rather smoothly in my opinion. The biggest props here must be given to Charles Dera himself, who is pretty much consistent throughout the entire scene. Charles administers a nice steady pounding of Kendra's pussy. On the other end it is Kendra, who takes it well and with enthusiasm. This actually being my very first time ever reviewing Kendra on any website that I have ever written for. This due to me having previous differences with a company to whom she was once contracted. Aside from that, I will say that I have always been a fan of Kendra, and that I do find her to be incredibly sexy. When it comes to she, this scene is not an exception, as she here, looks fantastic performing with a good amount of energy.  And looking good doing it, I might add. She is really hot! I do hope to see her a lot more in my reviewing future!

So to close out this review, I would have to say that yes, it is a scene that I would readily recommend to you. Not only is the story, just simple and silly fun, the resulting sex scene between the two performers, is one that is actually pretty solid, within the given time constraints. Check it out. More times than not, you are in for a good time with "Karl Toughlove".  A man that will go as far as to humiliate himself, all in the name of pussy!

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