Savannah Parker (2020)

by - June 19, 2020

Starring:  Savannah Parker // Isiah Maxwell
Directed by: ExCoGi Steve // Jake Adams
Runtime: 1 hr. 19 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with director Jake Adams meeting Savannah Parker in the hotel bathroom.  This, as she says that she is to shave her pussy.  It's then that Jake wastes no time in having she strip out of her clothes, and in the process revealing an ultra curvy body.  Jake just cannot resist getting a feel of her big natural tits from there.  He even sucks on them.  Once she strips down, she then head into the shower and lather up, as she proceeds to shave her pussy. Says that it is the first time that she has done so in front of someone. Jake looks to ease the tension by saying that this is a very first time that someone has done so in front of him as well.  Once Savannah is all shaven and smooth, she then gets dressed as the two head out, downstairs via an elevator as the two go on a little field trip. This, as Jake says that they are to look for places to get naughty. They eventually find a little bungalow located out of the way, and it is where passionate kissing soon leads to Jake then going on to finger Savannah deep as she hop upon a table. This is then followed by Savannah returning the favor, dropping to her knees to suck Jake off. It is during this that the two of them almost get caught, and they must stop abruptly. However, things pick up again as he lay Savannah on her back, where she suck the dick from an upside down position. This, as Jake fingers her hard simultaneously. It is then at that point that Savannah's nerves get the better of her, as the two of them pack up and head to a different location. A little later the two of them find a different location located at the bottom of a set of stairs. It is there that we would see not only Savannah once again suck cock, but also Jake take Savannah from behind in doggy, with the action ending up in an upright position. It's after that Jake once again fucks her face. This prior to he unloading into Savannah's mouth. Savannah then swallow the load whole before the two of them head back to the room. Once back into the room where Steve the co-director is, Jake would once again finger Savannah both deep and hard. Before she strip out of her dress after. At this point she is looking to take a shower after being outside getting hot and sweaty with Jake. However, little did she know that waiting on the opposite side of the bathroom door would be a surprise. A surprise in the well hung Isiah Maxwell. Savannah is shocked but albeit pleasantly surprised by the appearance of Isiah. Savannah has never been with a black man. However, that does not stop her from again dropping to her knees to take Isiah into her mouth. This, also sees he fuck her face a little. But it is after this that, things get even more interesting as Isiah quickly lift up Savannah, taking her into standing cowgirl.  It's here that Isiah bang the pussy for a time standing up, before placing Savannah on the counter as things go into missionary and then side fuck after.

It is then that we pick up in the bedroom. First, Isiah goes on to rim Savannah's ass vigorously. Next, he is then on his back, as Savannah worship his cock briefly, prior to we seeing some tittyfucking from there. It is then into a round of cowgirl, before is to doggy and then missionary soon after.  It's during this moment of sex that we happen to see some brief play with an Hitachi vibrator as well.  After Savannah begging Isiah to fuck her little pink pussy, and then Isiah doing so, the action is then to reverse cowgirl after. It is from here, that Savannah is spread wide as she bounce on the dick. During, Isiah goes on to take her into a full nelson, as he pound her. This, as he go on to fuck her hard, saying that he is going to make her work for his cum. The next position is then spoon, Isiah firstly, eases his cock in from here, to then eventually settle into a steady pace until he must cum.  Isiah then steadfastly jerking his cock to pop into Savannah's awaiting mouth for the finish

The Review //
Today, I review another scene from the website BLACK AMBUSH. The website which sees performers arriving on set for one thing and getting another. This, as they are unexpectedly paired with a black performer. Often for the very first time. When it comes to the scene in question it, is indeed the latter, as we have a featured performer, a stripper by the name of Savannah Parker. First, Savannah arrives on to set believing that she is to be paired in a scene with co-director Jake Adams. Jake even goes as far as to go along normally, even meeting up with her in the bathroom as she shave the stubble from her pussy to ensure that she is camera ready. He even goes as far as to get her dressed, as he and Savannah go looking for places outside for them to have some fun. They end up settling on two locations, with the second finding them at the bottom of a set of stairs. It is here that we see Savannah suck cock, take it from behind, and back again, as she suck Jake to climax. It is a load that she goes on to swallow whole. Jake continues with the guise as planned, as the two head back to the room. It's here that Savannah seems to believe that the scene is all over and done with. However, she would be in for quite a surprise, when she goes to step back into the shower. As on the other side of the door waiting for her is Isiah Maxwell, who has his big cock hard and ready for her. Yes, Savannah steps right into an ambush as Isiah goes on to jump out from behind her. I have to say that I really enjoyed this, the opening segment of the scene.  It is indeed a very nice introduction to this petite, but very shapely brunette named Savannah Parker. Savannah who is a stripper, is basically stacked in every place a beautiful girl can be stacked. Not only does she have big, beautiful, natural breasts, she has a great ass to match. The activities beforehand with Jake were really fun, I like the fact that they were outdoors doing this, fully with the prospect of potentially getting caught in the act. Savannah was definitely cute with her nervousness. However, with that said I have to say that my favorite part of the whole set up of the scene, was indeed the ambush involving Isiah. It's during this that Savannah truly found herself genuinely surprised. It's obvious that she was not expecting to find Isiah in the bathroom. He was waiting out of sight the entire time. However, as we'd find, her shock soon turns to excitement. A nice moment of endearment was when Isiah was quick to complement Savannah on her beauty, and she in turn telling Isiah that he was gorgeous as well.  I just loved this. She would also go on to say that Isiah's dick is the biggest she's seen in her life. However, the best thing is that there was no hesitation on the part of Savannah, when it came to not only sucking cock but having her face fucked as well. Things then moved quickly as After this, Isiah was quick to lift Savannah up, taking the action into a round of reverse cowgirl. From this position, Savannah's pussy is slammed with cock, prior to she being placed on the bathroom counter and fucked in missionary, and then side fuck.

The two of them take the action to the bedroom and onto the bed.  Once here, Isiah quick to take notice of Savannah's nice round ass. This, has he proceed to go face deep into it. Another first for she. Following this, Savannah finds herself in between Isiah's legs for a time, as we have a little bit of cock worship, as she does go on to be basically spellbound by the big cock. She is completely mesmerized by the size of it, and on multiple occasions tells Isiah how beautiful it is. It is something that she would follow up by slipping said cock in between her big, soft tits to fuck them. After this, she would then climb on to ride the cock in cowgirl. Initially, we see her bounce on the cock at a steady pace. However, it is during this, that we basically, see the once nervous Savannah come out of her shell, as she then beg for more.  This, as the veteran Isiah, go on to deliver, fucking the pussy at a quicker pace. This, as he being aware having Savannah look back at the camera as he does so.  It just looks great. And speaking of looking great, I have to give it to the camera work here.  It is just fantastic all around.  I have now reviewed a number of scenes for both BLACK AMBUSH and its sister site EXCOGI, both sites which use the the format, and I have to say that this was probably the best that I have seen it utilized. This as we are often treated to two separate views, from two different viewpoints which run simultaneously. This, as for the most part, we get a view of Savannah's reaction, as well as Isiah's ongoing penetration. I felt as though there was not a moment spared, as everything was nicely captured, with virtually every angle covered, as I said it was very nice, Next, action would then turn to missionary, before taking up in doggy. This in particular, was another moment during the sex which I just enjoyed the view. Again, in utilizing side-by-side split screen. We not only see the pleasure etched upon Savannah's face, but also Isiah opening wide for the camera, as he half straddle her to plunge his cock in deep. This moment just looked absolutely great on camera, especially as it progressed to show  Savannah's big tits bouncing about.  What a sight it is and was!  That is then followed by things going into reverse cowgirl after that, as Isiah says that he wants Savannah to sit on him. It's here that she opens up with the camera as Isiah go on to plow, eventually working up to a quick and steady pace, with the split screen zooming in on the penetration at hand. We even have a moment of the full nelson hold during, as we can hear Savannah say that she wants Isiah's cum. But Isiah says that he's going to make her work for it, as he goes on to fuck her even harder. It's from here that the action goes on to transition over to lastly spoon, as Savannah is then positioned on her side to take the dick deeply. This lasting until Isiah reaches the point of orgasm. With he proceeding to jerk his cock over Savannah's face. It's with this said that he goes on to deposit a load into Savannah's mouth, and on her tongue. With the action then finished Savannah shyly asks co-directors Jake Adams and ExCoGi Steve if she was good. They without hesitation confirm this, as they go on to ask her how she felt about the scene that had just occurred. She has nothing but praise for her scene partner Isiah Maxwell, saying that it is the best sex that she has ever had. This, as she again says that Isiah is gorgeous. Jake goes on to mention that as she arrived on set, Savannah was extremely nervous to perform in front of the camera. However, she herself confirms that all was well once things got started. Personally, I have to say that I really enjoyed her wholesome reaction to everything, she just seemed so happy and pleased with what happened. Yes, even though, going into the scene she had no idea that she would be taking on the biggest cock that she has ever had. It really is amazing how well she did in this scene. Again, it was a first for her, a fact that one could not tell! After, the scene itself then wraps up with a quick summarization by Savannah prior to she taking a shower. The shower itself also captured by a collective of three strategically placed cameras, and then some at the bathroom counter. I have to admit to really enjoying the view from underneath her, as she approached the counter after stepping out of the shower. It is a view that gives us a really candid look at her pretty pussy in close-up.

Overall, I felt that this was another great offering from BLACK AMBUSH.  Again, I must say that I really enjoy this brand. For some reason, I just like the surprise aspect. It doesn't necessarily have to do with the fact that the performers end up being with a black guy in the end.  But more so about the spontaneity of it all, and the fact that the performers themselves getting more than they bargained for. Most of all though, I'm sure  that the opposite sometimes occurs, but what we see from what is released, is that the talent subjected to the ambush, end up genuinely enjoying themselves. Here, we see that Savannah Parker truly did enjoy what she received here from Isiah. Not only is it her first ever experience with a black guy it also doubled as the best sexual experience she's ever had, according to she. I just like seeing that. I like seeing the female talent leave the scene nicely pleased. Here, I have to say that in the scene, Savannah performed very well. She is a very sexy girl. She with a beautiful face, and beautiful smile. And that body. That body is basically perfect. One would have all that they would ever want and need right there! She is really hot, and I cannot wait to have other opportunities to review her in the future. As for Isiah Maxwell, he is indeed a stand up guy. Here, he treated Savannah, his scene partner with much respect and care. All while essentially stretching her pussy to widths it had never seen before! With all of this said, this is a scene that I would not hesitate to recommend to you for your viewing pleasure. Here, with this scene, Jake Adams and Steve work together to direct, and deliver to us the viewer a great looking presentation from beginning to end.

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