ExxxtraSmall.com: Best Ever (2020)

by - June 18, 2020

Starring:  Val Steele // JMac
Directed by:
Runtime: 31 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with Val Steele welcoming us by saying that she is excited to be shooting for TEAM SKEET.  This as she thanks them for having her.  We then go on to a tease montage.  Val is playful, as she tease us with her pierced nipples and ass, as they are both showered with oil.  The which segment also sees she grind on a chair is cut short, as she says that she is wanting to get fucked.  That's because she is soon approached by her scene partner, JMac.  The two go on to exchange kisses, as JMac spanks Val's ass, while also briefly teasing her pussy by rubbing it.  JMac then gets his cock out for Val to suck.  This, as Val drops to her knees to do so.  Val is at first surprised by its size, but still doesn't hesitate to go to work.  She slurps on the cock, prior to going on to also suck on his balls.  During this, she taking a single-handed approach to stroking the cock.   We then see this followed up by Val having her face fucked.  This, as JMac pulls on her purple hair for leverage.  Things continue here with JMac eventually flipping Val upside down into a standing 69 position. Although here he does not eat her pussy. Instead, he focuses on fucking her face. It is after a brief moment here, that JMac asks Val if she wants to go inside. She does, and so off they go. It is from there that the sex continue, first in cowgirl with Val on top.  She has her purple leggings peeled off of her ass, and at the midway point, as we see her grind on the cock. However, JMac soon takes charge fucking the pussy at a quick pace. This continues until JMac has she reverse herself as the action go to reverse cowgirl next. From this position, Val is leaned back, as JMac proceed to take her into the full nelson hold, pulling her legs back as he pump the pussy hard. This hold is off and on from here, as Val also goes on to plant her feet for a very brief moment of deep plowing from there after. The next position is doggy with Val first facing the camera. It is from this view, that we see both exchange kisses, before JMac would also spit into Val's mouth. The doggy continues for a brief moment more, as we have a POV view from overhead. They then reposition themselves with Val being at the edge of the bed, as JMac is up on his feet to fuck from behind. He continues at a steady pace from here, pulling back on Val's arms for leverage. There is a brief moment in between where he bury his face in, as he tongue at Val's ass, and finger her pussy. He then go on toy with the in and out, before reconvening. After this, he throws Val on to the bed. She is then on her back, and then on her side, as the action then go to spoon. It is here that he keep a steady pace. It is a pace that eventually brings JMac to the point of climax.  Val wants JMac to cum on her face, and JMac does so. This, as he straddle her face to soon deposit a load.

The Review //
In this scene from the TEAM SKEET series "Extra Small", we are introduced to a purple haired beauty named Val.  Val Steele that is(she is introduced here as "Valerie Steele"). The usual for "Exxxtra Small", is that the scene would be set up by some sort of scripted scenario featuring the scene's showcased petite talent.  However, in the case of this scene, it differs, in the fact that there is no real starting point, other than an introduction and a tease from Val. Personally, I was pretty much reminded of the Playmate videos that PLAYBOY would do. Seeing as Val does have a pretty sexy voice, this worked out fine.  Not to mention that we also got to be treated to Val's big booty as well, during the tease that follow. I guess all that I can say here is that I wish that there was a little more to the whole introduction.  I say this, because it is over and done with in a flash, as it isn't long before Val is on her knees and servicing JMac.  This prior to the two of them heading inside for more action.

I liked the opening blowjob, as here we get to see JMac grab a hold of Val's purple mane, as he fuck her face. I don't know why, but it was just hot. And speaking of hot, also is when JMac lifts her up into reverse 69, and fucks her mouth.  That before the two of them have the change of scenery in the form of a bedroom after, which is where the scene truly kicks off. From there, things begin with the camera at a distance. This, is Val is on top to ride the dick in cowgirl. It is here that Val demonstrates her skill of riding, as there is a little grind in each of her bounces. The camera is initially fixed at a side angle.  However, soon we switch to a view from behind, as JMac would eventually take over, and take charge. This is especially true, after he goes on to not only rip Val's panties off, but also tear a hole in her sheer, purple leggings. It is during this time that we see JMac as he settles into a quick and hard pace encouraged by Val, who urges him to fuck her pussy. The action soon make a very nice transition as we see Val spin on the cock, reversing her position as the action then go to reverse cowgirl. It is here that we see JMac go on to his trademark full nelson hold on a couple of occasions, as he rails Val's pussy from here, much to her delight.  What I liked during this point of the position, was that we see Val's cute feet in full view, complete with her purple painted toenails. It would also continue, seeing Val with her legs spread wide and her feet planted on the bed, as the cock go deeply. The two performers then go into doggy soon after.  Unconventionally, as Val face the camera with JMac of course behind her.  The rewarding thing here is, and was that we do get some deep eye contact by the performers.  This, as JMac goes on to spit into Val's mouth.  That was indeed sexy.  It was actually a snapshot that Val even used as her Twitter profile pic for a time. The action then switching to an overhead POV view, which obviously better details the penetration. As well as, once again throwing back her ass, as we again see that sexy grind and bounce of hers. Next up, the doggy would continue, but it would take place when JMac leave the bed and get on to his feet.  Val is then pulled to the side of the bed, as JMac would continue. The camera is once again at a distance, as he go on to work up a steady pace.  I really like the fact here that Jay Mac went on to choose to pull back on Val's arms as he dig his cock in.  Not only was this something that looked good on camera, it also allowed him to go deep into Val's pussy. Also during this, we could see that JMac also pressed a thumb onto Val's asshole while doing so. This would then prompt him to go in and taste said ass momentarily.  JMac stops to tongue at the ass, followed by he going on to plant fingers deep into Val, before he resume fucking once again. It is after more doggy that we are soon set for our final set up of the scene. This, as JMac would manhandle Val, throwing her on her back, before the action end up in spoon. It is a position that we see JMac sometimes applying a chokehold, and sometimes pulling Val's hair.  All in an effort to solidly fuck her good. He does just that, as the end result is he finally reaching the point of his own climax. He is urged by Val to cum on her pretty face, and soon he complies. This, as he plants a foot on the windowsill, proceeding to straddle over her face.  This where he jerk his cock, and soon deposit a load onto Val's face, just as she wanted. This then making for the finish of the scene. After the fact Val goes on to tell the director behind the camera that, that might have been her best fuck ever, as she exits the scene with obvious enthusiasm for what had just transpired.

Well, speaking of exiting the scene with a level of enthusiasm, I wish that I could say the same for myself. However, I left the scene feeling a bit perplexed. That's because though the two performers who were in place, were, and are more than capable of giving us an amazing scene. Here, we are instead given one, that is a bit technically challenged. Let me attempt to better explain what I mean. Simply put, we had two performers here that were giving it their all, as they fuck hard for the camera. Unfortunately though, the powers behind that camera, truly do nothing to capitalize on what it is that they have before them. First of all, I was willing to take the introduction as it is. It is simple and to the point. And with that said, I kind of enjoyed it. However, that simplicity unfortunately follows into the scene once the two reach the bedroom. Personally, I felt that the overall approach to the sex was a bit bland, and lacking of imagination. Here, they had a beautiful girl in the unique Val Steele, and chose to feature her in the most basic way. Basically every position here begins with a camera view that is at distance from the two performers, everything is in full scope, and then some. This camera view is beneficial on some occasions.  But, when you choose to shoot most of the material from any given position from said viewpoint, it is actually a little boring. Get right into the action. Get right into the thick of it. Show us how beautiful the girl is, or how handsome the male talent is. Just give us something. Put us, the viewer into that situation. Of course, there are moments where the camera chooses to get a closer view, and they are indeed the moments which the action shines. I particularly liked the moment during doggy off of the side of the bed, where there was a close up of JMac proceeding to tongue and Val's ass, before he deeply finger her pussy soon after. I will give the director that. This moment looked very good on camera. There could have been many different moments here. I mean we even get Val having her pussy drilled in the full nelson hold. Everyone knows that hold.  But here, the camera unfortunately chooses to capture it in the most dull way.

When I judge this scene I am in no way blaming the performers.  In this case, as I feel that they brought the goods. All my gripes come on account of the technical side of things. It is no wonder as to why TEAM SKEET fails to credit their directors.  Because when one is to be criticized, there is no one to be named. Instead, it makes it appear as though the performers are at fault for a lacking scene.  What is funny is that, from what I understand this happens to have been one of Val Steele's very first scenes, if not her first - and here she approaches the scene looking more experienced than the director himself. Think about that!

With that said, I absolutely enjoy these two performers. When it comes to Val Steele, I have quickly become a fan of her. She is a truly unique creature.  Not only due to her appearance. She also approaches everything with a level of skill, this early in her career.  The way that she performs in scenes is just skillful.  If you could not tell, I just love to watch she ride the dick.  The way that she grinds on it is just sexy. And what can I say about JMac?  Well, he's JMac. If you want a thorough fucking, he is one of the few reliable male talents to turn to. In this scene, the two of them show a decent level of chemistry together. I just wish that the scene as a whole could have been delivered in a much better light. I understand that the two of happen to have been paired in a second scene together. Maybe it is one that I should look into to seeing, perhaps. But for now, I will say that Val Steele is definitely a girl that one needs to see. However, I am not so sure that this scene should be the one to start with.

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