Father's Day (2020)

by - June 23, 2020

Starring: Aften Opal // Brother Love
Directed by: Brother Love
Runtime: 49 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Breakfast In Bed
In this story it is Father's Day so Aften Opal, has in mind to be a good daughter to her Dad, Brother Love. This, as she starts the day off by crafting a Happy Father's Day poster, which we see her first put up in his bedroom as he is sleeping. She then goes on to the kitchen to make her dad breakfast in bed. She cuts up a couple of strawberries, and makes some bacon along with some cinnamon rolls. It's a meal that she caps off with a cup of coffee, complete in a "Best Dad" coffee mug. When she brings to tray into the bedroom, he is of course pleasantly surprised to receive such a gift on the holiday. However, it is in her excitement that she goes on to discover a little bit something extra as she presents the tray of food to her father. This, as she happens to go on to feel a bulge poking up from underneath the covers.  Aften of course knows exactly what this is. It would seem as though dear old dad has a case of morning wood.  Brother Love is a bit embarrassed by her discovery, yet he is unapologetic for such a natural thing to happen that early in the morning.  However, Aften is quite fascinated by it. In fact, she offers to take care of it for him.  Brother Love is of course beside himself at her proposal. However, it is a proposal that has Aften  saying that she is simply just his stepdaughter. She goes on to say that, with her mom gone, and he working hard to keep a roof over their head, that treating his morning wood is the least that she can do. This is followed by she pulling his cock out through his boxers to suck. It is here, that we see her tongue along the shaft, and slurp on the head of the cock giving it even strokes. Eventually, she settles into a quick pace of sucking as well as a two-handed stroking approach. All of which works in tandem to bring Brother Love to eventual climax. Things come to an end with he letting loose directly into Aften's young mouth.

Best Dad Ever
This story takes place sometimes later that day, when we find Aften still up to her good girl ways on Father's day.  It's this, as she is working with markers to work on a t-shirt for her dad, one which reads, "Best Dad Ever" in colorful decoration.  It's a special gift that definitely pulls at dad's heartstrings.  He just loves it when his daughter makes crafts for him.  However, it's then that Brother Love says that he initially came into the room to tell Aften of the idea of them going out for a Father's Day dinner.  Aften happens to like the idea, and at the same time, she gets extra frisky with him.  She rubs Dad's hard on with her foot, from over his pants, before the cock is out.  It's from there, that Aften give him a footjob, as she slip the cock in between her bare feet.  It's here that she stroke it evenly.  This, as Brother Love stands on the bed.  This would also include some sucking from she, only for Aften to take it a step further, as she strip down out of her pink panties.  She assumes the doggy position.  However, it's a sight that scares him, as he is extra cautious to proceed.  This, as things end then end there.

A Classic Father's Day Gift
We then pick up sometime after the previous, as Aften is in the bathroom getting to prepared to deliver to her father, a classic Father's Day gift from she that he. This gift, consisting of she getting all dolled up, and dressed in a nice red lingerie set, which she had purchased especially for this occasion. It is a present that she feels that her dad will surely enjoy. After getting dressed, Aften goes into the living room, to find her dad there waiting. He is fairly surprised to see his young daughter dressed so provocatively. However, it is not long before Aften throws herself at him, as she first take a seat in this lap, to rub her ass on it.  He's definitely hard underneath and Aften knows this. That's because then, she once again gets out his cock to suck. This, as she first works the shaft with her mouth, then going on to concentrate on his balls soon after.  It is during this that Aften is fairly successful in getting both of Brother Love's balls into her mouth. It's an act that readies he for more as he goes on to ask Aften if she remembers how earlier she pull down her panties? He may have rejected it then. but he seems more than ready for it now, and it does not take long for she to cooperate. This, as she goes on to pull down her red g-string. From here, Aften is in the position of doggy as she is on all fours on the couch.  Brother Love comes up from behind, as he asks her for permission to rub his cock on the outside of her prior to he going on to penetrate her. It's after he does just that, that the doggy soon gets underway.  He initially takes a steady pace, before slowly increasing his speed of in and out, as he goes on to fuck hard. This type of increasing pace would happened next also, as Aften finds herself on her back, along the arm of the couch. From this position in particular, Brother Love goes on to drill the pussy deep. During this, we are treated to both close up views of the penetration, as well as high overhead. During the latter is when the pace increases, and Brother Love go harder. It is following this however, that we then see Aften go on to ride the dick in both cowgirl as well as reverse immediately following after. It's a good view from the latter, as we are behind Aften who bounce on the cock, as her young pussy is seen hugging around it. For the last position, we then make a second return to missionary.  This, as Brother Love continue with a purpose, and that purpose is indeed to cum. And it is much to his surprise, that Aften wants him to cum inside of her. It is definitely a development that surprises him indeed. However, Aften then goes on to ease any concerns, by saying that it's okay due to the fact that she is on birth control. It is enough assurance for Brother Love apparently, as he goes on to continue fucking the pussy before finally unloading into it. It is after the fact that Aften, goes on to push the remains out of her, as well as a pull the rest out with a finger. We depart the scene with Aften once again wishing her dad a happy Father's Day, like any good girl should.

The Review //
It is with today's review that I take a look at my first scene from the website DAD CRUSH, which is brought to you by TEAM SKEET.  DAD CRUSH, like the similar site, SIS LOVES ME, not only deals in taboo incest themes.  It also presents a series of three connecting short stories, with two of them leading up to full-blown sex.

With Father's Day just having past, DAD CRUSH brings to us this series of three stories, which see Aften Opal as a stepdaughter, who is looking to make her dad happy on Father's Day. It is over the course, that we learn that Aften is usually a feisty one. However, on this occasion, she wants nothing more than to please her dad, as she happens to take note of of how hard he has been working in order to provide for the two of them after her mother has split for unknown reasons to us. Yes, in terms of story it really does not make sense that a mother would leave her biological daughter to live with her stepdad after a separation. But it is something that we just have to go with for the sake of porn. Because as you know, in porn, anything can happen, and that it usually does. So yes, this set of three stories sees Aften Opal, just looking to do good by her old man.

In the first story, it's the early morning hours, as we see Aften sneak into her dad's bedroom, to hang up a poster that she has made for him. A poster that simply wishes him a Happy Father's Day. It is following this, that she goes to the kitchen and prepare him his favorite breakfast. A breakfast including strawberries, bacon and cinnamon rolls, along with a cup of coffee in festive Father's Day mug. It is when Aften and takes it to him, complete on a bed tray, that she finds her dad really excited to receive her offering. Maybe a little bit too excited. That's because, Aften this quick to notice something rather peculiar happening underneath his comforter. Her father actually has some morning wood. And it is with that, that she further feels the need to make her dad feel good.

When it comes to this particular story, I have to say that Aften Opal looked really cute. I really loved watching her prance around the house in a pair of skimpy pink panties. Which were decorated with stars, much in the way of a polkadot pattern. She just looked really cute in the pair of panties, as she bends over and such, as she prepare the food for "dad". And then it's after that of course, that things get underway with the opening blowjob. It's fairly funny how we arrived to that point. This as Brother Love, the dad initially tries to brush off his hard on.  However, soon enough, he decides that he does not have to hide it anymore. This allowing his "daughter" to service him. Honestly, speaking I felt that the blowjob was decent enough overall. However, again my favorite part of this story was indeed the panties! I am sometimes easy to please, what can I say?

After the first story, we are then led into a second one, taking place sometime later in the day.  Brother Love, the dad goes into Aften's room to see what she is up to, when he finds she preparing something special for him.  It's a special Father's Day shirt that she is crafting with a white tee, and a set of colorful markers.  He didn't mean to walk in on his present.  However, he's much pleased with it. But with Aften, the Father's Day surprises keep on coming, as she goes on to tease dad, by rubbing his crotch with her foot, making him hard in the process.  Aften knows just what to do, as she administer a footjob, before once again sucking him off. The scene would go on to tease sex, however, we go on to witness Brother Love walking off, in order to do the right thing.  I kind of enjoyed this little false start, occurring after she peels off her panties, because we just know that it is headed into a full blown sex scene.

The third, and final story begins with yet a another blowjob setup. I will be honest with you, at this point I just did not know how well everything would play out, because I was actually getting tired of seeing Aften suck dick.  At this point, she had just simply done it enough. Luckily for me however, things would soon pick up. This as things first go to doggy, and then, we have missionary, both variations of cowgirl, as well as it going back to missionary, as things come full circle in the end. As much as I was tiring of what I was seeing, all it took was me to see the action move to doggy.  This position was the first sign of definite hard fucking, and I have to say that I enjoyed seeing Brother Love build up to a eventual quick pace as he fuck hard. I was also happy to see it carry over next into missionary, from the arm of the couch.  From here, the overhead POV just looked good, as not only was Aften's face in the shot, but also her full body, as her pussy was pumped away at. As I said above, after this, we first have cowgirl in POV.  From this position, the camera goes on to pan down to the penetration, and then up again to gage Aften's response.  Aften looks good as she bounces on the cock from here.  But with that said, she looked even better in the reverse variation next. The view from here is and was, just fantastic. This, as we have a close up view of the penetration.  It's during that we actually see Aften's tight pussy squeeze around the cock.  It's definitely a great view. However, it is after the fact that came the biggest surprise.  The fact that the scene would go on to end with a creampie finish, as Brother Love go on to fill up Aften's pussy to leave it dripping with his goo. Honestly, I did not expect the scene to end in this way, so it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. I would definitely say that it gained a slight edge just for that. This, paired with the fact that Aften had previously, in character, wished her dad a happy Father's Day, saying that all she wants to do is make him happy since mom left, and that she was on birth control. It all comes together to make the scene feel extra collectively perverted.

So with that said I will say that, hadn't the third and final story picked up the slack of the first two, the outcome as far as how I would judge it, would have been far different. Luckily, the scene pretty much redeemed itself with that final tale. Aften is able to nail down her character of the "daughter". While Brother Love manages to go in there, and eventually fuck her hard in the end as the "dad". So yes, this trilogy isn't perfect, nor is it even great. But I say that it is a good one for the most part, as the third story itself is good for what it is. On that merit alone I would go ahead and recommend this scene to you. This as there is still much to check out here.  This including an unexpected creampie. Aften Opal is a little cutie, who is worth seeing this offering for alone. So if you do have any desire to see this, then I would say check it out!

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