HardX.com: Naturally Stacked Cutie (2020)

by - September 17, 2020

 Starring:  Blake Blossom // Ramon Nomar
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 33 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with director Mason introducing us to Blake Blossom, who she says that just like her namesake is "blossoming". This, as Mason, cannot help but to focus on Blake's tits. Mason says that this must happen a lot, people shifting their focus to her breasts immediately. Blake confirms, but she says that she secretly enjoys the attention that they receive. Mason then goes on to ask some questions about them. Such as first, Blake saying that they are a size 32DD, and when she is on her period, they swell up to a size DDD. Blake says that the most fun thing about having big boobs is definitely titty fucking. She says that sometimes however, that it is a little difficult slipping a dick between them because they are a little firm to the touch. Blake says that her boobs grew from a B cup to a DD, basically overnight, They then go on to talk about the troubles of doing things such as Blake's love of dancing, or running. She says that, specifically when running on a treadmill she has to wear 2 compression bras. They even cover the topic of which breast she happens to favor. She says that for some reason the right one is her favorite of the two. It is the more fuller of the pair. Blake playfully says that the other one needs to  catch up. Blake has been in porn for about 4 months at the time. Blake attempts to put them away, but Mason just will not have it, as Blake soon pops them out of her pink bikini, before going on to do a fantastic looking titty-drop for us. It is at that time that we see her scene partner Ramon Nomar, come into frame as the two of them begin exchanging passionate kisses between them.

Positions seen //
reverse cowgirl
missionary (x2)

The Review //
For this review, I take a scene from Director Mason and Hard X, to once again see Blake Blossom, this time, as she is paired with a sex industry vet, in Ramon Nomar. As always, when it comes to scenes presented to us by Mason, things begin with a fun chat, featuring this fast rising starlet. It is a chat during, that Mason has difficulty taking her eyes off of Blake's big and beautiful natural 32DD chest, and who could blame her? Because after all, her boobs are fucking fantastic. In this opening segment is plenty of bounce and jiggle to be seen from those beauties. However, aside from this, we also get some lively chatter with they being at the subject. Yes, we come to know of Blake's liking of titty fucking. Also covered is what she does not like. Such as, walking upstairs, or jogging. She jokes that she has seen plenty of black eyes due to her naturally large tits hitting she in the face. she says that it is been something that she is been dealing with ever since her junior year of high school, when Blake slowly went from a B cup to the DD, that we just so happen to see now. As the viewer, overall I enjoyed this brief, but fun introductory interview segment. I Have to say that my favorite part of it was indeed the titty drop, as Blake got them to flop out of her bikini top, as she lift it up.

It is directly after this interview segment that we of course, go into the sexual encounter between she and Ramon Nomar. It all begins with the two of them kissing, before Roman would go on to do what any man would want to do, and that is fondle those tits, and he does just that. For a moment, we see him both squeeze them, and make them bounce, while using her bikini top as an aid. That would then go to make way for a blowjob, as Blake dropped to her knees. This, beginning as she go on to lick up the shaft, taking into her mouth and throat deeply. A couple of things that I enjoyed during this moment, was the way which Blake crafted the blowjob, lets say. For instance, the way that she cupped Ramon's balls as she suck him hard. This, all while looking deeply into his eyes. I thought that this was so hot. The camerawork was also good here, as it eventually take a low angle view, as Blake continue. The view was lowered, not only so it could focus on Blake's tits as they jiggled, but also observe the good amount of spit that collects upon her chest, as well. Sooner or later from here, she has ropes of saliva, which collects from her mouth to her boobs. Things then go to Ramon having she play with the spit briefly, this is before Ramon proceed to slip his cock in between Blake's tits from underneath her bikini top. After, Blake goes on to next remove her tight, pink and white striped shorts, she followed up by going on to mount Ramon in a reverse cowgirl position on the couch. It's from here that Blake straddle Ramon, spreading her legs wide, and planting her feet firm. This position looks great, as it's with Ramon thrusting upward to fuck the pussy, at a quick and hard pace. This, as Blake's shaved pink pussy takes a good pounding from Ramon. As things progress, the action would alternate between Ramon fucking in this manner, as well as Blake taking over to bounce. This would occur for several more times, prior to we seeing Blake to take more, as Ramon not only fuck fast and hard, but also as he rub her clit. It's action that would soon cause Blake to cum. It's following this that the action then go immediately into spoon. From this position, we see Ramon maintain a good pace that is increasing, getting harder over time. For me, this position looked nice and all - complete with Blake's big boobies bouncing freely and about. However, in my opinion, the real turning point for this position was when Blake further encouraged Ramon to get a little bit rougher as she wanted he to choke her. And much to my surprise, she also tells him to do it even harder. The end result here, is that Ramon is successful in making Blake cum once again, and it is after that Ramon is then on a mission to lap up every bit of it from her pussy. He does just this, as Blake is on her back. As Ramon bury his face in between Blake's legs, using his mouth and tongue to great effect. It was super sexy here, the way that Blake stared deeply into Ramon's eyes. as he attempt to please her. And by her reaction, it is safe to say that he he was successful in doing just that. The action then naturally goes into a missionary position soon after, as Ramon sits directly across Blake to thrust forward at an even pace. Blake continues to maintain that eye contact from here. This, as Ramon eventually go on to suck on her toes, while being in the process of fucking her pussy. The next position is standard cowgirl, as Blake once again straddles to ride the cock. And I must say that this position was quite the revelation. Now those who have already gotten familiar with Blake Blossom, know just how well regarded she is for her big natural tits. However, with that said more people definitely need to take notice of her ass as well. That's because the next position seen - cowgirl puts Blake's round rump on very nice display. Here, we see Blake fucked, as well as bouncing herself on the her cock. Blake's ass just looks amazing like this. The bouncing, the times that Ramon grips, and pulls apart said ass to reveal a nicely pink butthole. Speaking of the latter, I just loved that butthole! The next order of business, sees Blake positioning herself on all fours, as Ramon go on to bury his face in between Blake's butt cheeks as he again eat her pussy. This of course, then goes to doggy. For the first half of the position, we have a frontal view, which consists of both Blake's reaction, as she is being fucked, as well as you guessed it, her big tits, displaying their natural bounce. The camera however, would eventually switch in showing the behind view, as Ramon fuck steady. Ramon digs in deep, eventually taking Blake to another orgasm, as she is essentially face down and ass up in the position. As the action continue on, we then have a brief moment of missionary as they make a return. However, this is brief, due to Ramon wanting to once again fuck Blake's tits. This is what drove the scene home, if you will, as Ramon goes on to unload his Jizz onto the tits, as another round of titty fucking, brings Ramon to climax, as he then cover Blake's boobs with his load for the finish.

This being my third time to review Blake Blossom, it would be safe to say that she has become one of my favorite people to review, I suppose. Blake is fun. She doesn't take herself too seriously. And on top of that, she has a completely rocking body. The latter of those things, being on very nice display here, via some very competent camerawork from Mason. The camera here does not switch from one view to the next in a quick succession. Instead, everything is basically educated. The two performers, Blake Blossom, and Ramon Nomar, also bring about a lively energy to the entirety of the scene. Everything is quick, and to the point. Here, it is pretty much just two performers, just playing off of one another. For instance, Blake telling Ramon to choke her, and fuck her harder. Ramon feeding off of her energy and he her's, essentially. In the end, it's the hard fucking, encouraged by Blake which brings her to multiple orgasms throughout the course of the scene. Technically speaking, there is not a lot to break down when it comes to this scene, as I do for many of my reviews. That's because the scene as a whole here, it's pretty much fast moving, and somewhat thorough. It's a nice collective of fucking, featuring multiple instances of both titty fucking and orgasms. I recommend this scene, as there is not much negative to say about it as it gets its job done very well. 

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