Step Sis Likes Sucking Dick (2020)

by - September 15, 2020

 Starring:  Destiny Cruz // Tyler Steel 
Directed by: 
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Tyler Steel is quite upset with his stepsister, Destiny Cruz, who has left behind quite a mess. From food that has been left out, to dishes that have yet to be cleaned, Tyler is quite disgusted by what he finds. However, little did he know that he had not seen anything yet. That's because, when he looks outside the window, he just so happens to find Destiny going to town as she suck off some random guy in the backyard. Tyler cannot believe what he sees. However, he is savvy enough to be sure to document the incriminating event, recording it on his phone. After getting more than enough footage, Tyler goes on to purposely sabotage the blowjob, which soon brings Destiny back inside, of course. It is then that Tyler goes on to confront his sister about what he just saw go down. He talks about of course, the mess That Destiny left behind, before going on to question she about what she was doing in the backyard. It is then that he goes on to tell her about the footage that he captured. It's footage that soon sends Destiny into a panic, as she does not want this getting back to their parents. It would seem as though Destiny is willing to do anything to make sure that that does not happen. She questions Tyler whether or not he wants she to suck his dick as well. Tyler, first hesitant, as that is not what he had in mind. Because he just simply wanted her to maybe do his chores for an extended period of time. However, he says a blowjob does sound nice. Tyler keeps things going, until Destiny goes on to say that she might be open to doing more than just suck his cock. Tyler is okay with that indeed however, he has but one more stipulation. He says that Destiny must also finally admit that she has always wanted to have sex with him - her stepbrother. It's a deal that ends in both of them actually admitting likewise. It's soon after this, that things get underway between the two stepsiblings, as Destiny drops to her knee's to get Tyler's cock out to suck it.

Positions Seen //
- reverse cowgirl
- standard cowgirl
- doggy
- missionary
- spoon

The Review //
Today's review comes by way of the website, BRATTY SIS. It's a scene that features a starlet who I've just become acquainted with recently and Destiny Cruz. If you happen to be familiar with the scenes brought to you by BRATTY SIS, then you are aware that most of the storylines presented in them have to deal with a stepsister who just so happens to annoy her stepbrother in some form or fashion. However, it's the same stepbrothers who who happen to find them attractive. Oh, who would've thunk it?? That is exactly what we have here when it comes to a storyline featuring Destiny and male talent Tyler Steel, as the brother.

In the storyline, Tyler is Destiny's brother who just cannot believe her when he comes across a mess that she has left behind for he to clean up in the kitchen. However, if he thought that that was unbelievable, he could've never prepared himself for what he would find outside the window which overlooks the backyard. Yes, it would appear that Destiny is more than a little busy outside, when Tyler finds her sucking the cock belonging to some guy. It's one of the storylines which sees a subject caught in a bad position. A moment in which another, seizes the opportunity in order to use blackmail to their advantage. That's exactly what Tyler does here, whenever he takes it upon himself to record the action happening outside in the backyard. He then in turn, threatens to turn in the footage to he and Destiny's parents, if she should not cooperate with his every desire and want from she. So yes, long story short, the end result being that sooner than later, Destiny finds herself, not only on her knees but going all the way with her stepbrother in the end, so long as though he doesn't get her in trouble. It's a storyline that also reveals that the two stepsiblings have been into one another for some time. So before it is all said and done it's a win-win for everyone anyway.

The sexual material of the scene which happens to end up being a really fun romp between these two, of course begins with the old-fashioned blowjob. Initially, Destiny takes Tyler into her mouth, but it isn't long before he takes over to quickly fuck her face, as the camera has a side view. However, it would soon progress by taking an over the shoulder POV view. This, as Destiny sucks cock, while gazing up at the camera with her big, beautiful glowing, gray tinted eyes. I have to say that her eyes just look incredible from this view, as she looks up at us essentially. Destiny, simply has some of the most beautiful eyes that I have ever seen. We would then get more glimpses from Destiny as the action then go on to take place, and continue when the two of them go to her bedroom. Tyler is quick to get on his back as the blowjob from Destiny continue from there, on the bed. Destiny shows that she is definitely good it sucking cock, as she works with both her mouth and her tongue in tandem. Following this, the action then goes on to a reverse cowgirl position, as Tyler remain on his back, for Destiny to rock back on his cock. Destiny begins things, however, soon Tyler proceeds to guide her into the cock, as he spread apart her pussy and ass, as he bring her down on the dick slowly. This was good stuff here. During, the camera zooms in, as we get a good look at Destiny's pussy swallowing every inch of it. Tyler would then go on to regain authority, as Destiny position her head on a pillow, as she is face down and ass up. It's at this point that Tyler goes on to fuck at a quick pace. This, as most of the footage is caught from a view at a distance. The next position would see Destiny reverse herself as we go into standard cowgirl. Again, Destiny begins by bouncing up and down. However, soon she would maintain a rhythm, and it is with this that I found one of the highlights of the scene. That's because from here, we see Destiny go on to slowly grind on the cock. The petite starlet here maintains a sort of wave motion, as she gyrates on Tyler. Oh my God, this was so sexy. The fucking movement in those hips! Not to mention, her beautiful dark bush, as well as the look upon Destiny's face. The look of pure joy, and satisfaction. However, as we would find this position would have much more to offer. The next stage of the position would see Tyler coach Destiny along a little, as he instructs her to push off of his knees. It's from there that he go onto take charge, fucking her pussy, fast and hard much to her pleasure, and delight. We would see this then go to Tyler simply supporting Destiny's petite frame as he support her by holding up her legs, while he pound it. This, as he keeps the pace from the previous. In my opinion, this whole sequence was damn great. It's nicely captured by the camera, which was highly aware. As far as the action itself, I have to say that it was pretty incredible to me, especially the moment which we see Destiny grind on the cock ever so slowly, as if she was riding a wave of some sort. And then there were also the two instances in which Tyler goes on to drill the pussy hard. There was nothing not to love here as it was all great from this formation. The scene progresses with Tyler, then going on to ask Destiny what her favorite position is. Destiny answers him, by saying that her favorite position is doggystyle, as Tyler quickly flips her over. Destiny is then seen positioned on her knees, as Tyler goes on to assume this position from behind. He begins things from here, as he tease Destiny's pussy with his cock, as he stab at it, pulling it in and out. This causes Destiny to beg him for more. That is exactly what he gives to her, as he continue next. It's from there on out, that he goes on to keep up a steady pace of fucking, as the camera begins with a side view that then goes to a POV perspective briefly, before capturing it all in frame as it continue. The next position would see Destiny on her back as things go to missionary. It's from said position that Tyler goes on to fuck, until you build up a steady pace, which does nothing but get faster and harder over time, as he go on to fuck her at his hardest. This straightaway missionary would then go on to seamlessly transition to spoon, as Destiny remains where she is, as Tyler positions himself on his side as he continue to pound the pussy. The work that he puts in from here, is enough to drive him to to his climax, as he goes on to quickly jerk his cock, while aiming at her eager and awaiting mouth. It's a big load, which overshoot her mouth, with some of it hitting her face. With this, the scene comes to an end, but not without the story having one last stipulation. That being that stepbrother Tyler agreeing to not leak the video. However, she must also lick up the remains of his jizz from the sheet on her bed. She of course does so. So, in the end, all is well in this particular household, as everyone leaves happy. Yes, even we the viewer!

When it comes to this scene it is one that I found myself really entertained by. That be with both the storyline, as well as the resulting sexual encounter. First off, when it comes to this storyline, I thought it to be really fun and humorous. Not only is the whole set up, of the stepsister sucking strange dick in the backyard funny. The portrayals from each of the talent, makes it even more so. Yes, Destiny Cruz and Tyler Steel do a great job of playing off one another when it comes to their acting performances. This is especially true, when speaking of Tyler Steel, who has to really play up the aspect of he having found his stepsister doing the unspeakable in the backyard. Tyler does a really good job here, as most of the material seemed to have been adlibbed on the spot. The moment of Tyler being so freaked out, as not to touch Destiny's hands, as they have been on some strange cock, was just gold in my opinion. And then there is the sexual encounter itself, and I have to say that although it moves rather quickly, basically going from one position, to the next, there are some absolute highlights, which just make the scene. First, Destiny has a way of sucking dick, and also, just looking at her exotic beauty is enough for me. However, she would be a performer that we have a couple of surprises from. The next one would come during the moment which as I mentioned above, as she go on to grind on the cock, ever- so slowly. I was so turned on by this. We don't always see someone move this fluidly on the dick. It was like watching art in motion. Tyler Steel - what a lucky man! Speaking of Tyler, he himself, once again impresses. This happens to be my second review of Tyler in a matter of days. And it happens to be yet a another scene that sees he put in tremendous work. I have took notice and realize that he is actually great when it comes to moments of POV. He knows exactly how to capture them properly. This has to be without a doubt, due to his experience in shooting his own content. He definitely has an eye for it. It's also beyond this that he is consistent in his work away from handling the camera, as he is able to maintain consistent and solid work throughout the scene. Again, this was a scene that I really enjoyed it, it's a one that is both fun and thorough - both the humor and that heat. Again, the two performers play off one another both in acting and sexual performance well. When it comes to Destiny Cruz herself, she's just so beautiful. What a beautiful face, and overall presence. With that said, this is a scene that I would recommend for you to check out. I think that you will be more than pleased with this breezy and enjoyable effort from Bratty Sis! 

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