Anal Seduction (2020)

by - September 22, 2020

Starring:  Jane Wild // Michael Stefano
Directed by: Maestro Claudio
Runtime: 37 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
We begin things with Suzanne Ferrari, who is behind the camera, introducing the world to Jane Wilde, who here makes a return to PERV CITY after two years. Jane is happy to be back, as she is ready to partake in some anal, something that Suzanne says, was the subject of her scene two years prior. But Jane says that since then, she has gotten a lot more experience, saying that she take bigger dicks, harder poundings, that she can produce better gapes, and so on. Suzanne also takes note of something else that has since changed with Jane - her hair color. Jane, who is now a brunette, says that she decided to go back to her roots, as she goes on to answer that brunettes have more fun when it comes to anal. Suzanne says that Jane will be able to prove that today, with someone that she begged to work with. The recently returning Michael Stefano. Jane says that, as soon as she heard that Michael was back in town and available to work, that she just couldn't wait to get her hands on him. Suzanne then has Jane turn around, so that we may get a look at her backside. It's an ass that Suzanne says looks to have gotten more jucier since the last time that Jane was seen at PERV CITY. Suzanne goes on to prepare Jane for the scene by asking her if she had gotten good sleep the night before. Jane responds that she did get a good sleep, and that she wanted to be well rested for the scene that is to come. However, she does stress that she is likely to be tired after. Jane is for sure ready, and so is Michael who soon joins Jane in frame. Michael softly says to Jane that he has a surprise for her. This, as the two engaging a round of passionate kisses.

Positions Seen //
- front facing side fuck
- doggy
- spoon
- piledriver double penetration
- cowgirl
- front facing spoon
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
This review sees me heading back to PERV CITY to witness the return of one Jane Wilde, who everyone in those parts had seen last, some two years prior. Back then, she was new to the business, and still experiencing the many things that her sexuality has to offer. Not to mention she also sported a head of blonde locks. Two years later Jane returns, and this time she is much more confident in who she is sexually. She is also a dark and daring brunette these days, and she aims to prove to us that in reality, it's truly the brunettes who have the most nasty fun. It's said fun, that she looks to have with veteran porn performer Michael Stefano, who himself recently has just returned to the business after some time away. He now, a PERV CITY exclusive performer.

The scene itself begins with a, I'd say typical introduction segment. As we welcome the featured starlet Jane Wilde, and of course, catch up with her a bit, as it has been some time since she was last seen on the website. It is during this introduction that she makes it known that she is really looking forward to linking up with Stefano. The upcoming pairing has she both curious and excited. With that said, it does not take long until she is able to finally indulge in her screen partner.

Yes, the scene gets right underway, as Jane is met with passionate kisses from Michael. It's from there, that the two of them can hardly keep their hands off of one another, as it's during Michael manages to grab two handfuls of Jane's ass. It's said ass, that Michael finds himself drawn to, as he is soon face first into it. Personally, I thought it was really hot how Michael just basically attacked Jane's ass. He just buried his face right in between her butt cheeks with abandon. Jane would also go on to heighten this by bouncing her butt in his face. Therefore, making the viewer jealous. Michael would actually go on to prove himself, not only a champion eater of ass, but also of the pussy as well. The transition during which Michael went from ass to pussy was fuckin amazing. Jane just stepped over, Michael ducked, and in at the pussy he went. Talk about a seamless transition. It was from here, that he went on to suck on Jane's clit, while she rode his lucky face. After this, the two of them get things started with they both standing in an upright position. This, as Michael gets his cock out for Jane to stroke and tug upon. She does so, as the two of them again exchange kisses. It's of course after this, that she go down on Michael with her mouth. This would also include Michael soon fucking her face. Jane takes Michael deep into her throat, as he crams it full. However, Jane really does not show her skill, until she kindly asks Michael to hold her hair. Only then does she really go to town on it, like the cocksucking pro she is. It is during, and in between this that we see some spit play thrown in for good measure. This is evidence that the two of them have come to get nasty. It's after that, that the two of them go over to a different location. This as Jane soon finds herself pushed up against the trademark pink wall of director Claudio Bergamin's home. Things get really good between them next, as Michael chooses to penetrate her from right where they stand from an upright position. Jane seems a little bit surprised by this, however nonetheless pleased by what she feels. Things would progressed from here, as Michael holds up one of Jane's legs leaving her to stand on the other, as he go on to fuck her at a steady pace. When it comes to this sexual pose, it happens to be one of The Maestro's signature positions. I have never seen any other director capture it quite like him. It's from here that Michael puts in great work with his in and out puncturing of Jane's pussy. She loves it. This, as she begs him to "fuck the shit out of her". Immediately following this, Michael reverses her, and turns her back to face him. He then proceed to once again, bury his face into her ass, before again fucking the pussy. This is brief, as Michael soon has another hole that he wishes to play with. That ass! Jane cannot wait until he is in her ass, and next, he is. It is from here that he again keep up a steady, and quick pace of fucking. Things from here look tremendous. Jane keeps her legs tightly together as Michael fucks, which in turn pushes her ass out towards the camera. It just looks great. It's after a brief moment of ass to mouth, that Michael goes on to surprise us, as his next action is to bend young Jane over the back of the couch, and fuck her right then and there. It is doggy, as Michael half straddles Jane from behind to fuck deep. I wasn't expecting this to happen, it was rather spontaneous in feeling, and was just great stuff. Michael was getting in deep here, and Jane was loving it, as her eyes roll back into her head. This anal from doggy would soon make way for the first gape reveal. At that point Jane's asshole was already stretched big, a close up from the camera shows. It is also in close up, that we see Jane next go on to shove several fingers into her ass, as Michael himself, gets busy by once again filling up her pussy. What a nice looking view, that the camera gave us from here. Such nasty happenings! However, I can't say that I expected any less from PERV CITY and Jane Wilde. The Maestro would next continue with his artistic ways, as we have another artistic shot, one which sees Michael sucking on Jane's toes, while she is simultaneously busy tugging away at Michael's dick. I would also like Michael's next choice of business soon after, as we watch him go on to straddle Jane's face to fuck it, as she hang off the edge of the couch, in an upside down position. What a good look for the camera. This, as not only does Jane have her face fucked, she also go on to show her extreme liking of rimming, as she eat Michael's ass. Her pursuit of eating the asshole is serious. So serious, that Michael cannot believe just how nasty she really is. The next position would be a spooning position. Here, once again, The Maestro proves himself to be a lot different than his competition. This, as he chooses to approach this particular position in a much different manner. Here, he shoots the position at a, I guess you could call it a diagonal angle. Starting at the foot of Michael, and ending where Jane is positioned. This approach offering a truly unique perspective view. The action itself toggling from penetration, to reaction shot. I found it to be truly sensual that, during said action shots that Jane and Michael are essentially face-to-face, as they exchange with one another passionate dialogue. It was really sexy to hear all the communication said between these two performers throughout the scene, and it's in this moment that we truly get to hear it all in the clear. Not to mention that Michael during this, was banging both Jane's pussy and ass hard here. Following this, Jane finds herself dazed and on her head, as Michael seizes the opportunity to once again go at her pussy with his mouth, before going on to introduce into play a double ended black dildo, with which he has Jane stuff her pussy, while he then stuff her ass, as she is effectively double penetrated. After a short time there Jane is positioned in a piledriver-like way, as Michael finds is the perfect position in which to eat ass. He does so, as Jane takes it upon herself to choke herself as well, as she wrap the double ended dild around her throat. It's after this, that we see Jane go on to pry open her ass for another big reveal. And like always, The Maestro's cameras is right there. Next up, the two position themselves on the opposite end of the couch. Michael is on his back, as Jane then straddle him to ride the dick in cowgirl, as the anal continue on. It's here, that we see Michael maintain a steady but quick pace. One that only gets faster and harder, as things progress. After this, following another gape reveal, Jane briefly goes back to rimming Michael, before we see the two of them going to front facing spoon, soon after, as Michael continues to fuck Jane's ass hard. This position once again captured in the same diagonal approach, as I mentioned earlier. And like before, this position is captured just as well as the previous. Following this, the two then going to the scene's final position change. This being reverse cowgirl, as Jane is laid back, with her legs held I open wide for Michael's taking of her butt. And that he does, as he once again shove his hard cock up Jane's ass, picking up exactly where he left off, as he maintains his consistent work. This would immediately be followed up by Jane once again teasing Michael's cock as she jerk and suck the cock, during which, Michael can be heard urging she to "milk" his cock. However, next up, instead it's Michael doing the milking, when he comes around the back of the couch. Jane is then once again in an upside down position. It's from here that Michael hover over Jane's face to jerk his cock, and thus drop a nice big load making for an ideal facial finish.

Overall, I have to say that this was a pretty fantastic scene. Here, we have Jane Wilde making a return to PERV CITY after two years of being away while honing her craft, if you will. From the beginning, this scene was set up to be a great one, as Jane returns wiser and more insatiable than ever before. She's essentially a legend killer of sorts, as she says that there is not a legend that she does not want to get her hands on, and hands-on she is when it comes to Michael Stefano. Stefano who works together very nicely with Wilde to create the solid scene that we get here. The scene finds not one, but two performers who are obviously extremely excited. Personally, I did not get to see any of Michael Stefano's previous work, prior to his initial hiatus. However, after seeing this, one can tell that Michael is one who is back for the attack. He is not back, simply to fuck the pretty girls again. He is all in to produce standout work. He proves that here, as he comes in like the superhero that PERV CITY needed at this given time. When it comes to the sex between these two, the action itself was, and is pretty organic, I would say. This, as the flow is very fluid from position to position. Many of them seeming very spontaneous. The action is quick, and to the point, and it is a solid point indeed. I liked the positions, as well as the camerawork by Maestro Claudio, who seems to never fail in finding ways to entertain and impress in equal amounts. I just loved the upright standing fuck positions at the beginning. And who can also forget the way that Stefano ate pussy and ass in the beginning, also. This man is like a mature buzzsaw when going to town. Also, to be liked here, are the many positions that we would see, once the two performers hit the  couch. They just hit us like a barrage of nastiness. We have Jane face fucked, while upside down. Jane essentially on her head as she is eaten out, and' then stuffed with a dildo. There is even spoon, and front facing spoon, before some nice looking open-legged reverse cowgirl finishes us out. 

I say that this was very much the type of action that Jane was looking for upon returning to the city called Perv. As a viewer, here there is a lot to like, and a lot to love, and it is because of this, that I would highly recommend checking this one out. Here we have a veteran male performer with renewed energy, opposite a female performer who harnesses energy that seems to be everlasting. This is a very good scene to see. 

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