Back From College (2020)

by - September 23, 2020

Starring: Nella Jones // Ike Diezel
Directed by: Ike Diezel
Runtime: 49 mins.

Scene Breakdown //

"College Training"
This story begins with Nella Jones returning home from college. She is home for a couple of days, as she is just staying over the weekend. This, as her stepfather, Ike Diezel is really glad to see her, as it has been some time. However, although Ike is excited to have his daughter home with him, she herself, has a different reaction. She seems to have her mind occupied by something else, and daddy Ike knows this. He lets her know that he knows that something else is on her mind, which of course causes her to come clean right from the start, as she says that she had planned to go to a pool party. This is something that pretty much bums Ike out, as he was looking forward to spending time with her. However, Nella keeps to her decision, by saying that going to parties is what all of her college peers are doing. With this said, Ike still manages to get his daughter to sit down with him for a talk. Ike just wants a typical conversation from Nella. how is college going? What is she studying? And so on. Nella enters this by saying that he knows that she just so happens to be studying to become a doctor - however no matter what she believes, this is something that her father did not know about, as Ike goes on to say that she switches majors like she switches boyfriends. Apparently, Nella's mom did not tell him. This leads them to talk about mom a bit, as Ike says that she is probably sucking off a bartender somewhere. Ike even mentions how hot mom, is, which Nella then goes on to compare herself to her mom. This, as Ike agrees that she is a younger, and hotter version of she. The conversation then shifts back to Nella's present goings on. Nella says that she of course has a party to go to, saying that she might find someone to fuck. Something that catches Ike off guard, as it isn't necessarily something that he wants to hear coming from his daughter. But Nella does stress that she is old enough to make her own decisions, when it comes to who she wishes to fuck. It is then that a disappointed dad, says that he wants nothing more than his daughter to play video games, or volleyball in the backyard. He just wants Nella to stay with him forever. Nella eventually asks the question of who else is she supposed to fuck? That is when Ike takes it upon himself to point to who else, but himself. Nella of course, realizes this is a little strange seeing as Ike is her stepdad. The conversation about the party continues on, as Ike asks Nella how much money she has for the party - subsequently, asking her if she wants to show up at, and be the life of the party he says. Of course this is something that Nella is down for. However, it does not come without a price, as Ike soon want she to show off her bathing suit to him. Because after all, he has to make sure that it is okay for she to wear to a party. Although, Nella seems to not want to, she does want the money offered to her, so soon enough she gives in to her stepfather's request. Nella next goes on to strip down and to put on the pink bathing suit. As Nella changes, Ike jokingly asks her, what would she do if her mom just so happen to walk in on them? However, Ike is content, saying that he knows exactly where she is and that she will not be coming home, as he put a bug on her car to track it. With this revelation, Nella knows that the two of them are all alone, and so, Nella lets her guard down. This, as she goes on to mention she sucking her dad's dick. Ike is of course, surprised by Nella's blunt proposal. However, she says how else is a college girl like herself going to get good at sucking dick, if they do not practice? This leading to Ike agreeing to first a handjob, saying that she can work herself up to sucking his cock. But of course, as we see, it's just too much for Nella to resist.

"Too Cool For School"
The second story takes place the next morning after the first. It opens up with Nella standing at the stove in the kitchen warming up some food, as her dad Ike comes up from behind, to ask her about what it is that she is doing. That is when she kindly says that she is making leftovers for the two of them. Ike thinks that the gesture is very sweet. However, he eventually goes on to tell she that he was up all night thinking about things, and unable to sleep. When Nella asks him what that was all about, he says that he has come to the conclusion that he wants she to come home to live with him. In fact, he says that he is looking to kick her mom out and keep Nella. Nella is of course surprised by this, saying that there is no way that she could simply drop everything and move back home. She has school, as well as her friends there. But Ike on the other hand, looks to sweeten the deal. He says it he is willing to pay for everything, he will buy her a new car, hand over $100,000, and pay for her student loans, as well as also pay for the move itself. He is willing to give her all of this if only she herself is willing to call of her boyfriend and break up with him Because, after all, he says that her boyfriend's dick looks like a stack of buttons, rather than his, which looks like a stack of silver dollars according to he. Nella readily agrees after Ike promises her all of the above. And in the end, she comes to admit that she actually liked sucking Ike's cock. It's during the conversation. that Nella just so happens to realize that Ike once again has a huge boner. Nella offers to help him with it. But before she can Ike is quick to make a counter offer saying that maybe he could help her instead. Initially, Nella does not know exactly what he means by this. But, she soon would. This, as Ike go on to bend her over the counter and take her from behind.

Positions Seen //
- doggy

"Step-Daddy Dick Down"
The third story takes place in Ike's bedroom, as Ike is surprised to find Nella all dressed up as he goes on to question her about where she is headed. Nella says that she is off to see her boyfriend. Something that Ike obviously quickly shoots down. This, being sometime after she is already withdrawn from school, meaning that Ike has paid her way to move in with him just as he planned. It was also said that if Nella took the money from her dad, that she would have no choice but to give up her old boyfriend. But now, for some reason she wants to defy that stipulation. It's an arrangement that Ike is quick to hold over Nella's head, saying that, he did in fact buy her. Indeed he did, and Nella knows this. She in the end, says that in order for she to further comply with her dad's demands, then he is going to have to dick her down better than the boyfriend does. It is then that Ike has no hesitation, when he agrees to cooperate, in order to keep Nella under his roof, right where he wants her.

Positions Seen //
- missionary(with male on side)
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- cowgirl
- missionary

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at another anthology release from the website DAD CRUSH, as presented by TEAM SKEET. This release features three separate stories, all tied together, as one narrative. In the stories Ike Diezel, who directs, is the stepfather to Nella Jones's character. Here, we are told the story over the course of the three separate entries. Ike is a dad, who is often left alone by himself, as he is with a woman who is pretty promiscuous, giving her time to everyone else but him. His existence seems boring and lame. So, when his young college-age stepdaughter comes home for the weekend, he basically clings to her. It's been a while since they last saw one another and so he finds himself fairly attached to her. He would seemingly stop at nothing to have her spend all of her time with him. Unfortunately, the young Nella is outgoing, and she has already made plans previous to her arrival. This is when the taboo nature of this outing takes place. This, as the desperate dad, not only bribes her with money, but also with dick as well. And much to Ike's surprise, it in the end, all works out in his favor.

The first of the three stories, sees Nella come home from college for the weekend. But, it isn't long that her stepfather Ike Diezel is left with ultimate sadness, when he finds that the only reason that she has come home, is to go to a nearby college pool party. The situation finds Ike looking for any excuse for his daughter to stay home. However, in the end, Nella won't budge on her decision to go to the party. What she will do though, is partake in a special way of bonding with her stepdad. This, as she ends up doing something that she would never have imagined. From there, it is a proposed handjob, that soon turns to full-blown sucking of daddy's cock and balls. It's a situation that sees Nella remaining in character, as she go into the act initially very timid. only lightly stroking the cock. However, sooner than later, she goes right into it, taking a double handed stroking approach, while following it up, by throating the cock. I really liked how Nella had the mind to remain in character here. She works the cock good, yes. However, what I really liked is when she flipped the cock up and sucked on Ike's balls. Good stuff. The initial portion of this blowjob action, taking place with Ike lying back on the couch to enjoy. But, soon enough, he is up on his feet, as he go on to lightly fuck Nella's throat, and she continue to throat. Ike's camera having a side view, before taking up a look in overhead POV. The latter is brief, as we soon see Ike let loose, as he cum in Nella's mouth. In character, it's much to her surprise.

Overall, this was a decent enough opening story. The story dialogue seems to have been made up on the spot by Ike and Nella. Personally, I know that Ike hates storyline porn. So, this is probably true. With that said, many of the things that Ike's says here, especially about "pecker holes", and girls' "monkeys", you can pretty much bet that these two things are in his true vocabulary. I thought that all of it was pretty funny, if you ask me.

The second story is one typical of the type, one that sees the daughter waking up early in the morning to make breakfast for she and dad. Aww, how sweet! In this one, Nella occupies that role of the charming daughter, as Ike finds her in the kitchen heating up leftovers from the night before. Ike is pleased with this. However, he has something that he wants to ask his daughter about. As he goes on to explain,. He says that as he stayed up all night in bed the entire night, all alone as he often does. He actually came to the conclusion that he wants Nella to withdraw from school, and move in with him permanently. He is serious about this. So serious, that he is willing to kick out Nella's mom, in favor of she moving in, to take her place. Because, after all mom is probably out licking buttholes somewhere, Ike says. He of course, offers up money, in order to persuade her. However, money is not all that he has to use as a tool of persuasion. No, he also has his hard morning wood to give her as well. And that he does, as he goes on to bend her over the kitchen sink, as the two of them go into doggy. The encounter begins with an overhead view, as Ike first penetrate Nella. However, as he first begins his in and out, we have a view from the side, showing the full penetration of Nella's pussy. This, as the action then truly get underway next, as the camera is sat down in a still position. The view is from the side, and at a distance, as Ike go on to pick up the pace, as he plow Nella's tight, pink pussy. Ike first begins, slamming it in, by pulling back on Nella's long ponytail. It's a ponytail, that he would soon get leverage from, as he wrap it around Nella's neck, and pull back. This hard slamming lasting for a brief time, prior to he continuing. Ike getting a tight grip on Nella's ass then, as he goes deep into her. This would continue on, as he continue along, going even harder, as he pull back on Nella's neck. I have to say that I really enjoyed what would happen next. This as Nella next has her long stretched right leg propped up on the counter, as she is then open wide, both for the camera, and for Ike's taking. This looked fucking hot, I have to admit. Nella has some damn sexy legs, and that ass too! The fucking here is really nice. Although I really do not understand why Ike has to have his face blurred out, as we all know what he looks like.

The third and final story of the bunch, catches up with Nella and Ike, after the fact. Nella has already quit school, and Ike, has owned up to his side of the bargain. Nella has since moved in with Ike, just as he wanted. However, as we find, she has not given up yet on the old boyfriend, which Ike said that she must forget about. The story finds Nella all dressed up and ready to go see the boyfriend in question. So, of course, Ike is quick to stop at nothing, in an effort to put an end to it. Nella, still finds herself comparing the two, when she says that in order for her to stay in for the night, then she will have to be dicked down good. Better than the other guy does. This then setting the stage for a full-blown encounter. Of course, it begins with Nella sucking cock. This, as Ike lie flat on his back. We have a straightaway POV view of Nella doing the deed from here, as she go on to take it into her hands, while also sucking it deep, as well as licking along the shaft. Like the previous blowjob that started the anthology, Nella also goes on to attend to Ike's balls. It's obvious that this is something that Nella truly enjoys doing, one can just tell. And I have to say that I myself, enjoys watching her do so. Following the opening blowjob. it is on to missionary, as Nella lies on her back next. However during this, Ike does not maintain the regular approach, and instead, lies on his side, thrusting his Dick forward, as he penetrate Nella's pussy. It's from here that Ike goes on to maintain a steady pace of in and out. However, a complaint here that I have, is that the camera that Ike is holding during this, is really shaky at times. The next position, doggy, sees Ike take Nella from behind keeping his pace. as the camera view, goes from the penetration, up to Nella's facial reaction quite often. It's following this that Nella goes on to ride the cock for the first time. It's from here, that we see a combination of she throwing back the ass, as well as Ike going on to take charge, fucking at a quick and hard pace. It's a position that soon sees Nella take to the reverse, as the action then go to straightaway POV cowgirl, soon after. And again, it is pretty much the same combination of Nella bouncing and Ike fucking at a quick pace. This is followed by straight missionary after that, as Nella is pulled over to the edge of the bed, and Ike stand that said edge, in order to steadily fuck the pussy. The in and out occurs at an even pace. It's from the camera, that have an overhead POV view, both in close up of the ongoing penetration, as well as Nella's facial reaction. The scene finally comes to an end with Ike then straddling Nella's chest, as he jerk his cock, and eventually, shooting a nice load all over Nella's face just as she wanted. Originally, as things were going on, Ike is heard letting his desire be known that he wanted to creampie Nella. But instead, he ends things by covering Nella's face, as she requested.

These are three stories which tell the story of two individuals, brought together by taboo perversions. Here, I felt that the characters were pretty okay. As I said above, this was basically just Ike being himself. Texan and all. The dialogue between these two seems to have been made up on the spot a lot of the time. But, altogether, it seems as though the two of them had fun performing the roles. Again, I know that Ike Diezel absolutely hates the idea of a storyline in porn, as well as the acting. For a guy who doesn't like the acting aspect of it, his portrayal of the horny and obsessed stepdad isn't perfect, but I would call it decent. His acting performance gets us from point A to point B, so I assume that Ike is simply happy about that.

When it comes to my opinion on the sexual material featured within the three stories presented here, I would have to say that my favorite segment would be the second one. The one featuring the action in the kitchen. I just liked the way that it progressed. Especially, with the camera being sat down so that Ike could fuck the pussy hard with no hindrances. I liked this. Not to mention, the moment which saw Nella with a leg up on the counter. This moment, in itself, was pretty hot. With the first story consisting of simply a blowjob, of course it could be overlooked, as it was just the opening sexual activity of the release. However. the last story is supposed to be where it all comes to fruition. It's here that we are supposed to see the two characters go all out, as part of a sex scene. However, when it comes to me, I just wasn't that much entertained by it. I felt that the moment of missionary in which Ike is positioned on his side as he fucked, was far too shaky during the process. When concerning the camera, by the time we get past the doggy position, to see Nella ride the dick in reverse cowgirl. The view from here was again, fairly okay. Although Nella is quite slender, she does have a tight booty, and honestly it looks great from this position. I liked how it straight when into the reverse variation. The action would be finished up nicely with the missionary position, following soon after. Nella is of course, at the edge of the bed, while Ike stand at it also, to fuck at a pace that is somewhat increasing. It's a position that would send us to the end of the scene and  the collective story, as soon, Ike would drop his load by straddling over Nella.

As a collection, I would have to rate this by saying that it was just ok overall. the story content was okay, even if sometimes it was a little directionless. As I said, the second story caught my attention the most, when the intention of the release was of course for the third one to be the be all, end all. thus making the feeling of the whole thing, especially in my opinion, uneven. So with that said, I won't say that you should pass on this release from DAD CRUSH. It's just one in particular that isn't always great.    

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