#DPofTheMonth September: (Perv City) Double Stuffed Anal Buttslut Rebel Rhyder

by - October 08, 2020

DPofTheMonth September Recap:

 I remember Maestro Claudio showing excitement on Twitter the day he filmed this scene with Rebel Rhyder for Perv City. When Maestro gets excited the fans should also get excited and the results of this #DPofTheMonth poll for September mirrored that all around. Rebel Rhyder is a newer starlet that blazed onto the scene with releases like this one we have here. It looks to contain both double anal and double vaginal. Two veteran male talents are at the helm in the form of Ramon Nomar and Mike Stefano. The industry just welcomed back Mike with open arms as he picks up right where he left off. The scene altogether took a total of over 40% of the 67 participants of the poll that voted.  The other two scenes that took the remainder of the votes were Siri Dahl's DP  scene for Bang! with Isiah Maxwell and Prince Yahshua for the “Trickery!” original series. The other nominated scene was a full force Texas Patti double anal with creampies released for the Legal Porno network.  That came out September 21st while the Bang! scene with Siri came out earlier on the 8th.  Rebel’s scene came out on the Perv City member site as a September 17th update.

The other scenes garnered their fair share of votes and are special in their own right. But again the City of Perv spoke the loudest when it came time to have a scene be chosen for review. The polling took place on Twitter and the poll was up for three days. The turnout was a class of voters wanting a review of a scene that is hard and nasty. And it looks to please. Thanks to the tutelage of the Maestro we have new performers like Rebel coming into the fray doing DAP for loyal fan movements like the #DPBattle so that reviews can happen here on Black Halo.  Over 40 minutes of two veterans reaming a new tart is something I’m excited to review for this #DPofTheMonth September selection.


Scene breakdown:

The scene starts right away with no interview or teases as Mike Stefano steps in to meet faces with Rebel Rhyder. She’s wearing a cute kitten headband that ends up on another performer’s head later in the scene which I found funny. But right now Mike Stefano will smack Rebel’s ass in stride as they lock faces for this foreplay segment of the scene. It’ll also contain some up close and personal boob sucking as Mike moves in on Rebel’s breasts. Rebel is excited to have her tits slapped and sucked.  He'll then make his way down to Rebel Ryder's ass for more sucking and licking in a flesh feast.  Next Mike Stefano jumps into Rebel’s pussy as her arch hangs off of a chair she is sitting on. After a few jabs of this, he's ready to pump her butt thus starting up the anal for this scene.

The ass slapping continues while Mike is poking into Rebel’s booty hole with an erect member. Gapes start to pop up during these moments of arched ass blasting.  A deepthroat blowjob happens next as Rebel is faced with Mike Stefano’s cock. She is then lifted off the chair and urged to gape before a massive sex toy is lubed and inserted into Rebel’s rectum. It is a very large set of black anal beads that are being slowly inserted into her tight asshole by the hand of Stefano.  With the large toy wedged into her ass, Mike starts to ram Rebel in vaginal doggy.  Mike Stefano slides out of the vagina so he can methodically remove the large black anal beads from Rebel's anus. The camera gets close to this detailed display of anal warping. Rebel Rhyder is then stood up to get a few jams of standing missionary with Mike. She is then urged to crawl to the famous Perv City white couch where the scene will continue with another scene partner.

Rebel slides off the lower half of her outfit to almost be fully naked. She’ll grab a dildo to jam into her pussy as the second stud steps in. Ramon now has his cock being rammed into Rebel’s mouth as she stabs her pussy with the blue dildo.  Ramon gives Rebel a hand with it as he reaches for the dildo to fuck into her pussy. She wails in excited howls of orgasmic approval before the dildo is stuffed into her mouth then back into her vagina. She is then laid onto Ramon to get rocked in reverse cowgirl with the dildo still in her pussy.  She is squeaking with glee as the insinuated DP occurs with Ramon in her ass and the toy in her pussy.  Gapes happen here as Rebel is spread apart during this reverse cowgirl reaming. During the commotion in reverse cowgirl, Rebel's kitty ears become dislodged but Ramon also helps her adjust it as he is in balls deep in her. Mike now returns to take turns plowing into Rebel's butt with Ramon as she is pried open in this reverse cowgirl handling.

This is where the DP ignites as Mike jumps into Rebel’s vagina as Ramon continues to penetrate the anus as the anchor.  The scene flies into top speed as the DP starts and it won't be long until Mike Stefano joins Ramon in Rebel's asshole to start the Double Anal Penetration segment. During the throes of this DAP, you'll notice Ramon is now wearing Rebel's kitten headband in that funny twist that added personality to the scene. The hole filling is rampant and thankfully Maestro’s camera is close by all along to capture the gory details. This is great when the gapes pop out of Rebel’s fucked open asshole.  A double blowjob is dashed into before Mike helps himself to more anal humping into Rebel. This is as she leans into Ramon’s cock to continue sucking it.

 They’re back to DP in no time with Ramon now in the vagina as an anchor as Mike Stefano continues the anal. This particular stance of DP is in a side saddling version of regular cowgirl. This will then morph into a form of a spit roasting as Mike Stefano steps out to get his dick sucked while Rebel is now getting porked in the ass by Ramon. They roll back into a cowgirl ride that has Ramon retaining his duty as the anchor in the pussy.

  Mike Stefano is back in the asshole for the DP in a rapidly paced cowgirl thrust that turns into double vaginal. They both squeeze into Rebel’s tight twat in this full force DV segment. Ramon hops back in the booty and before you know it Double Anal is reactivated.  They pull in and out of the DP into a spontaneous display of finger deep ass fucking that almost has Ramon's entire fist into Rebel. Of course, during all of this Rebel is consistently gaped wide open for the camera. Ramon’s fingers are sharing Rebel’s asshole with his penis, he is pounding away in cowgirl as Mike Stefano stands over Rebel to get his dick sucked before he pops on her face.  In the last few minutes, the scene gets even crazier with a full blast of cum into Rebel's ass from Ramon. He isn't done after that inseminating act in cowgirl anal, he’ll have Rebel lick the residual load that leaked out of her ass off his stomach and belly button. The next thing you know Rebel Ryder has ten fingers divided between her holes as Ramon goes crazy on her.  This closes out a scene that would understandably satisfy the Maestro and the citizens of Perv City. Don't blink while watching this one! 

I’d have to recommend this highly to anyone that wants to see what the essence of Perv City represents. Male talents taking it the extra mile in a dance of double vaginal and double anal with pristinely new flesh like Rebel Rhyder is a sight to see. It's worth every penny to join the Perv City site to witness it for yourself and I can also see how this would be in the rotation of the #DPBattle. It also made sense that it ended up taking September's #DPofTheMonth poll. The fans shared this excitement at the polls and rightfully so.

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