Destiny Cruz Is An Exotic Teen With A Wild Sex Drive (2020)

by - October 08, 2020

 Starring: Destiny Cruz // Leo Valentino
Directed by: 
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins outdoors, when an excited Destiny Cruz comes upon a bushel of bananas which are hanging from a plant, located somewhere outside the house. She is of course quick to pick them, as she immediately peels one of the fruits and takes a bite. It is then that the director, who is behind the camera asks Destiny, if she is able to deepthroat. Her reply is that she can. This, as she goes on to demonstrate the act on the remaining half of the banana. She finishes the banana from there as the director says that it is hot out, suggesting that Destiny remove the colorful tube top, that she is wearing. Destiny then does so, without hesitation. It is after the fact that she goes on to rub the banana on her erect nipples, prior to the director telling she that there is a bottle of bubbles that has been placed behind her. She eagerly goes on to retrieve them, soon opening them, and proceeding to blow a round of bubbles. As she continues to blow the bubbles, the director then go on to ask her to get fully naked. Just like before, no hesitation from her is seen. This, as she first go on to remove her light pink denim shorts. Revealed underneath, is a pair of pink panties of a darker shade. Those also which she is instructed to slowly remove, as she peel them down off of her ass. Now fully nude, she goes on to show off her petite but tightly toned, darkly complected body. Especially, her backside, as she go on to bend over, as the camera briefly focus on her ass and pussy. Shortly after this, the two of them move over to a different location up ahead, which is closer to the pool. From here, the camera is at close range, as Destiny go on to blow her bubbles once again. Another banana would also be involved, as we see the camera pan up to fully capture Destiny's body. It wouldn't be long however, that the director says that he is ready to see Destiny get fucked. Destiny then agrees as the two of them head inside to begin the next stage. 

Once inside, it's from here that Destiny sit on the couch, her legs eventually spread, as she not only continue to blow her bubbles, but also touching her pussy. It is here that prompts the director to have the question. That being, how Destiny would like to be fucked today, and her answer is simple: she would like to be fucked in every way possible. It is then, that Destiny is introduced to her scene partner for the day, a young male talent in one, Leo Valentino. The two performers are quick to complement each other on the respective good looks. This, is Destiny is quick to notice that, Leo is already hard for her, as she feel of him, from over his pants. Leo himself, taking notice of Destiny's tits, and they begin from there.

Positions Seen //
- Reverse cowgirl 
- cowgirl 
- spoon 
- doggy(x2)

The Review //
For today's review, I take a scene from the BANG! series YNGR. It is a scene that features Destiny Cruz, a young starlet who is already making her second appearance here on BLACK HALO ADULT REVIEWS, in a matter of weeks. Why is that, you may be asking?. Well, the answer is clear. She is just absolutely gorgeous. And there could not be any better proof of this, than the beginning segment of this very scene.

The scene begins with a sort of introductory segment. One that sees Destiny outside on a hot day, as she go on to pick a bushel of bananas from a plant. It is with this, that she shows much excitement, as she goes on to then peel and eat said yellow fruit. It is also during this time that she would go on to have some fun by blowing some bubbles, and otherwise expertly showing off her sexy little body. Her looks are definitely on point. She has one of the prettiest faces that I have probably ever seen, in or out of the porn business. Those enchanting eyes, and most radiant smile, are sure to captivate you when you see them. Her body, also the tightest of tight. Destiny, surely makes blowing bubbles a spectator sport, if you know what I mean. After also demonstrating her skills to deepthroat, it is inside we go, as Destiny would also bring her bubbles. However, once inside she eventually is rewarded with something else to play with. That being the smooth, hard cock of a young male performer by the name of Leo Valentino. Immediately after meeting, the two young performers take to one another, as they go right into the action. Destiny, definitely wants to see Leo's cock, and it is said dick that she is quick to get to sucking. This, as she herself is positioned on her knees, as she lean over to do the deed. After some time here, the cock is well lubed with her saliva, as the two then venture over to the next order of sex. This being the reverse cowgirl position. As a viewer, I liked the manner in which Destiny quickly hopped on the cock, and began to bounce. It's from this position, that we see a combination of she bouncing up and down on it, and additionally Leo in between taking over to slam his cock in deep and has he lift her off of his lap slightly. Moments during which Destiny, essentially takes Leo balls deep. Leo is very good at dictating the pace of things. This, as he next instructs Destiny to reverse herself, as the action next go to standard cowgirl. It's here, that we see again Destiny, bounce at a steady pace on the cock, as well as Leo taking over for a time in between. From this position, I enjoyed the moment in which we see, Destiny sort of plant her feet into the couch, in order to slam her ass down hard. After cowgirl is done, the next position would then be spoon, as the two performers lie belly to back. It's from here that we see Leo go on to employ a steady pace, in which his cock would plunge deep into Destiny's pussy with long strokes. He maintains a good rhythm in his fucking here. A rhythm good enough, that soon makes Destiny cum. We next have our first instance of doggy. And it is a position that is displayed via an overhead POV view. From here, Destiny's round ass looks great, as it is close to the camera, and as Leo proceeds to hit the pussy, nice and steady, with an increasing level of pacing. The action would progressed from here, to show Destiny also throwing her ass back for a time. This, showing her ass slam back against Leo, to nice effect, as her ass shows some jiggle. It's action that we sense, almost makes Leo cum, as he quickly has he and Destiny relocate back on the couch, where the doggy would resume. The steady pacing continues, and it is enough to see Destiny once again brought to hard climax. It's an orgasm that Leo lets Destiny know that he feels, as her pussy squeezes around his cock. It is a short time later after that, that Leo himself would be brought to his own ogasm. This leading to the scene coming to an end, as Leo would go on to jerk his cock standing over Destiny, as he aim at her face. Of course, Destiny is all smiles as her face eventually catches a nice load from her scene partner. It is then, before the scene comes to an end, with her face now covered with cum, that Destiny go on to say her name for the camera, before then going on to thank BANG.COM, for an obviously good time had.

Though this is a scene that runs only 27 minutes in length, with about 15 of those minutes being reserved for sex, personally I still found this scene to be really enjoyable overall. First of all, if you happen to be a fan of someone, then the introductory footage seen here would be the type of footage that you would want to see. It is during the opening, that we get to see Destiny Cruz's bright personality in the buff. Pun intended. This, as she has some fun eating bananas, and blowing bubbles. This of course, before she would have even more fun with a banana of the flesh variety. The sexual material seen here is also great. This, is as Destiny sees herself paired with a young stud named Leo Valentino. A name and face that I had not seen or heard of, prior to viewing this scene. However, with that said, I felt that these two performers were a great match. Destiny herself had already impressed me in a scene that I had reviewed her in prior. So seeing her here, I pretty much knew what I would get from her, sexually. However, what I did not expect was to be as impressed with the male talent as much as I was. Yes, again, before the scene, I had not seen Leo Valentino, but it did not take me long to warm up to this young guy. For all I know, this guy is still young in his career. But that notwithstanding, he showed great poise when under pressure of delivering the goods. I was surprised at just how good he was. Not only in laying the wood, but also in his awareness of things. He was even at times directing the scene, and the positions. He essentially, also dictated the pace too. There was nice communication between he and Destiny. For instance, I really liked a little moment during the scene, which saw the performers taking to the spoon position. It was during the steady fucking, that we hear Leo ask Destiny calmly if she "felt the strokes". This, being his long, in and out strokes. Or there was another time, which he let Destiny know that he could feel her orgasming pussy on his cock. So yes, I am leaving the scene being highly impressed by this male talent. I definitely hope that this isn't the last that I see of him. Here, Destiny further proves that she is a great rising talent within this industry. Not only is her sexual energy on high, she looks absolutely incredible, no matter what she is doing, as well. She is definitely a young talent to look out for, for sure. This was yet another fun and enjoyable offering featuring she. Though the segment involving the sex is a brief one. It is one that flows well, delivering great action and communication from two eager young talents, and it is because of this that I would not hesitate to recommend this scene to you. 

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