Fun Filled Foursome Fuck Fest (2020)

by - October 13, 2020

Starring:  Indica Flower // Blake Blossom // Jax Slayher // Tyler Steel 
Directed by: Johnny Robins 
Runtime: 56 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
Our scene begins with the introduction of both, Indica Flower, and Blake Blossom. Director Johnny robins is quick to take notice of some differences in the body language  of the two performers. That Indica looks really excited, while Blake on the other hand, looks really nervous. The reaction from Blake lets us know that that is true. Why is she nervous? The answer is that she has never eaten pussy before, and this in fact will be her very first time to do so. Johnny says that Indica is quite the opposite, having some experience in doing it. This, as Indica says that she is here to "open Blake up". As it turns out, the two females have taken a liking to one another, since Blake recently signed with Hussie Models. It would appear as though Blake in particular, is quite the fangirl of Indica, making note of her liking to hear Indica sing on Instagram. It proves her to be a big fan of the fellow starlet. Indica does not quite know how to respond, giving a hint of shyness. It's after, that, that Johnny asks Blake if she has ever kissed a girl. She has. It's here that the director has the two girls kiss, Johnny goes on to further compare them by their similar breast sizes. This, before he goes on to have them stand, and to subsequently pull their tops up individually, to give the camera a titty drop. This, before their tops getting in the way, and Johnny asking them to remove them altogether. The girls have some fun with this, as we then see them bounce and jiggle their big natural boobs respectively. They even go on to feel each other, saying that it feels similar to touching themselves. It's following this, that Johnny tells Indica to take charge, The nervous Blake then is quick to flop down on her back, as Indica go on to mount her. Things begin with the two kissing passionately. Indica tongues and sucks at a nipple, before finally going down on Blake. Indica goes at the pussy like a pro, as she bury her face in it. It driving Blake crazy, as it progress to full on sucking of the clit by Indica.  Following this, Blake attempts to get up, but the dominating Indica advises her to stay down. This would then be followed up by Indica proceeding to shove a finger in and out of Blake's pussy. She alternates with different fingers, before inserting two at a time, in and out, with a twisting motion. It's then Blake's turn to go down on Indica after, Despite being new at eating pussy, Blake goes right after it. She tongues at the clit, before going on to also sucking, making it sloppy, with lots of spit. This is followed up by Indica, once again having Blake position on her back, as she says that she has something to show her. This, as Indica then proceed to mount Blake for scissoring. After a round of thrusting, we see Indica reverse herself, where she would then bounce her ass on Blake's pussy. But, this does not last long as the two girls find themselves soon joined by their male scene partners, Jax Slayher and Tyler Steel. This ,as it is the start of the planned foursome between them.

Positions Seen //
- scissoring 
-doggy (x4)
-reverse cowgirl (x2)
-cowgirl (x3)
- standing cowgirl
-piledriver (x2)
- missionary (x2)

The Review //
Today, I am back with a review for HUSSIE PASS, as they present to us a four-way, packed with wall-to-wall action featuring two of their upcoming talents. Those talents being, Indica Flower and Blake Blossom. Opposite them, would be male talents Jax Slayher and Tyler Steel, thus making four. But before that would get underway, director Johnny Robins, makes the right decision in isolating the two girls and having them go at it before hand. It is likely due to a little detail spilled during the post scene introduction, when we learned that Blake herself, in fact, had never eaten another girl's pussy. Talk about a golden opportunity here that presented itself right out of the gate, so to speak! Here, you have two of the hottest up-and-coming starlets together. Not only are they similarly built, as far as big natural tits are concerned, one of them still had a proverbial cherry still intact. It was just too good, the opportunity. So, once the girls were properly introduced to us, and they let it be known, their mutual appreciation of one another, and also show off their respective boobs, things then began with an impromptu girl/girl pair up.

When it comes to this pairing, it is one that Blake Blossom entered into with a lot of nerves, this was visible. She was obviously nervous about going down on a girl for the first time, and she obviously wanted to perform well, and otherwise please the pretty girl which she had admired, up until this point, from afar. Things would begin with the more experienced Indica taking charge. I liked that she took the initiative here, treating her counterpart with care. This, as the two of them initially going to slowly passionately kiss, with Indica on top. She would then make her way down to Blake's breast, before ultimately reaching her destination between Blake's legs. As things began, Indica again approached with cautiousness, slowly going on to lick at Blake's clit. However, before long, she would just go for it, as she proceed to fully suck on the clit. In my opinion, this was so sexy, as she built up anticipation for Blake. This, before going on to just bury Her face in. It's after this, that it was then Blake's turn to do something that she has never done before. She approaches this with the nervousness had, before making her way down. She first comes in with her tongue, Licking along Indica's clit, prior to doing some sucking. She also buries her face in, shaking her head from side to side in a quick motion as her tongue lashes the clit. She eventually finds Indica's sweet spot, as we soon see her eyes roll back in pleasure from there. However, if we thought that that was the end of Indica being dominant over Blake, we were wrong. This, as she once again shove Blake on her back for a little show and tell. It's from here that things take a very nice turn visually, as Indica first climb on top to mount Blake. From here that we see the action go to girl on girl scissoring. It's from here that we see pussy rubbing pussy for a time. It's during this, that the camera has a nice view of it in extreme close up for a moment. The girl/girl action would next come to a close, as they are soon approached by their scene partners. However, not before we see Indica reverse herself, as she go on to pop and slam her ass down on Blake's pussy, as she remain lying on her back.

As I said, it is after this that the two of them find themselves joined by the guys, Jax Slayher and Tyler Steel. Things begin with some kissing, prior to we seeing the girls each have a dick in their mouths, as they remain in their previous positions. Indica is on her knees as she suck off Jax, while Blake remains on her back as she go on to suck on Tyler from the upside down position. However, next the two girls would mirror each other, as they are face-to-face, and up on all fours. From here, Jax is busy eating away at Indica's pussy and ass, as Tyler takes Blake from behind in doggy. It is from this set up, that we see the two girls kiss, before each of them would feel themselves fucked from behind in doggy. The men are, from here are at different paces, at different times. I did like the way that the camera had an equal balance of going back-and-forth between the two pairs. We hear Indica praise Jax's big dick, and we see Blake plowed, balls deep by Tyler, who gains leverage by pulling back on her arms. After this, the two of them come up off the couch to suck dick. At the start of things; Indica still on Jax, and Blake still on Tyler. But, it isn't long until Jax would suggest that the two of them go share Tyler's cock together. This is brief, but it is during this time that we see the two of them put in nice work on Tyler's dick jointly. I have to say that I really liked it when Indica was seen sucking, as Blake simultaneously have her mouth wrapped around the side of the shaft, as she go down it. I liked the way that Blake went on to massage the bottom of the shaft with her tongue during this moment. She even went down to his balls for a brief time. This was simply a nice visual in itself to see. Blake is then on Jax's cock for a time. This, being before they return to the couch for more play. Jax is quite the lucky man at this point, as the two girls go on to treat him together. This, as Blake gets busy as she eats his ass, and as Indica sucks his cock. It's a moment that looks great on-screen as the camera pull back to also show Tyler fucking Indica from behind. It just looks great, as everything was perfectly in frame and nicely captured. It's again, a nice balance of the two worlds if you will, going on at once. Near the end, there is also a moment, in which the camera splits off to solely focus on Tyler fucking Indica's pussy. I have to comment about this moment in the scene. Again, what a lucky man that Jax is to have both of these gorgeous women on him at the same time. He seemed to be in heaven, as he really enjoy himself. After this, the performers then regroup as a collective, to go into the position of reverse cowgirl. Here, Blake is on Jax, and Indica on Tyler. At the beginning of this, we see Blake stay stationary, as Jax fuck her at a deep, and steady pace, while the opposite, as Tyler is seen slamming Indica down hard on his dick. As things continue however,Tyler would be seen picking up the pace, fucking Indica harder. After this, the two girls switch places as Indica mount up on Jax, and Blake climb on top to ride Tyler. This, as the action, again collectively go to standard cowgirl, this time around. From here Jax goes on to fuck Indica's pussy at a quick pace, as he go hard. While on the opposite side, we see Blake taking charge to pop her ass up and down on Tyler. However as this position would progress, we see the girls together get up on their feet to slam down on their respective dicks hard. All of this, again looking great on-screen from here. This being especially true, when it comes to the moment in which the girls go on to plant their feet and slam their down. You just gotta love that sound of skin smacking skin, and in stereo, no less! I also liked the moment during the end of this particular position, when we see both Jax and Tyler just drill the pussies as hard as they can. Talk about fucking horny, and amazing! Also amazing would be what would happen next. It was time for the positions to change, and so they do. Tyler would take Blake into the piledriver position, as he would bend her backward over the edge of the couch, while Jax, initially on the other hand, would lift up Indica, taking her into the standing variation of cowgirl. However, as we would see for Jax and Indica, that would be only briefly, as they soon come to match Tyler and Blake, as they too, take to a piledriver position. This as the four of them are then, side-by-side. Boy, does this look great as well. I'm not just talking about the final set up in which the group ends up in the piledriver position collectively. I'm meaning the full transition, standing cowgirl and all. Just great stuff! After this, we see Indica and Blake double-team on Tyler's dick, while Indica get it from behind by Jax, the two girls remain with their men, as the action would continue. It's here that Jax has Indica in the doggy position, while Blake finds herself on her back, once again, as Tyler has she in missionary. During the course of this action, we see Blake eventually go on to administer a footjob to Tyler. It's this that has Jax wanting the same treatment from Indica, and so she is soon on her back to also work over the cock with her feet. Meanwhile, Tyler and Blake continue in the missionary position, and it isn't long before Jax and Indica would join them as, they too end up in missionary. It's here that the position would continue, until the two guys must cum. Tyler is the first to go, as he jerk his cock over Blake. Giving she a facial, Then would follow Jax, whose cum would rain down on both ladies for the finish of the scene. Of course, the scene would then be bookended by us catching up with both Indica and Blake, as they share a shower together, after sharing the pair of cocks. Like the opening segment of the scene, these girls are all about having fun together, and it would appear as though they really enjoyed themselves on this day.

Overall, I have to say that this is a scene that really, pardon the pun, "blossomed" into something very special between these four individuals, who  came together to create a four-way scene of hot, uninhibited sex. As I said, the opening segment was fun, as we got to know how Indica Flower and Blake Blossom are together. How they get along and so on. The answer is that they get along quite well, both socially and physically. It was very nice that during the segment we got to see Blake eat pussy, not only for the first time on camera, but also for the first time in her young life! It's sort of a beautiful thing to witness, I must admit. However, with this in mind, the best was yet to come. The best would be during the actual featured foursome between the girls, Jax Slayher and Tyler Steel. All four of these performers performing well during the scene. Truth be told, I don't always like reviewing scenes which consists of multiple participants. It's simply due to the fact that most of the time, the director has no idea how to control the action in front of them, and as a result, most of the scenes that I have seen in the past have been way too chaotic for me to keep track of, and to enjoy as a reviewer. This being as I have the extra pressure of having to put into words what I see, and in turn, have it all make sense for all of you guys who read the reviews. Other scenes have given me such a headache. However, when it comes to this scene, I was pleasantly surprised that it is altogether, a well maintained and shot scene. I felt that everything was balanced here, exactly how it should have been. There is not more time spent on one girl and not the other, or one position in particular, etc. All is given an even playing field basically. I felt that the camerawork from Johnny Robins was great, as he nicely captured the action at all times with a few of his shot choices creating key moments for the scene. I felt that the camera closed in on close up at just the right times, and likewise all of the action in one full frame. This simply made the action on-screen easy to follow, and enjoy, all in one effort. Perhaps my very favorite moments of the scene came during the last half. I did really enjoy the stereo cowgirl position, along with the transition into stereo piledriver soon after. I really enjoyed seeing the girls have their pussies used well, and respectively enjoy it. Again, when it comes to this scene, I felt that it was not too much to take in. That it was just right. It is because of this, that I would not hesitate to recommend this four-way scene of much great energy and action to you. Be sure to pay a visit to HUSSIE PASS to check it out! 

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