Pretty Little Liar (2020)

by - October 14, 2020

 Starring: Gabbie Carter // Rob Piper
Directed by: Laurent Sky
Runtime: 45 mins

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Gabbie Carter, via narration, quick to admit that she is not a good girlfriend. That when something juicy catches her eye, that she is usually in over her head. She then tells us about Rob Piper, the man which she is cheating with. She says that she met him at the pool where she works as a lifeguard. It's from there that Rob went on to contact she via social media. DMs, went to sexting, and the sexting, to meeting up with her secret lover. The opening segment shows Gabbie swimming alone in a big pool. This, while she wear a yellow bathing suit that barely covers her voluptuous body. She comes up out of the pool when she receives a call. The person on the other end of the phone call is the boyfriend. Gabbie has composure, as she goes on to fabricate a lie to tell him. She tells the boyfriend that she is out shopping for the couple's one year anniversary. She even goes on to further the tale, by pretending that she already has a gift in mind. It's just not true, but nonetheless the boyfriend believes her. It's during this call, that we see Rob, the mysterious man looking on while lounging in a chair and smoking on a cigar. It's immediately following the phone call that Gabbie join him, and in the beginning, we see the two of them kiss passionately. The kissing sees Rob also caressing Gabbie's body. This, as eventually, the top of Gabbie's bathing suit, soon comes off. Rob follows up by going on to feel up her tits, and also tonguing and sucking on them, alternating between the two big, natural breasts. It's after this, that Gabbie and Rob then make their way into a bedroom inside, where a sexual encounter between them begins.

Positions Seen //
- 69
- reverse cowgirl (x2)
- cowgirl
- missionary(x3)
- doggy
- lazy dog (x2)

The Review //
Performer Gabbie Carter is a girlfriend that everyone probably wishes they had. However, the character which she plays in this scene titled "Pretty Little liar" from BLACKED.COM, and director Laurent Sky, is the first to admit that she is not a very good one. In this story, Gabbie is in a relationship. However, she admits that she has a hard time resisting temptation. It's when temptation came calling, that she met Rob Piper at the pool where she lifeguards. that is when she started to go astray, once again. The relationship with her new lover began innocently enough, with flirting via social media. But, before long, the two of them began meeting, and of course having sex. In this scene, we find the two once again together, as a lie from Gabbie to her boyfriend facilitates it. She tells him that she is out shopping for a very special occasion, their anniversary. However in reality, Gabbie is instead in the arms of her lover. Following she going for a dip in his pool, soon enough, Gabbie and Rob are in the midst of a very passionate sexual romp. One that takes them from poolside, to the bedroom rather quickly.

At the start of the sexual encounter the two of them go right into things. Kissing, leading to Rob to first go down on Gabbie, displaying his very precise pussy eating skills. This, as he tongue, slurp and suck on her pink clit. Honestly speaking, when it comes to eating pussy, it is in my opinion, that there is probably no one better than Rob Piper at doing so in porn. Watching this man eat pussy is a pure spectacle. Even Gabbie is quick to complement him on his cunnilingus skill. It's just that good. This would continue with Gabbie lying on her back, before she would then go on to ride his face, as his tongue stay in business, while she is on top of him. The next thing that they do is  69. Gabbie from here goes on to suck Rob's cock, while he at the same time eat her pussy. The camera shows a brilliant close up of Gabbie's tits during, as she attempts to slip the cock in between to fuck them. However, soon this position breaks, as Rob has Gabbie turn around to have she look into his eyes as she continue to work is dick. Personally, I liked the close up view of the tits, during the attempted tittyfucking, as well as seeing Gabbie suck Rob's balls. This being prior to Rob guiding she along. I did enjoy seeing her gaze up at him a bit, while sucking as well. As a matter of fact, Gabbie is looking right at Rob, as he go on to ask if she wants to get on his cock. She does. This, as the action then go right into reverse cowgirl as she climb on top. From this position, we see Gabbie first sitting upright to take the dick. This, as Rob goes on to maintain a quick and steady pace for the most part, as we see Gabbie's big tits bounce. Rob is fucking so hard, that it causes Gabbie to lean back, to stay on, as things continue. Rob supports her legs with his hands, as he continue to plow the pussy deeply. A brief moment in between, sees Gabbie returning to sucking cock. But immediately following this, she is back on for more of the same from reverse cowgirl. After this, the position then reverses, as we are then in standard cowgirl. From this position, Rob goes on to oil Gabbie up once again as things begin. Initially, Rob hugs around Gabbie's back, as he go on to pound it in hard at his quick pace, which is increasing. After awhile they move around a bit, during which, we see Rob maintain a pace that is steady and even. It's also during this, that we also see Gabbie really nicely grind on the dick, nice and slow. For the next position, Gabbie is on her back. From here she hold her legs high and back, as she allows Rob to take her pussy. The view from here is great, as Rob begin things with a cautious and slow pace. This beginning moments of the position are highlighted again, with some fantastic close up camerawork. I also enjoyed the fact that Gabbie and Rob maintained valuable eye contact during this position. This, being as Rob would eventually pick up a quicker pace. This is especially true as Rob, soon leans in to kiss Gabbie, before going on to nail her pussy deeply. From then on out, he fuck hard and fast, with a few slow and long strokes. It was really hot how eventually, the two performers were face-to-face looking deep into one another's eyes. Our next position would be doggy. It's a position that begins right away. with Gabbie up on all fours. This, beginning with Rob first proceeding to eat Gabbie's ass, before fucking her pussy from behind. I just love the way that Rob went on to tongue punch Gabbie's asshole in the beginning, so hot. It's from there, that the doggy would go on normally before we see Gabbie face down and ass up, as Rob pound her. This doggy would eventually transform to the lazy dog variety of the position, with Gabbie lying flat on her stomach, as Rob straddle her from behind to punch it in. Rob goes deep from this formation of the position, until it all modifies once again. In a very sexy look, Rob then has Gabbie spread her legs wide from the lazy dog position. It is from there, that we see Rob pull her in close. The two of them communicating in a very sexy manner, as Rob continue to go balls deep into pussy. Yes, this particular section of the scene was, and is rather lengthy. But, it is worth it! The view from here is just great. This including even more of the very detailed close up camerawork. Otherwise, Gabbie just looks completely sexy in this rather vulnerable position. Missionary would follow this position. It's a position which we see Rob go on to have a steady pace of in and out of Gabbie's pussy, as her legs are spread wide. The position being highlighted by even more very nice close up work of the ongoing penetration. Following this position, I have to say that there is something strange about the next sequence. That's because next we go into a close up of Gabbie's pussy, as it is fucked from behind as she lie flat on her stomach. The view here is simply amazing. This, as Rob goes quick and hard, only stopping a couple of times to go slower. From here, we are right in on the penetration in vivid detail. However, what does not make sense, is that immediately after this, we go back to the missionary position. It makes no sense at all, seeing as Gabbie was previously, and obviously on her stomach. I have my suspicions about this, and I believe that whoever edited this scene, seems to have accidentally edited this sequence out of order. It should have been seen following, or during the footage of the lazy dog position. Because after all, it'wduring that, that she was in this position, which was correctly staged by the odd footage seen following missionary. Again, it does not make sense, but I am still happy that this sequence was included, as it looks great on screen, as we come up close and personal with Gabbie's most intimate area. Whatever the case may be, we then go back to missionary, as Rob continues his steady, and consistent work. He first has a nice even pace, before picking it up to go faster. This, including he again lean in. as Gabbie wrap her legs around him, as he come to thrust at a very fast pace for a lengthy time. This lasting until the end result is Rob reaching climax, as he goes on to pull out and straddle over Gabbie's tits. it's of course from there, that he then proceed to jerk his cock, before finaly shooting his load onto Gabbie's big boobs, just as she had requested. With all of this said and done, the scene then comes to an end with one last round of brief tittyfucking, for good measure.

This scene, directed by Laurent Sky, happens to be one that I was pretty much into from the beginning, all the way until the end. This beginning with a storyline of an unfaithful girlfriend, portrayed by Gabbie Carter. Although the storyline elements are very much simple, all involved, still managed to create a storyline that was very sharp and sexually intriguing. Gabbie is just so sexy in the given role. Well, the truth is that she is just downright sexy, period. While we don't necessarily have to side with her on the idea that she wants her cake and to eat it, too. When it comes to the other side of the story with Rob Piper's character, we can sort of reason with him. We see why he might not want to pass up seizing the opportunity to be with Gabbie. It's a simple story, yet it leave you to ponder, and that is a good thing,

When it comes to the sexual material of the scene, in a few words, all I can say is that it is one very hot scene! It is a scene that escalates rather quickly, as things go right into it, once they reach the bedroom, and by the end of it, these two performers find themselves being completely covered in beads of sweat(well, oil too.). It's very steamy, and very passionate indeed. I very much enjoyed the fluidity of the scene here, as we essentially go from one sequence to the next, without skipping a beat. The action being captured very nicely by slick camerawork. I have made several mentions in this review of the nice close up work seen throughout the scene. It is this close up work that is truly second to none. Some of the shots I'm not even sure how they managed to achieve in such clarity and detail. It's just simply amazing. And most of all, sharp camerawork such as this manages to keep the viewer's eyes glued on the action at all times. In my opinion, there was never a throw away moment here. Just passionate action all the way. As for the two performers themselves, Gabbie Carter and Rob Piper, have tremendous, and undeniable chemistry with each other here. There is good communication between the two of them, during the course of the scene. This, as we see Rob Piper put in some fucking great work. For the most part of the scene, his work here is at an increasing pace, only going harder over time. I mean here we see Rob pound, and pound it good, as Gabbie at times, beg him to take all of her pussy, as she surrender it to him. Yes, the action seen between them is again, very steamy, and engaging! It is on those words, that I readily recommend this beautiful, and artful scene to you for your viewing pleasure. 

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