Is That Exercise Ball Stuck Up Your Ass?

by - November 25, 2020

 Starring: Kayla Kayden // Xander Corvus
Directed by: 
Runtime:  mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Kayla Kayden engaging in her daily yoga workout routine. She is on her red yoga mat, as she performs a series of stretches and bends. However, she just cannot wait to involve her new exercise ball. Only this purple ball, is no ordinary exercise ball at all, as attached to it, is a good-sized dildo. Kayla's eyes are wide and attentive, as she stare down the dildo, before going on to put it in her mouth to suck on it. Unfortunately however, she doesn't get far with it, as she finds herself soon interrupted by her husband, Xander Corvus. Xander is quick to take notice of the exercise ball, as he first bounce on it, and then he do some up and down rolls. Kayla does everything that she can to conceal the sex toy attached to the ball, and somehow she is successful in keeping Xander from discovering it. This, although it was right behind his head, the whole time. Xander then leaves Kayla to continue her workout in peace. However, Kayla has other plans. This, as we see she then rip a sizable hole in the back of her stretchy, blue yoga pants. Of course, we know what is coming next. Kayla then proceed to sit directly on the dildo, as it go deeply into her ass. She follows this up, by bouncing on the ball, as it continue to jam her asshole. It feels good to Kayla, and she loves it. However, she soon discovers a slight problem, as she looks to get up from the ball, The dildo has managed to somehow get stuck in her ass. Kayla has no idea how to remove herself from the ball, and her panic gets even more frantic, when she is again interrupted by Xander. Xander, coming into the room saying that it is time for his work out to begin. Kayla again, does her best to hide it from Xander. Although he does almost anything to stick around, saying that the two of them can workout together. This, as Kayla searches for any excuse; from only having one pose left, to needing to go somewhere. But none of it seems to work. This of course, leaving Kayla having no choice other than to reveal to he, her awkward predicament. Xander cannot quite believe what he sees. An exercise ball dildo, stuck straight up his wife's ass! After the initial shock, Xander tries his best to remove the ball from Kayla's ass. However, nothing seems to work. He pulls with all of this might and leverage. He even has Kayla grab onto the couch. But the ball just won't budge from Kayla's tight anus. After some trying times, Xander is finally successful in removing the ball, after using a little cold water at the site. However, upon the removal, we see that Kayla's sexual urges, have not yet been quite fulfilled. This, as she go on to rip open her pants even further. It's as if it were a green light for Xander, who is then quick to bury his face into Kayla's ass. This being the start an impromptu sexual encounter between the two fitness loving lovers.

Positions seen //
- doggy
- doggy(anal)(x2)
- full straddle doggy
- full straddle(anal)
- reverse cowgirl(anal)(x3)
- cowgirl
- cowgirl(anal)
- double penetration(with toy)
- titty fucking
- reverse cowgirl(x2)
- missionary(anal)
- missionary

The Review //
In this scene from BRAZZERS, Kayla Kayden is all about the workout. It's on this particular day that we see, that she wants to work out her asshole as well. Yes, in this scene, Kayla Kayden has just acquired a new exercise ball, which has been equipped for sexual pleasure. That's because it comes with a rather nice, matching dildo attached. It's a toy that Kayden cannot wait to use, and her asshole is ready. Unfortunately though, just as she was indulging in the pleasures of her new workout ball, the blonde stunner just so happens to run into two problems; one being her husband Xander Corvus, who interrupts her, and the other being a much bigger problem, in that the dildo in question, does the imaginable. After Kayla's butthole endures a concession of bounces on the toy, it somehow manages to get lodged deeply within. So much so, that Kayla cannot disconnect herself from it. When Xander once again comes into the room a second time, Kayla tries her hardest to keep it from her husband. However, the situation is much too chaotic, and before we know it, we see Xander valiantly trying to remove said dildo from Kayla's ass, to hilarious results.

Yes, this is the storyline setup that this scene from BRAZZERS presents to us in a nutshell. I do have to say, that it is actually quite hilarious, and well played by are two performers; Kayla Kayden and Xander Corvus. First, Kayla plays it off well, as first the curious, yoga babe, and then one in peril, as the unexpected happens. Her reaction to the whole thing is quite great. After the fact, we then have, adding to the comedy, the always great Xander Corvus, who he himself has great comedic timing and presence. At the beginning of the scene, before the "incident" involving Kayla's ass even occurs, Xander shows brilliance. In the story we have Xander, Kayla's husband, interrupting she two times during her workout. One before and after dildo mishap. The first time out, he interrupts Kayla just after she gets the ball out. It finds Kayla doing anything in her power to keep the sex toy attached to her ball a secret. Even as Xander, bounce, and roll around on it. This moment in the scene was really funny, as Xander plays it off as he is oblivious to what he has before him. It's just great. Then we have even more comedy from both performers, as Xander finally comes to know what has exactly gone on. Xander, puts on that he is unable to remove the ball from Kayla's rectum, no matter what he tries. And on the other hand, Kayla plays the worried victim. As I said, it's just great comedy all around, and really fun. Eventually, Xander is able to detach the ball after the use of a little water (come on, really? But that is indeed the comedy genius here.)

After the storyline passes, we are then, of course onto the sexual encounter involving the two. We see Kayla get things started as she further rip the hole in the back of her yoga pants. Xander on his end wasting absolutely no time, as he quickly go on to bury his face deep into Kayla's ass. It was from there, that we come to know just what kind of performer that Kayla is. She is really vocal and alert. As she would tell Xander to lick her ass and pussy.The first order of business sees Kayla then on all fours, as the action begins in doggy. It's a position where we see Xander begin by fucking the pussy, at a steady pace of in and out. This before he would go on to switch holes, as he take the plunge deep into Kayla's ass, next. The surprised reaction upon Kayla's face tells us that she really enjoys the feeling. The position would see Xander alternating between both openings. This, prior to going even deeper into both, as he go on to fully straddle Kayla's ass. After this, it would be followed up with some ass to mouth, shortly thereafter, as Kayla suck cock. After this, the anal continues on in a position of reverse cowgirl, as Xander lie back on the yoga mat. It's also during this position, that we see the yoga ball once again come into play, as Xander hold it up for Kayla to suck on the dildo. Xander begins nice and steady, as he fuck the ass. But it is after he rip open the front of Kayla's pants, that he really gets going. His pace from here being one of a quick in and out. I really liked the way that he took the initiative to really give it to her fast and hard from here. This is followed up by the positioning reversing, as it is next in reverse cowgirl, and is here that we again see Xander have his way with both of Kayla's holes. Initially, Kayla bounces as her pussy is fucked, and even goes on to plant her feet firmly to slam down on it. However, things get most interesting, when Xander follows up by switching to the asshole. The camera giving us a close up during this particular moment. The closeup, being really nice I have to admit. Following this, would come one of the most interesting moments in the scene. It's when Xander decides to get the ball involved once again, as he has Kayla bend over and sit on it. It's here on two separate short occasions that we have from here, Xander in her ass, and the dildo in her pussy. Yes, while it may be brief, it is indeed the act of double penetration! I just felt that it was a nice little addition to the proceedings. It's after the act doesn't play out, that things would continue from there in doggy, as Xander continue to fuck the ass. Xander would next go on to lie back on the ball, as Kayla then slip his cock in between her big tits, for some very welcome titty fucking. It's during this that we have a POV view, as Kayla go on to talk dirty to the camera, all while her tits bounce. Personally, I thought it was really hot, the way that Kayla talk directly to the viewer, as we watch as her big tities bounce. Xander would remain in the position, as we next see Kayla reverse herself to sit on his dick. Like before, Xander alternates nicely between both inviting orifices. Next up, we would then see reverse cowgirl. Only this time, it comes from the couch. It's a position where initially, Kayla sits upright, as Xander's cock is in her asshole, and she is slammed down. This, as Xander reaches around to rub on her clit, in tandem. The anal would further continue, as Xander would then move on to holding Kayla's legs in a side position, giving the camera nice view of things. This lasting, until Kayla then again reverse herself, as the action pick up in cowgirl. A position which sees Kayla's pussy fucked, before it is then on to missionary, with Kayla on her back. It's straightaway fucking from this position, as Xander begin with plowing Kayden's ass, as he first struggle to get his footing on the floor. However, he soon does, and from then on, it's consistent fucking of the ass. This would see things in an extended stay, as Xander work up a steady pace, as Kayla's legs are eventually pinned back for leverage, as he keep plugging away. It's also here that we would see him eventually switching over to Kayla's pussy to fuck it at a steady and even pace. This lasting until he finally come to climax. The scene finally reaching it's end, seeing Xander proceed to vigorously jerk his cock, resulting in he shooting a load, with most of it going onto Kayla's ass and pussy for the finish.

When it comes to vignette styled porn scenes, I do personally enjoy one with a fun story. This scene from BRAZZERS, starring Kayla Kayden and Xander Corvus, definitely has one. Going into the scene, I didn't know what to expect, but it did get underway quite nicely, involving the really sexy Kayla Kayden, performing a yoga routine. However, it truly wasn't until Xander Corvus became involved, that it all sort of clicked, and clicked well, it did. The storyline was pretty funny, as I said above. The whole  scenario is quite silly, yes. But, Kayla and Xander make it what it is. The best thing being that, it is a good story, which led to an excellent showing of sex. It's a sex scene that involves both anal and vaginal sex. One that fortunately gives us an equal balance of both, it would feel. Although it is indeed the anal that gets top billing. With an equal balance, as well as a great awareness by the female talent, this one is definitely a scene that is enjoyable to watch play out. I give Kayla Kayden much credit, as well. This was my first time seeing her perform, but she is a performer that has the awareness to perform well. She knows exactly what to give the audience, as well as exactly what they want to hear. Every time Xander happened to opt for another hole, she had the awareness to let us, the viewer know exactly where Xander's dick was at any given moment. I greatly enjoyed this fact. Kayla is definitely one who knows that porn is for the viewer first and foremost. Xander on the other hand, does what Xander does best. He consistently performs to the best of his ability. He does so here yet again, giving us a great showing from the male performer side of things. I come to close this review, by saying that this is a scene that I would most definitely recommend checking out, if you are looking for a scene with an equal helping of both comedy and sex. I really had fun with this scene and I believe that you will too! 

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