Interesting Suggestion (2020)

by - November 24, 2020

 Starring:  Lilly Bell // Alex Jett
Directed by: Alex Jett
Runtime: 1 hr. 1 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
Side Jobs For Sis
In the first story, Lilly Bell works hard for her money, although she has very little to show for it. We open up as she returns home from her 9-to-5 diner gig, as she looks over today's earnings. About  $1.25 to be exact. Merely spare change. Her brother, Alex Jett joins her in the kitchen, as Lilly begins to vent to him about her frustration over the hardships of her job. This, is when Alex begins to talk about how he has begun to make a decent amount of money selling videos and pictures on the Internet. He even has proof, as he shows his sister his bank account, and the amount of money that he has earned for just this week alone. This is quite of interest to Lilly, as she is looking forward to making more money than she is currently. As she begins to inquire, Alex breaks it to her, that the type of media that he actually sells, just so happens to be porn. Alex of course, expected she to be turned off by the idea. However, Lilly's reaction is quite the opposite. If anything, she is that much more intrigued by the whole thing. Alex says that he is always looking for people to shoot. It's with this, that Lilly does not hesitate to volunteer herself. Initially, Alex is shocked at her proposal, seeing that she is his stepsister, which would be the natural reaction. However, the opportunity for both, just seems too good to pass up. They then go on to shoot some video. Lilly remains in her work clothes, as Alex says that it is actually kind of cute. It's from there that Lilly is quick to lift up her skirt, to reveal that although, she does wear pantyhose, the actual panties are nowhere to be found. She explains that she does not wear any - even to work. It's next, that she go on to unzip her outfit, to get her perky tits out. Alex of course likes what he sees, this as he go on to prompt her, by saying that he has a big dick, and that is fans happen to enjoy seeing girls suck on it. It's a suggestion that Lilly takes, as she soon is asking how she should position herself. It's then that she eventually finds herself on her knees to suck her brother's cock.

Keep The Money Cumming
The next story segment takes place sometime later the same day I suppose. This, as we follow Lilly into the shower. It's here, that she strip down out of her work outfit, this including her tight pantyhose. Before she strip out of them, we can see her dark bush peeking out through the sheer leggings. When she is fully nude, she steps into the shower. However, before she can get the shower up and running, she is interrupted by her stepbrother Alex, who barges in. He actually has some good news to share with his stepsister. As it turns out the video that the two of them shot in the kitchen earlier, has already started to do well on the Internet, thus making the two of them a lot of sells. Lilly is a bit surprised that the video that the two of them shot in the kitchen, a simple blowjob, is doing so well. Needless to say, Lilly is most happy with the results. Especially with the money made. So when Alex approaches her about the idea of the two of them shooting another video, for she it is a no-brainer, although she is already tired from work before hand. Things begin here, as Alex is behind the camera, as he sets the stage for their second scene. He has Lilly pretend that she is just coming out of the shower, as she is wrapped up in a blue towel. But it is a towel that she is soon out of, as she go on to take a seat on the edge of the shower entrance, and it isn't long after, that she engages in a solo masturbation session. This ,as Alex's camera looks on in closeup, capturing every detail. After this masturbatory moment. One that consist of Lilly both fingering her pussy hole deeply, as well as rubbing her clit at a fast pace, Lilly then invites Alex to get involved. He first get involved with his fingers, as he proceed to rub her clit as well. But it would be soon that she's ready for her stepbrother's cock.

Position seen //
- doggy
- missionary

Now It's Getting Personal
The third and final story takes place, after Lilly returns home after yet another tiring day at the diner. Her frustration still remains. However, Alex once again comes to she bearing good news. He says that while she is still slaving at the diner, he is still making good money from the porn. That being especially true, when it comes to the videos that Lilly has shot with him. Further evidence of success, has Lilly then questioning about her cut of the profits. Because after all ,they agreed to split 50/50. Or so Lilly thought. That's because Alex agrees, and then quickly hands over a $50 bill. Clearly not the amount of money that Lilly was hoping for. Alex goes on to explain that he thought that they had agreed on she just taking $50. However, it's simply not the case, and Lilly stress that, This, as Alex is finally convinced to send over a better cut of the money into her account. It is soon that Alex goes on to talk about recording yet another video with Lilly. But before hand, Alex says that he first wants the two to do something without the presence of a camera for a change. Lilly from there, quickly agreeing to another sexual encounter between stepbrother and sister, which soon gets underway. It beginning with Lilly once more sucking cock.

Positions seen //
- doggy
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl

The Review //
For today's review, I take a look at another scene from performer/Director, Alex Jett, and the SIS LOVES ME brand from TEAM SKEET. In this anthology fashioned offering, we are presented with three storied segments, which star Lilly Bell and Alex Jett, as two sexually curious stepsiblings, brought together by one thing. Money. Each of the segments revolve around Bell, as a hard-working woman, who works a dead end job, making very little, as she struggle to make ends meet. This, being quite the contrary to her stepbrother Alex, who says that he is been making a nice amount of money lately by selling pornographic pictures and videos online, via private sell. It's after Lilly sees proof of his income, that the gears in her head begin to move. Her desire is to live comfortably, one can sense. It seems as though she would do anything to make that happen. Yes, even her stepbrother! When it comes to the three stories presented here, they are as follows:

Personally, I thought it began with a very good opening to the trilogy of tales presented here. I actually, quite enjoyed the storyline of Lilly coming home her from diner job, just being frustrated that the working to tip ratio just does not match up in her favor. I also liked the way that the story progressed to show Lilly take a keen interest in Alex's proposed work. Truth be told I just like looking at Lilly, period. It's here that she is looking at the camera dead on, so we are treated to lots of smiles from her. This was especially true when she was engaging in the act of fellatio. Something that she obviously enjoys. And in speaking of she sucking cock, this opening blowjob was very nice. It's here, that we see Lilly go on to gobble down the hard dick, after she start things off by licking along the bulge in Alex's pants. She takes the cock as deep into her throat as she can. You just have to love the moment which she took her fingers and pried the sides of her mouth open wider, as she gluck on the cock. Other highlights during this, would see she maintaining eye contact with the camera as she, in a concentrated manner, suck hard on the head of the dick. She would also lick along the shaft, and suck on the balls. We would even see Lilly go on to blow spit bubbles, as she slobber on that dick. After some nice tandem work by Lilly, it would finally send Alex to his climax, and it's a load that Alex would lose, as it goes straight down the back of Lilly's throat, without he removing his cock from her mouth. Lilly's eyes rolling back, as she swallow. As I said, the story began with a fun little enjoyable storyline, and ended with a decent round of oral sex. I enjoyed it because again, it's during this act that Lilly make lots of eye contact with the camera. This, coupled with the level of enthusiasm which she approaches things, makes the segment worthwhile. Although I would have liked to have seen the pop shot rather than having Lilly swallow it directly. Because after all, how are we supposed to be so sure that it was indeed genuine?

The second story, happens to be sort of a continuation of the first. As I mentioned above, I feel that it might have taken place later that very day. It progresses, in that it shows Alex approach Lilly with the results of their very first video. They go on to tell us that the video is doing quite well. Thus proving that the Internet does indeed have a thing for taboo relationships. At least, when it comes to porn scenarios. The story went on to progress in a way that spun, seeing Lilly and Alex continuing their perverted ways together, as they collaborate on yet another video. Because after all, Lilly found what she was looking for in the beginning. A way to make more money. This is a scene that sees things beginning with Lilly going at it solo initially, as she steps out of the shower, as part of the staged plot of the video. It's during this, that we see Lilly work her pussy and clit with her fingers. She rubbing at her clit, before working her fingers inside of her. Soon, she is audibly wet, as she eventually slams her hole nice and hard, as she go deep.  

When it came to this, I have to say that it's a masturbation segment that just got that much hotter as it progressed. I mean, I think that Lilly is definitely one of the most sexiest girls in the biz, and watching she play with her girl bits, was just hot. Especially, seeing as it was in such great close up. Especially, when she went on to slam her fingers into her pussy. I'm not going to lie, I was definitely hard at that point! And that's not even mentioning the moment where her pussy, and butthole were also in extreme close up, once Alex gets himself involved. I really, really liked watching Lilly's butthole pucker and wink. My God! After the masturbation and pussy play, things would then graduate to sex, and it would be sex involving a creampie, as we would find. The encounter begins with Alex having Lilly bending over, with her ass facing the camera, as she herself faces a small tub in the bathroom. Alex, first takes time to admire the view, before he would go on to slide his cock into Lilly's pussy. And I say "slide", because that is exactly what happens. Alex's cock just slides right in. It would be from there that Alex would proceed with a steady pace of in and out, as the camera view is from overhead. We are looking down, as Lilly takes the cock. This, as she eventually props her leg up on the edge of the tub to open herself up more. Next up, Alex would have Lilly drop down to her knees as the doggy would continue from there. It's during this instance of doggy, that we see Lilly like before, reach back to spread apart her ass, which amounted to a glorious view of the ongoing penetration. However, soon after this, the action would pick up in missionary, as we see Lilly position herself on her back, with her legs spread wide for the taking by Alex. Alex himself, is from here, on his knees, as he then proceed to thrust forward at an even, and steady pace. We also see Lilly momentarily, also bounce herself on the dick from here, which was hot. What I also liked about this position, was that at one point, Alex has Lilly spread apart her pussy lips, and have she watch as he continue to enter in and out of her. It would be this action that would eventually lead to the finish of the segment. And it is a finish that consists of a deeply planted creampie, as Alex cum inside. With the creampie then pushed deeply within her, we see Lilly once again position herself at the edge of the shower, as she lie back to attempt to push it out. From what I can tell this particular cream pie seems to be the genuine article. What a very nice finish to this story. It was also yet another opportunity to see Lilly's asshole pulsate, so you know that I liked it!

In the second story, we pretty much got an almost complete sexual encounter between these two performers. However, as we would see this third and final outing for this trio of stories involving these characters, sees them indulging in one another that much more, and on a personal level. Things begin with Lilly not even stripping out of her diner uniform initially, as she first take the dick from behind in the doggy position. The overhead view shows Alex eventually getting more leverage, as he prop his left leg up on the couch. This, as he plunges the cock in deep. This is something that Lilly makes note of, as she herself is initially takes to throwing back on as well. It's following this, that it is on to missionary in once again Alex likes to watch as he jerk his cock out of view, as Lilly continues to once more vigorously rub her clit, as she invites Alex inside of her. As Alex goes on to once again penetrate Lilly, our view is from the overhead. And it is a nice view at that, as Lilly look up at us, as she is fucked. This continues, as Alex is consistent with his in and out plugging on the pussy. He soon hitting her G-spot, to which she urges he to pound her. He does so, until she comes to hard orgasm. It's an orgasm lasting even after he pulling out. It is after which, the camera get yet another great close up of Lilly's pink hole, as she spread. She even touches her clit from here, which proves to be very sensitive following the climax. After this, Lilly strip out of her uniform, as Alex would have she bend over and twerk on the couch for a short while, before we see Alex take to the couch to lie on his back, for Lilly to saddle up in cowgirl. This, as she faces the camera. It's from this position that we see she steadily bounce at an even pace, before Alex would later have she slow it down so that the camera could detail every inch of him getting lost in side of her. I most certainly enjoyed this view, as we the viewer from here, had essentially a face full of bush and clit. The nice view would continue next, as Lilly reverses to reverse cowgirl. This, with her ass facing us. This position beginning most interestingly, and nicely, with Lilly starting, with a front half straddle. It looked great but unfortunately, it only lasted for a brief moment. That's because the action would carry on in a more standard manner of bouncing. Although we would see Lilly, very briefly go on to plant her feet to bounce down hard. This being just prior to the scene comes to an end, with Alex jerking his cock to hit Lilly's face with a nice big load. I have to admit that it was a really nice looking facial.

As with all of the scenes from SIS LOVES ME, this one was a progressive one, meaning that the first segment served as sort of an introductory one for the characters for us, as we see them in the end, dip their toes in the taboo waters, if you will. While the next two that followed, see the characters go that much further. In the case of this scene, the blowjob that we have is fairly nice. I liked the way that the story led to the start of it, as well as the way that Lilly worked over the cock with skill. All while making that valuable eye contact with the camera. We then moved on to the second story, which of course, featured more. A whole lot more. Because, not only did it feature the first instance of penetration between these characters, it would later come to an end, having the involvement of a creampie finish. One that I must say, was highly effective. To me it looked authentic. It all shown via very nice camerawork involving brilliant footage in close-up(Jett continues to impress from behind the camera). The third, and final story segment, would be one that comprised with the most positions seen. This, including two find the positions; cowgirl and reverse cowgirl especially, with the latter leading to the scene coming to a close with a huge facial. Alex Jett is always hitting them with big loads, and this is, and was, no exception. When it comes to recommending this scene it is one that I would surely recommend. While it isn't mind blowing, so to speak, it's enjoyable in that the collection is consistent. Here Lilly Bell and Alex Jett work together to create a storyline narrative as well as its characters, who remain consistent through out. I like that these two were always in character, playing it up to its fullest in all of its taboo. Check it out!

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