HardX.com: All Anal Cutie (2020)

by - November 13, 2020

 Starring: Nikole Nomar // Ramon Nomar
Directed by: Mason 
Runtime: 36 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with the director Mason, welcoming 20-year-old Nikole Nash. Nikole says that she grew up in Northern California. In Sacramento to be exact. She says that growing up in Sacramento was lonely. However, often times you could find other lonely people to do things with. She says that for herself, she was always a bit nerdy. A bit introverted. However, she does stress that she has ALWAYS been a freak - ever since losing her virginity, which was during her freshman year in High School. She says that her first actual sexual experience came in the form of a "hardcore" blowjob, which she gave to her boyfriend. In his parents living room, and on Halloween no less!(Nikole says that on that night, she was dressed as a baseball player.) Nikole says that they didn't get caught that night. However, on subsequent occasions, they did. So much so, that it just became part of the thrill. The subject then changes, after Mason goes on to ask Nikole about her love for anal sex. She says that she did try it, only one time in high school. However, it just hurt too bad. It's from there though, that Nikole began to ponder even further, the act of anal, when another high school boyfriend, just so happened to put his finger in her butt. It was from there, that she says that she developed a much better liking to it. But with that said, Nikole says that it was actually, not until a few months ago, that she came to experience the very thing that would make she fall in love with butt sex. The ability to cum from her ass. She loves it. Mason says that the goal for today's scene would be for Nikole to experience anal orgasms. It's after this, that things would commence, as we soon cut to the start of the scene involving she and scene partner, Ramon Nomar.

Positions Seen //
- missionary(x2) (anal)
- side fuck (anal)
- doggy (anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- side saddle (anal)
- spoon (anal)

The Review //
For today's review, it's a scene which features a girl just doing what she loves. And what she loves, is indulging in the act of anal sex, and the orgasmic gifts that it brings. Yes, here, we have bubbly starlet, Nikole Nash, getting to eagerly partake in something that she just recently fell in love with. Nikole loves butt stuff, and it was the discovery of the anal orgasm, that prompted she to come to this realization. The scene begins with the typical introduction and interview segment. We find out more about Nikole. Her age, where she is from, and of course, we hear a few tales of past sexual experiences. Especially, those of the anal variety. Because of course, when it comes to the forthcoming scene, that is why she was there. Mason, has made it her goal for Nikole to be in absolute, anally orgasmic bliss. And she has picked male talent, Ramon Nomar, for this very specific task. As we would go on to find out, Ramon would be more than capable of the job.

It's after the interview segment that we go right into the sexual encounter between them. And let me tell you, this sexual encounter is a downright scorcher of a scene. It's one that of course, begins with passionate kisses exchanged between Nikole and Ramon. It's a moment that finds Ramon instantly attracted to Nikole's plump booty, as he get a good grip on it. This, before moving her plaid print shorts aside. It's of course from there, that he go on to stick a finger into Nikole's pussy, as she hike a leg up on him. It's after this, that things continue to move quickly, as we see Nikole then positioned on all fours from the couch. Her shorts are then pulled down by Ramon, who fastly go ahead, and go at her pussy and ass, with his mouth, and tongue. From here, Ramon does Nikole's holes well. As it is here that we see him both tongue-punch her ass, as well as run his tongue from her pussy, up to her ass. It's great cunnilingus work by Ramon. Work that Nikole seems to enjoy a great deal. Ramon continues with it next, as Nikole is then on her back with her legs up in the air. It's from here that he also prime Nikole's asshole with a finger, just prior to he inserting his hard cock. It's from here, that he go on to move in and out of Nikole's tight ass, at a quick but steady pace. It's a pace that he would maintain all throughout the position. It would briefly switch to side fucking, as Nikole has her legs closed tightly. We even see Ramon go on to half straddle over Nikole, as he further jam it in deeply. It's after this that we then have the very first instance of cocksucking from Nikole. It's during this, that she is seen maintaining eye contact with Ramon, as she does the deed. However, also here we see Ramon go on to toy, and play with Nikole's mouth, as he briefly pop his hard dick, in and out the side of Nikole's mouth. Following this, the action then moves along, as Nikole knows exactly how she wants it, as she returns to the couch, and assumes the position of doggy. Yes, she is on all fours, as Ramon then take her from behind. This, being as the anal continue in full effect. From this position, Ramon maintains his consistency, as he employs the same quick and steady pace from prior. He also pull back on Nikole's arm for extra leverage. However, it is the deep plunge by Ramon, that would soon submit Nikole, as she ends up, face down and ass up. It's at this point that the look on Nikole's face tells us that she has at that point, fully surrendered herself to Ramon's cock. Yes, from here Nikole's eyes, have an almost glazy appearence, as if she is in some sort of euphoric state. Ramon was fucking her ass good, and hard. It's following the doggy position, that the two of them collect themselves, eventually taking up in the cowgirl position, as Nikole climb on to ride the dick. The set up at the beginning, gives us just a beautiful view. This as Nikole plant her feet firmly and stick her ass out, as she slam it down hard on the cock. The view of Nikole's nice, round ass slamming down, as it swallow the cock, is just heavenly. But, as good as this viewpoint is, it would be followed up by another one that's just as appealing. It's an alteration of the position, which sees Nikole, next prop her self up on her right leg only. This, as she is essentially in half straddle. It's from this position. that we see both Ramon fuck, as well as Nikole, bounce on the cock. The transition between that and this, was just amazing to see. After Nikole briefly going down on Ramon to again suck his cock, The next position would be reverse cowgirl, where the two performers would enjoy an extended stay. It's here that in the beginning, Nikole lie back to take the dick in her ass. Ramon go on to keep a quick pace, as he run his cock in and out of Nikole's asshole. It's a quick pace that soon sees Nikole reaching anal orgasm, and it's with this, that we see she absolutely lose control of herself, as she cum on the cock hard. The position would also see Ramon holding Nikole's legs back to fuck deeply, just before Ramon has Nikole lean forward, and pin her legs back, as her feet are planted to ride him. Nikole is positioned upright here, as her ass continues to take the cock. The two, then follow up with Nikole taking to a sidesaddle position, as she sits sideways on Ramon's lap to continue to bounce on the dick. It's a position that is beneficial to the view of Nikole's nice bouncing butt. This would continue by taking to a very interesting alteration of the position. It's a position that is truly eye candy for the viewer. This, as Nikole go on to prop her right leg up on Ramon's leg, as she remain in side saddle. It's from here, that Ramon fucks her back, as we have a wide open view of the ongoing penetration of the asshole. From here, not only is the point of entry, the asshole, in clear view for us, also is Nikole's beautiful, fat pussy. It's indeed a fucking spectacular view! Next up however, the two of them take to the couch, for one final position. That position being spoon. At the start, we see Ramon continue to fuck nice and hard. Initially, Nikole has her legs closed tightly. However, soon they are spread wide. From this point, Ramon is determined, as he keep pounding away steadily. He fucks to reach his point of climax, and soon he does. It's then that the two rush to position themselves, as Ramon stand over Nikole, as she herself, preps for Ramon's hot load. It's after some jerking of his cock that Ramon comes to unload on Nikole, as he just drenches her face in jizz for the finish.

As I said above this was a fucking great scene to witness. And witness I did, mostly with a smile on my face the entire time. This all anal sex show, is pure intensity from start to finish. If hot sex could bring about the fires of hell, this scene would have most definitely burned the set house to the ground. This was genuinely great stuff. Prior to the sex scene taking place in the pre-scene interview segment, Nikole Nash made it known that she happens to be very, very fond of the pleasurable sensation of anal orgasms. It was with that, that the director, Mason, made sure that anal orgasms were exactly what she got with this scene, and boy did she ever deliver! Here, Nikole just came, and came, and came again. Both anally, and vaginally. At times, she was basically putty in Ramon's hands, as there were moments here, that would appear as though, Nikole had completely lost herself. It was incredible all around. This is one scene that I definitely would not hesitate at all to recommend to just about anyone who loves good old-fashioned hard anal porn. This scene is a job well done by everyone involved. The direction by Mason here is on point, at all times. Giving us a close up views when appropriate, as well as the most fitting views in full frame as the camera pan back to let things live. And when it comes to the two performers; Nikole Nash and Ramon Nomar, they basically gave this scene their all. Nikole, essentially surrendering herself completely to her scene partner Ramon. And on the other hand, Ramon delivering an ultra-consistent performance. It's here that we see him mostly maintain the same pacing throughout, hardly ever leading up. It is a truly great performance by the male talent. So with that, I will say that this scene is definitely worth your time. One of the best scenes that I have seen this entire, stupid year. Check it out! 

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