Rise and Grind (2020)

by - December 23, 2020

Starring: Lilly Bell // Sly Diggler
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 42 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
In this scene, Lilly Bell lives a life of luxury. However, it comes at a price. As she explains, her boyfriend, Apollo's motto is, "Rise and Grind", which means, there are many mornings that she wakes up with he already gone. She must get up and start her day on her own. She says that they stay living a life of luxury, on account of his grinding. Lilly says that the only thing that he isn't grinding, is she. This, as she says that play for her isn't a luxury, it is a necessity(this as we see she, lie back on the bed, with her feet held up, and her legs spread, as she proceed to masturbate using a purple Hitachi wand.). She says with her boyfriend always gone, she now looks for others to play with. And with that, she need not look any further, than Sly Diggler, a friend who has been staying with them for awhile. Lilly begins her flirting, by challenging Sly to a video game battle, as she makes the bet by putting up a bottle of champagne. She saying that she bets that she can beat him 10 times on the new gaming system. It's a challenge that Sly does readily accept. The two play the game in the living room for a period of time. And it is a period of time that sees Lilly holding up to her promise, that as she successfully defeats Sly. It's after, that the two of them share a glass of champagne anyway, to celebrate Lilly's victory. It's a celebration that brings the two closer, as they both lean in for a kiss. However, that sees Lilly pull away after, in an attempt to remain faithful to her boyfriend. Another day passes, which then comes another morning. And it is a morning which Lilly sees herself once again alone in bed, as her boyfriend did not return home last night. Lilly finally reaches him on the phone, where Apollo explains that he is out golfing with friends, and that he will be home, after he finishes playing through the back nine. Lilly blows him off, as she goes on to explain the situation involving she and Sly from the day before. She explains the kissing, and how she held back. However, she also tells him that what she will be doing this morning, is giving in to that urge. This time, not pulling away. She tells him that she is going to let Sly play through her "back nine", to effectively end the conversation. It's from there, that Lilly goes on to text Sly, asking he about the two of them having a "rematch". Sly is game. However , it would not be the type of rematch that he expects. As when he reaches Lilly's bedroom, he's greeted by she, as she lie back on the bed and sensually, pull her panties aside to tease he with her pussy. Lilly has never been so inviting, and Sly is all for it. This, as the much-needed sexual encounter for Lilly would get underway.

Positions Seen //
- doggy
- missionary
- lazy dog
- cowgirl

The Review //
What is a girlfriend, whose boyfriend, is so dedicated to his work, that she ends up being neglected to do? She gets the love and attention elsewhere. That is the dilemma that Lilly Bell faces in this scene from BLACKED.COM. In the scene, Lilly's boyfriend gives her a life of luxury. However, luxury isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Because, as Lilly explains, although that she and her boyfriend seemingly have everything, it is she that gets the short end of the stick. Her boyfriend's motto is "Rise and Grind, and he lives it. This, meaning that he is always working, while leaving Lilly behind. It's even in his free time, that he makes no time for she. She often wakes up, only being greeted by one person. That being Sly Diggler, the good looking friend that has been staying with the couple. And so, what is she to do? When Lilly once again finds herself shafted by the boyfriend, who would rather be out playing golf with friends, than entertaining her. She decides to indulge in the temptation that both she and Sly were faced the day before, after a competitive round of video games. It's during that time, that Sly and Lilly kissed. But it was also a moment that she was able to resist, by pulling back. So in the scene, we have a sexual encounter that comes about, once Lilly, the lonely and neglected girlfriend, decides to give in, all in the name of her own pleasure.

When it comes to the storyline portion of the scene, I have to say that it is a storyline done right. This is indeed top-notch storytelling at its best. It's through the storytelling that we get just how lonely Lilly has become, with days of neglect from a boyfriend who is more about his work, and less about her. The storyline has us so, that once the passion grows between Lilly and Sly, and as they finally get together, that we actually feel happy for Lilly. This, as we feel that she is finally getting the attention that she deserves. Not to mention that, the sex that would follow, would actually be scorching hot!

Yes, this is one hell of a sex scene, directed by Derek Dozer. Holy shit. It's an encounter, which begins rather quickly, once Lilly invites Sly between her legs, as she pull her panties aside. It's from here, that we see Sly go on to provide ultimate pleasure, as he go down on Lilly with his mouth and tongue. And when I say that he goes down on her, he really goes to town, here. It's definitely some sloppy head, as spit literally flies, as he; tongue, slurp and suck at Lilly's tender clit. Here, I really have to give it to Sly, who puts in work, eating that pussy with abandon. I haven't seen anyone eat pussy quite like this in some time. I don't always get turned on by a guy eating a hot girl's pussy, but when I do, it's for sure in this fashion! It was amazing. It would be followed up by Lilly, then returning the favor, as she go on to suck Sly's big cock. I loved the way that the camera started with an extreme close up of the dick, effectively showing us just how thick and girthy it is. It's also from the same camera view, that we watch as Lilly go on to wrap her cherry red lips around the black shaft. It's definitely a mouthful for Lilly. However, she takes it in stride. This, as she take it down as far as she possibly can, while simultaneously slobbering on it. We would also see during this, she lick on the shaft, as well as suck on the balls. Next up, Lilly would be on all fours, as Sly would approach her from behind, first briefly tonguing at her pussy, just prior to putting his cock in. First easing it in. However, soon Lilly is seen bouncing steadily on it. Sly would then, go on to next fuck her back, as he maintain a steady pace of his own. It is during this time, that Lilly says that she can feel the cock in her stomach. Things would continue, with Sly having she twerk and bounce on the cock for a time, prior to he reciprocating with a much harder, and quicker pace than before. Lilly loves it, as she says that he owns the pussy - telling he to take it. It's a position that would finish out with Sly letting Lilly bounce back on the cock, prior to he pulling her in close, to dig in deep. Following this up, would be Lilly going back to sucking the dick, as Sly fuck her face. It's during this, that we see she perform her trademark widening of her mouth as she actively pull her mouth open with a finger on each side of it. All while the dick, go in and out of her throat. After this, the position is missionary. Lilly loves how deep it is, as Sly continue fucking her pussy, nice and steady from here. Sly eventually pushes Lilly's legs down, as she tells he to make her his fuck toy. This of course, encourages Sly to go much deeper, as he continue. As it does so, Lilly wants to include the use of the Hitachi, and does, as she train the toy on her swollen clit. The use of the toy, not distracting Sly in the least however, as he continue to plug the pussy, at a nice, steady pace. With the toy, as well as Sly's cock plunging deep within her, it isn't long until Lilly cums hard on Sly's dick. This is action that Lilly wants to follow up with she sucking on the cock, as Sly lie back. This, would be as Lilly go on to once again slurp on, and suck down the cock. It's during this, that Sly can be seen rubbing at Lilly's clit. Next up, Lilly would be lying flat on her stomach with her legs spread apart. It's a sight that Sly, cannot help but conquer, as he go down to pleasure the pussy from the position. It is quickly, that this position would move into Sly once again, having his dick in Lilly. This, as he first perform a round of hard hitting cock pushups, which drive his dick in deeply. This, soon going to lazy dog soon after, as Sly remain straddling Lilly to fuck her deep. During this setup, Sly would momentarily alternate between the lazy dog, as well as the hard slamming push-ups of prior. Lilly at one point. even offering a hand as she spread her ass with both hands, as this continues on. It would do so for awhile more, finally ending with a couple of deep and hard thrusts by Sly. After this, it would be soon that Lilly would then go on to ride the dick as she straddle it in cowgirl. This is action, that begins with Lilly popping her ass on the dick at a quick and steady pace. This, as we see the cock stretching out her tight pussy. She soon slow down her pace momentarily, to take every inch. That however, would be followed up by Sly, slamming her down on it, at a slow pace as well. This, all before Lilly once again, goes on to ride the cock hard, as she says that she is going to work the cum out of the cock good. She also saying, that she wants Sly to unload deep into her pussy. Things would continue then, as Sly go on to take charge, fucking Lilly deep and hard. This, as she is mostly in an upright position to catch dick. The camera would close in on the penetration at hand, as Lilly, adding to the visual by spreading apart her ass, showing her butthole. Sly's fucking, lasting for an extended period, until he work himself up to climax, unleashing a hot load deep inside Lilly, just as she asked him to. Lilly, would then go on to suck cock once again, as the cum drip from her pussy. The camera ending with a nice closeup, as we observe the drip. I really liked this, next to closing view of Lilly's holes. You just have to love the way in which her tight butthole puckered, and winked, as she continued to suck cock off camera.

When it comes to this scene, I have to say that it was an amazing scene, no doubt. In fact, I would say that it is one of the best scenes that I have seen all year! Yes, it is that hot. From the storyline involving a neglected girlfriend, who in the end, gets her just due, to the sex that, it involves, it's just incredibly sexy. In the storyline Lilly Bell, has been put on the back burner by her boyfriend, so much that by the end, she just does not give a fuck, and goes for it, when a hot live-in friend shows interest. This of course, leading to the sexual material of the scene, and what sexual material it is! The encounter between Lilly Bell, and Sly Diggler is one of high passionate energy from the start. It even being up there, as the two of them gave each other head in the beginning. That was of course hot enough. But, as we would find, there would be a whole lot more where that came from! It's just fucking sexy. And speaking of sexy, I have said it before, and I will say it again, Lilly Bell, is without question, one of THE sexiest women in porn, or that I have ever seen, for that matter. So, to see she get completely railed during a round of highly energetic sex, is an absolute turn on. Here, we find she faced with taking a huge dick, but as it turns out, she is able to do so, with absolutely no problem. She even doing it with much authority, as throughout the scene, we hear she deliver lots of dirty talk, while in the heat of passion. On the other side of things, when it comes to the male talent, Sly Diggler, it was my first time seeing him perform, here. However, prior a friend, and fellow reviewer. Had recently talked negatively about a performance of his, so I kind of had that in the back of my mind, going into this one. However, after seeing this particular scene, I have to say "fuck you, dude". That's because here, Sly just so happens to turn in a very good, and a very impressive performance. Sometimes when you get male talent, Who have a cock the size of his, you get slow and lumbering performances. However, fortunately with Sly, that is just not the case. That's because in this scene, he goes absolutely hard. From beginning to end, delivering one nice showing. Once again, I will say that I was impressed by what he gave in this scene. Collectively, with a good performance by the male and female talent, as well as a storyline buildup that fully supports their passion and energy, this is one that you definitely must see. As I said, I personally feel that it is one of the year's best scenes. I highly recommend!

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