Filling Up the Babysitter 3 (Scene 1) (2020)

by - December 23, 2020

 Starring: Aften Opal // Tommy Pistol
Directed by: Mike Quasar
Runtime: 25 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Tommy Pistol coming home from court, and he is distraught. There to meet him on the couch, as he comes through the door, is his babysitter, Aften Opal, who is worried about him. She goes on to inquire about what is wrong. Tommy is beside himself, when he goes on to explain that his ex-wife is now going for more. She wants everything, to be exact. Tommy is visually upset, as he goes on to explain just how much he hates his ex. He wishes both disease, as well as, death upon she. he then says that his ex-wife told everyone out loud in court that his penis doesn't work. Which he is quick to explain, just isn't true. Because, after all, they do have children together. Seeing as he is obviously hurt by what went down, Aften, Tommy's long-time babysitter, looks to console him. This, as she tells him that she will not be successful in getting everything, if he fights hard enough. She even looks to build up his confidence by saying that Tommy is tall, and fit, as well as really sweet. The former, Tommy does not agree with, but that is beside the point. Aften continues to comfort him, as she sort of massage his body. It's an effort that soon, see she rubbing his crotch from over his pants. Aften, at one point, tries to refrain from doing this. However, Tommy insists that she continue, as it makes him feel good. Makes him feel happy. It is with this, that Aften looks to make him even more so, as she go in for a kiss. However, things do not just end with an innocent kiss with the babysitter. That's because next, the two of them would then go on to engage in a full-on encounter of the sexual kind.
Positions seen //
- missionary
- cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon
- doggy

The Review //
Tommy Pistol, is having the worst time of his life in this scene, which is part of the ZERO TOLERANCE release titled, "Filling Up the Babysitter 3". The series, which deals in babysitters and creampies. In our story here, Tommy is currently engaged in a heated battle with his ex-wife in court. He returns home after a hard day before the judge, and he is quite upset. That is when he comes to his babysitter, the cute and bespectacled, Aften Opal for a little comfort, and that is exactly what she gives him. One of the things that Tommy is most upset about is that his ex, just so happened to say out loud during court, that his penis doesn't work. This, as it would seem that during the scene, young Aften, his babysitter, looks to prove her wrong. After this, comforting and caressing soon leads to a full blown sexual encounter, of course. One that, as the title would suggest, ends with a creampie.

When it comes to the storyline portion of the scene, I have to say that, it was indeed a lot of fun. Especially, seeing as this is Tommy pistol we are talking about. A man of many talents. We have seen him acting in comedic roles, as well as serious ones. And it is of the former variety, that we see here from he, as he gloriously plays it over the top, as he portrays a man whose court proceedings have he more than a little distraught. When I say that Tommy's portrayal is one that's over the top, that is exactly what we have here. It's a performance played up for laughs. In fact, I'm not quite sure how the crew kept together while filming. Tommy's over-expressive face, and exaggerated movements would be enough to get me to crack. However, with that said, once the sex begins, funnyman Tommy, drops the act, and gets serious, when it comes to delivering the wood. A few of the positions seen here, would see the two performers struggle to keep it a float a little, as the slippery couch would prove to be a bit of an enemy. However, as we would see near the end, things would pick up for the better.

It would all begin with the passionate kissing at the start. Tommy would play up his character, as he has Aften, kiss he upon his neck, as "it's what his ex used to do". From here, he would then counter with kisses of his own. Kissing Aften's neck, as well as other parts of her body. This, before she go on to straddle his lap. I really liked this, seeing as Aften was wearing some short denim shorts. Her ass just looked amazing from here. This, being prior to Tommy asking for permission to remove her shirt, where after, he would suck on her small, perky tits for a time. He would then go on to remove her shorts, and then position she on all fours, as he spank her ass, prior to kissing, and then rubbing she between the legs. They would then next find themselves back to back on the couch, as Tommy go on to reach into her bottoms, to rub at her pussy, much to her delight. The panties would next come off, as Aften is soon positioned on her back for Tommy to go down on her. He starts by lapping his quick tongue along her clit, before venturing down to tongue at her ass for a short time. As I paid attention to detail, l picked up on, and enjoyed the fact that, as wTommy was licking at Aften's ass, it's with a hand, that he was also busy simultaneously squeezing upon her clit as well. What a pro Tommy is. Tommy would return to the clit with his tongue, while also inserting a finger into the pussy, to work it in and out. After this, Aften would go on to return the favor, by sucking on Tommy's cock. It's a position which sees Tommy hold up Aften's hair, as she take his dick down her throat. It's during this, that he would momentarily also be seen fingering the pussy during the process. Next up, Aften would have her legs held tightly together at the side, as Tommy would go on to penetrate she. However, it would soon continue on, with Tommy holding her legs open. As things would progress, we would once again however, see the legs tightly closed and held to the side by Aften, this time. This, with her sneakered feet in full view of the camera. The position would finish out with her legs being wide open once more, as Tommy, for a moment pull upon Aften's pubes. Things would then immediately go into the cowgirl position, soon after. It's in my opinion, that this position being the scene's standout best. It beginning with Aften, being of full straddle of Tommy, as he fuck at a quick, and even pace. It would remain steady, as Aften bounce for a short while. It being short, because Tommy, would continue by slamming Aften down on the cock, nice and hard, as she remain upright in the position. After this, we would see Aften go on to briefly grind on the dick as well, but it's back to Tommy, once again slamming her down. This action would then carry on over to the the reverse variation of said position. This, beginning with Aften leaning back to take the dick. I rather enjoyed this view of the action, as both of the petite Aften's feet were in full view. However, the position would soon enough see the two sitting again upright. Like before, in the previous position, it all beginning with Tommy fucking at a quick pace, with Aften being upright to take it. It's after this, that we would see Aften support herself with her hands, behind her back, as she go on to bounce on the dick for what is, a very brief while. It is brief, because Tommy would once again go on to slam her down hard, as his cock go deeply. The position would also see Aften once more, go on to grind before once again, being fucked by Tommy at his quick pace. As things would come to an end with this position, Tommy would once again go on to mouth and tongue at, not only Aften's pussy, but also her ass. And it's with the latter, that Aften finds herself rather surprised by, as told by the startled look upon her face, that is so expertly captured by the camera, at that given moment. After this, the action would then pick up in a position that would be spoon. Aften positions herself on her side, as does Tommy, who is behind her. This, as he would go on to penetrate, and proceed with the in and out of her pussy, again. From this position, Tommy employ a pace that is ever-so quickening, becoming faster and harder, over time. It's a position, that would soon go directly into doggy next. It would be the position that would bring the action to its finish, as Tommy would keep up his pace, eventually getting a full grip of Aften's ass. This, prior to his pacing bringing him to an eventual climax. The scene comes to an end, with Tommy going on to fill Aften's pussy full of his hot white cream, as it is a supposed creampie, for the finish. When it comes to the finish, the creampie is obviously staged, and not authentic in the least. However, I guess that it is the thought that counts.

Overall, when speaking of the scene, I found it to be one that was just ok. We of course, begin with the storyline segment of the scene, which is meant to bring us to "Point A" to "Point B". It's a storyline that is somewhat fun, due to just how funny Tommy Pistol is. He definitely played this part, as over the top as he could. The part of the ex-wife saying that his penis doesn't work, and then Tommy's attempt to validate himself, was just great, and was obviously off of the cuff. The sex that would follow between he and Aften, would be a romp, which I felt took a little time to get it's footing. There is a little time in between the kissing, and the scene's first position. Not only that, as I mentioned above, they had a little bit of difficulty, on account of the couch being slippery. It isn't bad. But, it is definitely enough to be somewhat of a distraction. Fortunately for the scene however, I would say that the last few positions, minus the doggy at the end, would indeed be the scene's best. All of which, seeing Tommy going hard, and Aften, on the other hand, indulging in the pleasure. With that said, while this scene is not the greatest, if being honest, it's a scene that I would still not write off completely, as it's one that definitely has it's moments here and there. Additionally, I also felt that the scene flowed very well, also. 

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