Scene Review: Super Fucking Nervous Anal Action (2020)

by - December 10, 2020

 Starring:  Chloe Temple // Jax Slayher
Directed by: Johnny Robins
Runtime:  51 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with director, Johnny Robins welcoming back Chloe Temple. The first question he asks of her, is whether or not she has been having good sex lately. Chloe answers by saying yes. That she has been staying busy working. Johnny follows up the question by asking she if anything is new. To which she quickly responds by saying, what is happening today is pretty new. That today, she is taking some dick in her butt. It's a fact that sees her visibly nervous. Chloe says that she is nervous for today because, although she does enjoy a finger in her ass, it's the big things that scare her. And her scene partner for today, Jax Slayher, is indeed big. After this, Johnny has Chloe stand up to show off what she is wearing. This, including a pair of fuzzy bottoms. First, the view is from the front, but of course, we go on to see the backside next. However, Johnny is quick to soon change his focus, as he wants to see Chloe's perky little tits. Chloe shows off, and caresses them, prior to Johnny also getting she to remove her fuzzy bikini bottoms, as he says that they would not do well with the oil play that's soon to come. It's in the process that she also removes her heels, as they just simply are too much in the way of things. Chloe's then of course, all nude, as Johnny goes ahead and introduces her scene partner, Jax Slayher into frame. Jax first admires Chloe's furry pussy, while admitting that he definitely does have a fetish for bush. In this moment, Jax would then get out the oil, to oil up her front, before of course doing the same for the back. It's here that Johnny just wants to see said oil drip down the curves of the ass. Not only would we get some twerking from Chloe soon after, Jax would also go on to toy with Chloe's asshole, as he stick a finger in. The opening is very tight, admits Jax, as Chloe says that her asshole "practically new". More fun would be had soon after this, as a pink, popsicle-shaped dildo is introduced. Chloe isn't quite ready to puncture her butt with the rather large toy, so first to get it is her pussy. This pussy play however, soon graduating to double penetration, as Jax would once again finger the ass. After this, Johnny wants to see if the dildo can be inserted into the ass. However, Chloe is a bit timid when it comes to the thought of Jax doing this, and so Johnny allows she to go at it solo. This, as next, she lie back on the couch. It's here that she has her legs held high, as she go on to toy her ass. First, she slowly eases it in. This, leading to she eventually picking up the pace a bit, as the toy would go deeper. However, it is during this that we see that Jax just cannot help himself, as he lend a hand, and then his dick. First rubbing her clit, thus making way for he to go down on her with his mouth and tongue. But it is simply not enough. This, as he soon go on to insert also, his big dick into Chloe's pussy. He gentle at first, as he only insert the tip of his penis. This, as the popsicle dildo remains in the ass. Jax would next go on to put his cock in further, as he tell Chloe to let he know if it becomes too much to bare. It all being the starter, as Chloe soon promptly says that she is ready for the dick. But first, she wants to suck it.

Positions seen //
- double penetration (toys)
- missionary
- standing cowgirl
- missionary(anal)
- reverse cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl(anal)
- standing reverse cowgirl(anal)
- rimming
- spoon(anal)
- spoon

The Review //
Today, I return to HUSSIE PASS, as I review a scene featuring Chloe Temple. The scene begins with an interview segment involving Chloe, during which she readily admits that she is quite nervous for what's coming. She loves ass play, but understandably, she is a little bit hesitant when it comes to inserting big things into her anus. This, as she is willing to proceed, although timidly. After a brief interview segment that simply consists of Chloe and the director Johnny Robins, catching up after some time. Chloe soon shows off her ass and tits, as things then move fast. This, as soon, we have her scene partner, Jax Slayher coming in to gladly oil up her cheeks. This opening play was very good. The way that Jax oiled up Chloe's ass was a welcome sight. The oil running down Chloe's slopes, was just amazing. Even more amazing, is the fact that things soon graduate to a little double penetration, involving one of Jax's fingers, as well as a popsicle-shaped dildo. Jax in the pussy, and the dildo, in her pussy. Johnny Robins' brilliant camera there to capture this as a go down, in vivid and close detail. This action would be soon followed by a brief moment of solo masturbation from Chloe, as she fuck her ass, while gearing up to take the big cock. It would be here, though that we would see Jax soon become involved, with all leading to he having his hard dick in Chloe's pussy first, while simultaneously working the dildo, in and out of the add. This moment in the scene was definitely great stuff indeed. This is followed by Chloe wanting to then taste the cock, as she next administer a blowjob. It's during this moment that I have to say that I really enjoyed Chloe's approach to dick sucking. I liked the way that she essentially massaged Jax's dick with her mouth and tongue. It was so hot! It would be this action that would soon take them back to the couch, for a return of missionary, with Jax going alone without the toy, as he fuck the pussy. It's from here that Jax goes on to keep up the pace, that soon has Chloe creaming all over him. Jax would continue by lifting up Chloe, and taking her into the position of standing cowgirl. It's a great looking position. One that begins with a side view. However, soon we would see Johnny's camera travel to the front to capture the action, which sees Chloe's back to us. It's a viewpoint which sees the action get hot and heavy, as Jax then proceed to briefly hammer the pussy. I always enjoy this particular position, and this happens to be exactly why. I enjoy seeing a pussy just getting wore out. And besides, from this viewpoint we could see Chloe's pussy cream, just slowly running down Jax's shaft. What a fucking visual that is! After the standing cowgirl, they return to the couch to once again resume missionary, only this time, it would be that Jax make his first attempt at entering Chloe's ass. I immediately took notice here, and took a liking to the fact that Jax was so gentle with Chloe, as he agrees to first take it slow. Jax is definitely one of the absolute best performers that I have the pleasure of reviewing. He begins by slowly easing the head of his cock in. Chloe still remaining nervous. Things would progress however, and before Chloe knows it, Jax was slightly improving his speed as he plug it in. Jax continues, by also rubbing the clit in the process. Meanwhile, the camera takes an overhead view, as we have a a full-bodied view of Chloe, as this occurs. Another great view. I also enjoyed that for  brief time later, the camera would remain in overhead, as it travel down below to capture, just the ongoing penetration. Also a good view from here. Chloe was right when she said in the initial stages of the scene that "everyone loves bush". Yes, we most certainly do! Immediately following this, we happen to get the first look at Chloe's gape, as Jax pulls out. Chloe has a baby gape, which she show of in this moment. It was ever-so growing, but still, seemingly incredibly tight. Jax was excited about it, it seemed. Jax would then go on to have Chloe, for the first time, taste her ass off his cock, which she does gladly. It is with this that like before, we see Chloe taking the dick into her mouth, to work it over. This is brief, because next the action would then go onto the position of reverse cowgirl. It's initially that we have Chloe with her legs spread wide. This, as Jax, first chooses to have his way with Chloe's pussy, prior to going back to her ass. This being great action, as we witness Jax, from here, going for broke, as he runs his cock in and out of the pussy hard, at a quick pace. But of course, the action would soon return to what they came there for. The fucking of Chloe's ass. Chloe getting in position, as she lean back, propping her legs and feet on Jax's legs. Jax here again first taking it slowly. But, then yet again, he wants more, and returns to going quicker and harder. He even once having Chloe in the famous Full Nelson hold, as he drill his cock into her pussy. I loved it. It continuing on a little bit longer. That is until Jax once again is seen lifting up Chloe. However, this time around it is the reverse variation of standing cowgirl. It's a reverse cowgirl, which this time features the anal. It's brief but, it is effective, It is very nice to see. As we once more see Chloe suck cock, as well as Jax taking charge to fuck her face, things return to the couch. This as we see Jax lie back, with his legs held high for Chloe to eat his ass. Chloe does not hesitate to do so. In fact, she also is seen simultaneously stroking his cock during said act. We next see the position of spoon. Chloe briefly begining things with her legs closed tightly, as Jax is in her ass. However, it does not take long, for her legs to be wide open. This, as Jax proceeds with a steady pace of in and out of the asshole. It's also during this, that we eventually see Chloe go on to jam several fingers into her pussy. I also enjoyed the fact that during this, Jax pushes Chloe's head down, in order to make her watch the penetration. As Jax continues with his in and out, he soon admits to Chloe that she is going to make him cum soon. This, as Chloe says that she wants the cock in her pussy. Jax complies, only this lasting briefly as Jax, narrowly escapes climax from here. This being as the scene then quickly come to an end with Jax hovering over Chloe, as he jerk his cock, with the end result being that he drop a load onto Chloe's face for the finish. It is after the fact that we see Chloe then clean herself up in the shower, as she go on to soap up her tits and ass. Johnny goes on to ask she about her experience for the day. It seems as though, it had been an experience that she had really enjoyed. This as Chloe comes to admit that she is now a big fan of the act of anal sex.

First, I have to start off by saying, wow, what a fantastic scene this was! There are many more factors here besides the sexual encounter itself that make this a good scene. First, we have the enthusiastic Chloe Temple, though she is visibly nervous in the beginning. However, it would be this nervousness, that would ultimately then be a benefit to the scene itself. That's because, the fun thing about the scene is that it is essentially like a flower coming into bloom. This was only Chloe Temple's second experience with doing anal, and the first one that was on-screen. But, boy is it great! This beginning with the pre-scene shenanigans involving oil and a popsicle-shaped dildo. This beginning moment of the scene was so fucking hot, if you ask me. There was just something about watching the oil slowly drip down Chloe's ass. And then with the introduction of the dildo, the fact that also participating would be Jax Slayer. Someone who dares to put a finger inside of Chloe's ass. And then later, we would have Jax replacing his finger for his cock. It's right from the beginning, that we get to the good stuff. That good stuff being a moment of double penetration involving the pussy and ass being stuffed, by both cock and dildo. But it wasn't all at once. Our participants having great communication. One must really give it to Jax, he being the male talent here. He showed patience and care for his scene partner to the fullest, while undeniably making Chloe feel the most comfortable. This, as he go for more, as things went on. It's when Chloe got more comfortable, and was able to pleasurably endure more from Jax, that we have the scene's more energetic moments, and I have to tell you that they are beautifully great. I say "beautiful", because it definitely was a beautiful thing to witness - these two essentially bonding together sexually during this encounter. Nerves or no nerves in the beginning, all was mostly forgotten eventually it would seem, as the end result being an incredibly heartfelt experience for not only the performers, but also the ones who view it. And it is with that, that I must say that this is a scene that I highly recommend for everyone's viewing pleasure. It's really nice seeing two people coming together to experience something so intimate, in a way that is as beautiful as shown here. It's a job well done, by not only the two performers; Chloe Temple and Jax Slayher, but also the scene's director, Johnny Robins, who so excellently captures the whole thing. The camerawork here being great also. I suggest to be sure to head over to HUSSIE PASS to check it all out! 

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