TeamSkeet: Thirsty Newcomer (2020)

by - December 02, 2020

 Starring:  CoCo Lovelock // Bobby Beefcakes
Directed by: Bobby Beefcakes
Runtime:  53 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with the director, Bobby Beefcakes, welcoming in 21-year-old newcomer CoCo Lovelock. CoCo comes to Bobby via the recommendation of her boyfriend, whom he happened to shoot in a movie for another company, some two days prior. The boyfriend says that CoCo was looking to get into the business, and so Bobby told her to give him a call. Needless to say she did, and so here we are. After CoCo first shows her ID verifying her age, Bobby welcomes her into the room, where she reiterate this story. She says that the boyfriend was all for her doing the shoot. That is until she started to get ready for it. She says that he hit her with the classic ultimatum; "it's either porn or me". CoCo says that her choice is obvious, this as she waives "bye" to the camera, in a playful manner. Bobby then goes on to give us some insight on the shoot that he had with the boyfriend two days ago, saying that the boyfriend didn't seem to be too into the scene. CoCo agrees saying that after the shoot, he would not talk to her about it, regarding any of the details. She even had to find out who he shot with on her own, as he would not tell her. She says that she was all for it, however. She says that it was actually her idea for him to even do porn. That she began as a sex worker by selling content online, which was something that she got the boyfriend into doing as well. Once he came to realize that it was something that she was going to do otherwise. It was from there, that the two of them made content together. This including orgies with friends. They then, once again go on to talk about how said boyfriend was all for CoCo doing porn, until it came time for she to actually do it. CoCo says that his biggest hangup, being that he believed that he would be the one that would be fucking her for the scene, and not someone else. She says that he hates the idea of someone else fucking her, which brought forth his ultimatum. CoCo says that she has always been super sexual since the age of 18, with one such a sexual adventure being that she once sucked off a line of guys, and another one being that she fucked a friend's dad. She says that at 21 her partner count is over 40. A number that easily impresses Bobby, for sure.  CoCo goes on to explain that at first, she believed that she was going to be asexual, and not fuck, or suck anyone. However, upon she turning 17, that all changed for she, when she happened to suck her first dick. It was all over from there. she says, as she just liked sucking dick so much. After this, Bobby gets CoCo to show off her tits, but before having she remove her pants to show off her ass, Bobby wants to revisit the story about the guys lining up to have their dicks sucked. he is seemingly fascinated by it. CoCo again states that she was sucking off one after the other, and that they would leave the room once they had came. She says that this was at someone's house, and that she also fucked the dad, to which it belonged. She further stresses that she likes sucking dick so much, that she had, what she calls, a "dick drive thru". Someone would call her up, and she would suck them off, no problem. She would often make the excuse to go outside, with her parents, just so that she could suck another dick. CoCo says that she loves to suck dick, and knowing that someone is getting off, gets she off as well. She says that the number of dicks she's sucked, easily outnumbers the times that she's been fucked. Bobby then brings the question whether or not her parents know that she is now doing porn. CoCo says that her mother knows. However, she wishes for CoCo to do more Lesbian porn, saying that her mom believes that men are "toxic". Bobby goes on to ask CoCo, exactly just how much sex is she getting. CoCo says that she fucks 4 times a day, 28 times a week. With the average being for 1 hour, or 20 minutes at the least. She says that it's with the same guy. That's unless, she is hit up. Thus admitting to not being faithful, "if the dick is good.". CoCo says that it is not worth cheating, if she doesn't feel anything. With this, she impresses Bobby yet again. CoCo says that she lives by the mantra of "Hoe life, or no life". This being before Bobby finally has she next remove her panties. It's after that, that we see CoCo immediately touch herself, which, Bobby responds to by asking CoCo if she enjoys masturbating. CoCo says that she does, and that she even masturbates in the bathroom at work. Bobby asks if the people at work know that she is doing this(as in porn). They do. After all, CoCo says that she has even sucked some of her coworkers off. But she stresses that they would not be able to handle her. Bobby says that porn seems to be an ideal fit for her then. CoCo then says that her favorite thing sexually besides sucking dick, is being hit from behind. Or being pissed on, or choked. Bobby cannot believe what he is hearing, but CoCo confirms that she indeed enjoys being pissed on. Something that is only happened once, as she says that no one will do it. She says that they think that it is demeaning to women. But she says that since she is asking for it it, then they are good to go. 

From here, Bobby takes note that CoCo can't seem to keep her hands and fingers off her pussy, as she is seen continuously rubbing  it. He then goes on to give her a toy, a black vibrating egg, which she allows he to put inside of her. She then massages her clit, with the vibrator planted deep inside of her pussy. However, it isn't long before Bobby decides to double it up, by introducing an Hitachi into play as well. He initially holds it on her clit, prior to having she do so, while he concentrate on capturing the action. CoCo from here, stops briefly, saying that whenever she uses a vibrator, that she always seems to squirt. It making her hesitant to continue. But Bobby says that it is what they are here for. CoCo then of course, continues to train the Hitachi on her clit, with the vibrating egg still inside. It's from there that it does not take her long to do exactly what she said that she might. This as she erupts big with squirt. It being forceful enough to shoot the vibrating egg right out of her pussy. However, CoCo, being none too distracted, as she continue on with the Hitachi, which again causes her to soon squirt a second time. It's after this, that Bobby just cannot help himself, when he goes on to insert a finger into CoCo's pussy, as he go on to mention just how tight that she is. It's after this however, that Bobby wants she to bend over, and so she then positions herself up on her knees on the couch. Bobby from there continues to get hands-on, eventually going on to feel her butthole with a thumb, as he ask CoCo if she enjoys her ass being played with. It's upon her answer of "yes", that he then proceed to insert a finger into her ass, as things continue from here. Bobby then proceed to taste CoCo's pussy, before returning to the ass with a finger. This would eventually go to two fingers in the ass, as Bobby simultaneously rub her clit with another. In between, would also feature some rimming, as Tony eat CoCo's ass. This, before the action truly beginning, as we get started with CoCo first engaging in her favorite sexual act. That of course, being she sucking cock.

Positions Seen //
reverse cowgirl 

The Review //
Today, I am back with another review for TEAM SKEET. It's a scene taken from their series called "She's New". A series dedicated to of course, introducing new, or semi-new starlets to the masses. Prior to this review, I had yet to review from this particular series, seeing as not everyone featured in the series seem to be bona fide newcomers to the biz. Often times it would be someone that I had already reviewed a number of times, so I just didn't see a reason for doing so. However, in the case of this scene, it is entirely different, as this time, the girl being introduced is in fact a genuine newcomer to the ranks of porno. It is also a girl who, I got one look at, and just knew that I didn't want to pass up. That starlet being, 21-year-old CoCo Lovelock. A 4'10", 85 pound, ball of sexual wonder!

Things begin with Bobby Beefcakes introducing she to the viewers. It's with this, that we have the typical interview. However, it's one that gets interesting pretty quickly, as CoCo goes on to let us know just how much of a freak she truly is. This talk beforehand was just great. CoCo goes on to tell the story about how she went from a teen, with no sexual aspirations, to one who just couldn't get enough. This, upon sucking her first dick at the age of 17. From then on, it was all out for her. And when I say "all out", I mean just that. This girl even had what she described as a "dick drive thru", which saw numerous cars stopping at her house on Friday night, as she regularly dealt out blowjobs to countless men. Not to mention that, she one time sucked off a series of five guys, who all lined up on the bed to be sucked off, and then turned around and fucked and sucked the dad. It's no wonder, as to why her boyfriend, who made the arrangement for the scene in the first place, was jealous that she was actually going through with it. So yes, when it came to this interview/introduction segment of the scene, it is one full of great sexual memories for little CoCo, therefore making it an interesting one for the viewer. Most of the time, these interviews are fairly routine and uneventful. But, not this one. this one I have to say that I really enjoyed learning just how much of a slut CoCo really is!

That of course, then led to to the part where she would go on to demonstrate it right before us. As far as activities go, things begin here with a little masturbation, after Bobby notices that CoCo can't keep her hands off of herself anyway. It's a masturbatory session that involves both a vibrating egg toy, as well as an Hitachi wand. It's a combination that would soon see the petite CoCo come to squirting orgasm on two separate occasions. During this, Bobby would also get involved, as he lend she a couple of fingers. This, as he would plant them, not only into her pussy, but also her ass. It would be the starter before CoCo would go on to demonstrate what she claims, is what she does best, and that is sucking cock.

CoCo of course, shows tremendous skill in doing so from here. The view from the camera begins with an overhead point of view. CoCo looks up at the camera as she initially begins with a no handed approach. She then has a single-handed approach, however that quickly go to a double handed approach to things, as her hands twist along the shaft, as she suck. We would also see Bobby beat his hard cock on her mouth, and against her tongue. Also featured here, is CoCo sucking on Bobby's balls. We would see Bobby, of course, go to work by fucking her face. This prior to she going back to work with her hands. This continuing, until Bobby narrowly escape climax because it is just so good. After this, she would go back to sucking his balls. However, it isn't long before the two of them would change locations, finally ending up in the bedroom setting. It is here, that we would have the very first act of penetration. It coming by way of doggy, which CoCo had said is her favorite way to take dick. Taking it from behind. The position finds CoCo face down and ass up on the bed, as Bobby begins by fucking the pussy nice and steady. However, it isn't long into this, that CoCo offers Bobby her arms to pull back on. She is a girl who seems to know exactly what she likes. It's from then on, that Bobby proceeds to dig in deeper, as he pull back for leverage. The pacing of his fucking becoming faster. When it comes to this position, I have to say that I did like the fact that CoCo sort of dictated the action, by offering Bobby a form of leverage when she chose to position her arms behind her back. However, it's in this position that Bobby really didn't fuck as good as he could have, initially. The action would quickly graduate to showing he half straddling. This, including he stepping on CoCo's head to drive his cock deeply into her. Unfortunately, this did not last long. It being important, because this was the moment during the position, where things got really interesting to me. At this point Bobby was really going at her, and CoCo seem to like it. She even went as far as to begin sucking on his toes. However, it would be short-lived, as CoCo would soon be positioned on her back, where Bobby would feed her his cock, as she suck the cock, and balls from an upside down position, Bobby, would then go straight into she eating his ass, as he then straddle her face, and finger her pussy, as she does her deed. He would then revert the action back to doggy for a second time.  It would be here that Bobby would finally increase his pace to a nice pounding. However, during this, he seemed to be more concerned about the positioning of his camera equipment, rather than putting the wood to CoCo. He would eventually go on to stick his fingers deeply into her, causing she to once again squirt. This, before she is on her back and fucked in missionary. Bobby begins here at a slow and steady pace, but to our surprise, it is CoCo who is doing the urging, as she tell him to go harder. It is then that he does so, fucking her deep and hard, for a time, as she says that she is on the verge of cumming. It is once again that Bobby seems distracted by his camera equipment, as he go on to set up a different angle. He then come back to CoCo by fingering her again. It's during this that CoCo would then go on to place her feet behind her head, as she remain in the missionary position. This looking really hot, I have to say. This, as the action would then go on to continue, in said setup - CoCo having her feet behind her head, as her pussy is plowed into. Next, CoCo would remain in this positioning, as Bobby would once again go on to finger fuck CoCo to squirting. I have to say that in my opinion, the very best thing to occur during the scene, was definitely this particular moment which saw CoCo bent up like a pretzel and fucked. Nothing else would top it going forward. After this, we see Bobby on his back with his legs up in the air, as CoCo lie on her stomach. This, as she once again go down on him to eat his ass, while he on the other hand stroke his cock. This lasting until she would finally go on to ride the dick in the position that is cowgirl, while she face the camera. This position, seeing she leaning back with her legs spread wide, and her feet planted on the bed, as she bounce on the dick, at a steady pace. After a successful ride, and as CoCo return to sucking dick and eating ass, we hear she say something that I believe, should have been cut out of the scene entirely. As a matter of fact, I'm not so sure that I really want to put it in this review, for it painting she sort of negatively. CoCo goes on to admit that riding dick, isn't so much her strong suit, as she is too weak to hold herself up. I truly feel as though Bobby should have been responsible enough to have this cut out of the footage. And if this wasn't enough, he goes on to next suggest, that the two of them go into reverse cowgirl, in a way that she just simply bounce on the cock, as it isn't "riding so hard". On this I just feel bad for CoCo, as it makes her look bad. However, this is all on fault of Bobby's part. I mean this is the girl's very first professional porn scene, and here we have the director/performer with whom she is performing with, presenting she in such a negative light. I just don't understand why this couldn't have been cut out of the footage. But then again, we have he also fiddiling with his camera equipment as well, so I suppose everything is left in, "as is". Anyway, the action would then continue with the final position being reverse cowgirl, as we see CoCo come to back her ass up on the cock, and bounce it steady(This, as she nicely encourages he to smack her ass harder in the process.). It would all lead to then the moment of the cum shot. We have a close up camera view from here, as things begin with CoCo, once again sucking dick, nice and good. It's also during this, that we see she once again stroking the dick hard with both hands. However, Bobby would then take charge, as he soon jerk his cock, taking himself to the moment of climax. It's then that the action comes to an end with a very nice facial, as Bobby come to paint CoCo's face with a heavy load, as she wear a big grin.

As I said in the beginning of the scene, it happened to be my very first review for the TEAM SKEET series, "She's New". However, I was compelled to do it, based on the intrigue of CoCo Lovelock alone. I come away from the scene, feeling glad that I did, as CoCo is definitely a promising, young new talent. One that I believe, is destined to do some big things in this business. With that said, the funny thing is that, all of my complaints when it comes to this scene, do not rest on CoCo at all, but instead on Bobby Beefcakes. The man who is supposed to be the more experienced of the two. To break it down, when it came to Bobby's performance I felt that it was very lackluster. He seemed to be more preoccupied with his camera equipment, than wanting to deliver a great scene on his part. His performance has him seem fairly uninterested. He's a performer that lacked enthusiasm. Despite it being her first time performing in a professional porn situation, CoCo is seen poised, showing her own enthusiasm, with very little nerves. Unfortunately for she however, here, she is paired with someone who isn't so much looking to really test her. The sexual material here being very tame, and leaving a lot to be desired. I still however, leave the scene, being excited to see more of Miss Lovelock. There are more performers out there that I would love to see her with. For instance a Jake Adams or Isaiah Maxwell. Performers who can really give it to her, while at the same time, making her look good in the process. Here, I just felt that she was limited, as all Bobby wanted her to do was suck cock and eat ass, over and over again, as opposed to taking she to her limit. So, it is with that, I would say that this scene was just ok. However, with any other new female talent, less appealing than CoCo Lovelock, I would likely say pass on it. But again, CoCo is very promising, and very worth seeing. She is a cute little angel with a dirty face indeed! 

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