Masked Up, Dicked Down (2020)

by - December 03, 2020

 Starring:  Alina Ali // Peter Green
Directed by: 
Runtime: 27 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with some fun and games with the crew, including male talent Peter Green, as they converse with featured starlet, newcomer, Alina Ali, who hails from Louisiana. The director attempts to field some questions for Alina. However, she finds herself distracted by the fact, that standing across from she is Green, already with a giant boner, protruding underneath his shorts, to hilarious results. Peter ends up asking Alina how many scenes she has shot so far, to which she answers five or six. She's also asked what the biggest cock is that she's had, they ask for she to show them using her hands. It is then that she signifies a rather big cock. It's a result that somewhat intimidates Peter Green, who says that he is just 1/4 of that. Alina says that she likes big dick. Peter eventually has a seat on the couch next to Alina, as he go on to ask she if she knows why she is here today. He says that she is here for this, as he directs she to the tent that he's pitched in his shorts. Alina, almost immediately goes on to ask if she may suck it. Peter then obliges by getting his cock out. However, the crew being responsible, as they abide by the Covid-19 guidelines. It is then that someone suggests they cut a hole in Alina's surgical mask, which of course, would allow her to suck dick. In the meantime however, Alina takes pleasure in merely stroking Peter's cock. However, soon the hole is cut in the mask for Alina, as things quickly get underway from here, as she wishes not to waste any time in going to work on the cock.

Positions Seen //
cowgirl (x2)

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from FILTHY KINGS. This one from their series, "Filthy Newbies. A series, as its title suggests, features female talent, who are fairly new to the business. The female talent in question, this time around, being a 21 year old, from Louisiana, named Alina Ali. The scene attempts to begin with the crew asking Alina a series of questions, as we are to get to know her better, before an inevitable sex scene, between she and male talent Peter Green. However, the overall environment was just far too silly for that. Far too laid back, as the crew and Alina, just kick back during quarantine times. A series of meaningless questions are asked of Alina, however none of them quite matter, as soon we would be deep into the scene's main course. This, as Alina just can't wait to have her sexual thirst quenched, if you will. She is ready and willing to go, proving this, as she would discard her Covid mask midway through sucking cock. Initially, she did a good enough job with it in place. However, it seemed to just get in the way of she doing good work with her mouth and tongue. It proved to be true after the fact, as we then see she put in her good work, as she suck, and lick along the hard shaft, as she take it deep within her throat. I just have to say that I really enjoyed the way that she firmly gripped the cock at the base, as she go on to suck it down, nice and good. It was so nice to just sit back and watch her at work like this. She would also suck on Peter's balls, too. So well, that she would send him trembling. The first position would be cowgirl, which sees Alina, straddle the cock to ride it. This, initially with she having her back to the camera. She first reaches back with one hand to spread her ass. However, she'd soon be upright, as Peter would move on to slamming her down hard, we'd also see he go to no hands, as he allow Alina to bounce freely. The view would be from the back and the side, before it's to a view from the front. It's from here, that we see great bounce from Alina's big natural tits. Personally, I really enjoyed this latter moment. What a view! The next position would be doggy, as we see Peter take Alina from behind. It would be from this position that he would maintain an increasing pace, as he would hit the pussy with long strokes, only going harder, and faster over time. From here, we would see Peter, not only continue, but also, Alina throw her ass back on the cock, nice and steadily. From here, the next position would be missionary, as Peter once again take charge, working up a very fast pace, as he plug the pussy hard. His cock would soon pop out however, causing him to have to reinsert himself. But, once he does, he comes back even harder than before, as he absolutely drill Alina's pussy, causing she to visibly cream upon his dick. But, this does not stop Peter, as he keeps up his pacing from here, as the camera would then go on to take up a fully overhead point of view, as he continues to plow. Alina's big tits from here, again looking fantastic, as they bounce away. This is followed up by Alina once again going down on Peter to, once more, suck on his hard cock. And once again she treats it well, as she grips, sucks, and licks along the shaft. However, it is next that Peter is again back in the pussy. This, as the action then pick up in the position of spoon, as we see Alina's back to Peter, as he would fuck her hard from here. It's from this position, that we would see Peter, go hard into the pussy in stages. He slowing it down, only to go harder again. It lasting, until the two of them choose to return to the cowgirl position. Only, this time, things are much more interesting. This is because, we now have Alina, beginning things, as she firmly plant her feet on the couch to slam her nice ass down hard on the dick for a time. Although this very brief, it looks absolutely phenomenal, viewing it from the back. Alina has an amazing, amazing ass! I could watch this moment of the scene on repeat all day long. Wow! It's here however, that Peter would go on to counter things, by thrusting into Alina hard, at a very quick pace momentarily. This being before we then next see Alina leaned forward in the position, and subsequently, steadily fucked by Peter. More upright fucking, as well as sucking after. This would however, eventually bring Peter to this time of climax. The scene comes to an end, having Alina on her knees. Peter stands over her, while jerking his cock vigorously, while encouraging Alina, to once again beg for it. This, soon bringing he to a sudden, and plentiful orgasm. This with the end result being a good-sized load, on Alina's mouth and chin, for the finish.

We have all heard someone at some point or another refer to something as being, "short and sweet". That is the very phrase that I will used to describe this scene from FILTHY KINGS, which features Alina Ali, and Peter Green. Yes, at 27 minutes in length, it is definitely a scene that is short and sweet. This, as it packs much hard-hitting action, in so little time. As I explain above, this is one scene in particular that got underway, and fast, as 21-year-old Alina, didn't want to waste any time when it came to her getting dick. She is quick to get to sucking dick. I liked the way that she was dedicated, by quickly removing the COVID mask. She said, fuck this shit, and just went right after it! Beneficial to the scene, was the fact that Peter Green, the male talent in all of this, had enthusiasm to match that of Alina. This, as he'd go on to plow her hard, in just about every sexual position seen herein. What we have here, is essentially hard fucking from beginning to end, and I just found it great. This was my very first time ever reviewing Alina Ali, and I must admit that she is pretty fucking hot. Beautiful skin. Beautiful dimples. Great tits - just sexy all around! Collectively, she and Peter Green, here bring enthusiastic energy. Lots of it, in fact. And it's because of this, that I would highly recommend this scene for viewing. As I said, it's a scene that is short and sweet! 

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