Coco Lovelock Is About to Scratch David Off Her To Fuck List (2021)

by - January 29, 2021

 Starring: CoCo Lovelock // David Lee
Directed by: 
Runtime: 38 mins.
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Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with CoCo Lovelock, in the bedroom of her best friend Jennifer. She is there waiting for Jennifer to get out of class, as the two of them have plans to hit up the mall after. So to pass the time, CoCo is talking on the phone with her friends, namely, Isabella, while also scribbling down two lists in her notebook. A distinct, "will fuck", and won't fuck list. The list is pretty self-explanatory, in one column, lies the men who CoCo will fuck. While the other, for the not so lucky. Those who she will not. Bill and Doug, are first to go on the "will fuck" list. The only problem is that - she's already fucked them. This, as she explains that Bill's dick was bomb, while Doug, not so much. In fact, it's an experience that she kind of regrets. CoCo then lists of more of the names that she will fuck. Mike, Seven, Will and Charlie. The girls agree that Charlie is "bomb as fuck". Other names then added to the dreaded "won't" column are; Tommy, Sid, Jimmy, James, and Matt("fuck him". they say)Antonio, Mark, and Philip. Isabella suggests David, Jennifer's brother to the list of "will fuck", and CoCo agrees. They both like David, who CoCo says will be returning from the gym soon. The girls then talk about more guys that they won't fuck. Marty makes the list, as he's disgusting. in fact, a dick pic from him is making the rounds, and CoCo says that his dick looks like a UFO. CoCo next pens down Anthony, Marcos and Thomas, in the "Will Fuck" category, as CoCo says that Anthony is a "gonna fuck", to be exact.  Another name making the bad list is one Timmy, who they jokingly call a "one pump chump". It's around this time, that David Lee, can be seen eavesdropping from the other side of the bedroom door, as he overhear the girls talk about him in a very flattering manner. At that point, David goes on to barge in, as CoCo does her best to hide the evidence. David of course, goes on to ask she about the mysterious notepad, saying that he overheard she talking about him. However, CoCo insists that he must be going crazy. Saying that he did not hear anything of the sort. David then goes on to casually say that he just got finished with his workout early, and that he wanted to ask CoCo, if she'd like to go to lunch. She declines the offer, saying that she is waiting for his sister Jennifer, to get home from class, as the two of them are to go to the mall. After this, David's concentration shifts to the notebook, as he become more curious. It's then that a tug-of-war between the two of them ensues, and it's a war that David's soon wins. CoCo is quite embarrassed, as David go on to take a gander at the inside of the notebook. As he quickly scans over the two column list, he simply cannot believe his eyes. A "Will Fuck" and "Won't Fuck" list, is just something quite unfathomable to him. But then he happens to realize one thing. That all of his friends just so happen to be in  the "Won't Fuck" column. This causes he to then promptly look over the ones that she "will", and surprisingly, he finds that he makes the cut. He should be flattered by such an honor. But David then explains that he is a bit weirded out by it. Saying that the two of them literally grew up together. But alas, CoCo says that he is hot. David stresses that he wants off the list. However, CoCo says that the only way for that to happen is for he to fuck her. David attempts to brush it off, but CoCo is adamant about it. David talks about his sister, but CoCo counters, by saying that Jennifer won't be home for another 2 hours. Thus, giving them plenty of time. She even pushes the issue by removing her shirt, and placing David's hand on her breast. David tries to restrain temptation, but CoCo pushes on. David is concerned that his sister will find out, However, CoCo says that Doug and Bill, her previous conquests are also friends with Jennifer, and she has never found out about them. David counters that by saying that he will simply refuse. But CoCo slyly says that should he, she will tell Jennifer that she saw his dick - and on her bed even. Of course, David does not want that to happen, so he feels that he has no other choice, as he finds himself stuck in a situation. It doesn't take CoCo long from here, to whip out David's cock. He already being hard, as she take it into her mouth to suck upon. This, as the pressure fueled encounter get underway.

Positions Seen //
- missionary/side fuck
- side fuck
- doggy
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon
The Review //
For today's review, I visit NAUGHTY AMERICA, to check out one of their latest scenes. It's a storyline driven scene from the series "My Sister's Hot Friend", and it features two newcomers, in one CoCo Lovelock and David Lee. When it comes to storyline-driven porn, I happen to be one who is all for it - if the storyline is intriguing and at least fun. Well, when it comes to this one, I would say that it is a little bit of the former, and a great deal of the latter. The story here, features CoCo Lovelock, who is just casually hanging out at her friends house, waiting for she to get out of class, as the two of them have plans of a mall trip following. While she is hanging out in Jennifer's bedroom, she decides to kill some time, by getting on the phone with some friends. It's from there that the girls engage in girl talk. Tapping into the curious nature of teenage girls, as it delves into the topic of their individual sexual conquests. There is a focus on of course, CoCo, whom is in the process of writing out her very own "would fuck" list. A list consisting of two sides. Who she would fuck, and those of who are not so lucky. CoCo goes on to list a series of guys whom she has the aspirations to get dirty with, the ones she wouldn't, and even 2 that she has already been with! No matter if she may regret one of them, or not. Over the course of jotting down the names for this list, talk of David, Jennifer's brother, comes about, when both CoCo and her friend Isabella agree that they would do the deed with him. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, it's during said conversation that David just so happens to come home early from his workout session at the gym, to overhear the curious talk between the girls. David soon confronting CoCo about what he has heard. CoCo, first plays it cool, prior to David eventually wrestling the book away from she. After looking inside, not only does he find his friends on the not so lucky list, he just so happens to find himself on the opposite side. Thus revealing CoCo's utmost desire to fuck him. The storyline escalates with David obviously being resistant to the temptation that lies before him, in the form of a young girl ready to fuck. But it is as predicted, that CoCo would soon get the upper hand, as she hold something over him, finally blackmailing him into the situation. It's from there. that we of course go into the sex between them.

It all begining with CoCo taking to David's dick to suck, and it's here that she shows nice skill. She first begins with a hard suck and jerk technique, using a singular hand. This, as we see David being very caring as he pull her hair back, and out of the way. Yes, things do start off very well. However, they really reach their peak, once CoCo goes on to employ a two-handed approach. It's so hot to watch she twist and stroke, while simultaneously sucking -all vigorously. However, it is following the opening blowjob, that CoCo then remove her panties. David is quick to get a taste of CoCo's pussy, as he mouth, and tongue at it, a bit. This before he follow it up, by inserting his cock for some penetration from a missionary/side fuck position. From here, it would be much to my surprise, that David would go on to impress with what he give here. From the position, he is fairly consistent in the way that he fucks the pussy. This, as he sort of jab his cock into the wet hole, and does it hard. It's a quick pace that he keep for the duration of the position. I have to be honest with you, after seeing the way that David first went down on CoCo, I actually did not expect him to go this hard, once he began fucking. But I have to say that I liked it very much. The two of them would go into missionary next, as CoCo is flat on her back as she assumes, what I assume will become one of her trademark positions. That being one during which she wraps her legs around her head, of course leaving her pussy wide open. We saw it in here very first scene, and we see again here. It's from there, that David would seize the opportunity as he once again, go down on her with his tongue. Now, I'm not trying to knock David in the least bit, but personally, I found his cunnilingus skills to be fairly weak. At least in this particular scene. It's almost as if he was nervous, or timid to do so, each of the two times we see him go down here. However, nonetheless, it's only is briefly as he once again were going on to plug away at the pussy, as CoCo remain in her cradle position. Unlike how we saw the position in CoCo's very first scene, David takes a more welcoming approach to things initially, as he penetrate she, while driving his cock, down into her, as he hover over. I liked it. Of course, later we have a more traditional straightaway missionary styling, but that is a given. The next position would be doggy as CoCo quickly assume the position for David to take she from behind. This just so happens to be another setup that I really enjoyed watching unfold. This, as David half straddle CoCo from behind. It's from this position, that he drive his cock straight into her, as he is once again calculated in his strokes. From the position we would eventually see he pick up his pace, plugging away at CoCo's pussy nice and hard, at a quick pace. He even taking long strokes, prior to he next following it up, by fully straddling CoCo, to nail her hard. This was a nice view from this particular setup, just the hard cock, slamming deeply into the pussy. It was so sexy, in my opinion. The two would then reconvene, as they take to the next position which would be reverse cowgirl. This seeing CoCo straddle the cock, while planting her feet on the bed firmly. It would begin with she bouncing on the dick steadily, before David eventually taking over. Then with CoCo remaining stationary, she finds her spot for David to hit. However, the two sort of mess up. Luckily, the two were able to rebound, as David is soon moving in and out of the pussy, at a quick and steady pace. Before it is all over, we would also see CoCo doing some grinding on the cock as well. This, before the actual transition next to spoon. It's from this position that David would go on to work up an even pace for himself, plugging deeply into CoCo's pussy. He would eventually go on to increase his pacing, going much harder to make she cum. And speaking of that, it is a short time later that David would have to unload himself. First, they attempt, with David straddling CoCo's chest, with she jerking his cock with her hands. However, we soon cut to a new setup of CoCo sucking and jerking the dick. It's again that she takes up a hard two-handed approach, with it all eventually leading to David reaching climax. The scene would come to an end with David blasting CoCo in the face, with a nice, messy load. This is as David apologize for hitting she in the eye. It's a finish that I thought was nice.

Overall, this was a scene that I really happened to enjoy a great deal. Not only did I really take to the fun, and adventurous storyline, and watching the whole idea of a "To Fuck" list play out, the sex itself was fairly solid. It actually surprised me a little. I didn't quite expect the type of scene that I got here. It's well-rounded, and well performed by the participants; CoCo Lovelock, and David Lee. Not only were the acting performances well done, they were also able to translate the story into the sex. Such as, at the beginning of the scene in the missionary/ side fuck position, with David fucking CoCo harder, on account that he is frustrated about being on the list, and wanting to be taken off. CoCo even adds to things, by saying such as "aren't you glad you decided to fuck me?" She also providing some dirty talk, telling David to "tear up her pussy", and to do anything that he wants to her pussy. These things only causing David to go much harder. Speaking of the performance by David, again I have to say that I'm really impressed by what I saw from him here. He manages to both fuck hard and consistently. To be honest, it is a type of balance that I do not always see from male performers. With that said, it is something that definitely makes him stand out. It intrigues me to see much more of his work in the future. He also has a distinct look, as well as physique that works in his favor. He with CoCo here, create a very fun, and worthwhile scene. One that I enjoyed and recommend. This is a time where we have not one, but two newcomers who are worth keeping an eye on!

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