HardX.com: Big Booty Babe Loves Anal (2021)

by - January 28, 2021

Starring: Liv Revamped // Mick Blue
Directed by: Mason
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene begins with a tease segment, involving featured starlet, Liv Revamped. It of course beginning by featuring Liv's nicely round ass. This, as the camera has a watchful eye, from a close view. However, it is not long before Liv brings into play, a rather large sized, clear butt plug, that she wets with her mouth and tongue, prior to she quickly inserting it into her tight asshole. It goes in with ease, before we come to see oil rain down upon her round curves. The liquid runs down the shape of her booty for a time, creating a very nice picture for the viewer. Liv then goes on to remove the butt plug. But it is at the same time, that we also come to see even more oil cover her ass. An amount much more than before. The covering of oil would once again repeat, as Liv go on to reinsert the butt plug, and then caress her, then oil soaked ass. It would be after this, that we would go into the scene involving Liv and her scene partner, Mick Blue.
Positions Seen //

- doggy (anal) (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- cowgirl (anal)
- side fuck (anal)
- sidesaddle (anal) (x2)
- missionary (anal)

The Review //
For this review, I take a look at a scene from Director Mason, and the brand HARD X. The scene in question, being anally exclusive. However, it's not just any anal scene, it's one featuring a very hot anal creampie finish for one Liv Revamped.

The scene begins with a simple tease segment involving Liv, and it is a tease that is rather delightful. This being so, as I feel that it was approached in the proper way. Liv having a nice, juicy ass, It happens to one of her biggest "assets", if you will. So, what do we see, right out of the gate? Nothing but that ass! Yes, as it fills, virtually the entire screen. Liv being positioned on her side, as she pushes her ass toward the camera. It's just nice viewing. Liv is then in a seated position. This, as we are not only treated with the fact that she would go on to insert a big butt plug into her anus, but also because, almost like clockwork, we additionally see some oil applied. The bottle being held out of the camera's view, as it is poured down. I do have to say that this was indeed a nice sight. Like glaze to a donut, or hot fudge being poured over a sundae, watching the oil, just hug around Liv's round ass, as it drip down, is just pure and simply magical. Liv would soon go on to remove the butt plug to taste it, and while this occurs, even more oil is poured. The plug would go back in, as we have one more for the oil. The segment ends with Liv's ass being shiny and drenched, as she caress her ass with her hands.

We then go into the encounter involving Liv and Mick Blue. It would appear that Liv's ripe booty, is even irresistible to Mick, as he finds himself being immediately drawn to it. He begins by toying with, and manipulating the butt plug, moving it around, and in and out. Once it's removed, he's quick to get his hands on it, before immediately burying his face in it. It's here, that he of course, is quick to use his mouth and tongue, with which Liv expresses her pleasure. The fast pace continues from here, with Mick going on to position Liv on the couch. She's on her knees for doggy, as Mick then take her from behind. It's from this position, that we would see Mick work up an increasing pace, going harder into Liv's ass. From here, we have Liv with both her head up as well as down into the couch, with her ass pointed upward, as she take the dick. It's with face down and ass up, that would see Mick eventually drive Liv to orgasm, as he continue to plow her ass. Following this, the next position would be that of reverse cowgirl, as Mick takes things directly into, as things carryover. From this position, Mick would have Liv hold her legs back as he continues his deep punching of her ass. It's a steady pace which Mick maintains. This, as we additionally see Liv deeply finger her pussy and rub at her clit in the meantime, all in an effort to cum. And that she does soon enough. After this, Liv would then go down on Mick to suck his cock. She first runs her tongue along the head and shaft, prior to she spitting on it. She take it into her mouth, just prior to Mick taking charge to fucking her face. However, things would soon finish up with Liv deepthroating him. The anal would however continue next, and it's a great view to be seen. That's because, next would see Liv climb on to ride, with the cock in her ass. It begins with some steady bouncing from Liv, but soon, it's Mick, who fires back at a quick pace. Personally, I happened to really like what would be seen next, and that being Liv planting her feet on the couch, as she proceed to slam her round ass down onto Mick's cock. Her ass looking very, very nice as she does so. The position would continue on, with Liv keeping her feet planted. This, as Mick take over to thrust his hard dick deeply up Liv's ass. I liked that here, Liv would soon be seen looking down, and in between, as she watches it plunge in and out of her ass. The next position of the scene, would be side fuck. This, as Mick positions Liv on the arm of the couch. Here, Liv's back is facing the camera, as her ass is pushed out toward it. It's a divine view, as Mick continues to invade her tight space. It's from here that Mick continues to plug away steadily, and like before, he builds up to a quicker pace, going harder. A key element here, is of course the eye contact between the two performers. We see this, as Mick improves his pacing, while we also hear Liv tell he how good it feels. This, as she eventually is taken back to orgasm. The position would be followed by Liv again sucking cock, before it's back on the arm of the couch. Only this time she is on her knees, as Mick fucks she from behind once more. This, before it's back to Liv being on her knees to resume sucking dick. However, it is during this that we also take notice of Liv simultaneously rubbing at her clit, and it would be this to make her cum next. It was nice to see she cum just from the stimulation of her fingers alone. It isn't always that we see this mid-scene. Next, Mick is seated on the couch, as Liv would take to a sidesaddle position as her ass is fucked. From here, we see Mick thrust into she quickly, as Liv reaches back to spread her ass, thus providing a nice view for us. After this, Liv would quickly go back to sucking Mick at his request. But, it's only briefly. That's because, Liv then begs for more. It's for a moment more after this, that the two make a return to sidesaddle. But it's then to missionary, shortly thereafter, as Liv's legs are held back, and her ass spread wide for Mick's taking. This, as he go on to straddle her, to pound his cock in deep from there. I must admit that, this was my favorite moment in the scene. Not only does the positioning look great, Mick also gets it into Liv's ass, really deep from this setup. Liv takes a deep, hard pounding. She seemed to have loved every minute of it, too. This, as she is able to look up, and watch the action as it occurs. It's so hot. There would be a brief pause, after Liv cums, during which her eyes roll back. But as things would resume, it's from there, that Liv makes it known, that she wants Mick to cum in her ass. She wants to feel it, she says. Ignoring this Mick goes on to work up a nice and steady pace, going quicker and harder over time. This, until he cannot restrain himself any further. The end result. being that he soon losing his load, deeply inside of Liv's well stretched ass. One of the things that I happen to enjoy in a scene, is an energetic finish, and that is what we have here. What a great finish!  I feel that the final position of missionary, saw the most of the scene's energy.  Mick went at Liv's ass hard here. This, as Liv took him balls deep, seemingly effortlessly at this point. Not to mention that it is a position that ended in a creampie. And it's a creampie, which Mick implants deeply into Liv's ass. So deep, that when it came time for she to push it out, she had some difficulty doing so, while on her back. This would prompt Liv to stand up on the couch, while bending over, and deeply spreading her ass to eject the remainder of Mick's hot load. That being a great view of not only Liv's ass, but also her pulsating butthole as well.

Here, not only do we begin the scene with a great-looking tease showcasing Liv Revamp's ass. It in itself, is then followed up by a passionate scene, involving she and Mick Blue. An all anal scene that, in my opinion, only gets much better as it progresses. At 30 minutes in length, the scene moves along quickly and fluidly, as the two performers, go from one position to the next, in quick succession. Mick Blue here, can be credited with giving Liv's ass a good working over. And it is one that she seemed to enjoy a great deal. This, as Mick is seemingly successful in making she cum, in each of the scene's several positions, just about. And when it comes to Liv Revamped, she just looks amazing in the scene. Yes, the 4'11" sex kitten with a whole bunch of ass, and sex appeal, shines in all of her pleasure. Here, we see she take it in the ass, and take it good. Her craving, seemingly insatiable. This,as she near the end, is heard begging for more. While some may want to dismiss Liv, I say that she is proof of what it is exactly that porn needs more of. To those who disagree, I just shake my head. With that said, in this scene, the two performers are able to match one another's sexual energy to create a scene that is both passionate and fulfilling in the end. I enjoyed it, especially during it's final half, and it's for this, that I recommend.

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