ExxxtraSmall.com Tiny Teaser (2021)

by - March 18, 2021

Starring:  Baby Karma // Nade Nasty
Directed by: Tony(Team Skeet)
Runtime: 38 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
 The scene begins outdoors with Baby Karma welcoming us to the scene. She tells us good morning, saying that it is a beautiful day out, and that today, she is shooting for TEAM SKEET, and that it's a scene for "Exxxtra Small". Baby Karma describes herself as being extra small, as she is 5'2" and 110 pounds. We then go on to see her pose on the rocks that overlook the pool. The performer who is very excited about shooting her first scene for "Exxxtra Small", goes on to show both her tits and ass from a distance, despite having a fear that she might fall from the rocks. After this, we see she approach the director Tony, in an attempt to retrieve her phone from him, to take some selfies. However, Tony decides to have a little fun with the tiny starlet, as he makes her jump for it several times, to no avail. He finally gives in, as Karma grabs her phone. She then proceeds to take a couple of selfies - one from the front and another from the back. Karma then would briefly go over to the next location as she then pose for the camera. She shows off her little titties, before slipping off her tight blue shorts, to shake, and jiggle her ass. The camera would then follow her, as it pick back up in a different location. It's here that Karma seems to be really horny, as she attempts to seduce Tony, who is nothing but professional, as he would have no part of it. We would once again find Karma in yet another location, as she is then seen relaxing in a hot tub, after she has changed into a red bathing suit. It's not only here, that we see she look cute, she also proceeds to pour water on herself from a cup, as well as entertain the nosy lawn guy by flashing her tits, and shaking her ass for him. It's after this, That karma finally heads inside, where we would find her indulging in some video games. Here, Karma has her headset on, and controller in hand, as she is engaged in a round of passionate game play. It's this, as Tony's camera is rolling without she being first aware. However, soon she is, as she goes on to question why Tony would want to film her while gaming. Tony says that guys like that sort of thing. However nonetheless, she continues on with her game, although she would soon find herself interrupted by her scene partner for the day, Nade Nasty, who surprises her from behind, by pulling at her blonde pigtails. Karma is surprised, but also disappointed a bit as her game was interrupted. But it is Tony who justifies things, saying she should be on some "dick and not on that stick". It's of course, then that things get underway between the two performers.

Positions Seen //

- side fuck
- missionary
- cowgirl (x2)
- doggy
- piledriver

The Review //
For this scene, TEAM SKEET, for their series "Exxxtra Small", presents a scene that is presented under the idea of reality. To explain, here, there is no sort of storyline, or setup. It's just the talent hanging out, and doing whatever until it's time to get down to business. Of course, all of this happening while a camera is rolling. That's exactly what we have here, when we are introduced to a very petite starlet, in newcomer, Baby Karma. We first have she posing on the rocks by the pool, posing poolside, as well as she flirting with the director Tony, who does his best to resist, and succeeds(we don't know how!). We even have she doing a little gaming, once she makes it inside. However, it would be a game cut short, as she finds herself interrupted by Nade Nasty. The lucky guy in the situation. He comes up from behind giving a pull at her pigtails, and it's from behind that things would begin.

The sexual encounter begins with Nade, going on to feel up Karma's small tits. I like the fact that during this, we would see Karma, as she also suck on Nade's thumb. Something about this was kind of hot to me. Nade, Would follow this up by removing Karma's bikini top. This, prior to he reaching into her bottoms to finger her already wet pussy. Karma would then have an opportunity to return the favor, as she would suck Nade's cock, as part of a blowjob that is somewhat sloppy. Here, I liked when Nade found some added leverage, as he pull on her pigtails like they were handlebars. There is also a of the switch at the camera, giving us an overhead view for a moment. I liked that during, we saw Karma spit a big helping of saliva on the cock. It's after the blowjob that Nade just cannot resist getting a taste of that pussy for himself. This, as we see him strip Karma of her bottoms, as she is on her back, with her legs spread, as he go in between them. It's here, that Nade approaches things, by using a combination of licking and sucking on the clit. During this, Karma can be heard saying that Nade does eat pussy as good as he fingers it. Next up, we have a unique variation on the side fuck position. Here, Karma's legs positioned at the side, are closed tightly, as are her little feet, that are held up. On Nade's part, he employees of pace that is increasing, becoming faster over time. Things then would go missionary immediately as Nade open up Karma's legs, as she's now on her back. Nade would continue to plug away, as the camera began with a distanced side view, before nicely switching to an overhead camera POV view. It is from that overhead, that we see Nade consistently pound the pussy. It would last until the two of them would once again reposition themselves, as we see Karma climb on to ride the dick in the standard cowgirl position. The camera once again staying distanced in the beginning. However, I felt that it was fortunate that the camera view would change to one much closer to the action. I also like that from here, Karma is initially leaned over to the side a bit, as we see Nade's hard cock just jab her pussy continuously. What a look this was! With that said, as the cowgirl would continue, we would see Karma more positioned upright, as she bounce on the dick. This showcased in the camera view from behind, once again at a distance, and then later somewhat closer. It's from here, I liked, as I watched Karma deadly bounce on the dick, that her two blonde pigtails hang down from the back view. Things would then progress to going into the doggy position next. However, it's not just any doggy. This being that we would once again see a unique variation of the position. Here, we have the petite Karma lying flat on her stomach, with her left leg positioned upward, as her right one positioned down. In other words, she is essentially sprawled out, as Nade bury his bone deeply. It's here that he maintains a steady, consistent pace, but once again, grabbing hold of Karma's hair and pulling back. As a bonus of sorts, we have the camera, that later during this position, gives us a close up view of Karma's facial reaction, as she is railed. But it would be after this, that the doggy would continue in a more straightaway, traditional variation. It's also from here, that Nate keeps up his steady pounding of Karma's pussy from behind. It's a variation that would come to benefit from an overhead POV look as well. After the doggy is finished, the two performers make a return to the standard cowgirl position. It's only this time, however that Karma's back is facing the camera, as she sit up to bounce. This particular position, would continue for a brief period. This, prior to Nade having the brilliant idea to take the action to the position of piledriver, as he places Karma on her back, and on the floor, off of the edge of the couch, as he goes on to straddle her from the front. From this setup, he would go on to steadily pump his cock, deeply into Karma's pussy. It's positioning, being from side to side and then, front and center. The camera eventually gives us a POV view of Karma, as we are in overhead. I felt that this was a great view, as Karma looked great taking the dick. It would last until the camera would pull back again to allow things to continue a brief moment longer. That's because, Nade says that he wants to cum on Karma's face. We would then see Karma follow this up, by sucking Nade off, as he is seated on the couch, initially. Things would continue then, as he stand. This, before he jerk his cock, and eventually disposing of his load onto Baby Karma's cute face. The scene coming to an official end, as Karma gives us a sendoff by directly addressing the camera.
Scenes like this one are a reason why I enjoy my job as a reviewer so much. I love it when I am able to discover new talent that I had not seen previously. Especially, when I am able to give that talent a positive review. Well, in the case of this scene, it was indeed my very first time seeing the cute little ball of energy that is Baby Karma. Boy, is this girl cute! The beginning of the scene is basically for us to get to know Karma, albeit briefly. This, as she plays outside by the pool, in a hot tub and so on. It's from these brief segments, that we come to find that Baby Karma, is just a girl who likes to have fun. I mean after all, she did flash the lawn guy her little titties, and big booty! We would also come to find out that she's a gamer, as well. But we would only see that briefly. That's because, she would soon be join by Nade Nasty. Then it is not long before Karma willingly gives up her game for the dick. When it comes to the sexual encounter that would follow, as a whole, I found it to be pretty good. The two performers bring about a casual, yet nice level of energy to the scene. I'll be honest with you, at first I came to realize that this is the one TEAM SKEET director that I usually see, That always picks shots that are at a distance from the talent. Quite frankly, I kind of hate them. However, fortunately for him and as well as the scene, beyond the distanced shots, there are a handful of choice, and creative views. As I said, a couple of them looking unique from the norm. I liked seeing the young performers mix things up a bit in this way, all the while creating a good collective performance together. Karma is just as hot, as she is cute. I loved seeing her take the dick with enthusiasm here. Once things got warmed up between them, Karma was in it to win. As for Nade Nasty, this was also my very first time ever seeing him perform in a full scene, let alone reviewing him. But with that said, I had seen his Only Fans previews, and so from those, I knew that he  would be a solid performer. In this scene, he puts in consistent work mostly throughout. What I really liked about the performance here that he provided, was the fact that for most of the positions, he could be seen either, pulling back on Karma's pigtails, or Karma's neck for leverage. It was all about he slamming her down hard, making sure his dick went deep. I liked that. So to sum it up, this was a generally fun scene, serving as an introduction for the really hot and petite newcomer known as Baby Karma. She's cute, she's sexy, and she looks good while taking dick. Many of my readers always tell me that I am the reason that they discovered this girl, or that girl. Well, here's another one for you boys! This is a scene that I do recommend. Be Sure to give TEAM SKEET a visit, and check it out!

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  1. hey Rik another good review as usual. I wanted to ask you to do a review of a very hot newbie called '' Angel Aurora '' in the scene called '' Two Angels Fuck '' by Hussie Pass. she just recorded for only one big company by now (bangbros) and I hope she records with others.