Alone Time (2021)

by - March 24, 2021

 Starring: Lilly Bell // Rob Piper 
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 42 mins

Scene Breakdown //

The scene opens up with Lilly Bell and Rob Piper, as they have just had a great night out together. Rob says that the night has been pretty amazing, seeing as due to their busy schedules, they don't always have alone time with one another. With this in mind, Rob has rented a house for the two of them to enjoy each other's company for the weekend. They eventually do come upon a lavish house, that they believe to be the one. However, there's just one problem. As they reach the front door, they find that it's locked. Rob confused, next suggests that they go around to see if the back door is locked. Instead of walking across the grass in her high heels, Lilly has big strong Rob, piggyback her. But when they come around the back, they are met with another obstacle. That being a locked gate. But they are not to let it stop them. This, as Lilly has Rob lift her over, prior to climbing over himself. They reach the back door, but soon they discover that something is amiss. They peek inside to find that the house appears to be vacant. It's not at all what Rob had arranged. However nonetheless, curiosity gets the better of both of them, as they then dare go inside. It's once inside, that they find out that the house is indeed vacant for whatever reason. This, although there are many cardboard boxes strewn about. One thing is clear however, this is not the house that Rob rented. He and Lilly have technically broken into someone else's home. They know it's wrong, but at the same time the thrill of it all gets their blood pumping. So much so that the two of them eventually engage in lots of sexual activity throughout the house.

Positions Seen //

- standing cowgirl
- cowgirl (x3)
- missionary (x3)
- doggy (x2)
- reverse cowgirl
- modified doggy

The Review //

In this somewhat storyline-driven scene from BLACKED RAW, Rob Piper, ever the gentleman looks to capitalize on a fun night out with his lady. Due to their hectic schedules they hardly ever get any alone time together, and so Rob has taken the initiative to rent out a house for the two of them to stay at for the weekend. However, what do you suppose happens when you mistakenly go to the wrong house? Well, if you're Lilly Bell, and Rob Piper, you dare to do the unthinkable, and let yourself in. Of course, breaking in, is the type of adrenaline rush that sends them over the edge sexually, as the two take a chance, as they engage in raw sex in the seemingly vacant residence.

Yes, passionate kisses between the two of them near the bottom of a staircase, is the catalyst for a hot and heavy sex scene. The kissing leads to Rob hiking up Lilly's skirt to get a feel of her ass. He would go on to lift her up high, pressing her up against the wall, with her legs spread, as he then go in between them to eat her pussy. Personally, I found this to be an incredible start to the sex scene. I just loved the raw energy of Rob, as he picks her up with ease, slamming her against the wall, as he has one thing on his mind - eating pussy. Rob is without a doubt a master pussy eater. Something else that I also loved about the sequence, is that we go directly into the position of standing cowgirl. It's a rather seamless transition, as we go right into Rob pounding the pussy for a time. It's just simply great stuff. This would go to Rob being seated, as Lilly go ahead and straddle him to ride the dick in cowgirl on the stairs next. It's here, that Lilly plant her feet to slam herself down on the cock. It's a combination of this, as well as, Rob fucking hard. Shortly after, Lily would briefly suck rob off, prior to she standing to take it in doggy, as Rob would get her from behind. It's from here, that Lilly is wide open for the camera, as we have a good shot of the penetration at hand, especially after she puts her right leg up on the rail of the staircase. Following the doggy position, we see Lilly seated on the staircase with her legs spread wide, for Rob's taking. And take he does, as he once again goes on to masterfully eat her pussy for a time. At this point in the scene, I was really into what I was seeing, for sure. After this, Lilly runs up the staircase, as Rob gives chase. He would stop her when they reach a rail on the wall which has a mirror overlooking it. From here, we would see Rob wet the pussy, just prior to inserting his cock, as Lilly has her legs spread widely. The moment here, ends with Rob again going down on her with his mouth and tongue. Next up, the two of them try to make their way down the hall, but they stop once again to go at it. This, as Lilly props her left leg up on the banister of the stairs, as Rob fucks her from behind. This would last for a brief moment, but I have to tell you that it is one good looking set up. I liked the clear view of Lilly's bush and pussy that we got from it. However, soon Lily's leg would come down as she stand, bent over for doggy to continue in the straightaway. From this setup, Rob would go on to fuck the pussy at a pace that is both quick and hard, as he pound it. But, this would be followed up by Lilly going on to kind of worship Rob's cock, as she grip and suck it, as she calls it "beautiful". It's an act that would eventually see she deepthroat the cock, as far as she can. After this, we would hear Rob ask Lilly if she is ready to ride his dick? She is. But first he has her crawl on her hands and knees to the bedroom. This was also a very hot occurrence, just getting to watch Lilly's ass from behind, as she crawl into the bedroom, is just an absolute privilege. It's just a fucking amazing view. And that's not all. Soon, Rob has she climb up on the bed, as he position himself on his back. Lilly would of course crawl in between his legs, to tend to his cock and balls. During this, the camera makes a wise decision to give us a view from behind Lilly. Most importantly, a focus on her pink pussy. From here, first she's sprawled out, just prior to Rob having she get up on her knees. And from there, it is all pussy and ass from our viewpoint, as the latter is up in the air. We would even have at one point a straightaway close-up view of her ass and pussy, as we find ourselves fully behind her, as she then go to work on Rob's dick. But, as the camera take a side view, we would see she really go to town on it, as she employ a double-handed stroking approach, as she suck the cock down hard. But, it would be after this, that Lilly Is finally ready to ride the cock on the bed, as she go on to once again straddle him. From this position yes, we would see Lilly bounce on the cock. But here, it's all about Rob, who absolutely drills that pussy deep and hard, Wow. What energy. What passion! Soon after, Lily would quickly return to sucking cock, prior to things picking up in reverse cowgirl next. From this position, we see Lilly with her legs spread wide and her feet planted. She bouncing on the dick for a short time. This, as Rob of course eventually takes over. Following this, Rob pops out after the rough fucking, he takes the time to spank Lilly's clit with his hard cock, prior to proceeding to rub the clit with it vigorously. This was pretty good. But it would be even better, when we see Rob once again reinsert himself. That's because he would return to his quick and hard brand of fucking. Lilly taking all of the dick, and loving it. There was even a moment here, during which Lilly states that she could feel Rob's cock in her stomach! Following this, Rob would position Lilly on her back as things would soon go to missionary. It's from this position, that Rob would keep with his very quick pace, as he fuck her deeply. It's action that continues, and is enough to make Lilly cum. This as she says "oh my God, I'm cumming on your cock!!". From here, Rob would also lie flat, as the two, are stomach to stomach, as he continue to pound it in. Next, we would see Lilly laying on her stomach, with her legs sprawled. Rob, likewise continues to keep his pacing up, as he is in and out of the pussy, rather quickly. It's also from this positioning that we see Rob toy with the pussy, as he pull his cock out, only to reinsert it. He would do this several times. This, before the action would then take up in doggy, where we initially have a POV view of Lilly's face as she faces the camera, while Rob once again gets her from behind. However, the camera would soon enough circle around, to reach the focus of penetration ongoing. It's from this viewpoint that we see Rob on his knees, as he thrust forward. And thrust forward hard. This was truly great stuff here. Rob just plows! Doggy would continue on a little longer, this time with Lilly getting up on her knees. It would be here, that we would see Lilly go on to nicely throw her ass back on the dick, before Rob would pull her in, as the two sit upright, and as she continue to ride the dick. It's after this, that we then see Lilly on her back, as Rob goes in between her legs, to once again treat her pussy to his mouth and tongue. It would be followed up by things going to missionary thereafter. Rob remains consistent, as he take on an increasing pace that only gets faster and harder over time. It's during this position, that we happen to see Lilly reach climax twice. Things would continue quite interestingly however, as Lilly remains on her back as, she pushes her ass up into the air, as she thrust forward into Rob's dick from there. This is something that I thought looked really sexy on camera, especially since eventually, Rob would reciprocate, fucking the pussy even harder. After all of this, Rob could have been done with her. However, he tells Lilly that he wants more. It's then that we see Lilly once again climb on top to sit on the dick for more cowgirl. However, this time out Rob begins with a rather slow pace, as Lilly says that she likes it, that it feels good. But she herself, would eventually pin her legs and feet back, as she proceed to bounce on the dick hard, at a quick pace of her own. However, Rob would eventually take charge again, fucking really good and hard. This, as the camera zooms in, while Lilly spreads apart her ass with both hands, as she says that she wants Rob to, "pump that cum inside of her". He would go on to continue for a moment longer until he does just that, fucking hard, until finally depositing his load deep within her. It's after that he pulls out, that we see the hot load dripping out of her. It's a load that ends up on Rob's abdomen. It's also a load that Lilly would soon suck up clean! This, making for a very, very nice finish to the scene.

When it comes to this scene from BLACKED RAW, all I can say is that it's a scene that is pretty much wall to wall, energy and passion from beginning to end. After all, the start of the scene did in fact, involve a literal wall. You just have to love the moment when Rob picked up Lilly, slamming her against the wall in order to get in between those legs and eat that pussy. It would only be high-energy from there. We see them fucking on the staircase, on the upper floor leading into the bedroom, and of course then the bedroom itself. It's indeed the bedroom that sees the most consistent and hardcore fucking. What I liked the most about the scene with that the energy I speak of, never wavered. Rob, who here deals out the dick, is consistent in his performance, as he never lets up on his quick and hard pace. Here, Lilly's pussy pretty much takes a beating, but the best thing is that she loves it. In fact, she came several times over the course of the scene. All of this. While supplying us with some decent dirty talk here and there. I really enjoyed the rough and raw nature of the scene overall, this is then solidified, with the fact that the scene comes to an end with a deeply seated creampie, as Rob cums inside of her, just as Lilly asks. And it's not one of those fake creampies either! With that said, I really did enjoy the scene, for pretty much everything that it provides. The storyline, which sees the two lovers break into a seemingly vacant house, and proceed to get down to business. It's actually a fun storyline in my opinion. And then it all leads to the sex, the most important aspect of the presentation. These two performers Lilly Bell, and Rob Piper, in this scene gave it their all. Not only did they surrender themselves to the camera in front of them, they also surrendered themselves to each other, as they seemingly got lost in the performance. Lilly Bell is without a doubt, one of the sexiest women in the business. I have such a crush on her, if I am being honest! I always love seeing her. It's always a treat. As for Rob Piper what can I say? He himself is simply one of the best male performers that we have. Especially, when it comes to eating pussy. The guy is a master. For the scene, the two of them came together here, to create something truly special. It's a scene filled with hot and heavy action. Action that has Rob looking like he has undergone a full workout by the end of it. And as for us, it's a scene that leaves us quite amazed. With that said, I do highly recommend the scene. In my opinion, It is likely to be one of the year's best scenes!

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