All Hump Breaks Loose (2021)

by - March 02, 2021

 Starring: Madi Collins // Mick Blue
Directed by:
Runtime: 30 mins.


Scene Breakdown //

In this scene, Alyx Star's family is already a bit dysfunctional. There's her mom,Sheena Ryder, and her stepdad Mick Blue, who just happens to have a thing for younger women. But things would get far more complicated, when Alyx happens to invite her friend Madi Collins to dinner. However, Madi isn't your ordinary girl. Her sex drive is through the roof, as she's always horny. It's almost immediately after Alyx introduces Madi to her mother, that Madi is seen awkwardly humping the side of a chair. She just cannot sit still. It's so much of a disturbance that Sheena doesn't even want to be near her. It's because of this, that she has Madi sat next to her husband. And even then she cannot remain static. Sheena senses that Madi just may simply be uncomfortable in the chair, so she fetches her a pillow for she to sit on. But, that proves to be a further mistake. The awkward Madi begins licking the pillow, prior to putting it underneath her to hump it. Mick cannot believe what he is seeing, as soon, Madi pulls her panties aside to touch herself. However nonetheless, the family attempts to get through dinner with conversation about college, and the day's events. It's something that proves to be a daunting task, as things are just far too dysfunctional. Not only do we have Madi playing with herself in secret, we have Alyx, who seems to have something going on with Mick, playing "footsie" with him under the table. She also gargles water, to simulate she guzzling cum. It's about at the same time that Madi is also stroking Mick's cock out of sight. Too much sexual chaos occurring though, causes Sheena to finally catch on, as she literally has Mick with his pants down as she has he stand up from the table to reveal his huge erection. It's from there. that dinner is officially canceled for the family, as Sheena promptly declares that she wants a divorce from Mick, as she throw her wedding ring at him. It's a shakeup that soon leave Mick and Madi alone, and they quickly capitalize on the situation. This, being as Madi, goes on to suck upon Mick's hard cock.
Positions Seen //

- doggy (x2)
- wheelbarrow
- missionary
- cowgirl
- standing cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- spoon

The Review //
What happens when family dysfunction meets sexual dysfunction? All hell breaks loose, that's what!(Or all "hump", as the title suggests.) That is exactly what we have here from this scene from REALITY KINGS. A story featuring one Madi Collins, as a girl who just cannot seem to scratch that sexual itch. Via the storyline here, we have a rather bizarre, and silly situation when Alyx Star does a good deed, by inviting her friend Madi to family dinner. I mean, what is the worst that can happen, right? Well as it turns out, a lot can happen, seeing as the family in which Mick Blue occupies the role of the stepfather, with Sheena Ryder being his better half, is already a little on edge. The daughter, Alyx, is already messing around with her stepdad behind mom's back, so it only gets even more chaotic when the nympho, Madi Collins, is dropped into the mix.

The storyline here, is a whole lot of silly, I have to admit. Part of me really did not thoroughly enjoy it, while another part of me takes it for what it is supposed to be, and that is outrageously fun. It's decent. If I can say one thing though about it, it's that the acting performances by all were pretty great. Especially, when speaking of Madi Collins herself, who plays up the role of overly horny teen to perfection. She's like a dog in heat, that has to hump everything in sight, including a blue pillow given to her by Sheena, in hopes of curing the discomfort of the chair which she is sitting.

It's the very pillow that would also be used during the sexual encounter, which would next take place involving Madi and Mick Blue. After the wholesome family dinner is interrupted, Sheena storms off away from the dinner table(along with Alyx), leaving the two alone, it's a moment that would facilitate the scene. Mick already has his cock out, and so Madi quickly gets to work on it. I liked the way that Madi played up being amazed by the size of his cock. She having wide eyes, as she would go on to compare it to the size of her forearm. Only momentarily stunned however, she would continue by sucking down the cock, often employing a two-handed stroke while she does so. This, as Mick both stand, and then relax in a chair. After this, we would see Mick quickly go into eating that pussy, as he bend Madi over the table and plant his face directly in between her butt cheeks, as he smack her ass. In my opinion, this was so fucking hot. Definitely one of the key moments of the entire scene, and it was only the beginning! The action then quickly go into doggy, as Mick take her from behind. During this position, Madi has a leg up on the table, thus giving us a nice clean view of the penetration at hand. The action from here, alternating between straightaway doggy, as well as this doggy involving she propping her leg up on the dinner table. The action would quickly progress with Mick having Madi again suck his cock, before straddling her face by placing foot up on the table. It's from there, that he would go on to fuck Madi's face well, as she gurgle and gluck. I must mention that I really enjoyed the way that the scene progressed almost from the start, as things move rather briskly, going from one thing to the next. It's after, that things naturally go to standing side fuck next. This, as we would see Mick proceed with a pace that is ever so increasing. Here, Mick just pumps away at the pussy as he is encouraged by Madi to do so, as she tells him to "fuck her tiny pussy", as she also tells Mick just how nice his cock is. The next position would serve up some missionary, as Madi is set up on the table, with her legs spread wide apart for Mick to take her. It's here that the camera keeps a very close view, as Mick continuously jam his cock into Madi's tight hole. I just loved the crystal clear close-up penetration work here by the camera. It's definitely a job well done. This missionary would then see Mick go down on Madi briefly, prior to the action then going to a side fuck position with Madi on her back, with her legs closed tightly. The view from this particular position is just fantastic indeed. Madi's ass looking purely plump, and deliciously round. This, as Mick pump her bald pink pussy full of cock. Mick just going even faster, as he is encouraged by Madi's dirty talking once again. Things keep with the same quick pace, until we quickly go to the next position. And that position is cowgirl, as Mick takes a seat, and Madi climbs on eagerly to have Mick's cock inside her once more. From the cowgirl position, we see Madi ride hard and fast, as Mick's hard shaft impales her little pussy. Madi from here, encourages Mick to stretch it out. This, as she rides in a frenzy, seemingly not to get enough. Near the end of the position, things slow down enough for us to get a good look at the penetration, as well as Madi's puckering butthole as her pussy take the dick. Although it slows down momentarily there, things are right back where they were previously, as next Mick hoists Madi up quickly to pound her hard in the standing cowgirl position. It would be brief, as Mick would have Madi next back to sucking cock for a time. After this, for a moment Mick looks directly into Madi's eyes as he has she sit upright to play with her pussy. Doing so until she brings herself to orgasm. However, Mick would want Madi back on his throbbing cock. It is yet another position where we see Madi fucked hard, and fast, as she have her legs spread wide to take it. The action would then transition to the spoon position, as the two take to the floor. Mick initially maintains his steady pace of in and out, as he fuck the pussy. He would however increase his pace going harder, slamming it in deeply. He would slow down for a brief period, only to go much faster, as encouraged by Madi. Following this, we would have one final position, and it is a return to  doggy. This, as Madi is positioned on her knees up in a chair. Mick from here, takes her from behind, to simply pound the pussy in the straightaway doggy position. He would continue things, by shoving Madi's head down. From here, he would continue to go even harder until finally reaching his moment of climax. Mick then has Madi position herself with her knees on her pillow. This, as he steadfastly jerk his cock in an effort to cum, and soon enough he does just that, as he slings a hot load all over Madi's face, giving her a decent facial. It is with said facial, that signifies the end of the scene, bringing it to a very nice finish.

When it comes to this scene, despite having a beginning storyline that was just decent, the resulting sex scene is actually quite incredible in my opinion. With the storyline, as I said, it is a bit silly and over the top. "Over the top", being a very apt phrase to describe it. The situation is chaotic, but the acting performances are pretty top notch. You just have to love the reaction on Mick's face especially, as he witness Madi, humping a pillow at the dinner table. He is simply dumbfounded, and his face says it all. It's just hilarious. As For the sex, this kind of chaos is kept up. However, it is in a very good way, I'd say. As after the storyline set up situation, we are met with a sexual encounter that is nonstop energy from start to finish. As per storyline, Madi is a seemingly incurable young Nympho. But as it turns out, Mick Blue, has exactly what the doctor ordered, in the form of his big Austrian cock. I just love the way that Mick pounded Madi's pussy nice and hard, in each and every position seen here. In addition to Madi having the eagerness and willingness to take it as it is given. Yes, Mick has a big cock. And yes she can feel it in her guts, as she says a couple of times here. But in the end, she takes it all in stride, proving herself to be a champ of the sexual kind here. For her, it is a very nice showing. This is one of the best scenes she has participated in during her very still early career. This scene is just hot. What a great pairing this as they come together to create a scene that is purely and simply white-hot. For me it's a scene that is already likely a Year-End Top 10 candidate. The action is nonstop and magnetic, while the camerawork is inclusive and precise, giving us much valued views. Together, it is a very soundly complete scene. I loved it, and I think that you will too. This is a scene that I definitely recommend checking out. Madi Collins, continues to prove herself as being a great performer.

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