Tushy.com: Rebellious (2021)

by - February 18, 2021

 Starring: Chloe Temple // Oliver Flynn
Directed by: Laurent Sky
Runtime: 41 mins.

Scene Breakdown //
 Chloe Temple describes that, on the surface she can be considered a bit of a rebel. She's not exactly an approachable girl. She explains that she is not interested in most people. However, when she really likes someone, she's all in. She says that for her, it is hard for she to hide her true feelings for people that she likes, which is what occurs when meeting a super cute guy named Oliver, at a recent punk show. When she happens to see Oliver again, as she is out and about, she cannot help but to quickly message him, after getting his number when returning home. Chloe is quite surprised however, when Oliver responds right away, and the two of them set up a meeting. Chloe is relieved to find that Oliver isn't what she calls a "fuckboy". There are no games with him, and she likes that. It's because of this, that Chloe says that she intends to reward him with something very special when he comes over.

Positions Seen //
- doggy (anal) (x2)
- reverse cowgirl (anal)
- spoon (anal)
- missionary (anal)
- missionary

The Review //
Is Chloe Temple just an extremely late person? Or does male talent, Oliver Flynn manage to make her cum an unimaginable amount of times? Well, in this scene from TUSHY.COM and director Laurent Sky, it's the latter.

In the scene, which sees Chloe Temple portray a confident, bad ass, skateboard-toting rebel, she does admit to having one weakness, and that being cute guys. In the set up, she goes on to explain that she is very selective when it comes to the people that she socialize with. Especially guys. However, when meeting Oliver Flynn at a recent punk rock show, he definitely tapped into that rarely seen vulnerable side of her's. She was indeed smitten with him, so when she again crosses paths with him at the park, she's over the moon. So much so, that she gets his number and cannot not wait to send that first text. In fact, she gets right down to business, inviting him over to her place. It is an invitation that Oliver readily accepts.

That would be the catalyst of a quickly moving sexual encounter, which begins right away, as they go into a round of passionate kissing. Oliver soon kissing down Chloe's neck. This, before he follow that up by pushing her panties aside to go down on her. It's here, that he make use of both his mouth and tongue as he lap around, and suck on the clit. This would also go on to include his fingers, as he quickly jam them into her hole. It's during this, that Chloe talks dirty to him, as she encourages him to eat her pussy. I must admit, that I really liked the way that Chloe sort of coached him with her dirty dialogue. Following a time of Oliver eating pussy, it would then be Chloe's turn to return the favor, as Oliver lie back to dictate the action. As Chloe begin to suck his cock, he tells her to worship it, and that she does, going on to slurp and suck, as well as spit on the shaft, as she take it down as far as she can. This, would also include a couple of times that Oliver fuck her face. At one point we could even hear him tell Chloe to gag on his cock, saying that he wants she to gasp for air. It would be after this, that the action would progress with Chloe wanting Oliver to fuck her ass. To do so, they first take to a small couch, and the doggy position. Oliver first inserts his cock, as he half straddle behind Chloe, but eventually to get better leverage, he would fully straddle her. Chloe encourages he to slide it into her ass, as he go on to move his cock in and out steadily. We would even be seeing him remove it, only to put it back in, as he drop his cock in and out. This as we see Chloe's developing gape for the very first time. After the action in doggy, the scene has yet another location change, as the two next return to the bedroom for more. he next position that we see would be reverse cowgirl, as Oliver again take the ass. He would go on to lube things up with oil, prior to he continuing at a steady pace. He would momentarily slow things down, until Chloe herself urges him to fuck harder. He follows it up by giving she exactly what she wants. This, as he absolutely drills her asshole for a brief time. After this, he returns to his steady pumping of the ass, and it is enough to drive Chloe to a hard orgasm. It's during this, that we see she bring her legs closer together, as they tremble with pleasure. The next position would be spoon, as Oliver would thrust forward with his cock. In the opening seconds of this position, the camera would give us an extreme close up view of the penetration. This, as Chloe would also rub her pussy, while her ass is fucked. We would eventually however, once again return to the full scope view, as Oliver continue to give the ass a steady poking. The position continuing on then, with Chloe lending a hand literally, as she spread apart her ass as it is pounced. And speaking of "pounce", eventually that is exactly what Oliver does, when he increases his pace to a breakneck speed. This, as he basically go as fast as he can, as he drill the asshole. It sending Chloe into a frenzy, which soon makes her cum. This particular moment of the position, was just so fucking hot. Oliver absolutely nailed her here! What good work by him! Furthering the action here, is a time of Oliver once again pulling out, and placing his cock back in, in concession, as the camera details the growing of Chloe's gape. In addition to this, we would also see Oliver, not only continue to fuck, but also go on to place fingers into Chloe's pussy, as his cock continue to occupy her ass, while he essentially double penetrate her. This indeed, was just great stuff to see in my opinion. Following this position, the two of them would make a return to doggy, only this time, the view would be a much better one. Here, Chloe is directly in line with the camera, as her ass faces it. She is face down and ass up, as Oliver would straddle her. He go on to plug his hard dick into Chloe's ass, prior to opening up, and pouring lube into it. It would of course, make things much easier, as he go on to fuck it at his steady pace. We would also see him pulling in and out, to once again show off the gape. But it's not only that, as the camera would once again give the close-up view of the gape-age, and it is nothing short of spectacular. He would once again resume his steady pace, but eventually Chloe would want he to once again show her gape. It's beautiful to say the least. What I liked during this particular position set up was that, at one point, Chloe makes mention of Oliver sweat dripping on her face during all of this, and how figuratively hot it is. I don't know why, but I just enjoy hearing dialogue like this. After doggy comes missionary, and it would be the final position of the scene. However, not before Oliver goes on to treat both of her holes right. That's right, in this position we have Oliver, not only fucking the ass, which he has done for the majority the scene, but also Chloe's pussy. This position giving us an exact idea of just how long Oliver's cock is, as he begins by slowly punching it into the ass. The closer camera again aiding him initially. However as he continues, he would also go on to deeply finger her pussy simultaneously with his thumb. That in itself, would go on to initiate he alternating between both of the holes with his dick next. It's something that would continue for a time, and then later return in between steady plunging of the ass. It would all eventually lead to Oliver picking up a quick and steady pace, which he maintains up until his moment of climax. He fucks until he can barely hold it in any longer, as Chloe says that she wants Oliver to drown her in his cum. Upon a quick pull out, Oliver does just that as he goes on to explode upon Chloe's face, covering it in his white warm jizz. It is Indeed a great finish.

This was an excellent scene, I have to say. The storyline portion of the scene is simple and concise, while the sexual encounter to which it leads, is anything but either. As I said above, this is a scene that is quickly underway involving these two, as they were ready to go from the start. It wasn't long before Oliver was eating pussy, and Chloe likewise sucking cock. I liked how all of that came about, as the scene began. And then it was after that, that we begin the scene's anal content, and luckily for us, things do not miss a beat. We first begin with the opening incarnation of the doggy position, seeing Oliver fully straddle Chloe from behind. The camera would have a nice gape reveal during. However, truth be told, it is my opinion that the action did not really get underway, until the two were back in the bedroom, as the anal sex continued in the position of reverse cowgirl. It was then that we saw things really heat up, if you ask me. Oliver would go on to show just how great a performer he really is. The highlight of this opening position in the bedroom, was indeed his hard pumping, in collaboration with the excellent camera work. I just have to say that I love all of the close up shots seen during this scene. What beautifully captured imagery we are rewarded with here. And these views always seem to come at just the right time, too. Right when we want them. Most of the time they come when Oliver is pulling out and putting back in. This, giving us an up close and personal view of Chloe's little gaping butthole, which itself was in a nice shade of pink. The scene would go on to carry on through more positions. Positions such as spoon, a second return to doggy, as well as missionary. They are positions nicely worked by the performers, who would go on to end things in the final position, the mentioned missionary. A great showing in itself. One involving Oliver switching between both holes at times, before it eventually bringing he to a raging climax. In the end, Oliver busts a huge nut, as he covers Chloe's face. It's the kind of popshot that fans hope for. I had fun with this scene overall, and it is one that I would highly recommend. It's a scene that presents a very nice combination of passionate fucking, and beautiful, skilled photography. Check it out!

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