Impatient (2021)

by - April 21, 2021

Starring: Jessie Saint // Jack Rippher
Directed by: Derek Dozer
Runtime: 31 mins


Scene Breakdown //
 At the beginning of the scene, we have Jessie Saint, who is dressed to the nines, as she heads into the busy city for a date. She keeping contact with her potential date on the way there. However, when she reaches her destination, she is in the midst of a lively party atmosphere. But there's but one problem - her date is nowhere to be found. She has been stood up. She calls up her date to question his whereabouts, and she's frustrated. But with that said, she is also impatient, as she soon strike up a conversation with another gentleman in Jack Rippher. The two of them make small talk, and seem to hit it off. It isn't long before they even get a little touchy-feely. This, as Jessie discreetly opens her legs for Jack to each get a look, and feel of her pussy, as they also in addition, exchange passionate kisses. When the atmosphere proves to be a bit too confining, Jack eventually invites Jessie back to his room. It would be there, that a sexual encounter between Jessie and Jack, would quickly get underway.

Positions Seen //

- doggy (x2)
- cowgirl
- spoon
- missionary

The Review //
As the age old saying goes, "when one door closes, another door opens.". It's in this scene from BLACKED RAW, that starlet Jessie Saint, finds this to be very true, when she is left hanging by her would-be date. Yes, left all alone in the middle of the night, Jessie seems more than determined to make the best of it, however. And that she does. This, when she happens to get acquainted with one Jack Rippher, who is also there. The two become acquainted, and fast. Soon, Jessie is spreading her legs for him, right then and there. It's obviously the thrill of it all, which moves her. It's as fast as they got to know one another, that the sexual encounter between them comes about, as well. This, as they do indeed, "get a room".

Once there, things quickly commence. Some brief, passionate kissing, along with Jack kissing along Jessie's neck, as well as, he making his way down to her tits, immediately leads him to throw Jessie back on the bed. He then, hiking up her tight red dress, as he go on to bury his face in between her legs, to eat her pussy. It's here that we see Jack put in some great work on the pussy. He must have studied Rob Piper for sure. Because, he treats the pussy right. Licking, slurping and sucking on Jessie's nice big pussy lips, with skill, and also at one point, burying a finger in, simultaneously. It would be after this, that Jessie go on to return the favor. This, as Jack has a big cock for she to suck. Jessie begins by steadily taking the dick, in and out of her mouth. However, we knew that shit was about to get real, the moment that Jessie, ripped off her large gold hoop earrings and threw them aside! It's then that she immediately gets wild on the cock, moving it in and out of her mouth, at a very quick pace. We would also see Jack cram it down her throat during this time. Jessie would even help him out, by stretching open her mouth with her fingers at each side. With the face fucking as well, Jessie would make things sloppy, as she go on to spit on the shaft, toying with the spit to make it extra dirty, as she eventually employ a two-handed stroke approach in tandem. Boy, does Jessie ever take pride in sucking a cock! It's obvious that she gets great joy out of it. Because here, we see nothing but a smile on her face, the whole time that it's going down. Near the end of the blowjob, we see Jessie go on to strip completely out of her red dress, as it would make way for what would happen next. And what would happen next, is Jack taking her from behind, as he there, proceed to penetrate Jessie for the first time. Beginning with a half straddle approach, Jack fucks the pussy from the position, building up to a quick but steady pace. The look upon Jessie's face during this, tells us that she is liking it a great deal. This as she tells Jack to "fuck her little pussy". This prompting Jack to waste no time, as we see him take things into a full straddle from behind, as he continue to pound in deep and hard. This, as Jessie herself, is still with her face down, and ass up in the air. Eventually though, Jack would return to the half straddle, where after, things progress a little bit more. We see the straightaway doggy approach, settle into more of a lazy dog effort, Jessie then lie flat on her stomach. Jack follows this up, by pulling back on her chin, as he pound it in deep for a time. After some hard work here put in by Jack, he next goes on to lie back, as Jessie climb on top to ride in the next position, which is cowgirl. Here, things begin with Jack going nice and slow, but as you could likely predict, it wouldn't be long before he would take up and must faster pace, as he fuck the pussy hard. This feeling so good to her, that we see Jessie biting the white bed sheet, as Jack is on the plow. In between, we'd also see Jessie have some movement in those hips, as she herself ride hard. This lasting for a short time, until we see Jack go on to once again, pick up the pace. This time, he also hugging around Jessie tightly as he rail her good and hard. This, as Jessie makes mention of just how deep he is at the moment. The look on her face during this, being one of pure pleasure. The action from the position would slow down a bit. However, only for a brief moment. Because, soon enough, Jack is back to going deep into the pussy, as he slam it into Jessie. After this, we would see Jessie with her face down and ass up once again. Only this time, she would face the camera at an angle, as Jack take her from behind, for more of the doggy position. From here, Jack begins by fully straddling Jessie, as he have both feet planted firmly on the bed. But, as he continue, he would go down on one knee to have a half straddle, prior to it ending up in the lazy dog variation once more, and it is from that position, that we see Jack hammer it in at a pace that is ever so increasing. It's from here, that we would also see him pull back on Jessie's neck in order to achieve good leverage, as his cock continues to take the plunge into Jessie's wet pussy. This was indeed great stuff to witness, as Jack absolutely nails the pussy, nice and deep. The view that the camera eventually gives us from behind, as it comes around to the back to give us a closeup of the penetration, being especially ripe. What a fucking good view, This, as Jack would make Jessie cum hard, once again. After this, we see Jack once again lie back, as Jessie go on to service him. She first begins by sucking on his big balls, one by one. However, it is a lick up the shaft of his cock, that would lead her to suck it. It's again that she approaches the situation with enthusiasm, as she gets right to sucking the dick. But, we'd also see Jack reciprocate, as he shoves her head down while he fucks her face. It lasts for a time, until the action would again resume next, in the position of spoon. From this position, Jack remains consistent, as he plug away at Jessie's pussy. The camera does a good job serving up several views including; a close up of the penetration. As well as a close up look showing Jessie's reaction, and also,the traditional full scope view. After spoon, things would naturally transition over to missionary. It would be here that we see Jack work up a steady pace of fucking. We see him on one knee, fully straddling, as well as simply straightaway, with he thrusting his cock forward. Each of the variations of his approach, seeing his big cock go in deep. However in saying this, the time which he really digs in, happens to come when the camera makes its way behind him. It's from this point, that we see his hips and cock go to work. I really, really enjoyed the view that would come out of this, as we see Jack go on to fully straddle Jessie's front to drill into her. It's a very nice, sort of, underneath view, showing Jack's big dick, continuously go in. All the while, we see Jessie's face looking up in full view, as she watches it go in. This view right here, being pure poetry. It's just beautiful art on display! This would continue on, until Jessie would let it be known that she wants Jack to cum on her. He then go on to do a few more pumps into the pussy, until reaching his own moment of climax. It's then that he would hurry over to Jessie's face, where he would jerk his cock to drop his load onto Jessie's mouth and tongue, for a finish to the action. After the fact, we see the good sport Jessie play with her prize, shortly before swallowing it down, as well as sucking on the head of Jack's cock one final time.

This was a very good scene, and somehow going into it, I knew that it would be. Jessie Saint is one performer, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites to see. She's just naturally sexy all around, and she brings an undeniable enthusiasm to the table, in each of her scenes. I have enjoyed watching her more recently. It's here in this scene that her enthusiasm is matched by Jack Rippher, who brings forth one hell of a performance. What can I say? I really like this guy, and I hope to review more and more of him. This being my second time, with he impressing me with each of them. Jessie and Jack have great chemistry together here, as they create a sexual encounter that is both fluid and energetic. I loved the energy here, along with the scene's snappy pace, as here, we essentially go from one position to the next. But with that said, the overall scene is not compromised. It doesn't feel rushed or anything like that. As I said, it felt very fluid and natural. It's obvious that the director, just simply oversaw things, as he sat back, and allowed the performers to be who they are. The end result being a very solid scene. It's the type of action that you just don't want to take your eyes off of. Though the storyline setup is just okay, what really counts here, is the sex. When it comes to that alone, it's indeed a job well done by one and all. It's a scene that I would most definitely recommend, as it is just great stuff! On Jessie Saint's backside, she has a heart-shaped tattoo. One that reads, "The Devil Made Me Do It". Well in that case, thank the devil for scenes such as this one!

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