March #DPofTheMonth: Mina hardcore 5 on 1 fuck session with DP, DAP, TP, and Triple Anal SZ2618

by - April 18, 2021


March #DPofTheMonth Recap:

 The more stuffed the orifice the better, that seems to be what makes the #DPBattle happy. For this poll, I factored that in before constructing it. March’s #DPofTheMonth poll surveyed the closely-knit collective of DP-obsessed fans, revealed whether or not they wanted Double Anal, Triple Anal, or even Quadruple Anal in the scene I would review here on Black Halo Adult Reviews. Before I move on any further, yes, there is indeed Quadruple Anal or “QUAP” as the acronym goes in porn. It doesn’t involve all four phalluses as humans, yet.  Instead, a dildo is attached to a stick which is stuffed into the female performer’s asshole with three penises already in it. Thus it earns the trade term; Quadruple Anal.  It is here where the amount of ammo in the DP was the focus of the poll and it is here where Triple Anal won the vote.  


The voice of the #DPBattle tallied 49 votes giving the edge to three dicks in the asshole for the scene review voted back at the end of March.  Even though just two is enough as DAP has won its fair share of polls in #DPofTheMonth. It couldn't cum at a better time as we're now well into #AnalApril where we celebrate all things butt stuff, now we have three times the amount of it. The next step was to nominate the scene that had TAP and that was all on my shoulders, thankfully the month of March had a plentiful menu of Triple Anal scenes to choose from. This brings me to this Mina cut from the Legal Porno network that dropped as an update on March 15th  called "Mina hardcore 5 on 1 fuck session with DP, DAP, TP, and Triple Anal SZ2618". This compact euro-tart has well over 50 scenes under her Legal Porno belt. A catalog littered with DAP and peppered with some celebratory anal orgies to boot. Three dicks going into the ass is a trend that is here to stay and thankfully it keeps the #DPBattle satisfied and PornBoxes full with decked-out scenes like this March #DPofTheMonth scene with Mina. We're lucky to have a conveyor belt of double penetration scenes being unleashed almost daily from Legal Porno. As of this writing, more TAP scenes were released giving us more of a choice if you consider this Mina scene just a taste of some of these TAP treats from the Legal Porno brand.







 Scene Breakdown

 A silent intro starts up as Mina is advertising her prime-petite package. Wearing nothing but a skimpy bikini as her booty sways side to side. The camera moves in close so that she can pull apart her butt cheeks to show her asshole close up.  She spins around to tease her bikini bottom through her pussy lips.  The camera scanning her body up and down as she pulls her tits out to play with her scrumptious nipples.  Mina prowls atop that famous small table (you've seen it before if you watch tons of LP like me) with a mirror surface next to a potted plant she must move over. She has such a tiny body that both the plant and her body can share the reflective surface of this temporary and deserving pedestal. The reflection of her tight ass is being picked up by some camera angles that hover around her during this.


She's twisting her nipples and playing with her pussy before she migrates to a blue shelf nearby so that she can stand and pull her bikini bottom apart to spread her ass cheeks again.  The camera always moving in close to fill the screen up with Mina's starfish is in view. This is before she lays back on the white couch to have the camera get a full-frontal view of her playing with her pussy too. More hole spreading occurs as the camera moves in for it. Finally, two rock-hard studs hop into view to get the fucking off the ground with instant double anal in a missionary spread.  Freddy Gong and Ed Junior are the ones that are already both stuffed into her asshole for the double anal. Meanwhile, the other meat-swords are getting sucked off by the DAP’d tart,  they are Oscar Batty and Yanick Shaft.


Tony and Freddy take turns pulling out and piercing Mina's butthole sequentially before they go back to double stuff it for an active double anal segment in missionary. Mina consistently juggling dicks in and out of her mouth as she has two dicks pumping in and out of her asshole. The rotating of dicks leads to the DAP setup in missionary with Ed Junior squeezing in with Oscar Batty. Mina is then adjusted so that her booty is hanging off the side of the couch allowing Yanick Shaft and Oscar to fight for a spot in her butthole for more double anal blasting. Mina is still sucking dick like a champ as her ass is getting double banged.  They rotate Ed Junior and Mark Dozer to double stuff Mina in that same position set up off the side of the couch. Freddy Gong is still getting head during the piling on of these penetrating bodies.


Mina is next positioned to mount Yanick in reverse cowgirl so they can start a quick jab of a regular DP up in that formation. This will have Oscar Batty slide into the pussy as Yanick anchors the asshole. They start up double anal shortly after a few pokes of that regular DP maneuver. While still snagged in reverse cowgirl Mina finally has triple penetration done to her as Mark Dozer has his cock jacketed in the vagina while Freddy Gong and Yanick squeeze into the asshole.  Not quite the triple anal but we're almost there. She's completely airtight with Oscar Batty in her mouth.  Soon enough they start moving into triple anal as Freddy Gong slides in after Mark Dozer and Yanick are adjusted in a steady DAP. They all squeeze into Mina's ass eventually causing the first makings of Triple Anal Penetration for this scene.


Ed Junior steps in the rotation now to join Yanick and Freddy in this Triple Anal in reverse cowgirl. They all adjust and kick down Mina's back door for continued triple anal stuffing. This is before the standard triple pen gets activated again with Junior in Mina's pussy as she gets anchored in double anal by Yanick and Freddy.  Triple penetration is then rotated with Mark Dozer in the vagina while Ed Junior and Yanick Shaft are jabbing away in double anal. All of this still happening in reverse cowgirl with the petite tart split wide open.  Freddy flies back in during the active rotating measures of this scene.  We get a great view of a gape as they break out of the position finally. Into doggy, Mina goes with Ed Junior leaping in to slam his javelin into her arch.  He jumps down to her pussy from her asshole so that Freddy Gong can get the anus in an arched doggy DP with tiny Mina sucking cock in more airtight demonstrations.  Oscar Batty is also there getting his dick sucked during this airtight DP sequence.  DAP is revisited as Mina arches her booty out to be banged into by two dicks with Oscar and Mark doing the pumping.  Regular cowgirl DP ignites here with it quickly turning into more double anal.


If you guessed the tripled version of anal to start up here again then you guessed right, as Freddy Gong, Mark Dozer, and Ed Junior all file into Mina's asshole once more. This is in the regular cowgirl hold that they have her in as the trio of bodies converge to fuck her butt. Yanick Shaft joins the fight to fit in her asshole in this triple anal dash.  Mina is then lowered on her knees to be surrounded by dicks to suck in an impromptu blowbang. After being fed five dicks to her face Mina eases herself onto Freddy Gong and Mark Dozer after they line themselves up for a double anal piercing maneuver.


It is the position where they cross legs and meet dicks in the middle so that Mina can sit on them to be double plowed in her booty hole.  Yanick attempts to ease into Mina's pussy to cause triple penetration as two dicks are still up in her ass. It takes multiple attempts but they ultimately break off of it to allow Mina to start sucking cock again. This is to set up the pops that they are about to jack out of their cocks.  Yanick is the first to explode his load on Mina's mouth. Ed Junior then steps in so that he can stroke his cock to completion with Mark Dozer being next to secrete before him. Then you will see Ed blast his ball batter right on Mina's tongue. Oscar Batty oozes his man-paste into Mina's mouth with Freddy Gong dropping his ejaculate as the last guy to send this scene off to the end. 

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