Concept: Tiny Sis - ExxxtraSmall Meets Sis Loves Me (2021)

by - April 30, 2021

 Starring: Haley Spades // Michael Swayze
Directed by:
Runtime: 43 mins


Scene Breakdown //
 We open up with Michael Swayze looking everywhere for his wallet. It's nowhere to be found, but at the same time, Michael has a sneaking suspicion of just who might have taken it. That person would be his petite stepsister, Haley Spades. Michael's search takes him to his sister's bedroom, and sure enough, just as he thought, his wallet is right there. hidden under Haley's pillow. Unfortunately though, when he retrieves it, there is no money to be found. It looks like his sister has gotten him for his last $30. We see Haley outside skating and having fun on her pink skateboard, as this occurs. This, as Michael is furious, and looks to confront her about his wallet. However, it is at the same time that Haley is coming into the house. This as the two would collide literally, once both reach the living room area. Haley comes in, skating on her skateboard and not paying attention, as she runs into her rather tall brother, thus making contact with Michael's balls. Yes, she hit him right in the nuts. It proves to be a rather painful experience for him. It would find him sitting back on the couch. But also found there would be Haley, who shows concern, as she is quick to massage Michael's balls from over his shorts. Again, she's really concerned, as she stresses that she has to know if he is okay. She wants to get a good look at his balls to assure that. But of course, Michael finds this to be extremely awkward, as Haley is his sister. It's something that Haley would counter, by saying that she is just his stepsister, and to her, it's not all that weird. Checking on his well-being is something that she is pretty adamant about here, and so Michael soon would give into her want to check him out. Haley pulls down the front of his shorts and is greeted by a semi-hard cock. Haley herself amazed, as she says that she has never seen one of these before. Yes she is a virgin, she confirms. In an effort to make her brother feel better, she starts by stroking his cock. She does this for a time, before her curiosity eventually urges she to take it into her mouth. Michael can't believe it. He tries to stall by saying something about their mom returning home soon. Nevertheless, this continues, as Haley says that they will know when she arrives. Michael again cannot believe that his sister is sucking him off. Haley simply attributes it to her excitement for seeing a penis for the very first time. It's an act of fellatio and facefucking that would continue on, until the two of them find themselves startled, when her mom unexpectedly comes home.

After the previous episode, Michael is determined to get one up on his stepsister, as he sets up a secret surveillance camera in his room. He tells the followers of his blog, that he is setting up the camera, because he knows that his sister is been stealing money from his wallet. And with this, he will have the proof, that his sister Haley just can't deny. Michael then leaves the camera unattended, when sure comes Haley, who is definitely looking for her brother's wallet. She looks under the blanket on his bed, as well as the pillow, too. This, before she looks into the closet where Michael has purposely placed the wallet. She takes the wallet from there, as we see she proceed to open it up and take the money inside. It's money that goes straight into her pocket. It's the very footage that Michael looked to capture.

A short time later Michael comes to once again confront his sister. This time in her bedroom. Michael is straight to the point. as he says that he knows that Haley has been stealing money from his wallet, which would explain her recent wealth of new things, including; her skateboard, a princess tiara, and a cute stuffed teddy bear wearing a bunny costume. Despite Haley saying that she has always had these items, Michael knows otherwise, as he would have her meet face-to-face with the footage from his camera. Michael would go on to snatch the teddy bear from his sister's small hands, saying that he is going to return it to the store, in order to get his money back. It's from there, that Michael holds the stuffed animal over his head, and out of reach of the petite Haley, who attempts to  jump on the bed and grab it several times, unsuccessfully. Michael goes on to say that he will be showing the footage to their mom. Haley however, will not have it, as she counters, by saying that she will tell mom that he had forced her to suck his cock previously. This of course, as Michael knows that not to be true. It's meanwhile that Haley says that she wants to do it again, saying that it was fun. But Michael on the other hand, says that he will never do that again because, that is just something that brothers and sisters do not do. However, Haley is determined to get exactly what she wants. She even says that she wants it differently this time, as she wants her brother, Michael to "lick her down there". Of course, Michael refuses to do this. But almost as quickly as he does so, Haley still threatens to take what they had done previously to their mom. Yes, she threatens to blackmail him. It's just something that Michael cannot have happen, and so he has no other choice he believes, but to give in to his sister's desire. With both of them attempting to turn the tables on each other, it all leads to Michael going on an adventure between his stepsister's legs. Michael agrees to do it, but they must do so quickly, as he says that he has basketball practice to go to. It's with that, that we see Haley, quickly stripping down out of her clothes, as she then sit back and spread her legs wide for Michael to go down on her. Michael in character, is seen initially going down on her for a very brief time. But for Haley, it's just not good enough. Michael continues on for a little bit more, once again showing hesitation. Haley does not want him to stop, however. This, as she says that she will tell Michael when the two of them are done. It's after this, that Michael finally sort of warms up to the idea of eating his sister's pussy, as he get more into it. Unfortunately for him, the first-timer Haley is just not satisfied, as she calls on him to do better than that. Michael would then take matters into his own hands, literally. That's because here, we would see he lift up tiny Haley, and press her up against the wall, as he continues to service her pussy. But it would be after some time that Haley still wants Michael to really go at it. It's because of this, that he would then take things to the next level. This, as he lifts Haley to turn her upside down for a position that resembles standing 69. It being a position however, that is totally focused on Michael eating Haley's pussy. It's something that Haley seems to quite enjoy, as Michael is successful in making her cum, not once, but twice. It's after the second time, that things are over, as Michael throws Haley back onto her bed. This, as she goes on to promise not to tell mom anything about what they have been doing.

It's in another episode, that we see Haley, sneaking into Michael's room while he is sleeping. Haley looks to wake him up, as she only has one thing on her mind. Sex. She wants to fuck, and she wants her stepbrother to be the one who takes her virginity. Michael on the otherhand, isn't so pleased when he finds himself awakened to Haley's most recent desire. He's quick to turn it down, as again, he says that brothers and sisters do not fuck. It's with the rejection however, that Haley knows exactly how to get her way. As all it takes is for she to call for their mom. Once again, Haley has Michael exactly where she wants him, for fear that she may tell mom about the two's taboo relations. So to save being found out, Michael is once again faced with seemingly having no other choice, but to give in. He has to fuck his stepsis.

Positions Seen //
- cowgirl
- standing cowgirl
- reverse cowgirl
- standing reverse full nelson
- doggy
- standing 69
- missionary/ side fuck

The Review //

The scene that is under review today, comes from the TEAM SKEET sub-label, "Team Skeet Labs". A specialty label created by the brand, for they to have the ability to test out scene experiments, before the eyes of their viewers. In the case of this scene, we have an experiment in which team skeet merges two of their sister sites. Those two sites being the taboo oriented site, "Sis Loves Me", and the petite focused, "Exxxtra Small". Yes, here we have a scene, involving Haley Spades and Michael Swayze, as they portray a pair of horny and curious stepsiblings. The scene takes elements from "Sis Loves Me", by both presenting to us a series of three separate episodic stories featuring the two, as well as some of the happenings occuring in POV. When it comes to the involvement of elements from "Extra Small", there are things, such as an introduction to Haley Spades, which involves the accompaniment of backing music. This, as she is seen riding a pink Skateboard. It also including elements within, which play upon Haley's height, and otherwise petite stature. For instance, in one of the episodes, Michael holds her teddy bear high out of reach as, Haley unsuccessfully tries to jump up to grab it. This particular moment, being nicely shot in perspective, to give us a true sense of just how small Haley really is. The final element brought forth from Exxxtra Small, is the fact that after the use of POV, it would sometimes break away, to show the action in full scope instead. Especially, during the sexual positions, which really show off the size difference between Haley and Michael. These are all of the things that we have which make up the scene. So with that said, I will now talk about the scene as a whole.

As I mentioned above, we are presented by three episodic stories, which are tied within taboo. Haley Spades and Michael Swayze, are two stepsiblings. We get the sense that the two of them have a bit of a sibling rivalry at times. This, as everything begins heres with Michael looking for his missing wallet, with he only to find it in his sister's room, a short time later. It sees Michael being furious at his sister as he go into the living room to set her straight. However, before he can even do so, she comes colliding in on skateboard. This, as she hits him right in the nuts pretty damn hard. I mean, it is enough to have Michael take a seat on the couch after the fact. But it would be here that Haley would be right there as well, and it would be the classic build up to something indeed sexual. It's here that we have Haley being the caring stepsister for once, following this mishap. She's definitely concerned about her brother, as she wants to check him out to make sure that his jewels are ok. Of course, this would have to involve she seeing his cock and balls. For Michael, it's awkward all around, as Haley is his stepsister. And who would want their stepsister looking at their cock and balls?? But of course, for the sake of the scene, Haley is one who refuses to give up, she just has to know if Michael is okay down there. With Haley's determination, Michael soon gives in. Although Haley was supposed to be concerned about Michael's might-be injury, she soon finds herself rather distracted when she finds herself surprised by her brother's dick. That's because Haley has never seen one up close. She's a virgin, and has found herself quite mesmerized by what she is seeing, and also holding in her tiny hand. Haley would not be able to resist, as she first begin to stroke his cock. This, as she initially has a one-handed stroke approach. However, she soon follows that up by doubling up on the hands. This would also see she taking it into her mouth, as well. But before they can get into anything else, including a pop shot of any sort, this short story comes to an end, when the two find themselves interrupted when mom returns home.

The second story of the trio goes back to the wallet situation. Although Haley denies ever taking Michael's money. He is damn sure of it. And to prove it, he goes as far as even setting up a surveillance camera in his room. This has he hopes to catch his stepsister red-handed, as she dip her hand into his wallet once again. Sure enough the camera catches the footage that Michael wanted. This, as he once again would go on to confront his sister. This time, it would be in her bedroom. Michael first introduces the confrontation, by saying that he notices that Haley has been getting a bunch of new stuff lately. He wants to know how that is. Haley, once again denies taking money out of his wallet. And it is at that moment that Michael confronts her with the video footage from the camera. Haley has no answer for this. She attempts to say that it's not her in the video, But there is no way to back out of this, as she is seen wearing the same exact clothes that she happens to be wearing at the present time. Michael for a time threatens, to take a stuffed teddy bear back to the the store to get his money back. This somewhat upsets Haley, who threatens to tell mom that he himself made her suck his cock. He eventually gives the teddy bear back to her. But as he would find, Haley is not done there. She looks to get the upperhand on Michael as well. This, as she says that she wants to do again, what they did the other day. More in particular, she wants him to eat her pussy, and if he doesn't do it she will still tell mom. Here, Michael finds himself once again on Haley's line, as soon enough he, is in between her legs, as he licks upon her pussy. Personally, I was happy to see that this would be more than just your simple pussy eating segment. Yes, we first see Michael going down on Haley from the bed. But as Haley's character urges Michael to do a better, he seems to find himself a little offended. This, has he would go on to manhandle Haley for a total of two different positions, during which, he would get at that pussy really good. In the first instance, we see Michael, lifting her up and putting her against the wall, as he then proceeded to bury his face into her muff. However, that would not be all, as he would then flip her upside down, holding her in what resembles wrestling's tombstone piledriver, delivered by The Undertaker. Well anyway, he flips her upside down, while still continuing to eat her pussy. It being good enough, to soon make her come not once, but twice. This was a very nice episode in my opinion. Of course, I especially enjoyed the manhandling moments in which Michael lifted her up in a show of strength and size difference. These two moments were really hot, I must admit.

After the second story it would be on to the featured segment, which would see the two stepsiblings go all out, as they just put all of their concerns away about being steps, and just fucking.

It all beginning when Haley finds herself extra horny one morning. So what does she do? Well, she sneaks into Michael's room while he is sleeping, and attempts to wake him up. She successful in doing so, as she is quick to tell her brother that she is horny and wants to fuck. Not only this, she wants him to take her virginity. Like the previous two stories before, Michael is against it. But likewise, he once again, finds himself right in the palm of his hot little stepsister's hand.

This full length sex scene begins with Haley once again sucking Michael's dick. Some nice eye contact is made here by Haley, who stares deeply into the camera, which is at a distance, as she works on Michael's cock. We'd also see Michael fuck her face back. This, while otherwise, Haley also strokes the dick, that she calls "big". While this is happening, Haley continues to play into the story. This, as she asks Michael, if he likes "watching his sister suck his cock?". Of course he does! Next, we first have Haley stripping out of her lavender tank top, and her rainbow colored tie-dyed panties. This, before the next position sees Haley climb on to ride the dick in standard cowgirl. It would be here, that we would see Haley sit upright to bounce on it, as she is up on her feet, right from the start. Michael would go on to instruct she to place her hands on his chest, as she lean forward to continue to ride. We would see a combination of all, as she sit upright, lean back to bounce, as well as grind away on the cock, as she rock back and forth. This being prior to Michael eventually taking charge to fuck Haley hard at a quick pace, before it's all over. I have to say that Michael pounding the pussy hard from this viewpoint, as we are in close with Haley, while she looks directly into the camera, was indeed really hot. Following the cowgirl, they then go into what is one of Michael Swayze's trademark positions, which is standing cowgirl. I really liked how this particular position begins, with Michael only hooking one of Haley's legs with his arm, as he proceed to move his cock in and out of her at a slow pace, and with long strokes. Thus, giving the camera such a nice view. However, it wouldn't be long until Michael goes on to hook the other leg, as he tells Haley that he is going to "fuck the shit out of her." Now, with he having both legs hooked, and with Haley sturdily supported, he would go on to pound his cock in nice and deep. It would be at a pace that would be increasing starting slow, only to get faster, and harder over time. I found this to be pretty awesome, seeing Haley essentially rag-dolled like that. Michael is so good at this position, without a doubt. For the next position, the two of them would return to the bed, this time, with Haley once again, getting back on the dick. It would be this time, that Michael would have Haley reverse herself, to face the opposite direction than before. Initially, we would have here, a very nice view of Haley's ass, as she rock back on the dick, as her pussy swallow it. The view would soon change, as the camera comes around to the front. It would be there, that we would see Haley have her legs spread wide, and with her feet planted firmly. It would be here that she would remain stationary. This, to allow Michael to fuck her very hard, at an extremely quick pace. This was definitely one of the key moments of the sex scene. Holy shit, was this great! From this position, we see Haley's pussy just take a pounding. Though this particular time in the scene was next level stuff, the storyline between the two characters continues to exist, as we would hear Haley next, tell Michael that, he needs to "fuck her better". Michael immediately responds to the challenge. It would be a challenge which sees him once again, manhandle Haley. Only this time, he took Haley into a position that I was not expecting. This, as he then go on to fuck her in some sort of standing reverse half Nelson position. From the position Haley has her back to Michael. as her head is held down, and her legs are hooked underneath by him. This, as he continue to pound the pussy some more. Though, we do not see her face from here, as she's fucked, Haley can be heard urging her "big brother" on. This was definitely a another good-looking, and well executed position. It's another one, that sees Haley used nice and properly. Michael would next, take things into doggy, as he would bring Haley to the edge of the bed, where he would take her from behind. It's a position that sees him begin by fucking steadily. However, sooner than later, he would increase his pace, at the urging of Haley, who would be then up on her knees. It would be there, that he would go on to fuck nice and hard. This, prior to Michael having the two of them relocate to the foot of the bed, where he would continue to get her from behind. From this location, Haley would have her legs held closely together, as she push her ass out. Michael would continue to fuck her good. His pace would once again get harder and faster over time. He would even eventually go on to palm both sides of Haley's ass, with his big hands, as he pump her pussy. I liked that this particular moment, really showed the size differential between Haley and Michael. Haley really is very small. After this, Haley would once again go on to suck Michael's cock, as he lie back on the bed. However, it would be brief, as Michael would go on to say that he wants to taste Haley's pussy. And he just does not want to do it any old way. This, as he would once again pick her up, and turn her upside down, as the action then go to a round of standing 69. Here, Michael gets busy eating the pussy, while Haley herself, is occupied by sucking Michael's cock. Immediately after this, Michael would sit Haley down on the bed. This, as her head and neck hang upside down off of the bed. It being the ideal position for Michael to again fuck her face briefly. This, before the action then goes to missionary/side fuck. It's here, that Haley's legs are spread wide, and her pussy is wide open, as Michael's hard cock plunges in and out of it. This position would last for an extended period, seeing Michael, eventually work up to a faster, harder pace. After a time, it would finally work Michael up to climax, as Haley wants her "brother's" cum. Things would come to an end, with Michael going on to jerk his cock. It ending with a very nice cum shot. Michael is here at a distance from Haley's face. However, when he jerks off, it's so powerful, that his load travels that distance to hit a surprised, yet pleased Haley, right in the face! It's a nice, big load, that gives the scene a proper sendoff, I believe.

As I said going in, the scene was sort of an experiment, in which TEAM SKEET, looked to combine two of their properties; Exxxtra Small, and Sis Loves Me. As a whole, it is simply just the combination of both shooting styles used for both. Here we get closeup POV, overhead POV, as well as the episodic format of Sis Loves Me, while Exxxtra Small, gives us the fun, curious atmosphere, as well as the playing upon the size of the featured starlet. Coming away from this, I'd say that I kind of enjoyed the combination of the two. Whether this idea is kept is one thing, but when it comes to the overall sexual material involving Haley Spades and Michael Swayze, it is really quite good. Aside from the blowjob and the pussy eating episodes, the final sexual encounter between the two of them, was great in my opinion. When taking the first to segments into consideration, they do kind of nicely build up the sexual tension between our two stepsibling characters. While in my opinion, all of it paying off in the end. Haley Spades is one new starlet, that I had been looking forward to reviewing, ever since I discovered her a short time back. Not only is she super small, she's fucking hot too! I thought she gave us a good performance here, as the virginal stepsister. Who by the end of this thing, is a virgin no longer! When it comes to the other side of things, and I'm speaking of Michael Swayze, he once again, delivers here another solid performance. The comment section on some of Team Skeet's videos, are none to kind to Michael. They saying all sorts of negative shit. But I do not share in this viewpoint. I think that Michael is a very good performer. In all of the scenes that I have reviewed featuring him, he has always delivered a solid performance. I love the way that he likes to pick up and fuck the girls hard. Here, he does so once again. I honestly enjoyed the scene, and do recommend it. This was a great showing for both of them. As for Haley Spades, don't worry. I will be reviewing her a whole lot more in the future!

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