Fiery Teen Mia Kay Sparks Your Desire For Redheaded Strokers (2021)

by - May 03, 2021

 Starring: Mia Kay // Chuck(Strokies)
Directed by: Chuck(Strokies)
Runtime: 24 mins.


Scene Breakdown //
The scene opens up with Chuck, the man behind the camera welcoming 18-year-old California native, Mia Kay to the proceedings. One of the very first things that catches Chuck's eye about young Mia, is her well manicured finger nails, which are painted white. It seems as though Chuck cannot wait for those nails to stroke his shaft and balls, today. Chuck picks up the interview by asking Mia, what she is here to do today. It's then with no hesitation that she says that she is here to "stroke it". And when she is asked what "it" is. Mia slyly point's at the camera, as she says "your dick". And though, she was actually pointing at Chuck, he says that since she was pointing at the camera, that Mia wants the viewers to pretend that it's their dicks. A sentiment that Mia agrees to. Chuck, then has Mia go on to demonstrate her stroking skills, by using her hands. This sees she working the shaft with one hand and cupping the balls with the other. She even goes on to add a little licking in there as well. Chuck doesn't seem very opposed to having she do a little licking on him today, also. It's after this, that Chuck goes on to have Mia imagine if she had 2 dicks in front of her. instead of just one. It's from this that she gets her hands working, as if they were standing at each side of her, or even in front of her, as she switches it up to demonstrate that. This would prompt the question from Chuck, who asks her, if she happens to enjoy cum in her mouth, and she does indeed. Chuck then takes a moment to thank Mia for allowing them to come to her apartment in downtown Los Angeles today to film. Mia says that she has been living here for about a year and a half now, as she goes on to tell Chuck that this is only her tenth scene, since entering the business, Making her still somewhat brand-new. However, she says that she always knew that she wanted to do this ever since she and her older brother, by four years first watched a video, produced by Playboy. Though the video did not display any hard-core penetration, she says that, seeing the nude models, had Mia knowing it was what she wanted to do, once she became old enough. Mia says that she has always watched porn, and considers herself a porn consumer. She says that she used to always "hump the shit" out of her bed, and even the corner of the couch. Chuck responds to this, by saying that he loves a girl who is in touch with her sexuality. Mia says that she definitely is. This, as Chuck goes on to challenge her. He wants to know if she would be able to hump his leg, getting herself off, while simultaneously stroking his cock with the other hand. Mia thinks that she can do this, as she seems readily up for the task. This, as says that so far, she has enjoyed her experience in porn. This is as Chuck turns the conversation over to a more personal question, when he asks her, at what age did she lose her virginity? Mia is quick to answer when she says that she was 11. She happens to reveal that before the two of them even had intercourse, that she was first to give him a handjob. However, she says that she enjoyed the experience, even though it hurt the first time. She says however, that after that, she was doing it pretty much all the time going forward. She says that before, she would have sex to just do it. However. now she knows particular ways to get herself off, as well as her partners. It's something that turns the conversation to the subject of handjobs, when he goes on to ask Mia, if she has ever been caught giving one. She does happen to recall that, one time, her dad somewhat caught she in her ex-boyfriend being a little sneaky during a "family movie night", while the two of them were under a blanket. He could see some movement going on underneath,as he gave them the "death stare", she says, and quickly told the two of them to go upstairs. She says that she knows that her dad knew what they were doing exactly, However that, she wasn't much bothered by it. She believes that her dad was upset that he wasn't getting any from his girlfriend at the time. Mia says that dad, had girlfriends while she was growing up, including a hot, 21-year-old, lingerie barista, at one point. Mia says that no, while she didn't mess around with her, she wishes she did! After which, Mia says that she hopes that her dad never sees this. But, that rhen, opens up the questioning as to if Mia is also into girls. Mia is into girls and guys - pussies and cocks, She has also had some threesomes. Even as she recalls a foursome that she had the other day, in front of a camera. Chuck, then would go on to ask Mia if she has ever given a handjob in a public place? It's then that she seems to remember she doing so in a park bathroom, as well as upon a slide. The latter occasion, which the two of them got caught doing so. Mia does have a fantasy however, to jerk someone off in a car out in public, and getting caught. It's a risky scenario that quickly Chuck volunteers himself for. Something that Mia is into, as well. Mia then goes on to detail a time in which she gave her boyfriend a handjob/blowjob while he was driving. She says that she happened to be dancing around in the front seat, and taking her clothes off. Something that would go on to arouse the boyfriend. He wanted she to stop, she says. However, she kept going, as one thing led to another. Mia cites the experience as being her best blowjob ever. She says that, as soon as the two of them got home from there, that the boyfriend of course, fucked the shit out of her. Chuck would then ask Mia one final question, and that question being: where does she like a guy to cum? Mia for him, has 3 places; in her face, in her mouth or in her. Mia is someone who is not afraid of cum. She's actually quite the opposite saying that she likes to play with it after. It's an answer that delights Chuck, for sure. This, as he says that it's time for him, to take the camera off of the tripod, and for he to inspect her body bit. This, as he comes closer to Mia. But first, he does the right thing, by asking she for permission to touch her boobs, butt, and pussy. Mia is all game for it, giving him free rein to do whatever he wants. Likewise, Chuck gives she the go ahead to touch his dick, just the same.
Positions Seen //

- Leg Straddling
- 69

The Review //
Today's review, features a scene from STROKIES, as they both welcome, and feature newcomer Mia Kay, for what is a handjob exclusive scene. In the scene, we begin things with an interview segment, as we come to know Mia Kay, a quirky 18-year-old, a little better. We learn that she has invited the crew into her own apartment for said interview, and scene. The interview, would shed some light on both her skills pertaining to handjobs, as well as some of her sexual history. This, including her first time having sex, and losing her virginity at the age of 11, as well as her multiple experiences with handjobs. Getting caught, almost getting caught, and not. It would seem as though already, in her 18 years of life, that Mia herself, has had a lot of adventurous fun, when it comes to sex. After all, Mia would go on to declare that she does not discriminate. She likes both girls and guys equally. It would be after the brief, but fun opening segment, that we would go into the sexual encounter between she and the man asking the questions, Chuck.

Things for the scene, would begin with Mia going on to remove the pink top that she says, that she got especially for this shoot. Chuck says that, while he does like the shirt that she picked out especially for him, calling it "cute". He says that, it however, looks even cuter on the floor. The removal of the shirt reveals that underneath, Mia is wearing a yellow bra. However the bra, is just simply teasing Chuck, and he wants it off right away, as to get a better look at Mia's small, but perky tits. it's then that Mia removes said bra, to uncover them. She says that she is between a 32a, and a 32b size. The very first thing that Chuck manages to admire about them, are their good-sized areolas. Ones that he says, when you squeeze them, they just fill up the camera. This would be, as he would get a good feel of them, just before having she shimmy and bounce them for the camera. He would then have Mia remove her white skirt. She says that he is also going to like her panties. Another article of clothing that she chose just for him. It's then that we discover a pair of purple thong panties, with a little yellow cartoon face in front. Chuck says that purple just so happens to be his favorite color. Coincidence? We don't know. However, we soon see Chuck go on to pull down the front of said panties to reveal Mia's freshly shaved pussy. Chuck says that her pussy is a "pornstar" pussy. A "designer" pussy, if you will. It would be next. that he has Mia turn around, so he then may get a good look at her ass. Chuck, can't help but to touch it, and then to spank it lightly, initially. However, after asking Mia for her permission, he goes on to spank her much harder, which she happens to enjoy. What would follow would be Mia removing her panties completely. as Chuck then has she to demonstrate how she would usually would masturbate. It would be then that she sits on the couch with her legs spread wide. Here, she starts by rubbing her clit, prior to she going on to shove several fingers deep inside her young pussy. However, Chuck instead, wants to see Mia achieve orgasm, and so begins the handjob. This, as Mia comes off the couch to join Chuck, after first tasting herself from her fingers, and as well as offering Chuck a taste. Mia becomes quickly acquainted with Chuck's cock. This, as she wastes no time in applying a generous helping of lube, as she would go into full on stroke. It was really hot, how she almost immediately began having eye contact with the camera. Her big beautiful eyes piercing and inviting, as she begins to stroke off Chuck. It being at the same time, that she would go on to straddle his leg, and the way that she does so, is just so undeniably sexy. She begins stroking the moist shaft with her right hand, while her left hand is busy itself, as it caresses his balls. It's during this moment that Mia already displays such skill in doing this. It's during, that Chuck would have her first blow on the shaft, and then lick it. Both instances, happening to make Chuck tingle with delight. The way that she works both the cock and balls at the same time is very nice. She would even continue things here, as she employ a double handed stroke at the request of Chuck. She not skipping a beat in her stroking duties. She would double up in more ways than one here, as it would be during, that she keep of her double handed stroke approach, that she also begin to hump Chuck's leg. This, being sure to bring back memories for her, to the time that she would hump the bed, or couch. for sure. It's surprising here, how Mia is able to keep the rhythm, as she both hump and stroke. But she does them both at same the time, and does it very well. Her steadfast work, would finally reward her, sending her into hard orgasm. After the fact, Mia's pussy would prove to be quite tasty to she, as Mia would proceed to go on to lick up her own cum from Chuck's leg. Following this, she would go back to stroking the cock, eventually having a one-handed approach with her right hand. But, it would be before that, that we would have a nice visual, as Chuck would have Mia treat the viewer to a nice look at her white fingernails on his shaft. However, for Mia it is a job well done, and because of this, Chuck wants to get her some more orgasms he says. To do this he has the two of them reposition as they sit across from each other. This, as Mia would rub her clit and finger her pussy with her left hand. while she continue on stroking Chuck's cock in tandem. It's from here that, Mia eventually gets into rubbing her clit hard and after all of this, it would bring her to two separate wet, squirting orgasms. Personally, I happen to have really enjoyed this moment in the scene, as I felt that the visual of Mia sitting with her legs spread wide, determined to get off, was just so sexy. And the fact that she happened to squirt at all, let alone on two separate occasions, was simply an added bonus! Mia goes on to ask Chuck if he happens to enjoy the feeling of she squirting on his balls. He indeed does. Then later, he even asks for her to use some of the squirt on his cock, while she continue to jerk him off with both hands. Things would then go to the final position following this. That position being 69. A position, that Chuck says will allow him to eat Mia's pussy, while she continue to get him off. It's from this position, that Mia continues to stroke nice and steadily, at an even pace. This, as she continues to give us a pouty stare. She loves the way that Chuck eats her pussy, and likewise, he enjoys the way that she stroke his cock. This being evident, because soon, she is able to make him explode. This, as she hopes to get some of the cum in her mouth, as she sticks her tongue out to catch it. This ending the scene on a high note.

This is one scene that I went into not really knowing exactly what I was going to get, or even what I was going to write about it. The fact is that I had never done a scene that was strictly hand job oriented. I wasn't exactly sure that this scene would give me enough to even write about. A review that would benefit the reader even in the least bit. But however, as you can see here, I came away from the scene with very much to write about. It being that, I really found an interest in the featured starlet. That being the newcomer Mia Kay. She is for sure a real cutie. She's sure to be a performer that will have a lot of fans, as well as success to come her way soon. The scene begins with an interview segment that I felt was fun and relaxed. While the interview itself isn't complex, it was fun enough to keep things going along smoothly. I liked Mia's candid and honest demeanor here. She is just someone who wants to have fun and enjoy it along the way, as this is something that she has wanted for as long as she can remember. This, as told in the interview. During the interview you could just tell that Chuck, the man behind the camera, as well as the performer for the scene, just could not wait to get things going. He wanted a little hands-on experience with young Mia. Of course, it's in the end, that he got just that. This handjob scene, Was all about the visual. For me, seeing Mia display her skills in doing the deed with her hands was great stuff. The balls here were never here abandoned. Because if one of her hands was stroking the shaft, the other would be working the balls. It's just a nice visual to see. Speaking of visuals. As I said above, I happened to have really enjoyed the visual of Mia sitting across from Chuck, and rubbing one out. It takes a little while, but it is with nice rubbing of the clit, as well as deep puncturing with her fingers, that soon sends Mia deep into the clouds of pleasure, while she squirts on Chuck. I don't know why, but it was just hot to me. While, handjob only scenes, may not be my very favorite niche of porn to watch, I did happen to get some enjoyment out of this scene, and feel that true fans of the material will do so as well. Mia Kay, is definitely a performer who is well on her way, I think. She has cute schoolgirl looks, as well as a nice attitude about the whole thing. Two attributes that I think will see her go far. See this, if it is indeed your thing.

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